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Hello All,

Long time no see. Due to personal reasons I am selling my R32 GTR. It has 70,995 genuine km's on it. The original owner (in Japan) was the chief engine builder for Nismo. The next owner was the ex head mechanic of Nissan. Then me, who proceeded to modify the hell out of it. It's been garaged it's entire life, no accidents etc and is immaculate.

I do not know what the import rules are for Aussie I am afraid (I am in NZ). And yes, the A/C was completely overhauled and works like a freezer :)


580.5kW / 789.3HP / 842Nm @ The Wheels

98 RON Pump Gas

580kW was at 1.8 bar.

556kW @ 1.7 bar.

I just had it “detuned” to 540kW @ 1.7 bar after we changed the cam timing to bring everything in 800rpm earlier.


RB26DETT (Tomei stroked to 2.8 litre)

Each engine component balanced to 1 milligram

N1 Block

Tomei Forged Crank

Tomei Forged Pistons

Tomei Forged Conrods

ARP Conrod Bolts

Custom Ported and Polished Head

Custom Valve and Valve Seat Design

Tomei Cam Shafts (11mm lift, 270 duration)

Tomei Slide Cam Pulleys

Tomei Valve Springs (Step 2)

Tomei Valve Spring Retainers (Step 2)

Tomei Valve Buckets (Step 2)

Tomei Valve Guides

Nismo Plenum

N1 Oil Pump

Nismo Oil Baffles

HKS T51R KaiBB Turbo

HKS Extractor Manifold

HKS Front Pipe

HKS Drag 60mm External Wastegate

HKS 100mm Dump Pipe

A’PEXi 100mm Exhaust

Custom Electronic Exhaust Bypass System

HKS Air Filter

HKS Map Sensor

HKS Intake Piping Kit

HKS Compressor Outlet Piping

Twin ARC Blow Off Valves

Nismo Engine Mounts

Nismo Gearbox Mount

Nismo Metal Head Gasket

Tomei Metal Throttle Gaskets

Tomei Metal Intake Gaskets

Tomei Oil Restriction

Nismo Main Bearings

Nismo Big End Bearings

Nismo Centre Bearings

Complete Nismo Seal Set

Gates Racing Belts

Blitz 10 Series Racing Platinum Plugs

HKS Metal Exhaust Gaskets

Procoated Piston Crowns

Procoated Piston Walls (Teflon)

Procoated Manifolds

Procoated Dump Pipe

Custom Oil Catch Can

Custom Air Separator

Custom Ignition System

Fuel System:

Nismo Lift Pumps (x2)

Bosch 044 Drive Pumps (x2)

Dual Surge Tanks

Sard 1,000cc Injectors

Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator

Tomei Fuel Rail


ARC 600mm x 300mm x 115mm Core FMIC

ARC Primary Oil Cooler

SETRAB Secondary Oil Cooler

GReddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit

GReddy Hard Piping Kit

GReddy Radiator Piping

Tabata Twin Core Alloy Racing Radiator

Custom Power Steering Cooling System


External Reservoir Suspension

ARC Sway Bars

ARC Twin Rose Joint Adjustable Links

JIC Adjustable Toe Arms - Rear

Ikeya Formula Adjustable Camber Arms – Rear


Midori Adjustable Castor Rods – Front

HKS Kansai Strut Braces (front and rear)


Twin Synchro Gearbox

Nismo Super Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch

Nismo Chromium Molybdium Fly Wheel

Nismo Pressure Plate

Nismo Release Bearing

Nismo Slave Cylinder

Cusco Clutch Controller


BIOT JGTC 360mm 2 piece rotors (front) 350mm single piece (rear),, Brembo Calipers front and rear

