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    • By lxelement
      Hey everyone,
      I've got an R34 GTT manual turbo from an auction. The goal is to get it road registered in WA but I've ran into some issues and I need some help. I took it for a test drive today and the following happened:
      All 4 wheels/brakes siezed after driving approx 3km  with no issues and an idle warm up. Smelt burning and saw smoke coming from engine bay, passenger side, but no drastic change in temp on gauges. never happened when idle testing. Idling poorly after driving Things that I know need to be fixed on the car prior to this happening:
      No immobilizer and a lot of loose wiring around the column (pictured) Fans and AC don't blow out Needs wheel allignment Needs new clutch, struggles going into gears etc. Needs new gearbox oil The plan was to get the immobilizer installed tomorrow but it now has to go to a mechanic to get these new issues fixed. I would be grateful for any ideas and advice.

    • By sleptema
      Selling Greddy cam sprocket for rb25det neo/R34 GTT.
      Allows intake cam adjustment without losing VCT.
      Item is BRAND NEW.
      Chasing $450
      Located WA, happy to post at buyers expense.

    • By TrisGT
      I have the opportunity to grab some HKS coilovers to suit a R34 GTT coupe. Will these fit my sedan? If not any way I can interchange some coupe parts in? 
    • By Phyco
      Hey guys... Not a very frequent poster here so bear with me please.
      In the process of getting all the varying issues on my R34 sorted before I take it in for tune (boost was previously turned right down as I bed in a new head gasket). One of those 'issues' is with the intake piping, the oil breather line from the crank case is currently not connected to well, anything. It's just hanging down through the engine bay to under the car. Obviously this is not ideal and the tuner mentioned I would want to get some sort of catch can setup before bringing the car in. I don't want to feed the oil line back into the intake which I guess means I'll be venting it to atmosphere. After searching and reading through a tonne of threads on this forum and others I'm still no clearer as to what I need to buy unfortunately, as it seems all catch cans seem to have two inlets whereas I only appear to have one line that needs to be connected. Pic for reference, not exactly an up to date one unfortunately but it shows the line I'm talking about clearly enough. Can anyone advise me on this?
      Secondary question, from everything I've read for venting to atmosphere it's said the PCV should be blocked, is there any real issue likely to come from not doing that?

    • By Kapr
      Soon i will be owner of Skyline R34 with RB20DE Neo engine and manual trans.
      Car was cheap and has done 209 000 KM.
      I dont mind the "poor" power of the engine but it can be in a bad shape.
      So what engine type i can "easily" swap in instead of this one?

      I looked for the info about this model but this type of car is crazy rare and not much of the info about it...
      FYI iam from different country so no P plates or any power restriction but that is not case...
      Plan is the 100% reliable engine/car. Skylines(R34) are even rarer in here so spare parts and anything on it i expensive.

      Thank you for the info.
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