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  2. Nah going to use the normal fuel lid, it will sit in its normal spot.
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  4. Look what popped up for sale today...
  5. UNR33L

    They both look good 4 or 2 door. Just get what ever you can find a better deal on? Link to warny's?
  6. dezz

    2015 model, previous model still looks ok on the outside but pretty dated on the inside.. Warnie's is nicely specced, black, could do without the red exterior accents but they don't look bad..diamond stitching package.. 4 door.. I'm torn there.. The 4 doors do have a very nice stance in person.. And obviously more practical, but coupes are more 'sporty'
  7. tridentt150v

    The only 'seal' is on the coil setup. The silicon type bung that you push over the spark plug as you install the coils. And as others have said, I wouldn't worry about the oil. If its not gushing its fine
  8. You planning on a hinged flappy lid for the fuel opening?
  9. GTSBoy

    Yuh. A winter tyre here is a summer tyre in Canadia.
  10. So the front and rear are fiber glassed up now. Will take the molds off this arvo and trim them up. going to add a couple of layers to the inside to add a bit more strength to them. Seeing the whole side of the car was a pretty awesome feeling, cant wait to get them trimmed up and see how they look.
  11. Akshunhiro

    A lot of stuff from 350Z, V35 and G35 will fit. If you're looking for new genuine, check-out partsouq. Just pop in your VIN and it'll list each section from the workshop manual and include part numbers. Either Google or eBay the part numbers or just order from partsouq. Took 4 days to get a new brush kit for my starter motor from them and was only $100 shipped.
  12. emts

    is it the NA or the TT though. mate had both and whilst the newer TT was faster the NA sounds and looks much better. and with way too much power to use on the street anyhow he took me for a lap of sandown in the NA and we were still touching 250 on the front straight with very low corner exit speed.
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  14. Acktually oil predates dinosaurs by a few 100 million years
  15. niZmO_Man

    Okay. Guess you know the difference between 5degC and 30degC
  16. Birds

    Depends if Liz Hurley's been cleaned off the back seat or not
  17. dezz

    Shane Warne's 63 is available for purchase.. Not sure if that makes it worth more or less [emoji848]
  18. Leroy Peterson

    I like that crank pulley, very nice. Any idea on where/how you are going to mount the sensor? That was the problem for me, nowhere to mount it reliably. If my "homemade crank trigger" off the flywheel fails, i might copy what road you take
  19. This is fantastic data mate! Would be a much faster car with your turbo compared to the eBay setup.
  20. Thank you, I think that is the route I will take. I have redone so much under the plenum, including that fitting behind the thermostat, that plumbing it back there will not be any harder than using the lower rad hose. I am using a radium auto expansion tank, which has an integrated swirl section, its the same idea as the Greddy unit, but machined. What size hose are you guys using for the bottom of the tank? From what I have seen in pictures , the Greddy swirl unit has a small hose coming from the bottom.
  21. This might be interesting. our TD06SL205 in 10CM running against a 2018 model Ebay (Not kando but a someone sales rather similar) Billet 25G TD06 10CM. Ebay turbo lasted few dyno runs before running into issues and the owner decided to do a core change so he can completes the dyno tune. I don't think ban and block buyers for warranty claim is a good business practice, having a pissed customer is at least, most importantly the data of why and where a product can be improved is lost. Green is our TD06SL205 and Red is Ebay Boost: When same amount of boost is given:
  22. Eager

    Yeh I’m prepared for a piston issue. It is what it is and at least if I forge I will get to run my turbo at a decent level of boost with some reliability. Lesk down test this week.
  23. KiwiRS4T

    In NZ a company called Gull sells what they call "Force 10 " which uses 10% ethanol to make 98 RON
  24. andynogo

    Meh. Paint them exactly the same color as the brake rotors and they'll blend in. That's what I did!
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