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  1. Hello people, long time since ive been on the forum. Anyway, ive got to sell the 32. Now im a single dad with a disabled child, i need a more practical car. Some of you know my car, for those that dont, heres a quick video, but keep in mind its two years since and shes a bit worse for wear. Its got carpark damage behind the drivers door, the front bar is a bit hammered, and various paint chips here and there. It comes with a heap of spares, like original wheels, RB20DET gasket kit, and as much other junk (original turbo, suspension arms, etc etc) as your willing to take with it. It is currently getting a new immobiliser installed and will be ready to go next week sometime. The list of mods is very long, but basically 185kw atw, excellent cooling system and all suspension parts are adjustable. I hope to get $6000 for it.