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  2. If you are going down that "stock" look, just take out your ticking time bombs aka your stock turbos and get them high flowed by Tao at @hypergear turbo. Get a Nistune board (I can supply and have it fitted/sent back to you), bump up the fuel pressure (if you don't want to install new injectors) a little and just tune it. The car will look incredibly stock.
  3. Honestly can't tell in those photos, you need to provide me with data Perspective changes very easily with images as above.
  4. Either they told you wrong or you misinterpreted. You can fill a RWD box through the shifter opening but you have to measure out the correct oil volume for the box to not over fill it.
  5. You'll need to get a roady if you want to put it in your name. Check "Step 2" on Vicroads website link https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registration/renew-update-or-cancel/register-an-interstate-vehicle
  6. Hi guys, I’ve been told I can refill my gearbox oil through the dipstick, only problem is I can’t find the dipsticks location. Anyone who can shed some light would be much appreciated. Thank you
  7. Hi guys I was told that I can fill in my manual gearbox through the dipstick. Only problem is where is it located? Anyone who can shed some light where I can find it will be much appreciated.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Be aware that the Speedtek sets seem to work for the RWD guys but I haven't heard of anyone's successful use of them with AWD. impersonally looking to go to the PAR gear set once my box meets its impeding destiny.
  10. Once the car is modified its modified, regardless of singles or twins. Andrew made the high figures with high flowed -7's, e85 and cams not just standard -7's. If you are worried about value then I would rebuild the stock turbos or just add regular -7's and remove the boost restrictor. modding a GTR is a deep rabbit hole to dive down so decide early if want to "eventually" go big it is way more affordable to go big from the start. Up-Garage in the states look like they do some great work so maybe connect with them to get some ideas or if you are looking for big numbers then there is about 5,000,000 post on this site and an entire internet with options for that.
  11. Ah ok. Hey is there a thread on replacing the hidden back DVD Rom with a single din headunits?
  12. If your car has a "snow" or "cold" pack you may find wing mirror heaters come on when you turn on the heated rear screen.
  13. Bought a car back in March as a tide me over, as I quit my job and lost my work car, it's registered in NSW, I live in Vic. I have a receipt for this purchase. I was flat out at the time and completely missed getting transferring the rego into my name within the 14 days Vicroads specifies, it's reg'd til August. Looking forward, now with full time work again, I'll be selling it to get into something else in June/July but I'm not sure how best to go about that without making issues for the new owner. Do I: Cancel the NSW rego and just sell it unreg (with or without RWC as they wish, it'll pass no worries). Register it in my name first then sell it? (additional costs and new owner could be from NSW anyway). As neither Vicroads or RTA have any record of me owning the car (I have insurance papers and my receipt of purchase) I wasn't sure what was going to cause issues for the new owner. I'm leaning towards just register it in my name (potentially incur a late charge?) and then at least there's record of my ownership, but if I can simply sell it unregistered without issue that would be easier for me.
  14. -7s are going to just barely break 300kw at the wheels, probably high 200s if you have exhaust restriction/wastegate control isn't ideal. They're a good street turbo though. If you want more power -9s will get you there without too much difference in turbo lag, mostly at that 3000-4000 rpm region where you'll notice the difference back to back.
  15. Awesome thanks . I'm new to this page didn't realise I posted this more then once lol naughty waters had the better of me
  16. Striker35


    Cheers that is probably what it is.... Found the small auto button makes the mirrors point down when it's in reverse .
  17. This is the amount of camber it has currently
  18. Only reason I don’t want to go single is want the car to have the factory look. And just incase in the future I want to sell it don’t want it to lose value since it’s a v spec. Andrew from motive DVD got 383kw with the -7 turbos. So so I’ll be going with them 383kw is plenty for a weekend car.
  19. Your car has a cold pack, the left button is heated windscreen demister, the far left im not sure. Google m35 cold pack and u may find out.
  20. I thought the universally understood answer was more boost[emoji12]
  21. Ditto. Been keeping an eye out for results for any of the black series and found bugger all. This wee clip of a 9274 on a 2.2 stroker Evo X suggests they spool well for the size:
  22. I check this thread daily for the same reason. Can't find any results anywhere on the net for any engine at all running a 8474 other than rt Ernie on the evo years ago.
  23. A modern single twin scroll, with a proper divided manifold. Won't mention names but some have bullshit divisions.
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