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  2. Having a few troubles with my auto trans in my 2006 350 gt v36. Trans is perfect when cold as soon as it heats up, at around the 65-80kph it wont hold the gear seems to change a d jump between gears. Is fine when triptronic. Just did fluid change any ideas? Low is alos
  3. Sard 650cc top feed injectors, sard fuel rail and sard fuel reg, came off my rb25 neo engine, great condition, only removed due to upgrade, all genuine sard, $250.. NEW plazmaman fuel rail for a rb25 neo, cost $295 selling $200.. NEW zeitronix wideband afr and datalogger with gauge (blue) cost $350 selling $270.. Rb25 neo cam covers all polished, will come with new proflow fittings, $200.. All parts are located in Geelong victoria but can post anywhere at buyers expence if needed.. **more parts to be listed soon**
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  5. Yes EFI also list a 1650 https://www.nzefi.com/product/bosch-1650ccmin-e85-compatible-top-feed-fuel-injector/ Although no doubt they are available from an Aussie supplier as well.
  6. 1000 will push him to 600 but at the max, 1650 would be the way to go. 1650 would be good on 98 aswell
  7. How would we know? How many miles has it done at this power level? How hard has it been run? What are the compressions? etc?
  8. Possibly too small for E85 at that power level though. OK for 98, but would probably want to go to 1200cc for E85.
  9. Timing belt replacement is coming up on my 33. I can't decide if I should get the motor rebuilt or not. I'm ordering $1400 of parts to do the timing belt replacement (needs new harmonic balancer, crank belt drive, thermostat, clutch fan etc etc). The only reason I am thinking of rebuilding is because the engine has a slight oil weep between the head and block. Ideally I will replace it with an oem headgasket and reuse the arp head bolts. Car only makes 450rwhp and shouldn't need the mls one. Is it worth spending the extra and pulling the motor out now to refresh it with new rings, bearings and do a few oil control mods?
  10. Oh no not at all. Hah, rates are due in January because someone decided I should dislike Christmas as an adult
  11. Sorry only just saw this now, from what I found they are very similar, but it looks like people can squeeze a bit more out of the apexis
  12. Welcome. Did you ride in something faster or are you just getting used to it? Would love to see your car (especially under the bonnet) if you have any pictures.
  13. Something like this should do the job: https://www.nzefi.com/product/nissan-rb-1000ccmin-top-feed-direct-fit-fuel-injector-kit/
  14. Hi Im just in the process of ordering all the parts to wind up my skyline in to the 600-700 rwhp and am having trouble deciding on what injectors to use Currently its around 400 rwhp, link g4+ engine is forged rb30/25, balanced crank. s2 ported head 272 cams, gt3540 turbo 0.93 rear housing plus all the usual stuff and running on 98. fuel pump and lines are all ready set up for e85. So next i was planning on upgrading the crank trigger, change turbo to borgwarner efr 8374. going to e85 on a fuel flex system but cannot decide on what injectors? where i live e85 is hard to come by so will still run on 98 alot. Thanks
  15. Since the EFR plan came to fruition, over 140 man hours & counting.......
  16. So the gtr is making progress? My tax return was processed so my rates notice arrived to take it back.
  17. Hi i have just joined up as my 400hp is starting to feel a bit sluggish and its time to take it higher so here is good place to start
  18. I'm the second owner, had it since 2004, it doesn't get driven much, just over 70,000 kms. I have only driven in the rain once since I've owned it and NEVER goes on dirt roads or public car parks.
  19. I'm the second owner, had it since 2004, it doesn't get driven much, just over 70,000 kms. I have only driven in the rain once since I've owned it and NEVER goes on dirt roads or public car parks.
  20. Use a good spray pack wheel cleaner. Non-acid very important. Will also need to scrub with scourer pads or similar. Should at least keep them waxed every wash, to keep brake dust etc off. There are other protectant thingos you can buy to put on wheels to keep the environment at bay, although I think the ceramic coat things go on painted surfaces only, not alloy.
  21. At this stage it's pretty much the reverse of that, although thank f**k for tax returns
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  23. Wow you guys really went into depth ! Was out for a few days lol. From what I newly learned and understood is a “head drain” is essentially to relief pressure from the crankcase gases going up thru all the engines holes and making it easier for oil to drain back , correct ? Now I do have one fitting on the extended sump already. Is it necessary to make another one? One line tee’ d off to the sump and to the intake. Them the other like to the covers ? Would this way work ? still need to buy some other bits like the crank collar and the correct size oil restrictors. I’m in the states so it’s a little more difficult to source rb parts out but I think as we got more rb cars imported people are really getting more into them. Anyways my solid goal is to make my car as reliable as I can to have as much seat time as I can. Now need to buy some more maintenance bits and turbo and manifold and we’re off to go. Thank you everyone for the input ! P.s I’ll give these sard injectors a chance this season and see how they act up. But will be getting some modern ones later on. Just on a budget lol.
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