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  2. And by looking at gts boys replies to other forums he seems completely useless and nothing more then a troll
  3. Cheers, I’ve changed spark plugs, coils. Tested the maf to see if it’d run better with a different one or run with it unplugged neither helped. Everytime I search for it even giving it different issues it goes to the same thread which isn’t helpful at wll
  4. All sorts going on wrong with that, no least being that Garrett have been gradually adjusting how they provide power estimates for a given compressor flow. Back when I first started reading compressor maps they took the flow at the chokeline of the compressor at PR2.0 and multiplied it by 10 - which in most cases with modern engines/tuning actually resulted in pretty conservative engine hp estimates, ESPECIALLY when E85 was concerned. When the GTX series came out they seemed to stick with the "multiply by 10" strategy for lb/min to hp, but now they pulled the "peak" choke flow for the compressor instead of whatever it was at PR2.0. When the GTX Gen2 series came out they seemed to have changed their multiplier to 11, and they seem to have stuck to that with the G-series as well. That graph above looks like they probably forgot to use the same multiplier across the board, and somehow still let it get to market like that - which looks ridiculous. I can sortof see why they've changed the multiplier as the old one didn't really reflect what most were getting out of their turbos before, BUT where it starts feeling disingenuous is where they've left the previous generations rated using the same old system - which makes it seem like the difference between the old and new Garretts are much bigger than they really are. I guess an example would be if you rated a GT3582R using Garrett's estimate for GT, then for GTX, then GTXG2/G-series it would be respectively 600hp, 650hp, and 715hp. All for EXACTLY the same turbo. On the flipside, if you did the same thing for the GTX3584RS which Garrett rate as good for up to 1000hp - that comes out at around 750hp, 890hp and 980hp. Basically they are claiming it as capable of 250hp more than they would have pre 2010. Ah yeah, its been many a year since I've been around 2.6s with low mount twins and comparing with different things - it will be a beast by comparison, lol
  5. Hi. thanks actually its a white I got from Hyundai colour range ice white.
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  7. Wow that came up super clean, well done
  8. I've searched a ton and can't find any answers, so I'm hoping someone can help. I have an early RB26DETT with the short collar crank and I'm about to fit a Tomei oil pump to it. The instructions for the oil pump read that the pump is only compatible with the 'late model Kouki crankshaft, made after August 1991." ( http://www.tomeiusa.com/manuals/TB203.pdf ) ...but I haven't seen that anywhere else, not in product descriptions, or anyone who has had issues online. I have read that people can't use a Tomei oil pump on cranks that have been fitted with an aftermarket collar. So, I'm wondering what the best solution is. a) is it okay to use the Tomei pump with the early crank, even though the contact point is smaller on the early crank? b) is there a specific aftermarket crank collar that would work with the Tomei? c) do I have to upgrade the crank to use the Tomei pump (might as well rebuild the entire engine at that point!!! ugh) Thanks for any help!
  9. sometimes the alternator just a bit tight and needs a little pry bar action🤘
  10. loosen both bolts then theres the tensioner bolt you need to back right off then your free, or just cut the belt and get a new one if your all bound up. there is a socket tool you can get rounded bolts out with. you should print off the manual for your car as well mate. here to help just ake your time and communicate more on the site and you wont end up with rounded bolts. should be able to take that fan on and off a million times without rounding the bolts....
  11. Not the update I wanted to make but I feel its important to keep people updated. As everyone else echoed the Otaku adapter kit is TRASH and will leak no matter what. I've taken every precaution with getting this to work and it leaks no matter what I did. It Achilles heal of this kit is the added points of failure. Stock you have a single leak point where there manifold meets the head. With this kit, you create 3 potential leak points. I've gone back to my single throttle setup for the time so I can enjoy the car. Not to give up on having ITBs, I have also ordered a stock lower plenum to cut and weld on adapters I have designed and had machined at work. Ill keep everyone updated as we move forward. -Jordie
  12. Not yet, because i'm stuck in multiple places. I can't get the Fan out because two bolts are stuck and "rounded", these probably need to be drilled out. I wanted to ease the Alternator-Belt but the Alternator won't move after loosing both Bolts on the "Tightening-bracket".
