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  2. Having had the same movement, i rebuilt the cv's, replaced bearings, new bushes, new diff centre with perfect backlash...i still have the same movement. However..
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  4. Can't see the .JPEG's , how to?
  5. Hey guys, i have 4 x Subaru Impreza wheels with roadworthy tyres that i am selling. They are in fairly good condition. Item: 4x Impreza Wheels with tyres. Location: Western Sydney Price: $300 O.N.O(On Negotiable Offer) Make me an offer as i need cash and dont need this lying around. Below is a picture of what they look like and there are 4 of them.
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    Still got all this stuff guys. Make an offer!
  7. Hey guys, im fairly new to the forums but i had a brand new Gates Timing Belt and water pump kit with all seals and gaskets needed todo the job. I paid 360$ with shipping around a year back for the kit, but i never got around to needing to use it as i barely drive my r34. I have attached a picture for you to see, Item:Gates Timing Belt+Water Pump Kit Location: Western Sydney Price: $340 O.N.O(On Negotiable Offer) This kit suits rb25det engines and as far i am aware it fits rb26 as well but confirm with a professional before purchasing. Make me an offer as i need cash and dont need this lying around.
  8. Great work mate.
  9. RARE Factory LP2 Midnight Purple 40th Anniversary MSpec 1997 Skyline R33 S2.5 GTST 104,500 kms ONLY Factory Automatic I'm selling to down grade to a cheap daily car. (Suzuki Swift / XR6 Falcon Sedan or Dual Cab +/-$5k with RWC) Open to Swaps + Cash my way. And to be honest I don't want to sell her but I need to , as my partner has been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 6mths to live & we need money to help pay medical bills / rent coming up. So this is a very regretful sale. $20,000 VIC RWC Supplied Happy to negotiate sell price /package with buyer. No inspections unless you can prove you have the money. Out 180,000+ GTST's from S1-S2.5 made Nissan only made 178 in Factory LP2 Midnight Purple. Midnight Purple was ONLY on S2.5 1997 onwards Factory models. 138 manual / 43 automatic This car was 1 in 43 produced in this combo. I'm the 1st Australian owner. Imported with under 96,400kms, now has 103,000kms 3yrs later. Absolutely stock apart from the 18" rims & recently got all 4 guards professionally rolled only, not flared in any way to preserve the original look. Factory cassette player & Factory CD boot stacker, Exhaust, Suspension, not lowered, Mudflaps. Original Factory Engine. Shes Stock as a Rock! Car will be sold for $20,000 including Hussla GT 18x8.5 / 18x9.5 Bronze rims/tyres. I Can negotiate lower price to inc stock rims w/ near new tyres. Original Japanese Import papers/auction paperwork. Timing belt, idler bearings, water pump, radiator all changed shortly after import 96,000kms. Also has new engine fan/fan clutch. Reconditioned power steering motor. Front wheel bearings replaced. All disks machined with new brake pads. Brand new AC condenser panel = awesome cold AC and heater. New front windscreen. Replaced both front caster arm bushes + oil change + NEW H1 Headlight Globes + rwc check done 6/3/2018 = $645.00 The majority of the servicing done at Massara Motors. Engine Fan Clutch / AC electrical done at Racepace Motorsport Transmission A1 Engine A1 Car interior is immaculate. Receipts for everything done on the car since imported 3yrs ago. This IS a collectors car NOT a drift pig. Owned by a female car enthusiast. Everything fixed when its been required. Registered til August 2018. A RWC will be supplied once a 10% deposit has been received. ZERO Rust / Straight Rails. Entire front bar and front end re-sprayed by Concord Panels and recently fully professionally polished entire car All the work is done. The only thing i would mention is the factory car speakers are sounding pretty average so would reccomend an upgrade/replace. The only thing missing from factory is the MSpec front lip section. Being 40th Anniversary these came out stock with R34 Rims & R34 CAS. Nylon Compressor Wheel. Badged seating & rear pillar badges, smart ignition coils , pistol grip gear changer & upgraded headlights. Red stitched steering wheel. For the RB25DET engine the ignition system was also changed, with the ignition module no longer located on the cam covers and was instead replaced by smart ignition coils (Ignitor built into coil) and ECU. The RB25DET's turbo was also given a nylon compressor wheel to improve response. The headlights which tapered down more towards the grill and were fitted with improved reflectors, the grill (which was longer on the Spec 1), the bonnet which had a re-shaped leading edge to fit the new lights and front bumper changing shape in the smallest amount to match the lower edge of the new headlights. Later models of the Spec 2 also had the option of having an Active-LSD fitted. Not all 40th Anniversary cars came out with MR Bodykits (GTR Wing & MR front bar) this car was MSpec only from factory. Whomever buys her gets a driveaway car with not a cent to pay replacing worn out items unlike 90% up for sale elsewhere. No TimeWasters Please don't waste time asking whats my best/lowest price. The GTR floormats are NOT included in the sale, the car will come with GTST floormats. Ive also got a bunch of S2.5 spare parts which I'll be placing up for sale shortly Advertised Elsewhere
