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  4. I still await Startrack for my Balancer. In the meantime, my lovely girlfriend sold her Turbo MX5. Her criteria was "Something Japanese, Fun, but a hatchback" (cause she doesnt like 100kmh highways in a MX5, and tends to go to bunnings a lot) Basically my Megane, but Japanese. Because she is blessed, not cursed, this is now in the driveway, 1 day later. Bonus Extras (that she and seller didn't notice, but I did) Genuine P1 Buddy Clubs Genuine Mugen Wang Short shifter of some sort (shifts amazingly, def not stock - we test drove a few cars) Aftermarket Helical LSD (Quaife?) One of the other ones we tested had an Intake, for max VTEC sounds. So we're getting one of those. As for how it drives, I have now experienced 3 different cars in this household I should primarily drive around instead of my R34. I googled bolt on supercharger kits for the K20, which was the inspiration for my mate's supercharged BMW, and found that when I overlaid a video of someone doing a 50-250kmh pull, and my own video at Sandown in the LS Skyline... they were identical in acceleration. Every frame of the entire thing. It was eerie. My lovely gf is extremely happy, and I am too. They really do drive excellently, and the fit and finish and interior is just awesome. I am more excited to drive this thing around than my own car, which I hope to high heaven is just because it's new to me and a great deal/hilariously good buy. However this completes our household change from Turbo life to N/A Purity!
  5. Yeah, it's a real thing But isn't that what hobbies are for
  6. Yes, a brand new box needs to wear in a little, and the "big box" is actually pretty beefy compared to most. Just treat it nice for 500klm then change the oil, see if it improves
  7. Just put in a brand new RB25DET big box, auto conversion. Last time I drove manual was my 260Z, 15 years ago. But this box seems a bit notchy shifting up. Are new gearboxes like this? Do they have a break in period? Also noticed a vibration on the clutch pedal when shifting close to red line. It is R34 box, with a pull clutch. I installed a new Nismo sports clutch with a slightly lighter flywheel. I am running Penrite Pro Gear 75W-90. Cheers
  8. Mark, I love your total lack of self-control when it comes to cars.
  9. According to Whiteline Rear: 6mm spacer = 10mm height Front: 6mm spacer = 12 Mine has 1 x 10mm in the rear, so and additional 5mm(ish), which roughly equates to a 8-9mm lift, which the tape measure confirms, before 360mm, now just under 370mm
  10. That's called overlap. Top of exhaust stroke, beginning of induction stroke, both valves are slightly open. Exhaust is closing, inlet it opening.
  11. Ok guys so , cams are set at tdc : #1 lobes pointing away from lifters, and winded Pistons clockwise from my 10mm to tdc with head put on. Now question I have is #6 valves are open and # 6 piston is at tdc? This right ?
  12. Sorry I can't help you with the history of your car but looking at the engine bay it looks stock standard so I doubt it would have been on a dyno.
  13. Years ago I had figured out and written down how much a spacer at the front or back raises the car. But can't find that info. I THINK it was 8mm at back raises 12 and 10mm at front raises 12. Near enough.
  14. Hi just wondering if anyone would know the history of my car when it was in Melbourne and is someone has a dyno slip for it.
  15. Well guys yes they are f**ked ! Lol but good thing just got em back from machine shop and all good ! now just gotta set everything to tdc, mount it, torque and we're good!(:
  16. Seems a bit convenient that all those things need doing at once. I would be seeking a 2nd mechanic to double check them for you. Especially since they haven't mentioned the compression rod bushing, which seems to be the most common failure point in the front suspension. But if you need to it all, you can replace the LCA bushes separately, can't get genuine bushes, only aftermarket, but should be quite a bit cheaper than the buying the whole LCA. Upper ball joint is part of the whole upper control arm, so would need the whole arm. There are 2 lower ball joints on each side, one in the steering knuckle which is replaceable and one in the compression rod, which requires replacement of the whole compression rod, so you would need to determine which one they are saying is bad.
  17. They are going to replace any of the seam sealer that’s damaged and a couple of little thing and then leave the rest of it how it is and paint it the same as the outside
  18. Hi, I have a problem with my 91 R32 GTR. I usually am able to find answers through old post but I can not find one like this. Car is running an Apexi ECU. When the car is warm about 5-10 minutes of driving it will start not reving and pulling to redline. It is like a rev limiter at like 5500rpm or sometimes 4500rpm. The longer I drive the lower the limit goes under load. If I stop and shut the car off for a few minutes. When I start it back up it will pull to redline like normal. Then few minutes later back to limp mode or something. I have already cleaned and soldered the MAFs. Just cleaned the coils packs and dielectric greased them. I was wondering if anyone else knows where I might look for my issue. When it starts cutting out it does not backfire or cause the car to buck much at all. It is like the car just shuts off. Going to replace the fuel pump soon. After that I am not sure if I should be chasing a bad ground down or what.
  19. I used a combination of orb fittings to help with clearance. AC compressor and hoses fit too
  20. The fun Got bored and pulled the old thin bushes out from the rear, dropped it down about 10mm, so now it's 10mm higher that it was originally, and doesn't scrape the exhaust when leaving the driveway, with 3 adult sized people, and one short fat man in the drivers seat What happens height wise when I put in the the new strut top bushes, that I purchased ages ago and found in a box in the shed yesterday, and the 5mm isolators is anyones guess, possibly anywhere from 10mm to ?????, depending on the actual condition of the old strut top bushings The not so fun My vinyl wrap is currently lost in shipping, and as I'm impatient, and bored, I rummaged and found some stuff for painting the scoop I sanded and layed a thick coat of primer filler to the scoop, I'll leave it for a few days to cure/shrink and then sand down and throw some satin black on it until we come out of lockdown and I can get into a smash repairer for colour matching By going of my previous "attempts" at spraying panels with rattle cans, I'm hoping that the satin finish will cover my inevitable stuff ups, meh, it's not like I can take the car anywhere soon anyway Stupid Covid
  21. Nice! Are you going to do any hole deleting or rough area smoothing or just lay the paint on as is? Either way it will look stunning once it's done!
  22. Yesterday
  23. Really ?! I take it you've got no idea about the GTR transmission and are not doing this job yourself, as you would not ask this. You can't bolt in a new transmission without the transfer case attached (believe me I've tried that), so why would this even be a question ? No, it will piss oil everywhere out the back of the box with no transfer case attached. Get a $10 1 litre hand oil pump and fill the box in the car like any other transmission or diff oil change. If you must, you can fill both the transfer and box if bolted together on the ground if you have your ATTESA actuator installed or a blanking plate in the back of transfer case. Transfer has to be bolted to box to seal box leaking oil - rear of transfer has to be sealed at actuator to stop transfer leaking oil.
  24. Have you looked into your brake booster? The unit is a diaphragm and could have a pin hole in it that could cause headaches. Just chiming in on my experience with my 32, I was chasing a similar problem for months. Car has Ferrari f40 Brembo's. Bled countless times, Bench bled the BMC, Replaced BMC twice finally using the hfm bmf57 as well. Adjusted the pedal. Nothing. was borderline dangerous how spongy it was. Check the vacuum lines on the booster.
  25. HI All just purchased a new gearbox for my r32gtr ..after converting it from pull to push, i will have to remove the old transfer case and put it on the new box.. is it ok to refill the gear box while its not connected to the transfer case or the car..will be much easier to fill on the ground.
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