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  3. Hi Everyone, I originally posted this in the Precision turbo section. S1 RB25 Kelford 270 cams supertech valve train Precision 6466 @ 40 lbs single scroll .81AR CP pistion stock bore and compression Manley rods Balanced and blue printed block Otaku manifold ID2000 on E85
  4. Have some 17x9 +20’s in silver if that is of any interest.
  5. Oh. I forgot the clutch and gearbox. Short shift is amazing. Just the tiniest click up and down to change gears. Miles shorter throw then the standard box. The clutch they have used is hard work. Almost old school brass button tough
  6. The 1 piece JDM concept x work GT5, most probably in matt black
  7. Why do you care? What's the actual problem?
  8. Mishimoto? sounds like some Mitsubishi after market brand.... aint none of that going on my Nissan. +1 for stocko clutch fan. only reason to change a clutch fan is if ur cold startin an e-series falcon and setting off in the morning. (falcon sounds like ur doing 300km/hr......people look out their windows.... and see u...……... doing 3)
  9. I’ve hardly driven it to be honest. Suspension is much stiffer, lifts the inside rear tyre just getting up the driveway. From what I’ve read all the shocks are swapped out with adjustables. Much more turbo noise. I’m going to take some serious photos around and underneath the car which I’ll share with the forum
  10. WTB BBS LM set in Silver to suit 32GTR 18x10+20 or more aggressive (or 18x9) Must be 5x114.3 Prefer good condition but will consider worn condition if its reflected in the price Please PM! Thanks in advance
  11. Seems a bit thin actually. Would be a lot thicker if a repaint
  12. Gday guys and girls. I own a kia stinger and I have a feeling it was repainted before it got to me as a new car. I bought a cheapish paint thickness gauge and the bonnet is reading anywhere from 4.7mil to 1.9 mil. The doors are pretty consistent at 2ish mil and no way of testing the plastic. is it possible a machine could cause these types of variances or is this been done by hand? Any help on what to look for would be great. I'm in Newcastle nsw if anyone is close and can help. Thanks, D.
  13. So the saying goes, if you want a GT-R, you need to be able to afford two....so you can afford four? Sweet looking ride. How does a "Tommy Kaira" differ from our garden variety money pits?
  14. Anyone looking to buy or know anyone looking to buy a Skyline? I'm drowning in medical bills at the moment so I have to part with the car. Just swapped the engine last November to another RB25 with half the km's on it along with the nismo front bumper.
  15. I think we should just say, if this forum was a motor it'd be an LS1. f**kin' dead.
  16. Yep. It’s the best r32 I’ve seen in the flesh and obviously not something that comes up every day
  17. Um....is it not that the signal and signal earth are both inside the shielding? In which case, why be surprised that they are shielded. The voltage between those wires can be as low as 1V, so it makes sense to protect them from RFI. The shield should be earthed at the other end (ie, it should only be earthed at one end).
  18. Noice, Tommy kaira edition, this the one from carsales?
  19. Yup so the wire is a ground either way? Why would it be shielded?
  20. This head needs to know there is fuel nearby whooshing through the fuel rail on its way back to the tank, so it can be comforted by knowing money has been spent. ??
  21. The diagram I have for a S1 R33 says A not connected B Signal C 12v ground D Signal Ground E 12v power
  22. I wasn’t joking when I said 2 r32’s couldn’t hurt 🤷‍♂️
  23. Hi guys. just looking to see what’s out there in relation to a 32 Gtr. Must be gunmetal grey preferably vspec. Send me what you have 👍
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