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I was happy to see my car was shot by Dino while parked at Diakoku Futo during the super car meet the first week of January this year, love the way the picutre came out.

From the album:


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    • By A31-ceifroRFB
      Hi want to know if anyone would know if R32 tie rod ends fit on a stock A31 cefiro. If not which ones do I need? thanks😁
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      Selling RB26 splitfire coilpacks from an R33 but used on my 32 for about 6 months..
      Reason for sale: Upgraded
      Price: $250.00
      Located: Western Sydney
      Contact: PM

    • By smart_garrett
      So at my last track day a couple weeks ago everything was going fine but after a couple sessions all of a sudden when i was pulling into the paddock, my car would not idle at all and had horrible misses below 2k rpm. Everywhere else in the rev range it ran fine an did not break up. Now I've done some testing so I went with the simple stuff first: plugs gapped right, r8 coils(deletes the ignitor). That did nothing. So then i replaced my coolant temp sensor and checked tps voltage, that fixed the idle issue. So I went to check my timing. With the light the first time i checked the marks were so far past advanced that it would have been blown up by now, so I was confused and shut the car off to have a drink. Came back and started it up again to look and now it was a little past the last mark at 30* degrees and was able to get it to 20, with the cas retarded almost all the way it allowed me too. I then went for a test drive and the car ran fine but when pulling it out of the driveway it died. I pulled it in to check the timing and it was the same at 20*. So i went to drive again and got out on the road and got on it, it reved up fine and built boost with no missing, but felt like it had legitimately zero power, and off throttle it gurgled a bit. I replaced my cas and that changed nothing. I'm stumbled at this point. Any pointers??
      Thanks for any help. 
    • By Stromulux
      Hi all, I'm creating this topic in the hopes someone is either thinking of selling, knows someone selling or has one for sale on an obscure site I'm not already checking multiple times a day.
      I'm looking for a 32 gtr. I'm not buying as an investment or to sit in a garage, it'll be a toy, so kms and year don't worry me too much.
      Ideally I'd like a gun metal grey, white or black, in that order. Though I am happy to look at others.
      Ideally something that's had a rebuild or refresh.
      I'm in Vic but I'm happy to travel anywhere in Aus.
      If I could keep it under 50k I'd be happy. Cash is ready and waiting, burning a hole in my pocket.
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      Has anyone been using the MCA Street Ultimate's?  Any reviews on street use?
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      No new reviews online for 2019 latest suspension from MCA.  Just looking for latest info.
      They are new to NZ (supply locally) and now that I have sus'ed my brakes its time to look at my aging 10+ year old Teins. 
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