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    A 9174 would just make the EGP pressure issue worse and in my mind it seems like a bit of a GT RS shit going on. Not that it's horrendously bad (It wouldn't be no twin buttplug pressures), That's NOT a fix. Maybe beccause it's actually being monitored and having all the data there it becomes " an issue". Not just being ignorant and "she'll be right" Being realistic, a 460-500 KW GTR is no slouch. Much more and you start going down the driveline busting bullshit again. The whole idea of this was to make it more reliable and have the engine happier. If you want to fund a 9180, I wont say no I just drove it and to describe it in one word, DUMB! It makes an absolute mockery of the -5's...there is NO downside. Breathe on the throttle and it's just soooooo zingy. Between gears (I was still clutching in between shifts as it was sensory overload) there is NO lag. "Twins for response"... pfft. It's all the stuff that a WOT dyno run doesn't show thats the standout. It's ready to go at almost any RPM. So lively and peppy! The plan is to run it up tomorrow on E85 and see what it spits out. Scott did say depending on what it's doing, he may sacrifice a bit of top end and taper the boost back up high to extend the power band. Scott is going to SEMA so if he can grab a 1.45 AR rear housing we will put that on and advance the intake came to bump up the low end. Can't advance the intake at the moment (still set to 0/0) as even now Scott is holding the turbo back down low. Really, even if I lost a tad it wouldn't be a great deal anyway. Exhaust is nice and quiet, even when up it. Going by the temps we are seeing before and after the compressor, its more than happy and have some left up our sleeve. Turbine speed will be wired in tomorrow (were waiting for a plug). Gearbox is still pissing out oil!!!!! I need to make a catch can that drains back to the filler plug. Frustration level's 10/10! I forgot how cranky the bloody diff was when cold! It needs a wheel alignment before I get it back, it's all over the shop! I rolled it on in 3rd and no problem having the wheels chirp in a straight line. Driving a sequential without a gear display is bloody interesting also. The display powers up but because we have changed the gear position sensor it no longer reads. Will fix!
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    Update time!!!! Fuel is E56 only Still not bringing it on as hard as possible, just letting it come up as normal (not tuning via turbine speed YET). Turbo is a EFR 8374/1.05 AR turbine housing. 300 KW at 4000 ish, 461.5 KW at 6000 RPM then it falls over. I didn't see this coming but the issue is the turbine housing is too small! The next size up is a 1.45 AR which is the same housings they used on the indy cars. They were saying that the head is just breathing like a weapon. Funnily enough, both Petes and Intune's car were able to stretch to 8000 RPM even though their engines are larger! For the time being I will take it back and enjoy it for a while. If I put the 1.45 on, Scott thinks it will see 500 KW and make even more through the middle by 20-30 KW. However, i'll lose a tad at 3000 ish RPM. I suppose I better get used to short shifting. Lucky I have 6 gears. For those of you who are hooked up on boost numbers, 25 psi at 3850 ish RPM but that will improve again. Pretty sporty for a lazy, laggy single turbo
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    RB28 8374/1.05 122k turbine speed. Tapered back the boost top end.
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    did a quick tune at gate pressure. (10psi) 520hp. not bad. need to remove the thermostat as the dyno fan on the radiator shuts it.. i havent played with the cams yet. so looking promising.
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    Love this pic of my 34 and Mark's Civic Type R at SAUNSW Meet last Saturday. Another great capture by God_Speed Photography. DSC_6668G 1920 by Matt Tung-Yep, on Flickr Another one... DSC_6689G 1920 by Matt Tung-Yep, on Flickr
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    So I bought this gtr plan is to stance it and enter a heap of shoe n shines has a log booked cage and some good bits but needs some work First thing for a stance car was to remove the gay stickers current plans involve a c4 and 1200kw
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    Had to trim a little bit to get the hoses on to the top hat and also ran all new wiring for the 2 fuel pumps and fuel gauge and after the cover was put back on with all the wiring tapped up it looks like it was done by Nissan
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    just took it for a lap around the block with a r35gtr 1000cc injector basemap 700kpa boost in 3rd bakes them.. perhaps the tyres have gone hard comes on boost pretty early. 3k ish things to fix. front wheel speed (for traction control) need to adjust the pedal to throttle ratio to make it smoother needs more tuning for the paddle shift needs some sound deadner for the tunnel. (gearbox is pretty loud) gas up a/c dyno tune need to learn how to drive again.... wait for a firmware patch to fix the farkn dash. (display freezes up if rpm is connected to it.....)
