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  2. There are a lot of things I could say to this glorious demo of building a strawman argument, but the most obvious would be - what exactly are you doing in this thread if the sheer mention of 1000hp clearly triggers your fear response?
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  4. It is interesting and clearly OP has the skills (and confidence) to get the project done. The confusion will come from most people considering it a side-grade at best, given the amount of work thats been pumped into it which is un-reachable by most of the people here (self included) For a result which most would say... is at best.. different. You'd find some would prefer either a R32 OR a R34, but not necessarily a front 32 on a 34, or vice versa. The only universally accepted front body swap seems to be a GTR or R34 GTT front end onto a stagea 😛 But you know what - This is is what this section of the forum is for.. cosmetic styling and its some new content in here for once 😛
  5. Yes all of the stated in various ratios but it wasn't a Nissan motor ! It was an old school Holden 6 cylinder motor
  6. If you wanna stay relatively stock... (not opening anything or changing turbo) A nice Clutch will help but 100% a nice light weight flywheel is a great bang for buck upgrade and will make a very noticeable improvement. but if you have a r34 GTT make sure you get a pull type clutch as that is what you will need. I have a SPEC stage 3 , 6 puck and SPEC light weight flywheel You can also safely crank up the boost 2 or 3 pounds from stock with out having to worry too much. You can also invest in some high quality lightweight rims and good tires, it actually makes a world of difference. you wont believe how extremely heavy shit replica wheels are and how it affects performance. A nice supporting mod as well is a front mount intercooler, you can get decent kit from CX racing if you are on a budget. Idk where you live and your laws but my 34 is straight piped, only a single muffler tip. bro .... we can go on and on and on for hours, you gotta set a power goal and then see what you need to achieve it safely. for example if you want 450 hp, you will need X-cc injectors X-lph fuel pump X-size turbo and anything past 15-18 psi you will surely be reaching the limits of your Air Flow Meter and then at this point you gotta get a nice Stand alone Aftermarket ECU.
  7. what is your source on this information? do the RPO codes also translate to the blocks for those models. if not does the source provide a similar graph for the block identification
  8. Those wheels are gone, they were four lug, so when I switched to 5 lug I traded my old audi wheels to a kid for his stock 350z wheels and picked up some free tires from the local tire shop just so I could set her back on the ground and let all the new suspension components settle
  9. Carton of esse change , esse menthol and esse lights for sale. 10 packs per carton, 200 cigs per carton $160 per carton
  10. Hi mate all sold out sorry :(
  11. Far as turbos go, with a .64 rear and .60 front that is very possible, you can even up size them to GTX3071R. I found factory exhaust setup is very restrictive, so if you can run two short 3 inches pipes hanging out side of the car along with all other supporting mods you should be able to get there.
  12. Well on Thursday I saw two different R33 GT-R's in silver around south melbourne.
  13. Because I can. Why else...LOL haven’t you heard of thinking outside of the box or being creative...is this not allowed on this site? Should I search this forum on how to keep my skyline stock? The question for you is why would I do that... I already built it once.
  14. I was going to suggest a thread guy. They will be able to work their magic there. I found the underneath bolts were pretty easy with a 1/4 drive socket and extension.
  15. I wouldn't say I am that confident in extracting broken bolts. I have taken the plenum off before, was a bit of a pain getting to those bolts underneath, but if it has to be removed again then so be it. One other thought, would a mobile thread doctor possibly have the right tools to get to it?
  16. Taking off the plenum is hardly a huge job you would want to avoid at any cost. How good are you at extracting broken bolts like that? If you have never done it before don't even try. Take off the plenum and do it on a bench. Thank me later.
  17. No. Personal opinion, if you are going to price an auto 32 at 15k, give the car a decent detail. Without inspecting it, I don't want to say it's overpiced, but posting pics of it with it covered in dust, flat tyre, not vacuumed, just gives an impression of disrepair. Based on the images my expectation going into an inspection would be to buy the car for around 4-5k. And that's it if turns on and selects/holds gears.
  18. gmr


    WTB silver LMGT4 18x8.5 +25 and 18x9.5 +30. Had two sets back in the day, first set on my old S15 pictured below. Please message me 0447 738 908. Thanks
  19. I seem to have a little bit of space there once I push some of the wiring etc out of the way. I took a photo and circled the bolt in question. I might look into one of those right angle drill attachments off eBay. The only thing is the broken bolt is not smooth and a bit jagged. Thanks for your help
  20. Thanks. Thats the main aim, looking for something relatively stockish looking, that I can use with a harness at track days. this seems a good solution.
  21. Another option. How much space do you have back there? Enough for a pneumatic right angle drill? If you can drill it and you have enough room for the tap/ezy-out, then it's worth a shot.
  22. Mate, I had a look for them, no luck, I think they unded up at the tip after a big cleanup.
  23. Better than stock, not like a real bucket seat though, heaps more support than stock, heaps less than a dedicated bucket. I think it will be good enough, especially with a harness
  24. I am fitting a R35 GTR's intake manifold onto a VQ30DET motor. I have hot a bit of a road block with the wiring. Is there anyone out there that could help me with a wiring diagram for both throttle bodies?
  25. I used to have a MIG welder but have since sold it. Looks like I will be taking the plenum off then
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