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  3. Nah, I doubt it. I already see the meme of the disappointed kid looking at paper (car meme is dyno sheet). “Spends $4k to improve response by 1,000rpm+, only gets 400rpm difference.”
  4. Please read through this and then put an update of your post below
  5. 100% Agree, so I am trying by sticking to the $109/year options. No bronze options. I think. This isn't gonna change. At least not while I keep the car. The best plate size for the rear of an R34 is the "international size" but not sure any will go the black/bronze/gold theme of the car. Also "international size" means a huge front plate
  6. The current Gen 2q's seem to have more grunt to them and would seem to easily surpass the previous setups that have been tried (to varying levels of success. I know that AdamLZ on the youtube's has a set to go onto the R34 which is in the build so will be good to see the outcome there.
  7. I'm waiting on a response from them regarding making 31 spline stub axles to suit the factory cv. If they do this, it takes away a fair bit of future uncertainty. It means 31 spline diff centre options will never be a problem, half shafts are readily available for breakages, driveshaft cv axle choices mean you can use a standard cv type shafts with stock shafts or billet ones, and because your already running a 31 spline diff the choice is there to go the super dooper 108mm cv down the track. At the moment if you break a stub axle its way worse than breaking a driveshaft axle because of what potentially you have to upgrade. Again, FK you Nissan constantly discontinuing important things that aren't available from the Nismo heritage program.
  8. Fair enough. Looks like its an email to the driveshaft shop.
  9. Depends on your existing diff centre and shafts, as the centres fit in the housings and is direct fit IF you have late R32 or R33 non vspec half shafts which are 31 spline. Driveshaft shop only makes 31 spline stub axle half shafts, because I guess they assume any serious GTR will be running a 31 spline rear centre, which is what all the good centres are. 31 spline stock half shafts are as mentioned almost impossible to get now, and the Driveshaft shop 31 spline half shaft stub axles only suit their 108mm cv driveshaft axles, not stock GTR driveshaft cv axles. Long story short is 30 spline only suits Nismo GT and Cusco diff centres, but if you break a 30 spline half shaft they are now no longer available to replace, and there is no aftermarket replacement option. If you want a Quaife, ATS or Giken rear they only take 31 spline half shafts, which are also now discontinued and the only 31 spline half shaft option off the shelf doesn't support stock driveshaft cv axles. It really is getting to a point if driveshaft axle or stub axle breakage is at all a possibility the Driveshaft shop is the only supported option to know you can replace something if it does break, which it probably won't as that's the reason their gear was used in the first place.
  10. Holy moly, that will be one insanely responsive beast! RIP your driveline! 🤣🤣
  11. I did not know that. So when you look up axles and diffs and the spill says "direct fit to R32 gtr". It really isn't? Sorry, I really don't know. That why I ask.
  12. Will definitely be interested in watching this.. Don't like to add more complexity if I can avoid it, but seems like a simpler option to VCAM.
  13. According to your build thread you got a 90 GTR right ? Your existing rear stub axle half shafts into your diff will be 30 spline. Nismo GT and Cusco have 30 spline centres, but OS giken and Quaife rears are only designed for 31 spline. Don't know of any 30 spline stub upgrades and they too are discontinued. See where this is going ?
  14. Thank you. I have heard that previously. Thats why I was hoping to stay local. Might go for a torque split controller. I keep watching the motive video about JUNII setup and how simple it is. Yes its lighter but produces nearly double the power of my goal. The only thing that's not mentioned is how often the components get replaced. Fairly settled on Quaife ATB centres and might go driveshaft shop for actual drive shaft. Still not sold on Axles though.