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    Washed it yesterday. It was absolutely rotten! Micko and the jizz gun. Massive loads.
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    That's where she ended up on E80. 120k turbine speed. Scott said it will go 500 but he was happy leaving it there.
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    Started fixing the rust in the tail light bucket. First had to get dogs ok on the tail light bucket from the spare parts car. Only going to replace the bottom half but had to do a small repair first. Had to repair some rust in the corner. Bottom replaced.
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    cylinder head is re-assembled with all the fruit. still a lot to do but getting closer & closer. assembly was done with parallel strips as its more precise than the factory recommended dial gauge method. engine builder commented naprecs machining is some of the best he's ever seen, and this guy has built plenty of 1000hp+ drag motors. Tolerances are all to within 1 thou which is magic, to put in perspective how tight it is, factory is 10 thou. polished exhaust port turbo/manifold mocked up
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    Couldnt help myself
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    Whilst attacking the wiring I decided it was time to spend the money on braided lines all around the hot side. Clearly heat wasn't going to be nice. Insert big box of Aeroflow parts here haha >>> With this I made up a braided oil drain hose for the turbo as well as installed a Turbosmart OPR for the turbo. All boost lines to the wastegates were also replaced with braided line. Apparently I don't have a photo of any of this installed so will have to get around to that lol. I tidied up the wiring loom near the turbo which was a complete mess. I also removed the ABS unit and installed a heat shield next the turbo/exhaust. To help with getting heat out of the engine bay I also tracked down a Ztune style bonnet and fitted that. It was also decided to rewire the fuel pumps with new relays and clean up the wiring for them to assist in any diagnosis in the future after the Aus Time Attack events.
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    Update, minor electricals remain, wheel alignment and tint then pick up!!
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    I'll have to try and get one. The 486 kw run looks less flattering through the middle. Scott had to speed up the sweep because it was trying to pull itself up and out of the rollers. Yeah, boost taper was just to leave some in the tank. 122,000 out of 127,000 turbine speed for the 8374. Peaks around 26-26.5 psi falling back to 23 psi up top. Had a bit of a play last night. On well before 4000 in second. You think you're ready to change, look down and you're still at 6000 rpm. Very seamless, no "whack", just builds and builds. The -5's felt way more aggressive and "snap onto boost". It would be a much easier car to drive quick. No surprises. At half throttle it makes 240 kw, exactly half of WOT throttle.
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    I think you guys are way to emotionally involved in this stock given i've heard about 88e for about a year now
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    Ok alignment is done and all I can say is WOW what a difference. My rear left toe was -11mm (apparently a lot haha) and it's now been set to -0.5mm After throwing the car through some tight turns on the way home I can't believe what a difference this has all made. I got a cheeky slide going without even meaning to and the car responded so god damn well. I'm so, so stoked with the results. Thansk to everyone who suggested MCA Blues, they seem awesome. Also shout out once again to @Dose Pipe Sutututu for being my Yoda. Once everything settles in I'll report back again.
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    FOUND! Thanks to everyone out there in the community for sharing. The owner is very appreciative for the help.
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    GT block NAPREC head (1.5 mm OS valves, intake squish pad removed). HKS did the porting. Tomei 2.8 stroker (9.0:1 comp), 0.9 mm head gasket, 28 thou squish clearence. Nismo intake plenum 6 boost exhaust manifold, 38 mm gates, 8374/1.05 snail. 4 inch exhaust with SMB mufflers Emtron KV8 ECU. Bosch 1700 cc injectors. Hypertune intercooler. 680 x 325 x 100. At 4000 RPM the -5's were at 220 rwkw. The 8374 makes 300 awkw.
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    Suppppper early days. Scotty mapped the gearbox, the thing shifts like silk. It ain't spewing oil out either which is good! Got a misfire on cylinder 5, will look into that tomorrow. 18 psi by 3700 ish RPM on petrol with cams set at 0/0. V cam looks like it would have been a waste of time. Scott can get it to surge at 2500 RPM. Need a 9180 😂. 25 kw behind at 3700 rpm compared to my full effort -5 E85 run.... on petrol... with a misfire.
