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  2. BIG THANKS for the link. thats perfect and should help me. wiring for combination meter is in DI (Driver Information System). will tomorrow check if the wiring could match the M35 Stagea combination meter or if its complete different.
  3. My dude, i swapped a Rd28TD in to my Volvo 960 ambulance and i have the Rb20-e auto trans and just want it to work. How did u solve this? I guess i need to buy a ka24 tcm?
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  5. I would phone up your local road authority and speak to them about it. Bit of a risky thing to make a decision based on forum recommendations. You'll probably get your answer, but I would still phone and speak to them to have peace of mind.
  6. Your in the US, GKTech have a US website. Now your drift button is only $12! https://us.gktech.com/e-brake-drift-button I mentioned Cusco because you said, "E Brake Handle Brake Drift Spin Turn Knob Lock Button" which is how Cusco describe their drift buttons. Also Cusco list the S chassis however exclude the R chassis, which is the problem you say you have. Again hinting that you want a Cusco button. I don't work for GKTech, but I'm curious why you are so hell bent on buying some other brand of drift button when they are all the same thing?
  7. Hi people, I have an R32 GTR that has been sitting since 2006. I’m about to start a resto on it. The panel where the blue I.D tag and the factory stamped vin will need to be replaced due to rust. The new panel will not have the vin stamp in it, will this cause issue with getting it rego again. I have all the sales invoices and old rego papers for it in my name.
  8. Thank you both for the help, much appreciated. ❤️ Just to be sure, this is the one to get?
  9. The one in video above is a compact model with 3 inches inlet. I've used GT2 before, PWR currently on the car made more power. For cooler piping, you will need a 2 to 2.5 inches 90 degrees long let silicon hose and for intake I've used a 3 to 4 inches 45 degree hose and 4 inches metal pipe plus pod. You can find all bits and pieces from your local Autobarn stores.
  10. Hi I placed an order for a HDI GT2 and now it looks like my order can't be filled, so may be interested in 1 of these if it's not 2 late? Are they available in a kit with all the required piping and fixtures? And how much will it be?
  11. Hi, BB model has the same bolt pattern as a GT30 core with water banjo adapter and oil drain adapter supplied. It fits stock manifold and dump. For a internally gated bolt on ATR45sat we build a compact version with a 3 inches inlet, that will do around 300rwkws in usual cases on P98 fuel, and will be capable of making welling above 400rwkws once externally gated on E85. ID1000CC made on my car at 440rwkws, AFM is recommended inside the cooler piping.
  12. or running lights? ultimately, what turns it on and off?
  13. Ok sure, but that's not the fault of the short shifter. I've had mine in the car for the last 10 years, and it was in the old NA gearbox when I bought the car 2 years before that. Wouldn't have any idea how worn my synchros are, but they're still going. Get the odd crunch going from 4th into 5th after 5 or 6 laps, but that'll learn me for trying to use 5th gear on a race track. I think if you're the sort of person that drives like that then you're going to end up breaking things anyway, stock shifter vs short shifter is the least of your worries.
  14. on a R34 rear bumper the red light on the right, is this light to be on with headlights only? or is it on a separate switch?
  15. all the places I have contacted said they ones they have do not fit R34's which is why I posted here, thought someone would know.
  16. I never mentioned Cusco brand....its not just 20 dollars its around 150 for me as I am in the US, no one has them and I have to order from another country. so no ones knows if the thread and or diameter on a s15 E brake would be the same as a R34?
  17. No. Absolutely not. For a start, the turbo has a 4" inlet. The Z32 is a major restriction, which is not recommended. Next, the Z32 is a bad choice for an AFM in the era of modern blade style AFMs. Just get an R35 and a suitable sized tube (preferably 3.5") and set it up in Nistune. And, obviously, you should fabricate a 4" intake and do something about opening up the hole in the airbox. The injectors are fine. I'm willing to bet that the dump that suits the stock turbo does not suit Tao's big bolt ons.
  18. The latter quote happens more with short shifters. it is a proven fact. More synchros have died at the hands of clowns slamming gears with their hella epic short shifter (TM) than almost any other driving style.
  19. Google translate on your phone can use the camera to translate the Kanji on the wiring diagrams.
  20. Because Ben doesn't think that anyone will ever completely dismantle an RB25DE R32 and do a complete inventory of the bolts, which is the only way you're going to get that list at this point in time.
  21. Yes. Why wouldn't it be? It's also possible to swap in a 1976 Volvo 144 motor, a Cummins diesel V8, various rotaries, any number of Italian 4 cylinder engines and maybe even a Jaguar V12.
  22. I'm in a similar situation as dyl33. Looking to squeeze what I can out of a stock 25det neo, while retaining the air box/blitz return flow cooler to keep things looking stock under the bonnet and maintain as much response as possible for a daily driver. Few quick questions before I go placing an order, just so I have an idea what I'm in for... What is required fabrication wise for an ATR45SAT + Ball bearing upgrade? Is it a straight bolt up, and can I keep my existing HKS 3" dump?, or should I grab the dump pipe you offer with the turbo as well? As far as other supporting mods go, I currently just have a Nistune ecu, bigger fuel pump and 3" exhaust system. Would ID1000 injectors / Z32 AFM be a good match while leaving headroom for later if I decide to go e85/ditch the return flow etc? or are there more modern alternatives?
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