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  3. It look's like stock have better quality core?
  4. The coil harness is the same as R32 GTR. So you can get a new genuine or aftermarket fairly easily.
  5. Nismo fit for ecr33 is 8.5+30 front 9.5+38 rear. You can easily run 235/265 with this. Though 225/255 is recommended. ovathrow that fitment looks great for street 👍🏼
  6. About factory GTR intercoolers. My 1998 S3 R33 GTR with factory cooler, boost curve: Cooler changed to Takashi (not the best) 600x300x100mm with no other changes: Compare the two coolers: inside new cooler: inside stock cooler: I'm unsure of other GTR models, at least factory R33 S3 GTR front mount cooler is quite restrictive.
  7. so this. My dot is right beside labor...then it says I agree most with liberal. awesome...just awesome. and yet I'm just sitting here going....not a single person on the ballot I would get to stand in line for a piss for me let alone represent me in the future. almost makes me think I should run, till I thin think shit I would not vote for me. quit smoking crack. screw it I'm going back to car sales trying to find a new daily
  8. You got a boss cooler, of course the IATs won't move haha.
  9. Hi there, interested in swapping my S15 with an R32, R33,R34 GTR WITH Cash differences. S15 is built for 300kw and turbo kit has 400kw potential, E85, clean and strait. Mod plated in QLD for seats and suspension 190,000 GTX3076 gen 2 50mm progate big Brembo upgrade Brand new SPARCOs Nardi VOLK with brand new AD08R 265 1000cc APEXI DJETRO +++++++++++ GOLD COAST QLD 0423972346
  10. What bolts did you use? Not that it really matters, no need to re torque
  11. Pm sent regarding workshop manual
  12. Thanks we will try this as they are all brand new we also looked at the fuel pump today and its stuffed so will get a new pump as well.
  13. Well got a bit of time and the new splitfire coils arrived. I picked up some new spark plugs too. It seems the harness is completely stuffed. I also got the injectors cleaned and flow tested. Everything I touch falls apart so I have been replacing lots of rubber lines and working out what they do. Need to clean out the fuel tank next, when I bought it the guy said something about the baffles have been taken out, there is a ding in the bottom of the tank and I guess that has knocked them loose. I will look for another I think and give it a clean inside and out. Put a new pump in. I have changed the fuel lines and fuel filter up front already.
  14. I run the factory mesh with my 100mm plazma cooler IAT are perfect even when racing
  15. Hi All , I’ve just resurfaced my RB25T head and I’ve used an original Nissan head gasket. my question is are the Nissan gaskets mono torque or should I re tention the head after is run in and got hot and cold a few times. Thank you in advance Jono
  16. So it sounds like it is not pulsing the injectors. Put a noid light on and see if the ECU is even trying. Look for constant 12V to one side of each injector with a multimeter.
  17. Hi Sau thanks allowing me to join i have a question about a Nissan Pulsar Q 2000 N16 auto that we have been trying get going for over 2 years. We have done the timing chain replaced the spark plugs coils replaced the Cam and crank sensor we have spark fuel to the rail we have also replaced the injectors and fuel sensor regulator but it wont fire. We have got it to fire and start when we put fuel into the spark plugs but it wont let fuel past the rail can anyone solve our problem. For the beif time it ran it sounded fine and is the first time since Sept 2016. Cheers Sam290471.😊
  18. Otaku Garage adaptor for RB26DET intake to suit silvertop RB20DET. Was going to use to fit to my 20 but have since gone RB25 instead. Only test fitted . New $260 Sell $200+ postage at buyers expense.
  19. Yes and if you crash and these are on your car and your insurance doesn’t know or hasn’t agreed to cover them then there is a high chance that you will not receive a payout and have to cover any damages from your own pocket
  20. i Thanks I wonder if I should get the engine rebuilt? Or just patch it up and get it back on the road. Timing belt is due. It has 245k on the clock. Water pump got done about 100k back, with the last timing belt. I think everything else is original. I think there might be an issue with the turbo as well. I thought taking the head off had issues with exhaust studs breaking etc.
  21. Got just shy of port headland before midnight. Almost at derby. At this rate might get close to Kununurra tonight
  22. Is there much lost by plumbing in the wastegate with the 3 inch exhaust?
  23. Awesome car James! You will be very happy with it I am sure.
  24. I'm sorry to say mate, that definitely sounds like its done a head gasket. If it was water vapor coming out the exhaust on start up thats normal, but if its blowing white steam/smoke under load then its done a head gasket. Not to fear though, doing head gaskets on rbs is extremely easy just a bit time consuming. Order a OEM headgasket and get the head decked at a machine shop.
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