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  2. The sound makes sense!
  3. Solved issue. Someone had tapped the 12v feed and it had partly fried, this in turn caused the pedal switch to fail. Ran new wires and replaced switch. Worth checking. I have a D21, had a look at it, someone had tapped the same wire on it for some long removed device, aaaaand the same on my HR31! Luckily they'd been done a bit better.
  4. It's the top thinner pipe with a silver clip visible
  5. The above pic. There is a silver pipe that runs from left hand side then in the middle of the back of the head it transfers into a black rubber pipe. With a clip. That area. Would be great
  6. Today
  7. Use instructors car, with instructor in it. Generally instructors know the licence testers so there's a chance they'll go more lenient on you with them in the car. Turning up to the test in a car that looks like you'll do a burnout leaving the place once they pass you would make me extra critical, let alone a tester who is out to curb the number of idiots on the road.
  8. Drift the whole test
  9. Just don't park the bikes sideways ya fuckin' idiot
  10. Just use the instructors car. Having an R34 with a loud exhaust won't make a good impression.
  11. Yeah, always been wanting to join the community and life style of motorbikes. Been browsing for gear and 1k is easily blown after looking at my shopping basket! Pretty sure I saw an old guy go into court for riding a motorised bicycle because it was unregistered or he was unlicensed for 2 wheelers. Try driving around Docklands.... always giving my horn a good workout.
  12. I'm looking forward to seeing what the vcam does for it as well
  13. Hi everyone, Apologies for my first post being a sale. Selling my 1995 Series 1.5 R33 GTS-t Located in Canberra Price: $23,000 - open to reasonable offers Currently serviced and tuned by Autotech in Hume. I've owned the car since December 2014 but I need something a little bit more practical. It's never been tracked, only used as a part-time daily driver and weekend cruiser. Car has a fully engineered RB25/30 with slightly under 30,000km's on it ( engineering paperwork will be supplied to the buyer). Currently makes 425rwkw on United E85 @25psi. Car has a flex-fuel sensor and can run any combination of E85/98. Car also has a boost controller so you can run either 14psi (wastegate pressure) or 25psi (car makes 323rwkw on 98 @14psi). The body of the car has done approximately 161,000kms and is in great condition for a car that is 22 years old. Car is clean, always garaged, washed every week and is serviced regularly, with only a couple of minor imperfections (including a small stone chip on the front bumper that was on the car when I purchased it in 2014). The inside of the car is clean and in good condition. Pictures of the car can be found at Modifications are as follows: RB25 head (ported and polished) Greddy intake manifold Camtech 274deg camshafts Tomei adjustable cam gears Tomei solid lifters Performance heavy duty valve springs Spitfire coilpacks ARP Head Studs RB30 block CP forged pistons Nitto H-beam conrods Ross harmonic balancer ARP Main Studs Garret GT3582R 6Boost steampipe top mount manifold Turbosmart pro gate 60mm wastegate (plumbed in) with 14psi spring Turbosmart Plumback blow off valve Hypertune 90mm throttlebody Front-mount intercooler with custom piping 3inch turbo-back high-flow exhaust Magnaflow dual tip rear muffler Walbro 460lph in-tank fuel pump Custom made surge tank (under car) 2x Bosch 044 fuel pumps (under car) Turbosmart adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge GReddy dual feed fuel rail ID1300cc fuel injectors Braided lines throughout Haltech Platinum Pro ECU Haltech flex-fuel sensor Haltech I/O Expander Box 3 bar map sensor O2 wideband sensor Mongoose 3-point car immobiliser and alarm Rebuilt standard gearbox Mantic custom built twin-plate clutch Lightened flywheel Short shifter Bilstein shocks (adjustable) King springs Whiteline adjustable sway bars Full front and rear suspension rebush Hicas lockout bar Rays Volk GT-7's (originally chrome, but inside piece has been plasti-dipped in dark grey) Bridgestone Potenza RE003's (265/35/18 rear, 235/45/18 front) DBA4000 rotors Bendix ultimate brake pads Car is registered in the ACT until December 2017 and can be supplied with (+$500) or without RWC. Serious buyers only. No swaps. I'm happy to take potential buyers for a drive, but I won't be offering test drives. If you want any more information about the car, I'm more than happy to help. Thanks
  14. Not sure, it's all ready to go for him and will just be when ever the dyno is empty i guess
  15. Alright I did some more testing as promised, and you can see what the logs look like below. First three small runs I had the controller setup as a 4 port mac. Last two I disconnected the top hose, so boost isn't being fed into the top chamber. As you can see there's more duty cycle there from the controller - So that may be just inducing a small boost leak into the system. In any case you can see how the controller does drop off from 100% to ~20% duty cycle, there's clearly a delay and a spike. This is with the controller being told to stop going 100% 6psi before hitting target boost, which is 18psi. Note: These pulls were in 3rd gear. The first 3 were up a big hill, (obviously me backing off as boost was spiking out of control) as was the last one. I moved the source for controller from my charge pipe just before intake, to the compressor housing, but it doesn't seem to have made much difference in terms of responding quicker. boost.csv
  16. Evening mofo
  17. A drink a day keeps the doctors away....
  18. I have noticed a few issues following the app upgrade on Android (Samsung S8+): 1. Logon failures. Have uninstalled/reinstalled but still see a few 2. The app crashes more often than not when opening it via a subscribed thread notification. 3. If it doesn't crash, it shows notifications that are dated 26th August. So not the notification that appeared on my phone. 4. Intrusive but blank advertisement banner appears at the top of a page sometimes. 5. The broken link icon instead of pictures problem still exists. Rob
  19. Looking for R32 GTS/T to purchase. What ever you have. Travis.
  20. that's actually not bad for a clutch. But took my twin plate 'Nismo' clutch to a specialist. And he made it into a decent clutch. Good luck with a cheap clutches. Good ones start around 2k.
  21. Just keeping my eye out for some good 255/40/17 tyres if anyone has some for sale. Also looking for a good condition mechanical 1.5 or 2 way diff such as nismo or kaaz. Located Melbourne 0413, 103, 732 Sam
  22. Thankyou 😊 Whens she going on the dyno urious to see that vcam work its magic in the low end !
  23. Had a pit in dads shed growing up. So handy looking forward to building my shed and chucking some hoists in went part shares in a rotisserie over weekend Mustang will love this when I’m ready for it
  24. Try Anthony - he has done remote tunes in the past - don't know if he still does them:
  25. Ill try
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