Project Mu 999 Pads

Tomei Brake Master Cylinder Stopper



HKS EVC V Boost Controller

HKS Launch Control

HKS Anti Lag

GRID TS Dancer

HKS Turbo Timer

Defi BF Boost Gauge

Defi BF Fuel Pressure Gauge

Defi BF Oil Pressure Gauge

Defi BF Exhaust Temp Gauge

Defi BF Oil Temp Gauge

Defi BF Water Temp Gauge

QTP Controller


N1 Bumper

N1 Nostrils

N1 Bonnet Lip

Nismo side skirts

Nismo End Caps

HKS Carbon Air Diversion Plate

Custom Head Lights Modified and fitted with Audi HID projector lenses (thus legally and properly HID converted)

Veilside mirrors

Rear diffuser

Red paint with purple pearl


Nismo Instrument Panel

Series 3 R33 GTR Seats

Nismo Gear Knob

Momo Wheel

Nismo Floor Mats


Rays / Volk GTC 18” x 10” 2 piece forged +17 Wheels

265 x 35 R18 tyres


Pioneer AVH-P7950DVD Touch Screen DVD

Kicker ZX850.4 Amp

Kicker ZX750.1 Amp

Kicker Remote Bass Control

Kicker Hyper Flex Power Wire

Kicker S8L7 Subs (x2)

Custom In-Door Pods

Removable Sub Enclosure in Boot

Removable Extra Battery

Cooling Fans


Custom Radiator Breather Tank

Custom Overflow Tank

Custom PS Reservoir

Custom Oil Catch Can

Custom Stereo Battery Braces

Custom Fuel Reg Brackets

All Oil Lines Braided

All Fuel Lines Braided

All Water Lines Braided

All Vacuum Lines Braided

All Manifold Lines Braided

All Wastegate Lines Braided

There is more, but this is all I can recall immediately. I do know I have spent over $200,000 (the FMIC was $4.5k, sway bars $4.5k, hell, the crank alone was $16k, and I have most of the receipts, and build pic’s.

I want AUD$60,000

Shipping is the buyers responsibility.

As I live at work and have severely limited internet access, people can email me at [email protected] if I am too slow to respond here (apologies in advance).

The car has a Thatcham Standard alarm, and various other security measures. I will send detailed instructions and diagrams of where everything is and how it all works.

The car has not been hacked in to to fit everything. Anything that was custom made was done so utilising factory holes and threads (e.g. the CNC machined solid one-piece aluminium 25mm spacer with 6 arches in the boot to get the 6 -6AN lines though using the factory fuel pump cover hole). The only holes drilled were in the rear bumper to mount the diffuser (6mm diameter, and underneath where you can not see them).

There is also a 6mm floor that sits on top of the aluminium box section in the boot and sits under the sub box (not pictured, but sub box locks over the rear strut bar and sits above the amp you can see in the second to last pic, and is removable in 30 seconds [2 clamps and wiring unplugs with Anderson Clamps]) and carpet for over the floor so you can still use the boot.
























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You guys really know how to make a man feel bad about selling a car...

Don't think it could be registered here but f**k me it's beautiful would make an awesome track car I guess too

I took it to the track. Turns out you can have a lot of 4WD drifting fun in the rain:


Then I took it out in the dry. Turns out weather makes no difference when the vehicle is in the hands of the same driver:


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      So i figured id set out to buy a coupè thats abit more of a sports car, I've had 6 fc rx7s in the past so a series 5 was highest on my list, as was the ae86 hatch and the r32 gtr.
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      Also the front and rear seats had been sold, single turbo sold, drivers window switch broken and various other odds and ends lost, so this build will require alot of chasing up fiddly little bits
      I am also a stickler for oem bolts, various bolts i notice have been lost and random bolts replacing them which ill need to fix.
      Enough talk so heres some pictures 
      You can see the broken rad support

      Check out the injector wiring and exhaust leak on the firewall 

      When it arrived in brisbane the morning i picked it up
      So the bonnet had seen better days and the cars suppose to come with a brand new n1 bumper minus lip and vents so i picked up an n1 bumper in japan which ended up costing  $900 shipped! And a local genuine n1 bonnet

