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Help With Install *pics*

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uploads/monthly_04_2012/post-64553-0-12379800-1334444988_thumb.jpg ok so these are what im trying to install into back of R33 S2.

They are 6.5" and i was told when i got the font splits done that these wont fit the back,

So i have made a custom 6mm parcel shelf to get these to fit. ( for all i know they could fit in std shelf ect)

uploads/monthly_04_2012/post-64553-0-57913000-1334445027_thumb.jpg So. This is how to Stock speaker is set up, With the small clip in



This is what i have to work with, So not sure how to set these up, And also have a amp sitting on the back floor to hook up to.

No idea were to start.

Last up is the Bracket.

uploads/monthly_04_2012/post-64553-0-10368600-1334445335_thumb.jpg can i use this mount? can only get one bolt to line up so im not sure what to do here.

Or is the idea to have the speaker cone sitting on the MDF parcel shelf. screwed into that then lowered down to the spears holes in the back.

Cheers all.

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Posted 15 April 2012 - 09:18 AM

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Ok with the mdf parcel shelf measure and cut 2 holes so the speaker can fit through and come to rest on the top bracket of the speaker as you will fix it to the mdf while the base sits through. You have to make sure the bottom of the speaker doesn't foul on anything below. I would also get some sound foam and cut 2 o ring out to sit between the mdf and the speaker.

with the wiring my battery is in the boot so it was easy. Run a thick gauge wire from the battery to the amp. Run the rca's from the headunit through the car to the amp. Run the remote signal from the head unit to the amp. then solder wire to the speaker connections then run them to the amp.

Say if you didn't use the amp i would run new wires from the head unit to the back speakers.

You don't need those mounts so yeah.

also after your done mount the amp some where in the boot

any questions or more detail needed just pm me happy to try and help


Posted 15 April 2012 - 10:22 PM

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