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  2. BlueThirtyFour

    very tidy mate.
  3. GTSBoy

    Given the (lack of) reliability of aftermarket/consumer RFID bullshit, I'd be highly unlikely to consider it on a car. Have the thing simply stop on you while you drive (assuming it is in the ignition as well as the starter circuit)? No thanks. A conventional immobiliser with radio remote would/should be sufficient. Basically all your asking for is a conventional immobiliser with the trigger simply being RFID anyway. You'd definitely be better off buying a real immobilise and stitching your RFID receiver onto it (in place of the usual radio remote) than trying to build the immobiliser yourself anyway.
  4. got an Apexi PowerFC and hand controller for a r33 GTR, bought it thinking it was for rb25. $350 + postage
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  6. Hcr32typem

    Well give it another start and let it get warmed up and check again, it's probably a different problem but the fuel COULD have evaporated out of the line
  7. Hcr32typem

    Hey guys, So where I live in the US we've recently had a big uptick in car thefts as my state just made it so juveniles are no longer being punished as adults for grand theft auto. Because of this and other security reasons I was thinking of using some sort of RFID system to immobilize the starter through the ignition system so the car can't be started without the RGID fob or perhaps more classy, a ring. I've had some big issues in the past with aftermarket alarm systems and I'd prefer not to use anything like that here. Does anyone have any experience with this or this type of system that might be able to get me started?
  8. SeanR32GtSt

    Bout 20 hours ago
  9. Hcr32typem

    When we the last time the engine ran?
  10. SeanR32GtSt

    It’s bone dry inside and I don’t smell fuel in it F1285DF9-4F09-44C4-A2F9-B8385C0C84F0.MOV
  11. Hcr32typem

    Eitherway, you should either have a small puddle or you'll smell fuel residue Mine youd have to crank the engine and put the peddle to the floor to "catch" the engine or it would die and you have to crank it for an extended period (15 seconds or so)
  12. After more research, i've figured out that this is the part I will need. Can anyone recommend any places to do the install in Sydney? I am no where near capable enough to install this myself and want someone who has experience in installing these. I have the Bose system, Is there anything else I'll need other than what I list below?: OEM Double din kit Car Media player PAC ROEM-NIS2 Cheers.
  13. SeanR32GtSt

    Check hose after engine is hot or cold?
  14. Hcr32typem

    Actually I had a similar problem. Itd cold start fine but then hot start like crap. Is your car running very rich? Do you smell excess fuel when it does start? My issue ended up being the fuel pressure damper at the front of the rail (read: against the firewall. RB rails feed from the firewall and exit through the front and the fuel pressure regulator). The diaphragm had failed and fuel was being forced through the vacuum lines and into the intake before the throttlebody. Pull this line off and see if there's an fuel in it.
  15. Having it only make the noise maybe once a week is going to be hard for the mechanic to diagnose. Maybe you can get a recording of it when it happens.
  16. SeanR32GtSt

    Ever had an issue with the car not wanting to HOT start? After some driving turn car off, go into store come back and start it and have to hold the throttle down for few seconds to keep it running.
  17. Hcr32typem

    I'm Dan and I have a 92 GTSt Type M from Connecticut. Mechanic by trade and spent a lot of years in the performance world. Still learning about these cars but I'm always happy to jump on and help if someone needs the assistance! My car for reference! In the process of doing a "Type MR" conversion which was an extremely limited run of GTSt made by the Kanagawa Dealer for the 35th Anniversary of the Skyline. It was essentially a standard GTSt with a GTR grille, hood and rear wing with a special badge on the trunk but otherwise unmodified. Apparently it was limited to 200 cars.
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  19. Stinky Rooster

    I wanted to be a boilermaker but dad said I had to do a trade boom tish
  20. niZmO_Man

    Yep play turbo pretty much every day.
  21. niZmO_Man

    D2R, made for reflectors. It's OEM on some Japanese cars, cheaper than projector setup but not as good. OH that left/inner high beam isn't a projector. The ring bit looks OEM (it's just a trim/cosmetic bit, probably casted on).
  22. Gazzaa

    both options will fit, the square set will look better and more chance of clearing the front brakes depending on the disk type.
  23. R32GOJIRA

    Yes its still available.
  24. SeanR32GtSt

    Did this ever get sorted? I’m having similar issues with my r32 gtst
  25. r32gtstJ

    Hey, It wasn’t on the cheap side, good ones are getting less in numbers due to so many being shipped out to the US, I’d say around 4 million yen, was the price I paid. I suggest if anyone is looking to import a R32 GTR from Japan, you have to dig pretty deep, the ones on the surface are pretty crazy in pricing for a clean one, and the shitters still go for around 2- 2.8 million yen.
  26. Yeh its more about making it at least look legal and functional but if i have to ill just pop a breather on it if that works best for the engine. As i dont exactly want to pay for another forged engine build just to keep the coppers happy
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