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  2. Sometimes they have one available you can buy through them send an enquiry.
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  4. I’ve got a 3D Racing Solutions dash coming on Monday hopefully. I’ll post results to see if they are any better.
  5. If it was my car I would just go straight to a spline drive kit (supertec proven product or possibly the new PRP item). Nitro pumps proven to work but I just think you can't beat the reliability of a properly setup spline system.
  6. 965Mn of torque. No traction in 4th gear. In the process of getting MT ET at moment.
  7. I dont know if anyone does it anymore.i gave it up because 90% of them were that old they wouldnt download or chew my disk.
  8. I hope so. I haven't trial fitted it yet. I still haven't setup the ECU to receive the fuel level signal yet as my in tank fuel level float thing has fallen off again on my last track day. Can't wait to dig around in the fuel tank again and put it back in it's slot.
  9. You’d have thought they would have at least trial fitted it before they sent it out, does your dash cluster even fit inside the recess?
  10. Well here we go again. I sent the wrong dash back, new dash arrived today.... With the wrong LED light. They sent a blinker indicator instead of a battery light. And unless I'm completely retarded, I can't see how it would be secured as the nut is a long way from reaching any threads.
  11. I would get Haltech support on it, show them the logs and make a point voltage is good too.
  12. Not that I'm aware of, this is the battery voltage. Had a look at the timing, it's all over the place too =/
  13. First thing that comes to mind, do you have any strange voltage problems?
  14. Don't mean to bring this thread back from the dead but I have also been thinking of a new shorter throw shifter for the GTR. I know there's pros and cons I've read on here about this, but seems like the Nismo 25% one is good and about $300 (USD) here in Japan but the Cube speed ones look nice too and are less expensive. People really prefer OEM over one of these models? Example of the Nismo 25% reduced shifter: https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g424885412
  15. Hi All, Has anyone seen a wideband sensor fail like this? The short version is, the reading is all over the place. I tried to get a log to show it the best I could. I'm doing my best to hold the throttle and RPM as steady as I can. The wideband sensor is a Haltech WB1 CAN controller and the ECU is a Pro plug in. The other fun one is, as soon as I put e85 in the car, my fuel pressure sensor started reading lower. My base pressure is 47psi, but the ECU is seeing 34psi. It still rises as you'd expect with boost, but it reads 13psi lower then expected. I've tested it with a mechanical gauge and it's a perfect 47psi. If it is a faulty wideband sensor, I thought having a CAN based controller was meant to communicate with the ECU and give me a fault code if something went wrong.
  16. ah nice, yeah I’ve been meaning to find a good performance shop to do exhaust etc, will give them a go when the time comes, your exhaust sounds pretty mint mate. Hopefully they also have a spare set of Brembo calipers lying around too because my brakes are terrible haha Do you mind dropping a website or something for your jerky company? Blokes at my work order heaps of it and i’m sure they’d rather get something local
  17. App no longer exists mate, use the site instead its fully responsive.
  18. Sorry guys, app was not working so deleted it. Was gonna download again but can’t find it. I got a iPhone link if possible please sorry.
  19. It's in rwd in the video and it's tuned so the boost rolls on progressively as opposed to the cliff face type tunes lol Only on low boost (650hp) in the vid but still fun and plenty of power
  20. Viscous clutch on and brake lines fixed. Thoughts on the new intake pipe direction?
  21. G’day all , while on this topic does anybody know what colour & which wire is the tachometer outlet on the apexi fc30 commander. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  22. I've seen 700rwhp through the stock lines with no signs of being out of flow.
  23. Hey, 10 years ago there were GTR 34's for $40k. There were GTR 32's for $18k any other weekend. There's a market for the 300zx.
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