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  2. There should be stores around that can do odometer calibration. Try asking your local car audio visual stores if they know of anyone who can do them.
  3. Hope she gets better soon and thanks for sharing the vids, very interesting!
  4. Yep Yo-Yo this worked a treat on my V35 Skyline thanks !!!
  5. Yesterday
  6. Could be a UK special. It's basically standard-ish frame that allows you to use the airbag module, which is legal AFAIK.
  7. Nice. It's weird how the BNR32 wing looks okay on S13, sort of like the Spec-R wing on the S15 haha.
  8. If you are going to do a sneaky photoshop then just fabricate the whole thing
  9. Sad but true But really, how much clearer can 92.9 ABC Classic radio be? But then common sense rarely gets factored into my plans, or even cross my mind really, ....but when it does I try to just force it down with all of the other bad things, to fester and boil, until it expodes in a tyrade of utter self righteousness.
  10. I was in that situation and I upgraded the speakers. Reason: Music on in car 100% of time spent in car. In traffic, parked at lights, cruising around, while car warming up, middle of thunderstorm. Extra injector requirement is something like 0.01% of time spent in car.
  11. I was advised to change the tensioner bolt and I cant seem to get it off. I tried using 2 nuts to lock one in place with the other and turn it that way and it didnt work.
  12. I'm assuming the solenoids are under the cover. Blue plugs I have read... Other than standard servicing I haven't done any work under the bonnet of the car yet..
  13. Is it OK to disconnect the vct solenoid to check if the problem goes away? I realise the engine light is likely to come on. I'm going on holidays tomorrow so a full flush and Oil change will be done when I return in hope that fixes the problem. Juwt tot two trips left in the car... Hopefully
  14. Oups sorry I didn't noticed I was logged in I will keep the airbag so no problem
  15. So how do I get this tensioner stud out. Tried the 2 nuts on there and things tight. Dont think it's coming off.
  16. JC71

    gtr spoiler

    still trying to locate one if you have let me know
  17. A previous owner decided to rustproof with deoderized fish oil, maybe??
  18. A week ago I took the stagea to All Asian Day at Lakeside here in Brisbane. It was a pretty fun time and the stag felt great on the track. It was a happy laps style of event, two lanes of cars the whole way around the track then everyone lined up for roll races down the straight. Despite having a refreshed motor, the stag is basically still in stock form, only with the boost turned up a little bit (which is kind of pointless hitting R&R anyway haha) and felt heavy and slow down the straight. Will definitely benefit there from some tuning and turning things up a bit. Corners were a very different story though! Being AWD and sitting so low on the Tein coilovers meant I could power through corners insanely fast! I kept pushing harder and harder to try and see where the limit was before chirping the tyres but ultimately it wouldn't do it, it just hugged the road even at some quite high speeds which was very damn impressive. Here's a pic pulled up after some laps to cool off -
  19. Lol well I did a Christmas too. On the wrong car 😂
  20. I've not put a lid on a oil bottle properly and when it fell over in the boot it "rust proofed" the boot with a heap of oil, maybe something like that.
  21. Cheers Guys, yep stock motor, as stated above no real reason to be dropping compression, doing a rebuild etc. Sure if you were looking to build a monster & had plenty of $$$$'s to throw at it, by all means. For Street Duty its quite capable as is with some low boost. There are many other limitations for how far i go with true street driven vehicles too, no 1 being Driver Skill. Should be plenty for an old fart like me. Was hoping to get quite a bit more done on it this week, but unfortunately the wife had a fall on Sunday putting up Christmas decorations of all things & Fractured her Spine. So needless to say I've been in out of the Hospital all week. I'll be loading up a couple of videos on some other stuff i'd already finished (not car related) to my youtube channel tomorrow, so don't be disappointed when other stuff shows up if you have subscribed to me. The Turbo Build will be continuing, just a badly timed hiccup. Apologies Guys, Cheers, Trev.
  22. That was my first thought but it’s definatly oil and it’s on the passenger side floor aswell
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