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  2. It's V-Spec #1285/1396 not a V-Spec II ... 13th digit of model code KBNR32RBFS__MA M = No rear wiper as per your photo V-Spec II model code would have been KBNR32RBFS8_MA KBNR32RBFS__MA; Interior: G; (11_) [17" Tyre (V-Spec)]; (12_) Electronic Active Full Auto Air Con (Climate Control); (13M) No Rear Wiper; (14A) Standard
  3. There are many thousands of cars missing from that site. Plus no model code which is very important!
  4. Nice work. I am working on the interior at the moment. However, once the interior is done I might do this on mine.
  5. Tell me about it.[emoji58] It just shows you should ALWAYS do your homework when buying parts. Even when the person telling you to buy works on and tunes skylines for a living.
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  7. Good news, just remembered that previous owner has replaced the head gasket So i guess last thing that i shall do while i do the timing belt kit is the cam shaft, will go for the typeB poncam from Tomei
  8. Terry I've been hunting around coz i also want twin c/f blade and nismo side caps. They sould be 99993-RN596 and they cost ¥7,800 in 1997 If you get bored of them ill buy it of you
  9. Spotted a black 34 on Horsepark drive betwen 5-6 this afternoon. Probs wouldn't have seen me, I was about 4-5 cars behind.
  10. le siet bok updates, pulled off cat (turbo shrapnel filter) tapped out bits of engine and turbo: then went onto disconnect all the hoses, accessory loom, blah blah blah. Removed the AC compressor, powersteering pump and cabled tied them both out of the way (don't want to regas because tight arse asian). Removed nuts on engine mount. And yes, something had to go wrong.. ended up snapping the coolant hose connector that goes from motor to firewall. Lucky wasn't the heater core hose fittings. And yeah, managed to take off the bonnet on my own, aesthetics - not really I've gone fat. So now, as you may have seen in the WTB section, I'm searching for a motor being a neo or just a built rb25det. Let's see how that goes Unfortunately with so much going on, I won't have much of a budget to fry. Just waiting on NST to go up in price and I'll sell my shares to build this turd into a glorified fast turd.
  11. Nistune R33, Z32 AFM, Apexi AVC-R Boost controller This combo was great for 300kw and plenty more. Only selling as I am going MAP sensor on an Adaptronic standalone. Nistune, R32 ECU to suit R33. Worked fine for 2 years. Tuned by Rob @ Weltmeister for my 33 with 3576, return flow, Z32 afm, 1000cc injectors. Can put a standard map to suit Z32 on it if need be. Looking for $350 on this one Z32 AFM Good condition, as I said i used it for 300 and it was fine. Looking for $150 Apexi AVC-R One upon a time was the king of EBC. Still works as good as newer ones. $250 Pickup in blackburn or box hill. Can arrange to meet up
  12. Installing a mech lsd was certainly my first plan, and yes understand it is a lot simpler. But then i read a few posts recently about them being a pain around town, needing to clutch-in around tight corners etc. perhaps i just need to find a loose one.
  13. Don't think they are shutting down because my friend took out a new policy with them on Friday for his 34.
  14. You make it sound so simple! But a mechanical LSD is even more simple. If one had a car with the A-LSD it would certainly be worth trying to give it a good service before giving up on it. There is a piece on how to do that at the top of this section...but it seems a little OTT to install one (instead of a mechanical LSD) when there is not one there!
  15. Modding my r33 I'm just wondering what are some of the next performance mods I should do to my r33 s2 96, it's got a new exhaust system new catalytic converter, a new dump pipe, tein coilovers and a new coilpack and a new dump pipe please help
  16. Nice one!! I must be the only person considering putting an A-LSD into a Skyline. Street car GT four though, I'm currently suffering with a viscous lsd... Seriously though, they are just a clutch pack LSD, actuated via computer controlled hydraulic pressure. I'm wondering what it is that causes them to go bad. I have read that they don't like too much heat, and over 350kw they would appear problematic, but I'm unlikely to test that limit. One interesting thing i read, they lock more with increasing lateral g, which seems sensible. However- if you have installed an ATTESA controller, typically these reduce the lateral signal, to get more front drive, but as you can see this would reduce lsd lock at the same time. I'm fascinated by the computer control, so hopefully I'll try it one day! On the lookout for cheap R34 v-spec attesa pro ecu's
  17. Thanks for the video Ahh the worry for me now is the headgasket. Because i have the turbos out atm, is it pretty easy to remove the head?
  18. Looks tough as, especially rear view. Very nice.
  19. They are also shutting down insure my ride which are under the same company umbrella
  20. They are also shutting down insure my ride which are under the same company umbrella
  21. Will you be heading up north with this car at any point ?
  22. I've just installed a simple catch can setup and I'm still getting a drop of oil collecting at the bottom rear edge of the comp cover, it's really strange. I've previously tightened all oil and coolant lines and the turbo core section seems dry as far as I can tell from above and below. I'm still getting good boost, so the turbo is definitely working. Any other suggestions on what else could be causing a minor leak at the comp cover?
  23. I wiped the comp cover 100% clean last night and went for a longer drive today, there's a drop of oil in there again. It doesn't look like the simple catch can has made any difference so I'm with you now Greg, I'm not convinced it's the breather either. Anyone got suggestions on what could be causing a leak at the comp cover? I've tightened all oil and coolant lines and the turbo core section seems dry as far as I can tell from above and below without pulling stuff out. Cheers mate, aluminium flat bar is pretty friendly to work with I was actually eyeing off that charcoal canister spot, would have been sweet. I'm sure that mine is 100% non-functional after some 150k on car.
  24. My charcoal canister just fell out.. and now there's a catch can there lolol Also, good job on mounting it down there.. nice bracket!
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