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  2. Thank you for answering. I just noticed mine has dirt in the "cheese"... I thought this was the fix for my climate control and fan blower.. both dead. Same as hicas and power steering..
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  4. I used this and was pleased... All genuine https://frsport.com/nissan-10101-aa525-genuine-oem-complete-engine-gasket-kit-rb25det-neo
  5. lol i know its sounds funny but could not burnt and my skyline came with that cheese just like yours on that same exact connector, i believe its dielectric grease and it came from factory with it or something. I tried to clean mine with Electronic spray cleaner but it didnt come out too good. i ended up wiping it down and putting my own dielectric grease afterwords. I could be wrong thou bro,... it may be burnt in your case but mine looked similar and wasnt burnt
  6. Hi I need help finding the name of this connector, i need one as you can see 😂 Its located near the washerfluid reservoar.
  7. Price update!! Power fc and hand controller -$400 Nismo single plate coppermix -$100
  8. UPDATE: ended up fixing the issue, thanks for the help everyone! I would say it was a couple of things. Previous owner forget to tighten up the hose clamp into the fuel filter so there was a leak. In the process of diagnosis I installed a 255 fuel pump and changed my AFM cause I had a feeling it wasn’t 100%. One of the retainers in the coil plugs had fallen out so I’ve temporarily cable-tied the plug into the coil to prevent it falling out.
  9. Hi all, So I've found myself in the possession of a hypertune itb plenum for my rb26. Now looking at it, the space for the stud nuts to sit is pretty tight during installation and it's pretty large at cylinder 6. Is this something that can be installed with the engine In the car? It looks like the clutch master and booster probably have to be pulled and possibly the rear cylinder runner studs cut down a bit to be able to slide it on. Otherwise remove cyl 6 runner from the plenum, bolt the runner to head then bolt back to plenum after installed? I've pulled OEM plenums in car before and it's a prick but doable, but if this new plenum is impossible to install and the motor must be pulled then i wouldn't bother with the effort of removing OEM until the engine was out. Which I'd really like to avoid.
  10. More expensive than what? Mobile hydraulic hose doctors make lines for $million machinery including huge excavators and small forklifts. They make brake parts, steering parts and more for all kinds of vehicles. Do you know how much pressure your steering system can experience momentarily? A professional is going to do a better job than you can and has the gear to do it.
  11. I had the dual port turbosmart bov on my 7163 to help with compressor surge on throttle lift off. No longer an issue with the 8374, so if you'd like a cheaper 2nd hand one let me know. The other main difference is adjustable spring tension for the given vacuum of the engine.
  12. First world country that is smaller than most states in Australia. Just drive to a place that can build you a line. I can think of 15 places within a 1hr drive of where I live that will build a power steering line for me. All of them industrial hydraulic places. You should tell your weenie TUV koolaid drinking Euro regulators to shut up and just let people make a hydraulic hose.
  13. Tells the ECU that you're loading up the engine. Wiring diagram tells all.
  14. You can test if the factory one is opening under boost by simply blocking it off with a coke can gasket. You're not looking for the differences anywhere except when making boost.
  15. No worries mate, happy to help. Umm, I'm not familiar with the later model skylines. Does the key have any writing or pictures on it? The only thing I can think of that might be catching you up, some of the earlier model skylines have a latch that if it's down, the boot wont open using the boot release. Maybe check your boot latch and see if it has the 'valet mode' latch.
  16. Thanks mate legend u have made my week n it's only just started LoL, while I have u I was curious bout my key, with the 3 buttons on it ya, so wots the 3rd one do, is it a boot button or is it only the interior button for the boot n it something else ? Because I have a problem opening it, the one inside the car doesn't work n I have to go through the back seat atm ?
  17. Hi everyone, long time lurker first time poster, because I need everyones expert opinions. Car: 2003 Nissan Skyline 350GT Manual, roughly 150k km's Storytime: When i first bought this car it used to bring up the parkbrake light followed by the slip light and the VDC light, turns out it was a connector in the coil harness. I also replaced the coils (with splitfires from kudos), spark plugs, both o2 sensors in the exhaust, engine oil with flush and cleaned the VVT solenoids. Car ran fine for 6 months, drove it everyday. Then the same lights started coming on basically everytime i drove it, but it ran perfectly fine. Drove it like that for probably 6 months everyday. I got a work car and the 350gt sat in my garage for 12 months. I didn't realise how long it had been, went to move the car, started it with a jumper pack and took it for a small test drive, it ran like crap, hesitating and just having no power. I soon realised it needed new fuel in it. I have since replaced the 2 cam angle sensors and the crank angle sensor, drained the fuel, put fresh 98 in it, drained and replaced engine oil. Took it for a test drive and HOORAY, no lights on the dash anymore! But unfortunately...it still keeps retarding timing and has no power where it used to. I have let it idle, drove around very slowly to let the new fuel filter through and it's still the same. I pulled all the spark plugs and they look pretty good, all the same, just a bit of orange on them. I have used my Nissan Data Scan app and I am getting a knock sensor error P0328 KNOCK SEN/CIRC-B!. I have ordered a cheap knock sensor from eBay but I would like to hear what everyone has to say, I can't hear anything obvious coming from the engine, but it's always been kinda "ticky" sounding from what I remember. I also get 2 other codes intermittently. P0011 INT/V TIM CONT-B1 and P0021 INT/V TIM CONT-B2 Any input is welcome, I'm not looking forward to digging out the knock sensor, so maybe there is something else to try first. I also recorded a log when I was doing my short most recent test drive, I have attached it. Thanks in advance guys! NDSII20200531_120933[1].log
  18. The top picture means to decide, it might act as a select button when your in a menu as a guess. The bottom picture roughly translates to - If it's the case that you want to cancel turning off the screen, please push the "picture quality" button again.
  19. Swapped the semi slicks onto the new wheels.Rear hubs done and wheels fitted. Front hubs didn't get finished in time so I'll put them on in the week. Should be finishing the wiring and fuel system this weekend coming. Then it's just intercooler pipes, trims and panels before to go I book it for a tune. Also sorted out a Tig torch and regulator to put on my old man's welder. Hired an argon bottle for $10 p/m so I can start practicing before I work on the new intake pipe and intercooler pipes to the plenum
  20. How so? They are strong and can withstand hige presure, as long as you buy the corekt hose The price wil probebly be more expensive if ingo to somone ro make ir due to wher i live, alsow they most likly wont do it because it is car related and stearing related.
  21. What dos it do? Never sean a sensor on a power stearinf lines befor
  22. Hey if this is in your 32 , next time you need a battery the Supercharge Goldplus equivalent is the MF80D26L. Same dimensions but 80AH and 720cca 👍
  23. The NS70MF is 75AH too, nice. Wouldn't fit into my 32 though damnit !
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