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    Decided to redo the sun roof patch as I rushed it the first time. Cut it out and rewelded a new piece in. Brought a stud welding a while ago finally got around to converting the hand piece to take pins and made up a slide hammer from the nose of a rivet gun. The car had been rust treated from the dealer so scraped out all the body deadener to start working on the rear quarter panels.
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    I always have a giggle when new gtr "enthusiasts" tell me how much better the v spec is. They are normally stancers who love hard parking. Anyway v spec out and non v spec going in in the below photo I am testing how low I can slam the cradle
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    So i have finally managed to get a little bit done primarily tidy up wiring and just make the whole office abit more appealing. So oil system is buttoned up, oil cooler mounted, filter mounted, new oil pressure sensor mounted. Radiator has been filled up and found a leak [emoji20] bugger not terrible but will need to be fixed obviously but that has all bled up alright so pretty happy with all that. So with the wiring i have ditched the Autometer gauges and am now running all GM sensors, oil pressure, coolant temp, IAT and LS9 Map sensor so now its all digital and can view it on the Tablet/Dash. Im happy its a shitload tidier than my first attempt and i have learnt alot this time around for the next attempt one day. So going to WTAC this weekend so im sure that will ignite some enthusiasm to press on ALSO YES I WILL BE PAINTING THE CRABBING SIGN I JUST HAVENT HAD ANY TIME
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    I wouldn't remove the restrictor on that turbo. I would not fit the turbo to the car.
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    Been working on some tyre sticker options thoughts
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    So ended up going to Sandown last weekend. Was a typical Melbourne weather day, from totally dry and sunny to fully wet and bucketing down as can be seen above. Couldn't improve on my pb, my tyres are pretty shot but in the name of $ saving, i'll use them again next time out. Still managed a 1.25 flat. Got a heap of pics from John at Trackside action photography this time, here they are. And a couple more taken by others and myself.
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    Yep, open the door get out on the floor everyone walk the dinosaur.
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    It's "sporty" Took it for a few laps last night in the sticks. I won't be posting nothing online 😂. OS88 is a bit grumpy at low speed/throttle. Gonna take a bit of time to get used to that. Above 4000 it's mint.
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    So, family was away this week so the GTR got driven daily - approx 300ks - Clutch is not that fun for cruising/regular commuting lol - Ditto the coilovers. - No escaping the AWD drivetrain clunks etc. - Wish it had cruise. - Even at legal height it's low, lip has a tiny hairline crack in the paint now. - Total dick magnet, if you're into dudes this is the car for you. - Kinda made me want an M4 or 35 more, something a bit more refined, but that depreciation.. On the other hand. - Even cruising around in the car feels special, the noises, the smells etc. It's always an event to drive it. - Tune/Cams gave f**k all away in terms of response and down low torque, quite easy to drive around under 3k rpm. - Glad I have a nice quiet exhaust. - Car hauls ass, especially on cold mornings [emoji3] - Had a lot of fun taking a few mates for spins. - Fuel economy actually isn't so bad when not being wound off the clock lol Gave it a real good wash and tucked it away. One of the boys is talking about a longer cruise through the hills, a few hours of driving. See what happens there, will take GoPro if it happens.
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    Fixed some more rust fixed under the hatch seal channel and fitted a replacement channel. Decided to put it back on the rotator to make it easier to start fixing some of the rust and dints in the body.
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    Installed a Raspberry Pi to take advantage of the pop-up display. Found that this thing had a decent sound system at some stage after lifting the carpet. Main purpose is for streaming music (Spotify and SoundCloud) on the go but also setup YouTube, Twitch and Covenant.
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    Time for a bit of an update. Nothing has happened in the terms of any mods, installed a new android head unit, Kenwood amp and some jaycar kevlar speakers. Sounds ok now. Also bought and fitted a greddy boost gauge to replace the busted apexi one i had, also fitted a grex gear knob. Tinted the led tail lights a darker red as well. Looks heaps better now. Managed to get to a track day at Sandown, it was raining all day, hail hitting the windscreen at 200+ km/h isn't fun. Best thing that happened all day was this photo And more recently i had some bodywork done. Ive never been happy with the rear quarters, it had heaps of imperfections and blemishes where the over fenders where moulded in, was also some paint bubbles forming around the quarter windows so i had it all fixed and the rear quarters and doors repainted. Haven't got any proper pics yet but these will do for now.
