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  1. BW updated the wheel aero on the SXE turbos. the 8375 is their older turbo with 75.99mm turbine and 270 thrust. (probably should have called it 8376 all along) -- SXE 8376 is their new version of this turbo and is now 76.2mm with 360 thrust and EFR blade aero (with corresponding bump in turbine efficiency). Using the same housing A/R an SXE can spool a little earlier due to the turbine aero - but the more aggressive compressor wheel makes the turbos spool almost identically. Attached is a photo of the old turbine wheel on left, new SXE on right. We have these in stock at a healthy discount right now if you need one
  2. mr skidz, your posts are coming off as trolling at this point. do EFR people go into precision threads and talk about how great their mates setup is, but wont give any details?? whilst complaining there is no data? cmon... my recommendation for any EFR setups targetting big power and early spool -- twin EFR7163 is untouchable. Below shows E85, 3.4 liter 2J. 145K shaft speed, 41 psi… 1185 wheel and 930-980 tq spinning 25-30 mph difference between ft and rear wheel speeds.. She has all of 1200 wheel and 1000 tq in her…
  3. the inconel (airwerks or garret or precision) will fracture more slowly than gamma ti (EFR). this is why borgwarner tells customers drag racing: buy the airwerks OR twin EFRs. below photo shows a gt30R turbine wheel subjected to overspeed from owen in the UK
  4. we have the 4port solenoids in stock if you can not find them locally http://www.full-race.com/store/efr-turbo-accessories/full-race-4-port-boost-control-solenoid-1.html
  5. VFregal - which turbosmart IWG spring and how much preload are you using? More than likely you need more springs in the IWG actuator..
  6. excellent result kaboobie. That powerband is great for pump gas and cats -- which cats are you using?
  7. hi matt, you can purchase directly from our website or you can call our office. Im not sure who to recommend for install in victoria. I will ask a few contacts. feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with any other questions
  8. the high boost canister is sprung fairly conservatively - i typically like to run 6-7 turns of preload on it. Or a turbosmart 26psi IWG with 4mm preload
  9. i was a fan of GT4088R back in 2003, it was a good twinscroll turbo at that time. Now its 2016, GT4088R is outdated and very old design. EFR9180 murders it. Even the journal bearing SXE turbo smokes the 4088R I suggest to check your IWG spring and perform a boost leak test. For an EFR8374 on RB26, boost should be well on around 3500rpm. 4000rpm is a little bit late We have a couple R32 GTR in our shop right now if you need photos of anything in particular. ^^that is correct
  10. ^^^Harris racing, you need to try a stiffer WG spring!! i'd bet you are blowing the soft standard actuator open
  11. ^^mostly agree with Harris Racing. bang for the buck, nothing can touch these SXE turbos. Keep in mind this turbo he's asking about has a 76mm turbine wheel. this is slightly larger than the EFR8374 which uses a 74mm turbine wheel. As a result the SXE may exhibit reduced emap in exchange for the later spool and response time
  12. Ok, then this makes sense. the "Standard" or medium IWG actuator is very soft for RB26. as youve said, the setup will spool earlier with the stiffer IWG actuator and more preload..
  13. hi, we have good stock of SXE turbos. shoot me an email with exactly what youre looking for and i can help (76mm inducer or exducer). thanks @harris racing, good start! like the others have said, check your iwg spring rate and tension. there is defintely room to be had with tweaks
  14. we have the all new 10 blade 72mm SXE in stock now. 110lb/min from a 72mm inducer is very impressive! the 88mm is approx 4-6 weeks out the last i heard. if youd like to email me at geoff[at]full-race[dot]com with the exact spec you are interested in, I will get you an update asap. pics of the 72mm from our instagram feed this week: sorry i do not understand your question?
  15. Sorry, we do not make them, and havent offered them for sale. however i will look into it next week