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  2. Here a pic of the car at the moment! Cant wait until next summer..😅
  3. Yes, they always have a lot of attention and preferences, and this is of course logical, but we should tighten the responsibility of the police for exceeding their authority.
  4. Hi, I'm from New York, I have an RS3 Sedan 🙂
  5. For current models Bush bearing: Oil: M10.1.25 Water: M18x1.5, Oil drain pattern: 2 inches. Ball bearing: Oil: 7/16 - 24 Water: M14x1.5, Oil drain pattern: 1.5 inches.
  6. That's pretty special, didn't notice until now, this phone sucks balls.... Edit. I think I selected the quoted text from what you had quoted, and I then used the "quote selection" function. Seems like doing that there is a glitch.
  7. Am also intrigued in the Albins v Samsonas debate. Seems most time attack / circuit cars are running Albins and many drag cars run Samsonas. Anyone with any decent ideas / info on why? I know Albins offer things like quick drop change of gearsets, but am wondering why the split and if there’s any data based reasons.
  8. I have 324mm rotor with gtr brembo calipers.
  9. How did you manage to attribute that quote to me?
  10. Hey Dave, Still got any of this? i'm chasing some interior trim bits for my car.
  11. F40 are so called because that's the ferrari they were originally on. Probably lots of cars since with the same caliper, they were just a large 4 piston caliper with radial mount so they could be moved out more easily with adapters Your problem won't be clearance to the outside of the wheel, you can fit at least 330mm discs under there before you need to remove wheel weights..... The issue is thick calipers hitting the spokes if they curve in at the outsides
  12. This is good news. My entire goal for 2020 is to survive. That's it... i'm setting the bar real low.
  13. Haha, sounds like something I would like. in regards to displaying on the stereo screen. I was curious if I could set something up to have 3 digital displays on the screen, as a ‘throwback’ to the factory layout of the interior, it wasn’t a deal breaker (obviously) and it doesn’t really bother me, I’ve got plans with the dash layout to be a modern improved version of the factory layout.
  14. coupe vs sedan Fuel tank is different. Coupe vs sedan Front cross member is different (not sure how but part numbers are different) Transmission mount is different between auto 5AT and 6MT. (6MT same as CVT) No idea how to make the ECU happy..
  15. FWIW, I'm running 32 GT-R brakes upfront on a 32 GTS4 under 17s
  16. This. It is essentially one of those areas that 99% of tuners spend a second or two looking at before doing power runs. If the customer never complains about it, then why spend the time doing it. Of course, all bets are off if there is a mechanical issue causing the tune to be out. That shit is money.
  17. i got mine from SCA. I fitted them there in the parking lot just to make sure they fitted
  18. let's just say the head is capable of breaking a flow bench, honestly, been there done that
  19. Done a little bit of googling trying to figure out what vehicles the f40 caliper came on and it’s saying ford fpv vehicles. So am I looking for calipers off a falcon? (I’m a Pom so I know absolutely nothing about fords or holdens...so please excuse my ignorance)
  20. For problem 2, how long does the car run for before it dies? Is the tune locked? Are you wanting to plug a laptop in and sort the tune out yourself? I can help you troubleshoot the tune but if your not wanting to tune it yourself, the answer is going to be take it back to your tuner. I can't imagine they'll charge you for what is essentially warranty work.
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