  10. Car was started today and Jez started on the tune, made 432kw @ 20psi [emoji16] Now to turn it up!
  11. Hi everyone, Hope everyone is fine. Getting my head around knowing how to use this lol. Well anyways happy to be apart of the clan! Any my questions hit me up
  12. Hey fellas, Just recently joined on this, and I need a bit of input. At this very point I am getting a rb26 built to slap in my 2005 v35. Has anyone on here undergone this ? Please educate me if so. On what I may face during this swap over, and what I can do to eliminate any hiccups. thank you in advance
  13. This particular SR20det engine is something built by forcedmotor works 4 years ago. It run one of our ATR45SAT turbo compete and won WTAC Open class in 2016 and is still a current world record holder of the fastest SR on Wakefield. Its on a single T3 scroll manifold running external gate, and that pumped 400rwkws on E85 fuel, 28psi by 4250RPM. Far as I know its just a standard rebuild, no VCT with forged pistons with 264 / 256 Tomei Pro cams. For around 350rwkws mark I will be recommending this turbocharger.
  14. I just had my manifold, housing and dump ceramic coated black, havent driven it yet but after letting the motor come up to temp and giving a few good revs it still puts off a stupid amount of heat. Definitely putting the bag on the turbo and wrapping the dump to start with. Your colour scheme sounds good, cant wait to see it in and running 😀
  15. Asking questions is fine mate - but as a rule of thumb (and life) try applying some logic, and doing the first and most rudimentary steps first. Your question contained no substance, and basically zero effort was put in by you. Did you even look at your headlight? Did you try and take the bulb out? If you couldn't do that, why are you asking in the first place? Not trying to be a dick mate, people are willing to help if you at least try to help yourself.
  16. Hey guys! After either an R32 GTR in gun metal grey or white ONLY, budget of 50k. Located SE melb. Happy to travel interstate. Or if you have a 34 roller, please pm me. 0424 490 18seven. Thanks! Seb
  17. Have swapped a set of R35 coils on my BNR34. Seems like the dwell time is incorrect. Anyone knows the dwell time table for R35 coil packs? Running a Link G4+ cheers.
  18. Thanks guys! I’m sorry I’m not used to the way you’re supposed to describe things. I have no experience with cars at all and the best place to ask questions would be here. thank you for understanding
  19. I have a 2000 er34 sedan. And mine has it. Mine is jap spec so idk of it’s available In aus.
  20. It actually makes 317rwkw on 21psi by 3550rpm on his test r34 Thats on 98octane fuel
  21. Ask tao im sure he can arrange that Most results ar from rbs but usually all in by 4000rpm and there only running t3 single scroll Twinscroll will help alot hence why evos get away with 300kw turbos but are still responsive
  22. Hit up aftermarket industries in Sydney they have the real deal
  23. Cheers. Sure, here's a few more after a wash. What's everyone think of the Impul wheels? Being new to Nissan's I've never heard of them, but a quick google seems to say they're good. Other than the yellow centre caps which I'll get rid of soon, I'm happy enough with the look of them. They're not TE37's though. I haven't had a good look around the forums yet, but if anyone can point me to a post or two to get me started would be great to not look like a full newb
  24. So how much are you after with it having 25,000 on it?
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