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    Well what a blast that was! best way to learn a new track is to start your stint in the dark with a little rain. Facts: 24 hours / 2,260 kms of racing 5 Drivers / Teddy bears 722 Laps Of QLD Raceway 690L of BP ultimate Fastest lap of the event 1:33.3711 Two Tow cars totaling 3,900 kms ( Not that it means anything as LeMons us simply about finishing. 1 set of Winmax front brake pads 2 sets of rear random brake pads 6 secondhand old tyres couple of liters of engine oil Lots of sausages, eggs and bacon 50 chicken squewers 4 slabs of water 1 Slab of coke 1 Inflatable swimming pool 1 Inflatable couch 1 spare car ... slabs of beer
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    Holy over a month since an update. I've been slack. Well, I finally hooked up my Wideband (Innovate MTX-L) and it's running great. Got more visibility on what's happening with my engine and, despite still no O2 being hooked up to the ECU yet (will be connecting MTX-L signal soon) it's still running great, and up in high boost, which it wasn't originally tuned for, it's sitting between 11.5-12 A/F R. Now to the big part. I finally pulled the trigger on some coilovers and, upon taking the advice of fellow SAU'ers, I got myself some MCA Blue's. After speaking with a few people I decided to go 10kg Front and 6kg Rear. I've got the dampers dialled in to 4 clicks (from full stiffness) front and 6 clicks rear. While chucking in the coilovers, I attacked 2 other bits that were annoying me. Firstly, after feeling a little loose in the rear, I chucked in some sub-frame lock collars. Not particularly hard to do. The second was finally chucking in a HICAS lcok bar. I just got the ebay special TAS Autosport variety but it should do the job. I can't give feedback on the setup yet as I haven't had an alignment and everything feels wayyyyy off, so I'll have to wait until it's aligned (tomorrow) to give proper feedback. What I can say is that immediately the car feels way more planted and extremely direct to inputs. It's sensitive to bumps but that's expected. When I have an alignment and the car is settled in, I'll come back here to review everything. Learning: If you're going to attack either coilovers or subframe collars, use your jack as a tool. I used the jack to raise up the wheel assembly for fitting the coilovers, as well as pushing pressure up on the sub-frame when bolting in the collars. It helped a lot in both cases.
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    Getting close. Finished the conversion of pinouts etc in a spreadsheet and in the emu software. Time to get to wiring! Also should be able to change cam gear settings easier now after milling the bracket.
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    this week's effort. Moar caterpillars. Moar yellow, trevs written all over it!
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    So, I've been a busy boy in between running a business, being an adult and shit like that. so here goes! since I last left off, I had gotten my hands on a wrecked shell and scavenged the parts I needed from it. following this, we had the chassis rail pulled straight (with no resistance) and had the rest repaired. thats when the fun started. the car has been hit on that side before, hard. this made unpicking a nightmare! But we got it done, it isn't pretty, but it's done. Painted the bay bay this week end, and now starts the assembly stage! We're getting closeeeeeeee
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    Got the white TE37's coated in Gunmetal now... White rims are a pain to keep clean.
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    Oh no. Not the Eli and Dave first date story again :-)
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    Stance requires a few things such as lowering the car this causes issues with the sump (scraping in the ground) so I have decided to stance the sump Normally stancers don't factor this in but I do
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    Still a better option than 88e
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    Boost is almost meaningless. Throw the gauge in the bin. Want more boost? Use a less effecient setup. Put a heap of shit intercooler on it, whatever. Top end, the boost between Pete's 3.2 and my 2.8 are the same. The difference? Most of it would be the head. Two car's, one with a well thought out head and one with a stocker at the same turbine speed will be reading vastly different pressures. Pressure doesn't always mean "x" flow when comparing two setups. If I could make the same power at 10 psi, I would. Your 30 psi may be reading the same turbine speed as my 23 psi for example. Thing is you don't know where the turbo is without a speed sensor.
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