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  2. Glad you went with 35% as 5% is way too dark to drive safely as you can see on this car window tinting infographic, barely any light comes through making is really dangerous at night!
  3. Yeah, after 18 posts flogging different wheel sets you would think that would be remembered. Is he actually just a wheel shop?
  4. Hey Robin, Where are you located I have a mate who will take the coilpacks
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  6. Stock cooling system!! Also, direct feed fuel pump rewire mod Also, what dump pipes Also, ditch the LOLPEXI tetris 5000 and get a decent plug in
  7. On nankang ns2000 tyres, the really naaaaaaaaasty ones with my hillclimb alignment in the car still i went 1.6 to the 60, 7.4 to the 1/8th and 139.9 to the 1/4@11.06. You have a 10 in that. Get the alignment sorted, drop your tyre pressure to 26 and try again
  8. edit: Deleted post cuz I realised the stuff I wrote was really dumb....
  9. Hi all I have some spare parts which just come off my r34 skyline split fire coils for a neo $300 continental flex fuel sensor $180 Crank angle sensor $100 Car mate turbo timer $40 walbro 460 fuel pump $130 coils and flex fuel sensor and fuel pump only 12 months old
  10. ya I don't know what happened there was a nice little video of my family in the gtr just snoozing away doing 50 lol. ill figure it out here pretty funny video
  11. Bleed ABS, drive around and slam brakes. Repeat until pedal pressure improves.
  12. Probably referring to the Chinese 100W blue bulbs on ebay/etc. Wiring harness is a must. I highly recommend projector retrofit, especially if you're in USA.
  13. 7 on the stock gauge is a little less than 14 psi. The stock gauge isn't bad, so if they disagree, suspect your aftermarket one first. Add another gauge in temporarily (from a workshop) to double triple check, The behaviour of the boost gauge (staying up) sounds sus too. Double and triple check the lines feeding that, just in case of stupidity. And RB25 stock actuator pressure is 5 psi. It is brought up to 7 psi by the stock boost control valve. What to check next? Put a pressure gauge into the fuel line upstream of the fuel rail and load the engine. If you have to go to a workshop to do this, then do it. There is no point flailing around in the dark. Do not f**k about with the regulator. There will be nothing wrong with it. There is no sensor on the fuel rail. It is a pressure pulsation dampener.
  14. Thanks GTSBoy Yes everything is powered and earthed. I also plugged in the climate control out of my stagea it lit up and powered on but would not control anything, as well as stayed on after the key was out of the ignition.
  15. Thanks Murray, Kiwi and GTSBoy. I have already plumbed the actuator direct to the inlet boost pipe from the fmic as in the picture to make sure no more than actuator pressure and that made no difference, hard to see in pic but that feed goes from boost pipe straight down to the actuator. Car has always done it since I bought it so I don't drive it, didnt notice it as it was fine at low to medium throttle and didn't floor it until I got near home. What clue would the boost gauge show me Kiwi as it dosent drop back down on boost to a lower level it is only when I back off the throttle the boost goes down. And that ecu sure dosent look like it's making the car rich to me to slow it down. Surely the plugs would not be white after a quick boot up the road to test it but more black from the R&R the ecu is meant to be doing? And GTS Boy the stock gauge does not go right up when my boost gauge shows 14psi which I thought odd. Is my actuator faulty as should actuator pressure be std must be 7psi odd and boost solenoid make up To 10? What should I check next? maybe change the fpr or take the fuel pump out and inspect? To me it's more likely fuel starvation but maybe r&R. What else is there to check fuel wise other than pump and fpr? There is a sensor on the fuel rail, what does that do? Any ideas would be great thanks lads.
  17. I'we been walkin 1,5 weeks now more or less (mostly less) well. Still waitin surgery and my knee hurts and running and jumping is off the limists.
  18. The car looks super clean - any more pics? If you love the car and can live with it being less-than-brisk then do that. Maintain it and treat it well, just don't expect to get anything out of it if you modify it. When you're ready, either swap the donk for a turbo RB25 or just save some money and sell it for a GTT. I think a lot of people in this topic (myself included) have either themselves wasted a crap load of money on cars that shouldn't have been modified ( ✋) or have witnessed others making that mistake. Good luck!
  19. Not heard much about DGR but we sell stacks of D2, BC and Tein to provide some other options for you - http://www.moonlightracingaustralia.com/suspension/coilovers-shocks.html?vehicle_compatibility=503
  20. Must be doing something wrong...massive download and all I got was a picture of a quaver and a few seconds of music!
  21. No better place to quarantine with the family haha. Who’s says you can’t daily a gtrrrrrrrrrrr! IMG_1079.MOV
  22. I'm 55 and an ex smoker, so I don't want it. More importantly though, I have alot of elderly relatives and other family members with young children, plus a few with asthma. So, by restricting my activities, I reduce the risk of bringing this to my "circle of trust". I acknowledge it's hard to change habits, I'm lucky due to my job, I can go months without seeing my family face to face, and am use to training with limited equipment and space. But if you stay positive it isn't really that much of a issue. Facetime, whatsapp and such helps. Moreso I believe is working out your fitness regime with limited on hand equipment. But again, if you put you mind to it there is alot of bodyweight exercises that can work both strenght and cardio. I'm doing alot of you tubing, watching hot chicks doing pilates and Yoga and circuits.
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