  15. I spoke with a top person over at Turbosource today and they expect to have these ready to ship in 3 months. HPacademy is on board to do a review/overview video soon. A/R will increase to 1.20 so it will get you the down low and better up top over the 1.05. Claim is a minimum of 600rpm better response everywhere.. Building a V-cam 2.6 so I hope combined with this unit I will have a good responsive Rb26
  16. You are way off. The car launches at 50/50 and progressively reduces the front wheel torque up the track. It's the launch that breaks the shafts, especially with sticky tires like ET streets or slicks. The reason I mentioned the driveshaft shop gear is they are the only ones selling uprated stub axles, and this is also what the big big power GTRs are breaking. Downside is they only suit their driveshafts and CVs. It's a big step up from the billet hi octane shaft only replacement as their CVs are much bigger, hence why I said it's about as serious as it gets. Don't know if you know or not, but trying to obtain 31 spline stub axles is almost getting to the impossible stage, where if you break one, the driveshaft shop may become the only option soon.
  17. High octane sell billet axles. Rated at 1000hp. Car will never launch with all 1500hp and by the time it reaches max power, load will be distributed 50/50 front to rear. Or am I way off? So 1 way is drivable on the street? Cool. Driveshaft shop has some great gear. Just worried about transport right now and would love to keep my money in Australia.
  18. But then when u decided to change wheels you also need to change the plates
  19. No need for Samsonas, Brett has poor man's Samsonas so I reckon he's right for gearbox selection.
  20. As to diffs.... For proper drag, you want a good mechanical diff in the rear. Only needs to be 1-way for drag, which will also make it more livable on the street. 1.5-way if you want a bit more clunk and bang. The nicest diff in the front is a Torsen/helical. The Quaife is the obvious (and probably only) choice.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Driveshaft shop in the USA. Rear 31 spline stub axles and 108mm CV driveshafts modelled on the Porsche design from them is about as serious as it gets. It's at least a $4k exercise though.
  23. I’ve been following it for a while. I think it will be brilliant. Will definitely consider giving it a go. It potentially makes a too big for your application turbo now get up on boost a heap quicker and then still maintain most or all of your top end,what’s not to love!!??
  24. I got this car in pretty rough shape but it had a running 25 neo, haltech and a specialties engine harness. It didnt run well, awful ecu calibration, blown tomei turbo, a fuel pump flying around the fuel tank and a parasitic drain on the battery. Ive had it for about a 1.5 years now at the time of starting this thread and Ive been thru every part of this car. Ive converted to electric fans, created a few relay circuits to eliminated the battery drain, relocated the battery and this list goes on and on. Its a fun side project so things aren't in a rush and I don't daily drive the car. It sees a few track days but I mostly run my Camaro ss for those. All work is done by me in my garage, even the ECU calibration. The over all paint job was sent to a body shop though. So current mod list is Engine-Rb25 neo stock with smoothed exhaust port humps Tomei MX8265 rebuilt, 3inch side exit, Greddy FMIC, Haltech platinum,Tomei timing belt, Denso 550cc, zerofab fuel rail, DW400 pump, unknown IM and 90mm TB, grimmspeed boost controller, Ebay radiator,hks cap, mishimoto fans, Spec stage 2+ clutch, 12lb flywheel Chassis- S15 Helical LSD, delrin subframe bushings, spherical rear tie rods and rucas, KBee coilovers altered spring rates, 300zx calipers, powerstop trackday pads, steel lines, Impul R5 wheels, 255/40r17 R888r, corner balanced, half stripped interior r32 gtr seats, personal steering wheel, gktech shifter springs and brass collar, poly steering rack bushings, spherical tension rods, s13 rear sway bar Seized and rusted ISR coilovers that came with the car had to be cut off the front stud Clutch fan failure is the reason I went electric New Shoes Then on to body work, dent repair and deleting the type M wing and making holes for the GTR wing Subframe refresh The used Kbee coilovers needed new bushings but I cant get in touch with them so I fitted some VW bus sway bar bushings into them haha nasty sound deading removal with dry ice Align and balance, thats the before weights Stock turbo dyno 248whp at 14psi
  25. It is 4.111 (or 4.083 if it originally came for an auto) which has.. 0.5kmh difference between the two in any one gear.
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