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  2. See you on Saturday with your so halfway turbo car [emoji592] [emoji28] I’m In between if not many want to do cruise I’ll Just jump on Dave’s bike lol
  3. I use "Torque Lite"
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  5. It works fine with your friend's M/C installed?
  6. I think it's probably more so a complex case of Hungry Hungry Hippos
  7. Are the tail lights all in good condition with no cracks, scratches or broken tabs? No leaking of water?
  8. New results now that I'm on E85. 2.75L stock bore (86mm) BC stroker (79mm stroke). BC SS valves, valve guides, retainers, springs Tomei Poncam A's Hypertune V2 intake 6 boost manifold for IWG Borg Warner 8374 EFR turbo .92 IWG on turbosmart actuator ported head ID 1300x injectors (nearly maxxed) 2x 460 walbro fuel pumps with 3rd as a lift pump to the sump ECU masters EMU black LS2 DBW TB the low 7xx runs are 26 psi tapering to around 24 the 740 run is 30 psi tapering to around 24-25. I have added 5th gear spoolup log because this is an inertia dyno and falsely makes this setup seem laggy. boost is all in at 3800 usually in 3rd gear. Now for the crazy stuf...STOCK intercooler, STOCK trans, 3" exhaust.
  9. And in case anyone cares here is a 5th gear punch from 2,500 rpms. gets to 23.3 psig boost (38 psia MAP) at 3,329 rpms in 3.7 seconds. PRE IC AIR TEMP is actually turbo speed since they don't have "turbo speed" as a choice just yet (supposed to come with update this week).
  10. Just took a stab and ordered the lower injector insulators/seals from a RB26. Let's see how that goes lol
  11. No to Hybrid manifolds, great way to destroy a $3000 ish turbo
  12. Say someone was to install test pipes (yes I know they are a no-no on the roads), would they throw the ECL? A couple people on 350z forums say they get the ECL and some don't. Will the O2 sensors go out of whack and make the car run lean without a re-tune?
  13. its turbo but so halfway there
  14. Nope, ill be supporting the diesel brigade
  15. All, For sale is a test-fitted and unused hi mount turbo setup . It hasn't seen any mileage AT ALL, and is currently test fitted sitting on the car. 6Boost Manifold T3 Spec. -Manifold has been ceramic coated silver by craved coatings in QLD. -The exhaust manifold flange is full billet. 6boost did a limited run of these back in 2016 and they're a work of art. They didn't reach the mainstream as they are simply too time consuming to manufacture. -T3 Single Scroll w/ 45mm v-band, kickass manifold. Turbosmart Hypergate 45 -It's a black hypergate w/ 45mm v-band to suit manifold. GT3071R T3 4" Inlet Version -Same spec as the HKS2835 PRO S. -Expect full boost around 3.5k mark with poncams. -Most of you looking at this will know its the real 3071R - not the lesser cropped version with the T25 ass end. -As used on HKS Genki D1GP Silvia and the Kei Office Sil - plenty of videos out there -It features 4" inlet, v-band dump flange, and T3 manifold flange. -Will include V-band flange & clamp for buyer. This setup is perfect for a solid street thrasher which holds its own on the circuit. Sxdevelopments were doing 1.04 laps around Wakie and 1.39 around SMP GP with this same setup (on 98 octane). On E85 the thing will be why am I selling? Reason for sale is simple - I had a head built in Japan by NAPREC. The portwork thats been done is completely nuts, so is the work in the combustion chamber. Talking to a tuner who does a number of WTAC cars - to get the goodness out of the head we are going with a big $$ EFR setup w/ T4 flange. We're aiming for 550whp .... so now it'll be geared solely towards circuit. At this stage its an EOI, once my other setup arrives from USA the sale will be final & the manifold/turbo/gate will be removed for the buyer. Asking price is $3350...& even though I'm losing out already....I'm slightly negotiable and located in Sydney.
  16. All brand new, was doing it with the old 60% worn ones but decided to make sure wasnt the issue either.
  17. How worn are your pads and rotors ?
  18. Hi guys having major problems with the brakes on my r33 skyline gtst non abs. There is no leaks at the calipers, master cylinder or anywhere on the brake lines everything is solid. With the engine off you pump the brakes 3 times they sit high and hard with no pressure drop if you apply consistent pressure (Master Cylinder is 100%) Once you turn the engine on, the brake pedal drops to half travel if you put a bit of pressure on it and the braking doesnt feel the best. I cannot for the life of me think what is wrong, I have swapped out the master cylinder and brake booster from my friends 33 which has great pedal feel. Has been properly bled 3 times there is literally no bubbles in the system at all. Manual bleed, vacuum bleed, reverse pressure bled. Bought 2 metres of clear line and made sure there was no bubbles it is definitely bled right it is driving me crazy. Thank you.
  19. sweet mate who is doing your build?
  20. you take that ba.... nah, you are probably right First day back on the (real) job and my brain hurts more than my spine. Sooo much information gets shoveled at you on day 1. Really looking forward to getting all the admin shit out the way. This place has some cranking project stuff to get your teeth into.
  21. Got the piece from Idealseat and had it fitted by Archerfield Auto and Marine Upholsterers Cost $100 to fit, and $103 delivered for the piece from Idealseat. Nice work - you can't tell it's not original. I've no idea what a Recaro costs (mine came with my car) - but $203 for a good repair avoids more landfill. cheers Mike
  22. yeah. Pull off the vacuum line that goes to be booster and block it off on the engine side, and see if the braking changes at all. dead feeling pedals can have lots of causes including glazed pads or rotors. Cold race pads. Not generally water or air in the brake lines because gives you a "holy shit the pedal just went to the floor and I'm going to drill that camry" in traffic kind of feeling
  23. Ikeya Formula have been doing this for years. Presumably you still need to use the clutch like you do with the Ikeya one
  24. Yes, but no results yet. BB delivers better throttle response in general, but not much of power increase. EXTG is definitely worth it. more power, better torque, and better boost control.
  25. Can buy combo meter brand new still if you'd like us to check it for you.. the sub meter hmm.. might have to find used ones
  26. Christmas rush is on. People deciding to fix their cars that have been broken for 6 months but want to use it on boxing day.
  27. Just spoke to him, and he said that somewhere around $75 rings a bell. He bought it a few years ago. I paid an extra $20 or so to get the battery coding module a few months ago. He also bought the OBD adaptor from Carly.
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