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  2. Haha! And burnt spiders and birds that have been nesting in it! 😝
  3. I recognise the location of the photos as Eastern Melbourne, but people from interstate will not. Could be Mildura or Bairnsdale. Forum rules require a location to be listed.
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  5. If you do some heavy squats it should help with bottom end strength
  6. Rb20 4wd gearbox helo. I'm actually new to the RB series engines.. But I have a little knowledge.... Just a little...haha.... Anyways.. Just wondering, is the 4WD Gearbox out of a RB20 same and strong as the RB25 and RB26 4wd,'s..??? how about the ratios...?? I couldn't find a Rwd Rb25 box here in Malaysia... So this guy offered me a 4wd box... But he's not sure what engine is out from.... I've seen some Rb20 4wd Boxes.... Just confirming that the box is as strong for high HP.... And I. Putting up together a 25/30 with the stock 25 internals in the RB30...its gonna get into a Datsun KPB310 ...Datsun 140Y... Anyone?
  7. Thanks for the update! Can you show me where you have to cut on the carbon ducting ? Did you have to cut a lot?
  8. Coil packs are different between S1 and S2. The latter has built-in igniters. Which one have you got? S1/S2 CAS are also different, but unsure of interchangeability.
  9. Splitfire RB25DET S1/S2 Coil Packs, RB25DET S1/S2 CAS, R34 NEO stuff. Hello, Have the following for sale, located in Wollongong NSW (2500): 6x RB25DET Splitfire Coil Packs to suit RB25DET S1/S2 motors. Only reason for sale as went RB25DET NEO and have upgraded ignition. 6-8 months use in perfect condition - $300 Nissan RB25DET S1/S2 CAS, in good working order - $150 R34 NEO Intake Manifold, complete with rail and injectors, IACV, throttle body etc - $150 R34 AC Compressor - $150 R34 Engine Mount brackets - $30 R34 NEO Engine Cover - $50 R33 Turbo Exhaust Manifold, good condition/no cracks/straight/flat - $80 R33 Golpher Racing Radiator - straight/no dings -- old motor did blow head gasket very minimal oil, have cleaned out and bathed the radiator, but probably need a hot flush - $50 Can get pics if needed, but pretty sure everyone knows what it all looks like. Feel free to PM and I will get back to you if you are interested at anything. Cheers, Noobles
  10. agreed - with 20:20 hindsight, no decent mechanic/tuner would have "recommended" a NEO head on an R33 RB25 bottom end...and I should have sought advice from SAU before proceeding... Neither the shop that installed the head (and tuned on their dyno) or my normal tuner (who tuned afterwards on their dyno), highlighted the peril of a NEO head on an R33 RB25 - no reward for guessing I'm unlikely to go back to either... is what it is, and I just need to sort the best option going forwards, and a 2nd hand engine or a "bunky" as @GTSBoycalls it, is likely the most appropriate option. For a 2nd hand engine, a colleague today suggested Asian Auto Spares in Slacks Creek (Brisbane) - they've been around for ages (he bought an SR20 from them >10 years ago) and they offer a warranty (1 month). Their website quotes $2500 for an RB25 (non Neo) - I haven't spoken to them yet re availability, ability to do a compression test etc etc. I'm interested in others' views on what should be replaced on a 2nd hand motor - timing belt and water pump are obvious candidates, but are there others? My current turbo is an HKS 25/30, ECU is an Apexi Power FC, boost controller is a Turbotech manual boost controller. This setup was running 235kw at the wheels previously at 1 bar boost - I'd like to get back to that at least, but may throw some injectors and a fuel pump in to get closer to 245 RWKW. I wouldn't push a "bunky" (2nd hand engine) past that (245-250 RWKW). cheers Mike
  11. Seemed it got its own 2 seconds of fame at the end
  12. 3:12. Can't see the Copenhagen I think Martin parked on it.
  13. Strange scenario. Please be safe wherever you're working. The hassle of moving it is likely worth it but I've said that already. As for lines, there's a coolant feed and return. My bet is if it was "easy" you've only got the bolt closest to the strut. You need to get the other on the block side of the turbo. No one has ever called that bolt "easy", especially from the top.
  14. Mighty car mods - Perth meet 2017. Hybridshift channel on you tube. Me Dean and Eli in a row! Would post link but am too [emoji70]
  15. The car is on uneven grass/stones on a downhill. moving it will be a problem in itself id really want to avoid. And yes i dont exactly want to get under it in this scenario. Maybe i can jack up the side of the car only and disconnect from the cat and just pull out the whole thing..hmm seems like an idea i can try inmaniac. When you guys say the big 24mm bolt is that the coolant line thats on the turbo? Cos i undid that bolt easy already from the top.
  16. Awesomeness back of my head is way prettier than the front? Oi;-) at least I'm not from Rockingham!
  17. vic 

    Currently not for sale at this point in time due to acident repairs needed
  18. Sweet build thread, i just read the whole thing 280rwkw with an rb20 is impressive, and some people say they are crap motors.
  19. Yeah ummm... Prolly not. My most recent vehicle purchase was $1300. There is an 02 StageA Axis in the For Sales for $6000 but you know... no RB grumblings.
  20. Have you covered all of the advice given in your other thread here? Oh, and here? Stop spamming and address the advice already given to you Bob. No use asking if you're not going to take the advice given to you. O2 sensor is a BASIC one suggested by multiple people. There's multiple stages to diagnosing your problems, you need to attack via a process of elimination. If not, take it to a pro.
  21. Looked prerty gd
  22. Prices dropped: GTR R34 Brembo = $2000 now $1900 S15 rear 5 stud hubs = $150 now $120 S15 spare wheel = $50 now $40 R33 rear handbrake shoe pivot = $20 now free if you buy something else 4x Bosch 2200cc injectors = $200 now $180
  23. The coolant lines & oil return are easier to get off from under the car, but probably doable from above. As already stated, dump bolts will also be harder.
  24. Motorcraft AGSP22YE09 - Alternative spark plugs This is what I got when I searched that number on google
  25. I can vouch for Clarion's longevity and functionality, have a DRX9675z since 1995 and still going strong. Also compatible with ipod/iphone (30 pin) which did not come out until 2001 thanks to Ce-Net adapter that was released around that time.
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