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  2. Do it, I own a r33 gts and the N/A life is fine, sure you'll want more power. But driving mine at times scares the shit outta me. Mines straight piped and sounds mint
  3. Where can I find quality 33 parts Hey so I recently bought a 33 gts. ( I know sad as N/A life. Hate P's) Anyway so ive been looking for parts and have tried to ask around and haven't got an answer Are there online websites that you can order parts from, like reliable ones Specifically cosmetic parts for skylines A common question I have is where the heck do I find a rear window spoiler?? Please help. Cheers
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  5. Literally saw a picture of this on a GTR Facebook page today with a boat behind it haha, looks amazing.
  6. Didn't someone else want to swap their A45 AMG for an R32 GTR a while back as well? Unless you're the same guy? Awesome looking vehicle, love the blacked out parts.. looks really special on the white. Good luck finding what you're after.
  7. What an immaculate vehicle.. if I had 100 grand, this is definitely what I'd be getting lol.
  8. vic 

  9. Mame 32. All the original arcade games on pc aswell
  10. my favourite console.
  11. Me too Sega Nes and snes emulator with make 32 over 2000 arcade games. Also have this
  12. are you able to send me a price on 1.05 housing and clamps to suit alloy core thanks
  13. vic 

    Oh no... we gonna be competing for parts now?
  14. V36 Front Bar Hi Does anyone out there with an 07 V36 Sedan Type S know the height of the bezel/grille in the front bar, where fog lights would normally go. Also is it removable? I've tried looking at pictures and it seems small. I want to fit 90mm lights down there and Im preparing in advance so I dont have a car to look at. Pics for clarification. Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. Well after some research and speaking with Geoff from fullrace , i believe i would like to go with the Borg Warner EFR kit that fullrace offers. Spoiler will contain latest parts list. Geoff pointed out i will likely need to upgrade from the Nismo clutch to a stage three to prevent slipping, which kind of stinks for drivability, as im sure i will be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, but i would prefer to buy what i need once, so i suppose it isnt a bad idea. He also mentioned the need for some 1300cc injectors ( as opposed to my 1200cc) for the e85 tune. Feel free to mention any concerns you have with my list. Looking for 450ish whp , so i believe this setup gives me good response and is more than capable of this power level. Car only used for street, no track or courses.
  16. Better have another beer [emoji482]
  17. Interesting read on the federal rsr vs the Nankang ar1 federal rsr 195/50/15 and the Nankang ar1
  18. vic 

    Who bought this? Is it being parted out? I may need boot trimming.
  19. Mercedes A45 for swap for a R32 GTR One of the best examples in Australia! This is a one of a kind A45, and has been my pride and joy for around 2 years. Selling as I want to get back into a Nissan, and now I have my heart set on a 32 GTR. if you have one, I'd love to swap with cash my way. I have 62k on mine, so show me what you've got and we can work something out Starting life as a pretty standard A45, I soon started changing bits and pieces turning it into what it is today. Featuring the following exterior mods; - RevoZport front splitter ($1600) - RevoZport side skirt ($1900) - RevoZport rear wing ($1900) - AMG satin black 18x8's wrapped in Ferderal semi slicks, brand new. ($3000) - Carbon wrapped front flicks - Wrapped tail lights - Mercedes weather shields. ($500) Performance wise, we have stage 2 mods which include; - Armytrix dump pipe into the AMG exhaust ($1500) - Wilall air intake chamber ($500) - K&N pod filter ($100) - Ecu flash tune by Renntech in Germany (ecu sent by me for tuning, tune developed at the Nurburgring) ($2500) - All gearbox updates done. - Goodridge front and rear stainless steel braided brake lines with high temp brake fluid ($350) - Endless CCRG pads up front for superior stopping. ($550) The car makes around 280kw at the wheels, which is good for 0-100 in 3.8 seconds, and should see an 11.8-11.9 down the 1/4 mile. For a 2.0l 4 cylinder, this thing is FUN. Inside you have all the usual beauties, to complement the parts that have been upgraded; - Stainless foot rest - Stainless door pins - AMG logo on console This thing is an absolute pleasure to be in and around, and attracts looks everywhere it goes. I'll be sad to see her go. I can also arrange finance through my finance broker if needed. All photos are of my car. My number is 0400319394
  20. Some progress; The wiring is almost done now. Time consuming but fun to do. I had a friend with experience check it and I only made one small mistake on the cam adjusters. IMG_20170601_212016553 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr IMG_20170530_201001299 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr I also found a C31 brake hose in the stash of parts I bought and it is a perfect match for my clutch slave: IMG_20170624_085209689 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr An aftermarket disc for the Crank Angle Sensor so that the Microsquirt can read it: IMG-20170512-WA0004 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr Saturday I cleaned the fuel tank (it is from a diesel Laurel) and I fitted the fuelpump cradle with a new o-ring. For the sending unit I made a gasket out of thick gasket paper and put silicone gasket on both sides. Next I made the wiring which only needs a plug now. I have a water proof plug for it. IMG_20170625_155139700 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr IMG_20170625_163501178 by Jelmer Eppinga, on Flickr
  21. Damm hooping cough vaccine I swear im getting a dry throat. But got to get it before newone comes [emoji40]
  22. You don't idle it for a long time or move it short distances? Pull your plugs and check them, see if they tell you anything. Coil packs were new and OEM or Splitfires?
  23. Yeah replaced all 6 coils. Did all 6 spark plugs while I was in there
  24. Retrofit pretty much complete: Fixing up broken plastic tabs: Blacking out the housing: I'll get some better output shots this weekend when i pickup the car
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