  13. Oh I knowwww feeling very blessed, it had enough force to knock off the review mirror off some how tho.
  14. I was gonna go with a zip tie approach (instead of a the bolt) but you can't be too safe can you.
  15. Truck ratchet tie-down across the bonnet wheel-well to wheel-well....with appropriate paint protection, of course 😀 Good luck with it.
  16. Yeah shit this does kinda help to see that cheers for that, yeeeee I see what your talking about not having clearance with a bolt, but I do not have a clue how I would install a 12mm rivet hmmm, starting to sound like a might need a shit tone of zip ties to get it home
  17. And on the bright side, at least it didn't crack the windscreen - it often does when it flies up
  18. No fact....just purely that the hole most likely elongated and eventually ripped in only 1 direction as it failed because the force was in 1 direction
  19. Yea sure did, 500m from the mechanic as well 😑😑. Is their a reason you believe 12mm is the one or just instinct.
  20. Rb26 vs m60 v8. Lol I’d rather have oil issues than listen to that wanker v8. Although probably a better engine than the rb lol. Almost a shame to rip the Beamer apart it’s a nice unit. IMG_2453.MOV IMG_2420.mov
  21. Lol. My buddy couldn’t afford to insure it so I figured why the fack not mates. It actually drives and runs awesome I just can’t stand the sound of the v8 she’s getting a 26. Drift/bag in the Bush car probably gunna be more fun that the gtr.
  22. Always good to get out and do a little tuning with my main mate. We got her up to 20psi on boostane. If your going to run the full 116 octane with this stuff make sure you adjust your fuel and ignition maps to accommodate. I don’t think it matters I much if your just adding a little bit but a full bottle of boostane to a tank and you definitely need a tune for it. Cheers gunna try 23 psi today, also picked up another rb26 swap project today so lots of good stuff coming up!
  23. hey good mate. i actually did read that post it was shortly after i joined sau. i might even have a post on that thread lol. but i couldnt agree more from time to time seems like we get used to the power and always want more or want what we cant have its human nature(example ppg 6 speed). i have learnt patience, how to be content, and how to just simply enjoy the gifts and relationshipds you are given and be super happy and thankful for people that have more than you in this case nicer cars because those are the guys setting the bars and giving us pesants future goals to work forward to. my mom always told me its better to plan for your life after death not be so focused on your current life, because how you make poeple feel and how you treat poeple at the end of the day is all that matters when judgement day comes mates. sorry for hammering away i just think alot of poeple could be more kind and less self centered these days and if that happened the ripple effect would be major. i even know in my small little town i live in in canada everyone is so fakin racist and worried about them selves i just hang out with my car wife and son. cheers mates rb power
  24. It's been a long, long time since I owned an R31, but I don't think it's meant to be like that. Supposed to be round and not elongated as if it's been worn from the bonnet flapping around. It should look more like the hinge in the attached image (not from a skyline but a Silivia, but you get the idea). You can see the pivot point has a shouldered 'rivet' and not a bolt. Thinking about it more a bolt may not work because of clearance issues when the bonnet is closed. You might be better to ask on the R31 forums: https://forum.r31skylineclub.com/index.php?action=forum
  25. Surely it is 12mm circle because it is a pivot point....whatever happened was nasty (didn't close latch)?
  26. Yeah it's part of it (the part attached to the bonnet not the car).. wish I was more familiar with the hinge and surrounding but it's been in the mechanic for a month. The hole (which is oval) is ruffly 12mm X 16mm. But I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that, or if it's supposed to be circle
  27. That's part of the bonnet hinge, I think (??). If so, that hole is the hinge pivot point and there's no bolt but more like a big rivet. A bolt might be used, but only guessing at the diameter.....10/12mm. Where's the other 'half', presumably on the car or bonnet ??
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