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  2. It'll go in. You will need to modify your tailshaft - which should be enough reason to not do it. The 20DET box is the same box as the 25DE, so they do fit natively in the R33. So you can use the front half of an NA car's tailshaft to mod yours. You will probably need to choose the appropriate gearbox crossmember from the available options (A, B or C) and you will need to consider whether you could make the speedo work (hint, unlikely). And....if you have boosted the RB25 at all, expect the box to last about a year before the input shaft bearing starts to carry on.
  3. Hi all I have a r33 coupe rb25det, it has a big turbo box in it but it crunches and whines now. I have a spare rb20det gearbox and would like to put it in. And yes I KNOW it not the best option and all that but I just want to put it in to tie me over while I get my good one rebuilt what is required for the swap? Is it straight swap? Seen a lot of r33s with small boxes in them but can’t find any solid info on how to do it. cheers guys !
  4. And? Should still shoot flames.
  5. Do you mean NATS? I think it is fairly heavily integrated, not sure if upRev will do it, or you need to go with a full aftermarket ECU. NDS certainly cannot.
  6. It’s also different ECU and canbus for everything else as I understand it, you’ll need the dash too etc.
  7. Today
  8. It hasn’t got any intercooler or intake piping at the moment
  9. cost wise, but did I put RS4 in there? I am still cool lol
  10. Ok if you have all that its a good start. ..so long as it comes with the manifolds, turbo etc. Then you will need an intercooler and a bigger exhaust. At the end it will make the same Kw as the 350DE
  11. E Manage is a very second rate solution. I wasted many dollars on parts and tuners trying piggy back options. You should resign yourself to the fact that you will end up wanting a manual box and a Link computer. If you realise that's where you are going to end up the sensible thing would be to do the manual conversion first. The better solution would be to find a manual S2 instead but that's probably not going to happen as they are pretty rare.
  12. You put RE003 in the same category as RS3? I thought you used to be cool man...
  13. WOW! Its been a few weeks and I’m still searching. It’s proven difficult to find a car that hasn’t had modifications. I’m okay with an exhaust and some cosmetics. If anyone is selling one, please let me know. The lower the kilometres the better.
  14. I have no idea what works with the stupid Stagea auto situation.
  15. You could probably steal one but that would be wrong. So buying it is the better option
  16. OK. So I have to buy a consult port from somewhere and wire it up as you suggested - is that right? Thanks
  17. Any ECU you can recommend ? I have 1000cc injectors ready to be installed already. Unsure of the brand as I bought it off a mutual friend who ended up selling his skyline. Time will tell I guess with how these injectors perform.
  18. Need a real alignment, my calibrated eye is well out of whack
  19. 200rwkW is possible (just) without a turbo upgrade. The turbos you have mentioned are good for >250 and will be wasted at ~200. There are better, more modern, less noisy pumps these days. Mostly Walbros still. Worth considering other options. If you're buying 1000cc injectors, make sure that they are really good ones. You won't be needing that much capacity for your power targets, but you will need good ECU control over low pulsewidths. There are bad choices of injectors out there with poor matching, poor low pulsewidth spray patterns, etc.
  20. What power are you expecting from this setup as I've been looking at turbos...
  21. I'm using this catalog https://www.amayama.com/en/genuine-catalogs/epc/nissan-japan/skyline/BNR34?ref=ae
  22. Hey y’all last week at work!! Woot woot!!
  23. S1 Stagea AWD Auto RB25DET Current mod wishlist right now: Kinugawa TD06SL2-25G/HyperGear ATR45SAT Internally Gated GFB Respons Bov JustJap Intercooler Kit Walbro 255/Bosch 040 Splitfire Coils 1000cc Z32 AFM 3inch zorst Are there any news with ECU tuning? From forum research, it's probably best to go with Greddy eManage. Are PowerFC possible now with autos? Also, how much output am I to expect from this setup? My goal right now is 200 awkw. Possibly 250awkw but I've heard the auto trans might need some work after 200awkw.
  24. Yeah i'm down to import one from the UK or AU. I google'd all the UK sites and one company HJA said they'd send one back to me but they don't have any full normal series 1 right now. I googled Australian importers but couldn't find a series 1 but I'm not that familiar with other countries sites and who sells trusted cars. If you know any, I'm open ears. They just need to be willing to send one back to Japan and then we'd have to work out how to get a "Y" license plate on it, not a kanji plate. Thanks!
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