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  2. Interesting dan.... yes I do know the head was ported and polished, I think 360 is probably pushing the car as far as it can go without major upgrades like sequentials and diffs etc, should be fun!
  3. Thanks, I will try that! Wonder why I didn't Think of that myself πŸ˜… In Norway DMV almost hate these cars..
  4. So tuning is complete for our goal.. On pump 98 made 427kw @ 26psi.. E85 made 538kw @ 30psi but backed it off to 520kw @ 28psi Now just want to drive it around and enjoy it and experience it on circuit! video-1560908421.mp4 video-1560910856.mp4
  5. My 34 had the active rear speakers and I recall having to choose between powering the factory speaker amp or the radio reception amplifier with the blue trigger lead from the head unit. May be worth checking. Took me a while to find the right info too and I don't remember where I located it
  6. Good thing you checked that as an oil pump is a pretty important item to keep bolted onto an engine. or so i have heard.
  7. Getting quicker and quicker at doing timing belts lol.. So car was weeping oil from the front main area, I initially thought I over packed the pump with grease and on it's first start up there was an air pocket that popped off the front main seal. Wasn't leaking too much, but enough to start forming droplets near the crank after a drive. So thought today was the day to remove the lot and pop in a new front main seal, to my surprise it turned out to be lose oil pump bolts πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Yep, RTV the sump, new oil pump but when I went to tightened up the lot the next day after the RTV dried up, I forgot about the oil pump. Anyhow, tightened up it's mum, here's hoping it won't weep anymore lololol.
  8. It’s a stock 1999 Skyline R34 sedan GT-V N/A
  9. Hi everyone I've seen/ heard a few things about the Nissan Navara Gearbox being the same or similar to the RB25DET and rb30et gearbox. Is this true and is it worth the effort trying to bolt one up ?!?! Sounds like a cool trick haha found a 2wd 6spd manual for 1k on trademe... Anyone know any solid info about this ? Cheers
  10. Sweet! That is some AWESOME info Lith. It looks like you got a bit upset with me asking when soon was, I meant no offence or intended to sound ungrateful. Will digest this tomorrow in more detail, But I have to say the 1050 looks ridiculously efficient at 3:1pr at high flows. It's still at 70% at full speed, With an amazingly low surge margin to match. If it's an 68/84 compressor it's got the EFR 8474 spanked, and is frankly incredible they managed to get 78% out of it at that wheel trim. I'm impressed.
  11. Oops, for some reason I thought I posted both the G35-900 (/ G3576) and G35-1050 compressor maps. Here is the slightly more down to earth G3576 compressor map:
  12. Cool..... Lauda is faster and safer. What kind of bike is it?
  13. Fair enough, ecu is on way back from Nistune so should be in the hand either tomorrow or Friday
  14. You don't need an ecu to do a comp test. Even better to do it now with it removed as injectors won't spay fuel.
  15. Yeah we are doin a comp test as soon as ecu is back in car, as well as changing the cas contraption on front of engine, and hopefully either of those will be a steer in the direction of the issue
  16. I'm glad you found this info... never occurred to me. [emoji848] I was going to suggest using an FM transmitter and see if the radio works when your transmitting from in the car. Come back if your new antenna doesn't work. Happy to keep throwing ideas at you. [emoji16]
  17. mlr


    Must mention a cruise through Mexico
  18. I'd bet quids on it being the wrong pistons. I have seen it done before (I think it was Dave B with his S2 who tried everything but ended up being an engine out job to fit another set of pistons) and it seems the correct pistons have to be a custom order as they are hard to find in stock anywhere. Do a compression test - that will cost you nothing and give you an instant answer
  19. Cheap if anyone looking for an aftermarket one https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mount-waverley/other-parts-accessories/cruise-control-for-a-v36-skyline/1220948953?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  20. The Skyline-starved US will always be the eye of the JDM-bubble storm. I think there's legs in lower-spec GTTs and such maintaining on the global market, if anything bolstering as fewer and fewer survive over the years. They definitely won't jump like R32 GTRs did post-2012, and you definitely won't see significant movements within your 3-4 year time span on the local market. It's nuts over in the US! Someone just paid AU$180,000 for a restored factory 240z on Bring-A-Trailer. MkIV Supra records have been set twice in 12 months with two factory condition turbo targas selling for AU$170,000 - then AU$246,000 a few months later. But I digress, on the local market - unfortunately I don't think you'll find yourself sitting on a cash cow. But then again, who really knows. Look at the all the local hero cars fetching stupid amounts of money - part of their rarity and appeal is the fact that they were nigh on impossible to move back in the 70s: John Goss XBs, even GT-HO Falcons sat on lots for months. [Edit: But again, you'd need to stick a GTT in a barn for decades to cash in that cheque]. My advice would be to just forget about the eventual resale value, and just enjoy your car. If you're looking to tie your money up in something that you can drive and enjoy for a few years and do 'okay' when it comes time to sell, buy an R129 Benz, or take out a loan and get a manual 996 Carrera (Disclaimer: Don't take my financial advise seriously...)
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