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  2. Lmao, hey atleast I’ll have the sickest car in the homeless shelter hahaha. it def has been quite an investment. And the saying if you buy a skyline be prepaid To have enough for a second def rings true! thanks for the hospitality haha
  3. I saw a knee support (if is the same as you want) for sale on eBay going for $2k !!!
  4. Hey fellow ADM enthusiasts. What facebook book group is most popular / active? Keen to see photos of more cars.
  5. I read this as, "gone broke, had to sell my house, living in car" 😂 Welcome to SAU and in particular welcome to the never quite finished club!
  6. Today
  7. Same engine as 370z, there is so much info around. You can try talking to Abbey Motorsport. Mark is very knowledgeable and a good tuner.
  8. Looking for a 6boost manifold
  9. Following up the ATR45SS-2 test conducted last year Dec on the hottest day in Vic of the year that made 472rwkws @ 28psi running out of fuel. That test has been completed few days ago, maxed at 552rwkws @ 38psi. It seems like factory engine head is finally maxed out. Dyno run below consist of ATR45SS-2 V ATR45SS-1, the smaller one is a much nicer turbo to drive with plenty of power band. Will be conducting some more work with current high flow series next and see if current record can be broken.
  10. I was looking at that but got confused by "chassis plate" K = passenger airbag?
  11. going to put air intake & exhaust on the car & just want a flash tune to get the delimet off & get better it driving better
  12. Thanks very much i will definitely look into it, Appreciate it
  13. If its not being modified that's correct - but not because its an auto.
  14. Drive across to the UK and get a hydraulic workshop from a more liberal regime to do it for you!
  15. all im being told is it not worth doing as its a auto.
  16. No, you cannot just take the yoke from the uni joint on one and replace the same piece on the other. It will be the wrong length (even if the uni joints are compatible, which I'd assume they are not). You have to take the front half of the R33 tailshaft and the front half of the R32 tailshaft to be cut and shut together. You end up with a front half of tailshaft where the front end suits the gearbox and the back is R32. In order to do this successfully, you need a measurement of how long the resulting front piece needs to be, because it's not the same as either the R32 or R33 piece. If you go to Hardy-Spicers almost anywhere in Australia they have done so many of these that they already know what length you need. Otherwise you will need to very carefully measure the required length from the back of the gearbox to the centre CV joint, allowing for movement of the spline in the gearbox. Are you talking about the gearbox crossmember? There are 3 of these commonly found in these Nissans, with various gearboxes. Marked A, B and C. You will need one of them. I think, because you're starting with an auto, you might even get lucky and need the one you already have. But if it won't work, just go to the wreckers and buy and/or borrow the other 2, with a promise to return the one you don't end up needing.
  17. I do wish I still had my Ap endurance setup as I would happily put that back on but I sold it
  18. Yea had it on my last r33 did 6 years of track days (10-20 a year) keep the oil cap connection open and put a one way valve on your catch can drain back but I also run a external catch can scavenge pump (weldon external dry sump pump) which sucks the can dry over 6k rpm( this is just for extra f**k you oil control)
  19. Simple setup r35 front with dba rotors and winmax pads 380mm rear are 6 piston brembo on a Hemi 300c 350mm dba rotor Winmax pads and having played brakes on a lot of gtr I went with a PE engineering full pedal box with adjustability
  20. I thought he just stripped them to sell for kebabs and kept the spicey shit for himself to build ironic LeMons cars? Have you used the oil cap breather before fatz? Looked like a good stop gap measure.
  21. Going off topic here but you obviously track your gtr's unlike most owners. What brakes are going on this thing?
  22. Hi, Im in the middle of converting my r32 automatic transmission to an rb25det manual gearbox, I know that the r33 yolk is supposed to be swapped on the r32 for the tailshaft and some people are saying you might have to get the tail shaft cut down too, Basically im just wondering if i got the r33 yolk and got it put on the r32 auto tailshaft if it world fit, The gear box and tranny seem to be the same size so i dont think id have to get it cut but thought id ask for some help. Also if anyone knows if i need to get a custom mounting bracket for the rb25det manual to fit properly or the r33 one will fit. Thanks guys!
  23. Aah ivse, dident think ther was that mutch presure. The problem i have is that we the repair shops dont do thus type of work unless its oem part, and the companies i jave spokento says no, itb mostly because we have regulations on what and who are alowed to work ok cars an be on cars, but gonna look around a bit more thank for the info tho! And not just say "because i say so" 🤣
  24. ^ this. I have some 2mm plate tacked over the top of the rails on mine as jacking points to keep everything tip top.
  25. They guy in the video is an idiot and should read a manual before uploading shit like this. That collar is the main thing holding the shafts from coming out, it must be removed first, and hence why a factory part was available for removing it. He is trying to press though the counter shaft collar ! 🤣 Once that counter shaft collar is off you should be able to tap both shafts out of the bearings fairly easily, firmly but nothing like requiring a press. The fit on the bearing is nothing like the collar - that is really difficult to get off, hence why you need something fairly chunky to securely pull against. Notice how he said the main shaft pressed easily and that the counter shaft is really hard ? Geez, I wonder why ? He was only pressing the main shaft away from the bearing. Then he's trying to press the counter shaft through the collar and bearing. 🤦‍♂️ Surprised he didn't snap the standard cast centre plate in half doing that, what a Muppet
  26. Now with a reversing camera connected to the headunit. Also an alarm upgrade, lots of cool features, and my favorite bit....the main reason that I always get alarms.....it beeps when it locks and unlocks. I really need to find a new project.
  27. sh*t pics but all I have now - fitted to my r32 4 door - fitted fine maybe extra bracket here or there (was a while ago)
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