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  1. i bought it few weeks back
  2. 10.6 tonight Incar Footage of Tonight/ This Arvo
  3. Im in the same boat. I personally am getting the car flex tuned to obviously suit both but i'm strictly only going to run E85 if im gna start it and drain the entire tank worth on a good drive or Use it for Drags, Track Etc... 98 for everyday driving for me... I've heard of 5 cars in the last month that have ruined injectors due to bad batchs of United Fuel. I dont like that ethonol attracts moisture. Some people will say man up, go hard its good.. but im very cautious of the Effect of it. Ethonols great for power, Smells great too but in my honest opinion a GTR on 98 Should have More then enough power for the streets... Honestly anything over 250 kw is plenty for the streets. Im expecting in the 400's on e85 and high 300s on 98 but meh ill stick to whats safe !
  4. all good , got like 5 people keen yeste.
  5. haha im not on good terms with tsi. yeah ill try some other places.
  6. $150 !! Hows that for cheap ? Ring me asap !!
  7. Hey All, I got 2 Spots open for Wakefield for June 23rd on a private track day with lap timing , marshalls and all. ive had some big issues with my car yeste so i cant go. $190 Please ring me if your keen 0430093623 regards, Ben
  8. alright beauty. Im only gna have about 600hp anyway, but i still look at the design as being poor. and should probably get it redrilled and taped. Even for getting the car engineered and such .
  9. I miss my old oval type muffers. its abit loud for me because of the porting and massive pipes ive put on the car.. Plus i run a RB26/30 its a different note on the Rb26s its a nicer note on the Rb26s.
  10. Didnt want to start a new thread but can we hear more about people running the gearbox bolts out ? Was it okay , or was it worth getting the holes welded and retapped? Hate the look of it aye, havent got a full tune just yet but yeah.. doesnt look the best and im a lil worried about the torque through it.
  11. Ill let it go for 1300 dollars this week only...