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  1. well in that case 32vspec/33/34 GTR used 324x32, why not just use that size and choose from the billion off the shelf options?
  2. unless you are racing the tomei baffle is enough, but the n1 pump has had some bad outcomes, I'd suggest aftermarket gears at a minimum and preferably a nitto or tomei pump
  3. I spotted 25 NEO, stalking me in my driveway! good to meet you
  4. good to see you fixing all the old dodginess, although I'm not sure corolla spec parts are an upgrade. the other thing you should do while it is all apart is take the sump off, upgrade the oil pump and put drop some baffles in the sump. Not much extra work or money from where you are now, but great for peace of mind
  5. Yeah I guess the diff lock button must be a 260RS thing because all the other models have them; strange to exclude because I wasn't aware of any other difference in the ATTESSA system. The only switches normally on the roof are sunroof or courtesy lights
  6. well, at least you're on the right forums now. and your engine is in the usual GTR location (on a stand) It might just be the pics but the timing belt looks worn; unless you know for sure when it was last done it is a good time to do the belt, idler and tensioner bearings, idler stud and water pump
  7. not sure I caught that; are you looking for custom 330mm rotors because you have a custom setup? hopefully the offset you chose for the dogbones matches something already in the market or you will have this problem every time you want rotors. Assuming it is custom you should get something like ATTKD rotors/rings without hats and then have the hat made in the right offset so you don;t have the issue again.
  8. lol yep, the only way to tell what it does is to see what doesn't work with it off, or pull the panel and trace the wires.
  9. I understand they are the same, I could check if you have a VIN for your car and a 260RS. But generally it is easiest to just pull your existing one out and reco it, should only take a day or 2.
  10. Oh its also a long shot, but I an ex-nissan engineer in contact also remapped an attessa ECU for us once (although that car is no more). It is likely there is a difference in the maps in standard vs N1 computers in R32s. Again, I don't have exact details of what was changed
  11. I've never replaced the stock computer because I've found it fine with a piggyback controller modifying the lateral G sensor. While I can't confirm the list you had above for fullrace, the standard one uses all those inputs + the 4 ABS/wheel speed sensors. Generally the standard system gives more 4wd with throttle, much more with rear wheel spin. The main input seems to be the Long g sensor (more acceleration = more FWD, braking = less) modified by the Lat G sensor (less FWD with more cornering with the intention that it remains "balanced" like a rwd car in corners. The standard system is a little slow (which the motec would fix) and too conservative with 4wd in corners (which we fixed with the piggyback). BTW the group A cars did not use the standard computer but I don't know what the actual technology was....it had multiple maps controlled by switches It will be interesting to see what you think is effective in your mapping vs what Nissan did.
  12. They take pads for the AP racing 6 spot calipers, common motorsport size with lots of options but I don't have a part#
  13. While I've got some sympathy for any people working there who didn't know about any issues, I'd be more worried about the 73 people who bought illegal cars. What was done and have they all been compensated by the business? Have the cars been made legal somehow?
  14. lol you should probably say, or update your sig then (edit: make that profile, I can sort of see it in your sig now) you are probably limited to 8" on the front of a 33 gtst unless you are putting larger guards on, and that means no larger than 245s. as for brand I'd just ring the local motorsport suppliers and see what they have....I haven't bought slicks for years but I think they are worth considering for track only
  15. I'm sure Terry can clarify, he used to plug JLM a lot. It could be another business on the same street so no point jumping to conclusions