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  2. PranK

    What he said.
  3. As much as I appreciate the car (she's going to be amazing) I read through this whole thing and gotta say; I appreciate your dedication and patience more so! Pulling out stuff you purchased near decades ago, I wouldn't even remember I had that stuff!
  4. GTSBoy

    This. The simplest answer.
  5. jdm_skyline

  6. mr_rbman

    This is what I've been talking about doing with the turbo guru here in S.A I believe... Basically taking some -5's and putting billet wheels into them...?!?
  7. mr_rbman

    What do you mean by 'Highflowed -7’s' ??? Billet wheels or?!?
  8. sleptema

    SOOO change of plans again, I have decided to part out and sell the wreck. There are a number of reasons for this. 1) I have bought a GTR and require funds to make it into a monster. 2) I have just built a big shed and require funds to finish it off. 3) Even if I did have the money to fix up the skyline, at the moment, I don't really have the time to fix & race it. 4) Turns out a REVS check of the car doesn't show up any accident or write off history, and the car is still registered. I also have a buyer for the shell who has checked it out with a panel beater and wants to do a GTR conversion. So I have already started stripping down the car and selling bits. It has been an extremely unpleasant experience dismantling the car that, for so many years, meant the absolute world to me. I've found myself just sitting in the car remembering all the good times I had. All the ear to ear grins I had when I gated it through tunnels, all the times I've gotten thumbs up or neck snaps when I drive past other enthusiasts. Don't get me wrong, I love my GTR, and I hope one day I feel the same about it.. But this car will always have a special place in my heart. Funny how we can get so attached to inanimate objects like cars, right? But, I hope the new owner will find as much joy in this beast as I did, and I have asked him that when it is done, to take me for a spin. I would love nothing more than for her to be restored to her former glory, and taken care of with the same amount of love that I showed.
  9. You have no idea how close I am to selling mine off to get this thing xD Hope it goes to a good home mate.
  10. Stinky Rooster

    oh lawd I love the internets PM forgot to renew his domain, it has been bought out from under him and fkd with
  11. Nismo 3.2ish

    That’s what we expect from the work being done. Not sure what cam changes will be made yet, but they know what I want so I assume it will help. Some think differently about the higher CR helping , it’s going to be better before boost , I would think this would get the turbo excited, but as I haven’t done this before , I can only guess what will happen. I will have to wait and see when I get my arse behind the wheel when it’s bolted back together I have always found that driving the car is different to what the Dyno indicates When it’s done I think I will try and get an extra Dyno run from 2000rpm or less in 4th just for fun to see how it goes , if it is possible? hard to know if it’s going to get more top end at the same revs or if it will roll over earlier with more power. Already down from 475kw to 445 , must be the only bloke going in the other direction hahaha Doesnt matter to me , but interesting ?
  12. admS15

    At a guess, im going to say the switch at the brake pedal.
  13. ActionDan

    About time.
  14. Murray_Calavera

    Thanks heaps for all the feedback everyone. Will be going with the ID1050X's setup for sure.
  15. t_revz

    I fkn love the stuff. I could live on it
  16. Sir Lord Van Von Vader'ham

    Love it. pretty much how im planning to redo my skirts, keen to hear your thought on them after your next outting
  17. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    "if" you do go with the Nismo 740s, I still recommend changing the OEM fuel regulator, especially with bigger pumps. Yes all of SAU and others will say "the OEM FPR will work and flow xyz blah blah blah" but when you log the fuel pressure data you'll understand what I mean. You get these nasy spikes between transient events. If you do go down the path of Nismo 740s with an aftermarket FPR, steer clear from the SARD bullshit - they're horrendous, get at the very least a FPR800 or FPR1200 Turbosmart unit.
  18. admS15

    I have nismo 740's on mine. Idle on 98 is horrible, e85 is fine. Im making just over 300 rwkw on e85 and they get above 90% duty cycle at times. Go the modern injectors is my advice. The only good thing about nismos is that they drop in with no mods.
  19. Stinky Rooster

    I actually ate raw fish for the first time a couple of weeks ago, it was farken tits! Sushia in Brookfield Plaza - solid tip for Japanese fine dining.
  20. PranK

    Hi and welcome to Do you have a multimeter? What happens when you touch the bulb terminals with the points? Do you get any voltage? Have they ever worked? Can you unplug all except the 3rd light to test?
  21. GTSBoy

    Quality of life. It's not just how good the idle is, which hardly matters unless you spend hours at traffic lights. But better spraying injectors give better fuel economy, better throttle transition, lower emissions, bigger genitalia, the whole lot.
  22. Murray_Calavera

    Yep have thought long and hard about that before I started my build, it's all been setup with 300kw in mind. If I want more, I'll build a turbo k swapped mx5 and the skyline will stay at 300kw.
  23. r32-25t

    Have you also considered that yes you want 300 now but that always ends up now I just want 350 and then 400 and etc, swapping to a newer style injector now could end up cheaper in the long run
  24. Murray_Calavera

    So if we had 2 identical cars, one running 740s and the other running top feed, the top feed car would have a noticeably better idle? I've never been in a skyline with 740s but I'm guessing they idle fine? I just don't want to pay more for say a 5% improvement in idle quality
  25. t_revz

    Young bloke got 4th in first division. Better than I ever did
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