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  2. The stickers has came off but there is hiper that's all, I was wondering if these would be hipermax LS+???
  3. R32 diff Would a r32 diff fit in a r33 tried searching but cannot find, the r33 front diff ears are bigger to allow for bushes has anyone bolted a r32 diff hard up to a subframe on a r33 as r32 diff bolts hard up to subframe as well as some other nissans Cheers
  4. Different sorts of fun. Owners of old GTRs are more like the meth addict that have gotten to the point of picking scabs. So far gone that they are unable to be retrieved. Stuck in an ever faster spiral of expensive shit breaking and expensive upgrades to every major system of the car. Owning a RWD Skyline is more like being a social dope smoker by comparison.
  5. Or just save for a R33 GTR [emoji16] Its just more fun with rear wheel drive VS 4 wheel drive!
  6. See you there! Don't forget to bring your mates so we have enough volunteers! They'll score a free lunch for their help and get some passenger rides in some cool cars [emoji106]
  7. Anybody know what kind of hks coilovers theses are? Any help would be appreciated
  8. Hi guys, Figured I'd post here as there's more of you in the know than anywhere else on here - I'm after a set of M35 front seats in cloth, and it's killing me that they're nigh-on-impossible to find. Looking for ones like this: If anyone knows of anywhere that has some, can they give me a yell? Thanks!!!
  9. Those cam gear changes certainly woke it up!
  10. Calling all racers! Come and join the Grudge Kings family Saturday 4th of March at Sydney Dragway. Where can you see the baddest race cars go head to head? Grudge Kings. Grudge Kings is run by racers, for racers. With the best prepped track surface you’ll ever race on, there are no excuses. At Grudge Kings, you can expect a family friendly atmosphere, making it the perfect way to spend a day out with the family. Classes we will be running - Heads up 9s - Heads up 10s - Heads up 11s - Heads up 12s - Outlaw Big Tire - Outlaw Small Tire - TheList – Top 20 - Pure Grudge – CallOut - Sydney Street Outlaws – PureStreet - Extreme Bike - Burnout invitational On top of that, there’ll be a mega car show, trade alleys and DJs and of course, gorgeous promo girls. Enter online NOW, CLICK HERE For more info, head over to Sydney Dragway. Check out the video below for a taste of the Grudge Kings action –
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  13. Mod plate required for R33 box into R32gtst? Hey all, as title suggests wondering if you need a mod plate for a 32gtst that's had a 33 box put in? Have done a search so please don't flame, can only read what comes up. Cheers in advance
  14. NM35 with Scotty's cooling mod. Lost a litre of coolant over the last few really hot days - including 4 hrs driving (half of it in Sydney traffic) in 38-40 deg. temps. With no air conditioner (another story, but I personally lost a couple of litres of coolant on that drive). The temp. gauge sat rock-steady on half-way the whole time. No discernible trace of coolant leak. Topped it up with pre-mix over a week ago. Since then, temps have been in the high 20's low 30's, and it doesn't appear to be losing coolant. Now, the temp. gauge needle sits about 1/3rd of a mm below half way. Just like it did before the heatwave. So that missing litre made some kind of difference. Radiator cap looks and feels in top nick. No idea where that coolant went. Interested to see if the change of radiator cap solves your problem, Mr Stabby.
  15. I can't support this. This doesn't help the 'scene' at all imo, nor does it improve our relationship with the Police.
  16. Does anyone actually think, "Hey I have a spare 16k, I should go buy an 1990 R32 GTST?" Guess it's not as bad as my brother thinking his R33 GTST is worth 25k
  17. Thanks Glenn, We're investigating.
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  19. Yeah, I actually haven't checked to make sure the helical is still in it. Could have easily been removed before I got it. But when it spins in second, it doesn't seem to single peg. Looked up and all I need to do is pretty much jack it up and spin the wheel to check.
  20. Webstore Error At Checkout Hey Guys, I'm going to the following error when trying to check out of the webstore (trying to buy the SAU Supporter pack) Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX0
  21. Morning, get a jacket on today bbbrrrrrr ccccoldddd!!
  22. Should have bought a Nismooooooooooooo!
  23. Get a good intercooler, many skimp on this and wonder why they hit bottle necks. If budget is a concern, look at the HDi GT2 FMIC Kits for Skylines. Decent yet budget friendly, although don't expect Plazmaman performance or quality.
  24. Morning [emoji42]
  25. Nah power difference will negligible. You have better/more important things to spend your money on.
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