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  2. Very interested to see what you get out of those [emoji848]
  3. Ok thanks mate You have Pm
  4. Beautiful Raj
  5. All, I have got a quote for replacement silicone hoses for the hard baked recirc hoses. For both (3-ply polyester reinforced) pipes it will be £45 or $80AUD plus postage from the UK (can probably save by posting to a single contact in Oz). Choice of blue or black. These prices only apply if I can get 20 orders. If you’re interested please PM me with contact details and colour choice (no payment needed right now) and if I can get enough interest I will place the order. Cheers, John
  6. This is what a 1601 (early model) looks like.. Notice the connector. This is what its ballast looks like.. And another pic.. Comparing to what a 1618 headlight looks like. This pic is of the brand new unit I received. Notice the connector is blanked off.. And what a 1618 ballast looks like.. (I didnt take any pics of the ballast on mine. Was too scared resting it on the lens!) The codes are on the lower corner on each lens which is the easiest way to identify them. Also while on this topic, ER34 (GTT) headlights are totally different to these two.
  7. It's mostly just media spin... 6000 jobs over 3 years with 2000 new jobs = 4000 net we have natural attrition rates of circa 3000 per year so it's not the mood killer you would think. There's a lot of old timer's that want to take packages too, so they are pretty quick to put their hands up
  8. Yeah I've heard there might be some differences but havent been able to find any exact info. Looking to buy a second hand gearbox for my ecr33 and would prefer a s2 box due to cheaper and easier to find rebuild kits and if they have a bit better internals. Problem is, sellers dont usually know what series their box is
  9. topless pics might jam the server with likes. [emoji160][emoji95]
  10. Queanbeyan showground! Has it been shunted out of Canberra? Lol
  11. Doing the mechanical fitting units? Double the tradesman :-P
  12. In!!!! [emoji16]
  13. Attendees: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ...
  14. It is that time of year again for a morning run through the Royal National Park! Date: Sunday 11th of March Meet Location: Loftus Oval Carpark, Royal National Park, Sutherland Meet Time: Meet at 7:00am for a 7:30am departure Destination: Austi Beach Cafe, 104 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Austinmer Map:,151.0509123/Austi+Beach+Cafe,+Austinmer,+New+South+Wales/@-34.1835798,150.9882029,12z/data=!4m19!4m18!1m10!3m4!1m2!1d151.0684275!2d-34.1401249!3s0x6b12c48a56ad04df:0x58e3f4cb9f64d640!3m4!1m2!1d151.0164389!2d-34.1680652!3s0x6b12dcccb895ee23:0x974fe625fe65c364!1m5!1m1!1s0x6b12e01e4f4ffc25:0x82b1b85b64816544!2m2!1d150.9342971!2d-34.3066002!3e0 We will meet at Loftus Oval Carpark which has plenty of room and is low car frendly. This is a quick turn into the Royal National Park and some nice roads and scenery. After Stanwell Tops we will turn off and head onto the awesome Sea Cliff Bridge. Following this it is a short trip to Austi Beach Cafe. There will be a lead and follow car so no one should get lost. We will also be bringing along walkie talkies to keep the group together so if you have one please bring it along. If you would like to attend or bring others along please put your name down and a +1 as numbers will be needed prior! This is NOT a race and we will all be adhering to all road rules. If this is what you want please come to one of our many track days. This is an official SAU:NSW event and will be run under a CAMS permit. One of the things that really sets our club apart is our commitment to being true enthusiasts. When on normal roads we strive to maintain good relations with the authorities as well as the public in general. When attending one of Skylines Australia NSW events please try to: • Be aware of surrounding environment and act accordingly. • Drive courteously on the state’s roads as a true enthusiast should. • Understand how important it is to maintain the good name of SAU:NSW and thus, treat others accordingly. • Any misbehaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave. Thanks guys and hope to see you there!
  15. Good buy if that wheel can be repaired
  16. That's an actual piece of art.
  17. Must have been loose for a while, feels heaps more powerful/responsive than it did before
  18. I just put a set of Kelfords in mine, let me know if you want a set of HKS 256/264 cheap.
  19. Sorry no centre caps. I don’t have photos of th damage as you can only tell when you roll the wheel. Photos were take a few days ago so you can see there is no visible damage
  20. For sale Parts from my R32 gtr no longer needed Apexi power fc and hand controller can come with a 4” induction tube for single turbo setups with two Z32 Air Flow Meters. $950 Also have AEM Air/Fuel Guage complete comes with wiring guage and 02 sensor again came from my R32gtr used $200
  21. Welcome Eddy! Absolutely stunning car. Any more pics?
  22. hi, this is an unconventional question, and I don't know if it's actually allowed.... (if not please suggest where I could post), I have an apwe50 2001 elgrand vq35 with spun cam bearing. Weve already replaced the car but I would prefer to sell the e50 going than as a wreck. Anyway what i am hoping to find is a sydney mechanic interested in some weekend work. I'm happy to pay per hour or split the profit, it's only worth $1000 as is. It's range topping XL 4wd with all the bling, inc 'capt's chairs', leather, raised with BFGs, LPG, original paperwork, 155km, so should fetch at least $7k... cheers Adrian, Ashfield 0438 936056
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