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  2. That is how I understand as well, the "short" shifter has the same leverage point as stock but comes with stiffer rubber, which I hope will help with shifting feel. The "quick" shifter as you mentioned actually has different fulcrum. I don't know how well this quick shifter is designed, but quick shifters I have experienced in other cars in the past would require more effort to move the stick than I prefer, some to the point of distracting (Mustang GT).
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  4. I would suspect those guys who setup and run 7s and 8s have been playing and tweaking with converters for years. I would be cautious of thinking a newbie could replicate.
  5. So some tuning happened today and successful testing of the billet alloy brace from PRP, we had solid/consistent oil pressure the whole time. Proper test will be on the track then pull down after a 6 months to see how the bearings look etc Here's a short pull, found that one of the pumps could be on its' way out and will be looked at tomorrow then replaced etc. video-1558513230.mp4
  6. 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 25GT Very good condition, 135,614 km on the clock. Regularly serviced and garaged throughout ownership. Ignition coil packs replaced at 134,000km. RB25DE Neo variant. 4 speed automatic, imported from Japan. Import plate still on the car, and can be provided upon request.Selling because I want something with four doors. The car is completely stock except for a cat back exhaust. Pioneer infotainment system with Bluetooth audio/calls and GPS navigation included, reverse camera also installed.. Factory Xenon headlights installed. Price somewhat negotiable. **Absolutely no swaps**. Get in touch if you’re interested (0437 418 420 or jordan.peters102@gmail.com). Price: $9500 somewhat negotiable. No swaps.
  7. Not easy to mod so pod filter and exhaust probably it. Would have thought transmission shop had a scanner. Ring the auto electricians first and see if they have the Nissan Scan tool - otherwise you might need to go to a Nissan dealer.
  8. Hey fellas new owner here and really need some opinions on what auto electric guys and gearbox mechanics automatic should be looking for to fix this car i just bought any help appreciated. 1-test drive car and it changes gears into second really hard and erratic on change down scanned car cam up 1772 lc solenoid also maf code 2-Car is pinging on acceleration sometimes mainly second gear and at idle popping through exhaust. Seems to drive smooth though did have like a spark breakdown at high revs on test drive So drove home from brisbane the lights on dash in background flickered once the slip is displaying on dash and vdc after pressing holding button it does not turn on or off Took it to automatic place he drove car with scanner connected and it popped up speed sensor maybe in auto box or he said something with the abs speed sensor. He said he wanted auto electric guys to check it out as its coming up all these codes. I am taking the car to the auto electric guys tomorrow and asking anyone here to help me with suggestions on how the auto electric guys should start diagnosis. I used to race quarter mile and built a few race cars carby but have no idea on these skylines but love the shape and setup so hoping someone can give me help before i start blowing money on trying to fix it. I know heaps of problems but any suggestions on where to start or simaliar problems others have had cheers ! Car has 2.5 inch staunless exhaust big canons on rear and a round mushroom style pod filter other than that i cant see any other mods
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    Wow, looks like I am the only one left...
  10. Heya fellas just got a 2003 gt350 but needs major electrical diagnosis πŸ˜‚love the car though great to see so many posts on here and heaps of tech replies ! Robin
  11. 290 RWKW last time dyno'ed in 2017.
  12. About 5 years ago I got a mobile guy to come out and regas the struts in the Stagea tailgate. Still going strong, so a good option of the struts are just weak.
  13. SOLD: $600 – LOT 1 - SEMI SLICKS: Toyo Proxes R888R on R34 GTT wheels $20 – LOT 5 - NEW SERVICE PARTS: Ryco A360 air filter + Castrol PS fluid (other service parts sold) $20 – LOT 8 - BRAKE ROTORS F+R (rest of brake parts sold) STILL AVAILABLE: $10 – LOT 6 - EXHAUST PARTS: O2 sensor $20 – LOT 9 - FUEL SYSTEM PARTS $20 – LOT 13 - DRIVELINE PARTS $20 – LOT 14 - OTHER PARTS $100 – LOT 16 - MISC PARTS
  14. hi to one and all,iv been wanting a skyline since my 20's not 20 anymore more 40's haha.i just got my 33 back in December 2018 i luv it and been working on it getting it to this point now with body kit and all,that pic was taken at the sakura picnic on Sunday. the car is a 1995 R33 factory manual turbo.i think im the 3rd owner but would like to find out more about this 33 the rims were on it when i got it, i dont like them haha,i would like to get super advans tri's for it one day hicas delete from japan,factory fitted with no rear window wiper and a few other bits that iv not seen before. ..id love to find out more like what place it is from in japan who owned it and so on . plus looking for a good group to join with my car and you guys iv been told are the ones for skylines hence why im here.