      Out with the old

      In with the new

      Theres nothing i hate more than cheap Chinese shit parts, the factory wheel was removed and binned by the previous owner, for a fake omp flimsy pos wheel 
      So i bought a genuine r32 gtr wheel which is inthe process of being recovered right now 

      Also picked up some genuine n1 skirts

      Now all i need is the heaslights and boot lip
      Shes going to be slow going but hopefully one of the cleanest gtrs around one finished
      Ok well I have actually started this build on another forum, but because of a lack of interest being a skyline on that forum I've decided to move it here, so until I'm up to date most of it will be a copy and past
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      Hi all, I am selling my set of Cusco Zero 1 Suspension setup

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      The drive to Fuji Speed way for NISMO Festival
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      Hey everyone,
      A little background. I currently live in Okinawa, Japan and my ATTESSA pump and/or pressure switch has died on me. Here in Japan they only search and order parts per your VIN which generates the Nissan FAST part number spread sheets. Well the dealer thought ATTESSA was HICAS (he swore by it) until I gave him the part number 41610-05U00. It was then he finally figured out they discontinued the ATTESSA pumps and the pressure switch was not given a part number creating a dead in. Google is only showing me old, used, unknown status pumps and I cannot figure out if a BCNR33/BNR34 ATTESSA are compatible. Now for the issue.
      Recently my 4WD light came on. Before people start lighting me up I have went through the process and searched forums. The computer flashes 18, 19 and I have went through the process of deduction per the FSM. In the end the pump as stopped working and/or the pressure switch has failed. Some times the light does not come on for a minute and the system works, but in the end the 4WD light will come on and deactivate the system. The pump used to be super loud, but now makes no noise. The reservoir was just below the MAX line, but for some reason it is well over filled (I did not add fluid to it).
      Everyone says to replace the pressure switch, but NO ONE SAYS PART NUMBERS OR WHERE TO FIND ONE! I am looking for a new or rebuilt ATTESSA E-TS pump with pressure switch for a BNR32 that will last another 24 years. If it matters it is a 1992. Also there is no DIY for rebuilding the pump or who/where we can purchase a refurbished pump. So, could someone help point me to who/where I can find and purchase a ATTESSA pump with a pressure switch online? Japan is no help, go figure.
    • By toy86
      0/94 R32 GTR

      Owned the car since 2006,been in storage the whole time as such its never driven, time for someone else to own and enjoy it, engine has been rebuilt and is fresh so all the hard work is done.

      Any and all inspections welcome...

      Asking $23,500 negotiable, looking for quick sale

      - Factory long snout R33 GTR engine
      - rebuilt bottom end
      - ACL Mahle Pistons (have brand new stock pistons still in box)
      - Spool rods (have original rods)
      - knife edges, grub screwed etc crank
      - dynamic balanced
      - standard head
      - R34 GTR exhaust manifolds
      - R34 GTR dump pipes r34/32 02 sensor adapters (have the standard ones)
      - nismo exedy ? Single plate clutch & flywheel
      - Garret 2860R -9 turbos brand new (have the standard ones)
      - Splitfire Coilpacks (have stock)
      - 550cc injectors not fitted (have stock)
      - nismo Stainless dump pipe (have stock)
      - N1 water pump
      - N1 oil pump
      - completely stock and original
      - seats, carpet and interior condition perfect
      - no stereo fitted (wiring has not been cut)
      - factory option knee pads
      - stardard bubbling on dash

      - body is average at best
      - paint is in ok condition
      - bonnet has hail damage
      - front bar is on order from nissan

      nismo factory option front strut brace with brake master cylinder stopper
      - 17x10 + 12 pittura sport rims
      - Pirelli tyres
      - original spare tyre is brand new

      At worst it needs paint and front bar, or if your chasing power it will need cat back, ecu and tune

      cleaned up and registered id be asking over $30,000

      but as is im asking $23,500 as is

      more than happy to take extra pics if anyone needs