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  2. when's these new 9274 and 9280 gunna be available to buy? seams like they been talking about them for months now.
  3. Post up the chart. Stock boost will be 10 or 12 or so depending on the setup. Boost number on the chart should be the actual boost.
  4. Sup guys, In another thread I mentioned my car came with a dyno sheet which I think is wrong / has been tuned since then. It's got manifold gauge pressure on the right and it hit 31 psi. As far as I know this isn't boost pressure, it's engine pressure + boost pressure? Or something like that.. What pressure does the GTT run at stock? Trying to work out how much boost it was at during this run. Cheers
  5. Engine is out. Easy to do head drain. Should be doing both especially if you are going to turn it up. I'm using nismo engine mounts. Look exactly the same as the stock ones. Probably can't tell when driving but it definitely vibrates nuts loose. Use blue loctite on whatever you can.
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  7. ricardofors68

    Live in Norfolk, Virginia, work at Performance Innovations in Hampton. More than happy to work on any Skyline and their cousins.
  8. Edge has a members car here and has been getting an engine rebuild for the last 2+ years, so no, I wouldn't go there personally. It's also not south east.
  9. Thanks , that was my plan this week end to go and check in person
  10. Silverhks

    Hey man, I've been following this since you first posted last June. I'm enjoying the way it's coming together for you and really looking forward to your opinions of both the ECU and the MeisterRs. P.S. I'm just up the road.
  11. King dong

    Wanting to buy a good working rb25det s2 engine, if this other deal i have going drops though. Anyone know good reliable person or place to get one from? cheers
  12. Which one did you end up using ? did the same just curious thank you for your time
  13. You may find that the best shops are so busy that they won't call you - you need to go there and make an appointment (you can check out the shop while you are there).
  14. CRSKmD

    out with the old in with the new say what you will about GKtech fans but this was one of the original ones and didn't explode when a pulley went through it and was still good enough to get me home also found out why my car was getting slower towards the end of the last track day
  15. Nsn32

    is this still a thing ? would like some stickers for my freshly imported R34 still waiting for my compliance.
  16. Titan X

    Yeah. It’s a Veilside kit
  17. emts

    seems fairly normal still anything better than IT companies in USA, we have staff that take 1 week off and back in the office.
  18. ^ It is borderline the wrong turbo for a 2.3lt at 8+k rpm that makes 100bhp/lt/bar when set up to be responsive AND powerful. So no way in fark it will work on a decent 2JZ engine (caveat is decent, which most drifters are not lol). Personally always much better choice to use the right size turbine wheel for the job than to slap on a stupid size turbine housing. We run the 9180's way past their rated speed and not broken one, but again said it many times, you need an ECU that is 'proven' to do this in reality not on paper or the interwebz of shit that makes all the difference.
  19. GTSBoy

    That's it in the pics? Jeezus! Wide.
  20. I kinda wish I made more measurements when I had one of the ATP ones in my hands, they're pretty unusual to come by these days.
  21. Edge have a huge workshop that is often over flowing with cars. Sabbadin automotive are reputable and I've found them organised/responsive. Especially compared to other shops. I've had good experiences with Springy Motors too.
  22. Leroy Peterson

    Don't teachers get some crazy maternity deal that regular pleb mothers don't get? (Or something?)
  23. Leroy Peterson

    Looks like it. If you'd have ordered before 12pm and got express post it could have arrived by tomorrow
  24. O_Sotiris

    I know but need it this week. Can they only be purchased via ebay? Thanks.
  25. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    That's the best part, just swap housing no fab work and off I go again Interesting to know that, I never really looked deeper into the overall surface area and volume of the housings.
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