  15. Alpha & omega 350mm brembo rear brake kit with evo 8 rear brembo calipers powdercoated white but will powdercoat any colour you like Brand new billet alpha & omega mounting brackets Brand new dba t3 4000 rotors Brand new winmax w3 pads Brand new brembo brake seals Brand new braided brake lines $1750 Or if you want to swap your gtr rear brembos with a $1000 my way we can do that Brand new precision 66mm wastegate $650 Rare R34 gtr non vspec crown wheel and pinion 3:545 ratio it will fit into any non vspec diff housing ,will throw in a diff housing so all you need is a aftermarket diff centre and off you go $500 R34 gtr back half of tailshaft $300 R32 gtr front half of tailshaft $200 R34 gtr power steering hardlines with brand new pressure switch $200 R34 gtr bottom grille mesh $150 R32/33 gtr drivers side front shaft suits reco $150 2x Geniune BBS LM F1 black and gold bbs logo centre caps $100 R32 gtr gearbox crossmember $50 R34 gtr/gtt boot brake light $50 Rb26 backing plate $50 Rb26 girdle $50
  16. Looking forward to it! Hopefully the weather is good. Last year at Broadford was awesome
  17. Just the usual multiplate clutch with laggy RB "roughness".. more so in comparison to an auto. Setting it up would be alittle tricky although it looks like some shops just manage to buy a combo from Als raceglides and with afew converter tweaks its running 7s/8s haha
  18. Fuel pump dead/dying or power supply to it dodgy, per trident's suggestion.
  19. I'll bring both cars, R33 will blow a gearbox then the Tiggy probably blow the haldex, DSG, motor, entire Canbus network will die and the car will light up 1500 error codes (thank fk it's under warranty)
  20. I think CRD and Maatouks can both supply a TH400 and the necessary gear to install the box. the actual set up of it is the tricky bit, I would only go auto if it was going to be setup by one of the guys who have runs on the board to make it all work.
  21. So I passed pits again and got the GTR registered in Tassy, so now I can start removing some of the standard parts. Im running a Haltech which uses a mix of speed density/alpha N(TPS) which means I do not need the Air flow meters so decided to make some new stainless pipes and delete the MAF's I do plan to do the intercooler to manifold pipe so it matches. I also made up some new radiator mounts But decided to try out another pair anodized in red. Think I like it much better and ties into the body color. Ive also picked up a pair of near new -7's to replace the stock turbos so I can turn the boost up abit! as well as some adjustable cam gears to dial in some more down low power. But I need to replace the clutch first as the current one already slips if you dump the clutch! Think I need a better radiator also as it gets abit hot when going up hills and you can hear it boiling after I shut the engine down sometimes.
  22. SAU should do another drag day at WSID. I went to one years ago with my boat (R33 GTST) and chopped everything, excellent day it was. I would do another in the 86 for the LOLS alone, chopping some other daily drivers would be a bonus. I'll buy the donuts.
  23. Hi all, Looking for an Alpine PDX-M12 Amp if anyone is selling. PM me with pics and asking price. Im not too picky, few cosmetic blemishes is fine. If interstate, i'll be asking for it to be posted, with PayPal as preferred method of payment. Cash if I can meet in person - Location North Melbourne. thanks in advance
  24. Wow, First you wanted an OS giken or PPG synchro gearset, and now you're talking Autos ? WTF ? That's a pretty dramatic difference between setups. If you go the auto route it is basically a "street registered" drag car. C'mon if it's got an auto in a BNR32/BCNR33/BNR34 to me it is hardly a GTR anymore..... At least the sequential dog boxes have a certain amount of "having your cake and eating it too", as they can be streeted, can be circuited and can be drag raced all with good results. I really hate the idea of an automatic GTR. Anyway CRD have done TH400 on GTR like JUN II with 4WD so it is possible.
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