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  2. I will be having a look on Thursday I'll keep yous updated
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  4. Great looking car. Already a lot of personal touches. Keep it up!
  5. I don't think I have seen my oil temp gauge gone up that high since I have owned mine, even after multiple pulls on the dyno. I highly recommend a thorough coolant flush and a proper bleed (there is small bleed valve on the head near fuel rail). Maybe throw in an oil change too, it's cheap insurance. Yes as far as I know the condenser fan is only trigger by A/C. You can wire it to run from a toggle switch to help cooling, but that still won't solve your core issue, plus your electric system doesn't appear to be 100%. I Google a little more and the fan clutch I posted above is from Infiniti Q45, so feel free give that a try since it's only a $50 part from any local part store. As for your electrical issue, other than sorting out the grounds, a new alternator is definitely helpful. Circuit Sports offer a new direct OE replacement and they are reasonably priced.
  6. Suppose ill just use what is easiest to get. I do prefer oem though.
  7. Or the plugs in there before were gapped very small, and now new plugs have a larger gap. Or old plugs were gapped stupid small on purpose to mask any coil pack issues. If the coil pack's colour is on the left hand side of the colour spectrum then there's part of your problem.
  8. My opinion is they're the same siet, I used OEM ones that came with my gasket kit. I would also use whatever cylinder head shops use too.
  9. @Dose Pipe Sutututu are supertech valve stem seals better than oem. Couldn't find the ones i thought i had in the shed, i was looking for oem replacements but came across these.
  10. It has full 3” exhaust from turbo back. Has a FMIC. Splitfire coilpacks. Walbro 255 fuel pump.a Nistune chip. And a turbosmart manual boost controller.
  11. The nismo one isn't but the GT is except it's missing is paint.
  12. Yuh, it's going to be broken coil pack connectors.
  13. Got a FMIC? Gunna need all the above to get the most out of it.
  14. Anyone got a running RB25 or 26 sitting around they'd be willing to part with? *puppy eyes*
  15. Hi, I am looking for a stock silvertop RB20DET exhaust manifold for mock up purposes. I am located in Bendigo, but can get to Melbourne. Cheers Angelo
  16. Studs, yokes, washers where replaced not too long ago, except for the ones i couldn't get out. Yes it will be easier now the head is off but since its going to a shop, they can deal with it. The manifold that was on it, was warped badly. I have 2 spare straight ones to choose from. Anyway, had a good look over everything today, dismantled the head. Cleaned the block surface. Old gasket looks to be in very good condition and there's no evidence of a path where coolant was getting in to the cylinder. Will see what the head shop says tomorrow. @KiwiRS4T all the exhaust ports look like that, it's like the head is 2 pieces and pressed together although it's not. Lol
  17. So I took the old ones out and I checked them all and they were the same
  18. moved to general maintenance. and.....have you checked everything since the drive? all plugs tight, all coil packs securely bolted down, all coil pack loom plugged in OK? And the coil pack earth if you undid it?
  19. Wow, surprised I remembered my password for here. Sold the garnish and most of the gear pictured at least 10 years ago. I have other stuff, but I’m keeping it all as it’s suoer hard to find any of it nowadays.
  20. So i just changed my sparkplugs on my r34 everything was fine I drove it for like 10 minutes and then the engine light came on and then it started misfiring really bad, now on idle, it sounds like its running on fewer cylinders. I got engine fault code 21
  21. sorry i posted this topic in the wrong group im not sure how to remove it
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