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  1. Idle is basically same you cant really tell cams have been changed. Performance wise when I put them in 6years ago on 98 it made gains in the mid and 10kw up top and response remained the same.
  2. aeroflow ones work well
  3. Still a good idea if you have it all open to get a mic and bore gauge and measure everything up and compare if all is within spec and whether your happy with the clearances you will get with just using the oem bearing grades.
  4. Ive used the tomei type A for my poncams for years theve worked fine but yeah depends what cam your using.
  5. I run the exact same setup on e85 in my track car for past 5 years and both pumps the nismo and 044 are still alive and have never had a issue with them yet.
  6. Yeah thats a good example I can agree there.
  7. Yep definitely don't have the same aggressive scream like RB and 2J its like the tone is stuck inbetween a 6 and 8, hate there sound but awesome performance.
  8. haha 2nd and 3rd are being being too gentle I do 4th stationary limiter drops nismo twin and box still live on haha
  9. It is a standard bolt,you just need a 12 point socket set.
  10. The setup ive run on my track car with good sucess steam pipe mani no brace, flex joint in dump when it comes off turbo going down then a support for the dump at the flange to exhuast but not completly solid alowing play just enough to hold its weight.
  11. Nismos run and idle perfectly, either their not clean or tuner hasn't done a good job if cant get nismos to idle well.
  12. Just a stock headgasket and std headbolts.
  13. With a 50mm gate to atmo I dont think its a restriction but if was plumped back then would be. here are a couple of vids!/video.php?v=10204742413869730&pnref=story
  14. Yeah was about to put a couple up now for you to see, the combo works really well, dump is 3 inch. Will put the link up soon when I get on the comp.