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  2. New rocker cover gaskets, cam seals, vct feed on, new exhaust mani studs
  3. My limited understanding is those holes must line up. I could be wrong here but if they're a different distance they may not all (3) be lined up when you put the wheel on. I'm afraid I'm probably no further help though specifically on this one though. Sorry, best of luck. [emoji106]
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  5. got a pic of what you are looking for?
  6. Hi guys, After mutiple attempts to buy a set of these ive found a guy who will be able to copy these and make some up.... however... i do not have a set. If anyone knows someone that is selling a set or will lend theres out for a mould i will be happy to pay you for them and perhaps organise a bunch for people who are interested in them. If anyone knows someone or can point me in the right direction of finding a set will be awesome Cheers
  7. From my experience with the man I formed the opinion that if more people were like Nick the world would be a better place. Hopefully he is doing mad skids wherever he is 🚘 :burnrubber: See you around brother
  8. Thanks, I believe I've done everything you suggested. I used a black marker on the boss kit so i can see where the holes were as i was inserting it. if i noticed they were off slightly, i used a small tool to move the ring into place. I also measured the diameter of the holes on old wheel and on boss kit and boss kit is 5mm, while old wheel is 4mm, but i dont think this is the cause. And i confirmed that the white ring was rotating with my new wheel and boss kit. Very strange
  9. Ok, sorry. I was misleading you. My recollection (while correct for me) isn't what you need. The wheels you have need the three little holes there lined up perfectly. I would suggest that they aren't quite lined up exactly. To this I would start by measuring the holes on each wheel to make sure that they are exactly the same. If they are great, it should then be a matter of just adjusting your boss kit ever so slightly until the new wheel drops into the alignment points. Once it's there it will cancel the indicators for you. It might take a few goes to get it lined up right. You might want to use some tape or a pencil on the top of the wheel to ensure you can line up the top hole correctly.
  10. $950 😂, can’t think how many of these were binned, funny thing is you may actually get what your asking for it $ wise. $1000 for r32 knee pads. Wtf
  11. That is the idle control valve, do some searches on gumtree and Facebook. You should find one.
  12. What I see is the compressor flow increase 20% might need bigger rear housing to max out the turbo. 1.05 is small even for 8374 in my eye.
  13. I have seen references of this in my research, but i dont think i'm suppose to have them. My stock wheel is fine and turns off the indicators as it should. and if they were supposed to be on the old steering wheel, what would these plastics tabs fit into? theres nothing on the steering column except the clock spring and hicas mechanism. If you could find me a photo of what your talkign about that would help alot. Thanks for the reply
  14. Anyone here purchased their Skylines from USA owners, private party? I'm curious, share your stories.
  15. R32 GTR Cassette Radio. I plugged it in and everything seems to work fine, but the tape deck kept spitting out the one bluetooth cassette that I had. I read that it may have been an issue with the internals of the bluetooth cassette, but just assume when purchasing this that the tape deck itself isn't working. Radio, HU and dash buttons work fine. the There's a scratch on right side of the knob and a tiny chip on the M in FM/AM. Asking $950aud obo.
  16. Hey guys I need to know if everything for the aircon from the firewall forward in a gtst r32 fit into a r32 gtr? I've done research but found absolutely nothing Cheers fellas
  17. That that size cams, engine and compressor you obviously want to party - so that turbine housing will be well justified I suspect What kind of power and power delivery were you looking for? Fwiw I've been in a GTR running an RB28 with a 1.45 EFR8374 and it was surprisingly punchy, the 280deg cams will probably soften it up a bit down low but I suspect it'll still have a hearty power delivery - so long as the black series 68mm compressor doesn't come at too much cost in spool. I suspect it should prove to be a pretty rewarding power delivery
  18. Steering wheel controls and shroud sold.
  19. Yes mate. E85 full time. The 1.45 housing look huge. Hope I choose the right housing:)
  20. IIRC there should have been two plastic tabs/poles on your old steering wheel. These are used to cancel the switch when you start turning. From the looks of your new wheel you're missing them. (I might be off topic here as I'm referencing 10 year old memories).
  21. I like it. Very cool, look forward to seeing how this comes together - sending it on E85? Please post results when it's done
  22. I’ve only started tear down [emoji25]
  23. Glad you chose to finally join! Any pics?
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