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  2. Hey bro. Where did you purchase your new relays from?
  3. Hello from the USA. I recently picked up a 1990 GTST with an RB26 swap. Turns out there isn't much of a skyline community in the states so everywhere seems to lead here or to British sites in my searches. Figure I may as well introduce myself. I'm not new to boosted cars having a long history with Stations, Eclipses and Subarus but this is my first Nissan. About the car 1990 Black Gtst Rb26 swapped seemingly stock aside from HKS pod filters Nismo dash cluster reading 23000km FRP gtr bumper (ewww) Carbon fiber hood Recaro seats in pretty good shape. ECU either was or is chipped but not with a nistune board. It has a socket on it though. Coilovers (forget the brand but gold and i'm in bed. Name brand not knock off) Car runs great, revs out fine, spins tires once spooled through 2nd, driver seat could stand some upholstery. Intent Get Wideband and Nistune to be able to see what is going on. Drive it for 6mo or so to make sure everything is in good working order. After that we will see. I have a minor chubby for holset turbos and would likely look to move that route to clean up the insane amount of plumbing/wires. I made 519hp in the eclipse with an HX35 and meth injection. That seems like a reasonable end game goal again with 1/3 more displacement.
  4. Hahaha yea I've got coil overs installed. Dont want to complain to the council In case they charge me for scraping paint of they're speedbumps lol.
  5. That's a tricky one, though. For the compressor to push air it needs force at the turbine to accelerate the turbine&compressor and move the air (which has a mass) - let alone to compress it. That force comes from drive pressure, which is essentially the raw EMAP value you are reading. If you do headwork to require the amount of boost pressure required to move x-amount of air it will reduce the amount of work the turbine needs to do to a degree, meaning a bit less drive pressure required - but the trick there is you have reduced numbers from both sides of the ratio.... so your EMAP reduces, but so does your IMAP and you COULD even find yourself making less power as a result of the reduced boost you have to run to keep the ratio at or below 1:1. It's a bit hard to say which will reduce more, but if I were a betting man I'd be backing the cost vs reward benefit as not being anywhere near as rewarding as just using the turbine speed as the primary warning for overwork, and maybe relaxing your EMAP/IMAP ratio cut off back to even about 130% (which is still quite conservative imho) you will get much better gains than the headwork for no cost or compromise. Just my opinion, but it's become a conversation so I'm throwing it in there. If you were happy with the current power level then thats all good, but if you are looking at spending a bunch more money to try and get more performance when the data suggests the performance is available comfortably with the current package - I'm not sure why you'd not use the obvious approach. As @GTSBoy said - 1:1 is crazy conservative for most cases, and is more of what you'd see in they higher levels of drag racing where you have something you are looking to make MAX power so reducing forces and restriction is the priority, response is absolutely not.
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  7. Nah. 10 - 12mm to the top of the pile. As I said, they do have higher grade carpet if you want....but in general, thick plush pile carpets, while being more expensive and "luxury" aren't actually hardwearing.
  8. I would suggest that limiting boost so as not to exceed 1:1 E/I MAP ratio is being far far far too conservative. it is not that long ago that a street turbo car would have 2 or 3 :1 ratio. I would lean on it some more. Even a1.5:1 is absolutely free breathing in real terms.
  9. I guess it depends on where u class map:emap your stopping point. Ie in my instance that's where we stopped and class it as a restriction. Obviously a few things could help the power figure. Better head/cam setup and trial of the 1.45 rear along with not having leaking tbs also.
  10. I'm busy this weekend Trying to get dyno time to dial up a customer's car, then tile shopping again LOL Oh yeah, let's see how I go, I am craving a track day as well
  11. 2003 V35 Skyline 350GT CVT-8 95000KM Interior is in excellent condition for its age All fluids replaced in the last month. The CVT gearbox fluid alone was $1500 and won’t need replacing for another 100000kms. Brand new rear tyres, fronts are near new. Shocks replaced 6 months ago 12 months rego Some minor scratches and nicks on the outside. $9800 ono Located in Seven Hills, NSW Josh - 0405068912
  12. then you should come to Wakefield with me (and Johnny, if I can twist his arm hard enough lol) on December 14th. https://www.facebook.com/events/2380217828932209/ The only downside of a dedicated track car, I cant do these street runs with you guys Would of loved to take my 32 up Macquarie pass with you guys a few weeks back, its like in my back yard lol. Got a good video somewhere of a 5 minute run (no traffic at all) up the pass in my old XT forester.
  13. Welcome Eddy. Tried Just Jap?
  14. Getting that twitch in my eye again . . . . even after being on the Putty Rd on Saturday . . . . . in the rain . . . . had to dial up the concentration level up to 11 !
  15. Or you could complain to your local council about the height of the speed humps ! ? ! !
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  17. The OG Skyline mat in my car has the heel bit half disintegrated so was thinking of replacing them. What would be your estimate for thickness (just curious)? 2cm?
  18. Welcome. Throw some good suspension on it?
  19. And, if you search, you find 20+ years of pre-existing learnings.
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