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  2. TheKenso

    nissan stagea

    have alrdy cheked everything els, and are 100% surten it is the diff that is broken. As far as my reasearch has gone the Stagea c34 had a r200 diff witch means ther is alot of diffrent once out hter that i can take the senter from, and its realy easy for me to get a replacment senter in good condition, because so many ppl but Kaz diff's in their drift cars, but i wil do more reasearch befor i go purches somthing tho, woud suck to f**k the 4wd system of the car just because i have the wrong rations
  3. KiwiRS4T

    I had a set of Nismo shocks on My C34 - they were rebadged Bilsteins and worked fine.
  4. D_I_F

    No need! Heaps of stock cars, plus it’s just a bit of fun.
  5. Jordy32

    Nismo S-Tune were in my 34, fine for the street/spirited drive and are fairly comfortable. Just keep in mind that they are probably quite an old unit by now and it'd be much better to get something brand new. The last thing you want to do is install old nismo shocks and have one die on you.
  6. 2bar is the norm for today 30psi just getting started
  7. You mean 2 bar of positive pressure, 3bar sensor needs to also read vacuum too Also if you don't use the onboard MAP sensor you can use that to adjust the tune for atmospheric pressure changes Lastly I prefer the MAP sensor as close to the plenum as possible.
  8. did this stiffen up and improve the ride over stock suspension?
  9. TimmyMA70

    Hey guys, some more track prep this weekend. Finished making up my 2.5" sidepipe. Squashed a 4" piece of stainless pipe - a mate of mine and I love the look of the old 910 Bluebirds sidepipe and we wanted to do something similar. I didn't want to make a complete system for the sake of a track day, especially when the VE exhaust will be 3" Here are a couple of photos: Performance wise alot better! Revs really free, has alot more punch and the SR scream is pretty full on! Anyway thanks for reading.
  10. Jesseraayy

    Maybe when i get a bigger turbo so i stand some chance hahah
  11. That's a pretty aggressive flow rate you are looking at...drag racing? I use a 375 nozzle which is more than enough for how I use it and as stated before don't use that much for normal driving. They say the SPIII kit can handle a twin nozzle dual stage setup though....I just don't need it.
  12. That's nice hint 😂 Actually engine build power till 8200, 8500 is safe without upgraded valve springs and retainers?
  13. Parts going to Sydney, happy to get picked up by courier and pay freight.
  14. Duncan

    Or, pull the top off and get it sand blasted clean. If you can see through it, don't paint it and put it back, otherwise do so
  15. walperstyle

    Admin, if you are reading this, why are tech documents not opening fast now that I've become a member? The site just got a whole lot worse once I signed up? You guys have some hackers working through your board?
  16. Glad someone did the maths. I was going to get to it tomorrow if I had time.
  17. Planning on running more than 3bar boost?
  18. <insert standard GTSBoy thread necro meme>
  19. StageIan


    Coil pack & loom still available?
  20. oxford1327

    nissan stagea

    I would be checking the universal joints, and all of the drive shafts for bearing failure before opening up the diff centre, if you have already made sure the fault is not there, then i would look at the diffs, but as GTSBoy said above when assembling a new differential centre out of other parts or new parts some very critical measurements need to be carried out and therefore sometimes it is better to purchase an entire centre already set to the correct tolerances etc.
  21. Sure, 9 years. I think they would've rusted away to nothing by now..
  22. Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but all 3 cars are now listed with NO RESERVE! Cheers, Bob.
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