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  2. iruvyouskyrine

    Just use R33 clutch master
  3. Dose Pipe Sutututu

    Rubbish, who told you that?
  4. KiwiRS4T

    Have a search and you will find out how to generate codes by shorting out a couple of terminals on the socket under the dash.
  5. drifter17a

    i fitted a nissan micra 1.3 1998 after cutting wires, seems to work and show reading . i have a mis fire even before changing the o2 so not sure if it is the o2 sensor my understanding is they have a range so it shouldn't really matter
  6. drifter17a

    All, My r34 had an engine light on and it seemed the o2 sensor was dead as there was no input on my apexi turbo timer on A/F. in the uk the cost of O2 sensor was around £150 so after long search of forums, I ended up buying one for nissan micra 1.3 1998 and fitted after changing the wiring on the O2 sensor so it could connected to the ecu connector. here is another example of it in the uk confirming the o2 sensor works on Micra as well as Skyline The car was ok but still felt as it was running rich so I changed the turbo boost pressure sensor and still seems to be mis firing . The Boost pressure sensor item number was PS660-1 Hitachi boost sensor which match nissan navara 2.5 td 2002-2005. It costs £80 from a distributer in the UK if bought for skyline so i bought it for nissan navara 2.5 td 2002 and it was half the price and exact same part number. question is, if the part number is the same, should it produce a same output regardless of car it was on ? Could I have messed up by installed an O2 sensor from another car? I suppose the reading will be the same so it shouldn't matter.
  7. hi all, Skyline has been off road for a long time and now driving it . oil was changed around 14 month ago and since done only 300 miles, should I change it ? I normally change every year or 600 miles spark plug has done 1.5k and it is been on the car for 2 years
  8. drifter17a

    sorry to re open this old thread but my question is related. I have been calling supplier and have been told nistune is limited to 480bhp by one, is that true? my car is r34 gtt
  9. hoodedreeper

    We headed over to Blickling Hall here in Norfolk, they had an arrangement of lights for the festive period which was a great photo opportunity The LED lights had produced an intermittent fault. The first set, the outer tail light ring was missing half of the LEDs and the second set of lights had an issue with the brake light occasionally not working. Driftworks accepted a return and arranged the refund very quickly, I can't fault them for that. The OEM lights were refitted, i think i prefer them lol Although the interior was clean looking and stock, I felt it needed a lil bit more. I had a Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel stored away from the MX5, Driftworks supplied a HKB boss kit and the Nardi was promptly fitted. Upon fitting the boss kit and testing it, i noticed something on the floor mat. I had only gone and snapped the locating pin on the clock spring....f**k! I removed the hicas fuse to temporally disable it until i could sort it. I had a couple of options, replace the clock spring and potentially have it happen again or delete the hicas.....which brings me to my next update Driftworks Hicas Delete H&S Performance took care of fitting the kit and aligning the car, as always they've done a fantastic job! Last photo of this update is one i took this evening as the sun was setting, no real reason just a random photo. Its also the first using my new photography watermark teaming up with Modificata Culture
  10. xRacerx972

    Other than that, for now it seems mostly down hill
  11. xRacerx972

    So I ended up filing a notch in the auto trans bushing and was able to pull it out that way. After some beating the steel rwd pan, i was still having some fitment issues - so I ended up cutting the awd pan and having it welded shut. It was a little bit of a pain, but you end up with a much nicer part than going the RWD sump route. Just some extra info in case anyone else is thinking of doing a similar setup: The AWD sump is a very tight fit with the RWD crossmember and with power steering lines. The "Freddy" intake manifolds are also a very tight fit against the clutch master cylinder and required the forward stud from a series 2 rb head. The forward NEO stud was too short. The HKS manifolds don't allow much larger of a turbo than what I'm using (borgwarner s257 t3). I'm very close to the crossmember with the compressor housing and both power steering lines from the reservoir will need to be moved. I also had to cut the passenger side engine mount to allow clearance for the compressor housing.
  12. 2001 nm35 nissan stagea vq25det neo 2.5l v6 turbo 206kw Mods cusco adjustable coil overs stainless turbo back exhaust hks dump pipe Aftermarket wheels 17s tinted rear windows Pioneer head unit with usb and aux inputs, high quality speakers not sure of the specs, has splits in the front. sounds great. Has 260k on the dash but has a low k's engine put in by previous owner Mechanically in great condition well looked after oil change every 5000ks with full synthetic. when checked over by a stagea specialist mechanic he said it was in great condition. has a few minor imperfections in the paint nothing major good condition for its age. no road worthy but wouldn't need much if anything has good tyres and new windscreen. great car I'm only selling because i have bought another car. Rego untill feb priced to sell $5500 0433 five 60 88 theee
  13. JapSpecPlease

    Hello to SAU community Long time listener first time caller. First up big thank you to everyone who contributes to the site. It has helped me out many times over the years, so much good information on here that you can't seem to find anywhere else.
  14. Rusty Nuts

    For a lousy 200cc, go for a RB30 and put some big girl knickers on.
  15. Does Anyone in the Albury/Wodonga area and surrounds have a scan tool to check if any codes have been thrown on my 96 R33 GTST S2?
  16. KiwiRS4T

    Good unit but still fit it after the heat exchanger in the radiator to help trans warm up more quickly from cold. The average trip is only about 10km
  17. Rusty Nuts

    Thats what i have done, you dont need the heater in OZ.
  18. Sack87

    Bypass it all together and buy one of these. I'm setting mine up with one and I know of another guy who has run one of these in the Perth heat.
  19. Sack87

    I got the engine to a stage where I could bolt the gearbox back on and drop it on the subframe. I can easily roll it all out for the remaining work to do on it for ease of access. Had more delays in timing chains not being in stock locally and having to get them from Japan again and they won't be here until next weekend. Have some small bits coming from over East too which were supposed to be here by Friday but not coming until next Thursday, otherwise I would have bolted the whole lot back in the car.
  20. t_revz

    It’d come out quick
  21. f**k me I should have sprayed my bay
  22. MegaMorsels

    R33 is looking good!
  23. MegaMorsels

    I really wish I had been here about 4 or 5 years ago. Then I could afford the R34 I actually wanted. Now? Not a chance. $60K+ for a 20 year old car is a huge pill to swallow. I suppose we have Fast and the Furious to thank for that haha. Thanks for the compliments. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find one with as few mods as possible. After going to the Tokyo Auto Salon a couple of weekends ago, now I'm burning to do some upgrades haha!
  24. When I disconnected the window from the regulator, it seems to slide without resistance all the way up and down the track. My best guess is that the gears in the motor assembly have failed. I'll update when I get the new motor in and installed.
  25. TiTAN

    But think of the pain involved in shitting it out.
  26. VirviVR

    Case: Zalman Motherboard: Gigabyte X38-DQ6 CPU & CPU Cooler: Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz water cooled RAM: 8gig Corsair DDR3 Monitor: samasung 24' Graphics Card: GTX 960 4gb strix HDD(s): SSD God Ram 120gb + HHD Seagate 1TB OS Used: Win10
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