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  1. Na i bought them last year. Its hard to say if I noticed anything different but the miss seems to think its a smoother drive. I probably wouldn't recommend them
  2. Nismo front and back performance dampers Anyone else running these?
  3. I opti-coated my car 5 years ago by a pro detailer and its still on the car. Water beads right off and looks great. Car is mostly garaged though
  4. Cool sounds like a good idea. Better off selling both and buying a better known one. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Thanks for the reply mate. Yeah it currently has a front mount with custom piping. The front bar has been grinded back to make it fit and a hole drilled near the battery tray. The cooler came with the car and is some chinese brand. If the gtr cooler is a upgrade then Ill look at the fitment of it. Engine will be coming out soon for a rebuild, so Ill play around with it then. Front facing plenum sounds interesting.. Are they a worthy upgrade? Have heard mixed things about them. Im not to fussed on legality of it as it will be mainly a track car. Probably end up trailering it in the future anyways.
  6. Hey guys, Will the above question work? Building up my old gtt piece of crap with my left over gtr parts. If it can work, whats involved?
  7. Pulled these off my Nur around 46000km. Great condition No shaft play Wheels spin freely $1300 Prefer Melbourne pick up. Shipping at buyers expense. PN 14411-AA403 is an R34 GTR Vspec II turbo fitted from November 2000 The original R34 GTR N1 turbo has the PN 14411-AA401 (January 1999 to October 1999) and the -AA403 is listed as a direct replacement (there was also an 'in between' -AA402)
  8. Yeah im not sure on what wheels atm.. Im still in the market for some. Thats why im asking so i know what size i need to buy
  9. Yeah im not sure on what wheels atm.. Im still in the market for some. Thats why im asking so i know what size i need to buy
  10. Just looking for function as its a track car mainly. All I want to know is whats the maximum I can go with standard guards. Will consider a little guard roll if I have too
  11. Hey guys whats the best size and offsets if I want to run 17in wheels?
  12. Yeah man thats right. Be patient and you can have both cars with the house. Buy your property and consolidate the gtr into the loan and it will cost you f all.