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    Anybody interested in hearing this story? If you guys are interested let me know and I'll lay it all out! R34 GTT to Rb26dett AWD Conversion... got everything working!
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    Meth is a hell of a drug.
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    Graph in 2nd pic shows more power as it is "engine power" the change isn't due to changing the torque settings if that is what you are worried about
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    I'm thinking, based on the sentence construction of the OP, that you're all welcoming a spambot.
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    Hi all SAU legends. I feel like this is maybe the newbie post I should have made over 15 or so years ago. Kids are in bed and the Bundy is flowing so lets see how we go, bear with me ! I'm Ben and I've been on SAU since late 2003, had the GTR's for a long time and thought it really is time to document the cars properly. I am so slack and even went off SAU for about 5+ years travelling overseas, but reality hits and now I have two awesome little girls. I have always had something in the works but things got serious again with the cars all of a sudden a few years ago. I think it's about time for some build threads on the cars to hopefully shed some light on the work we have been doing, more so for myself to have a record of what has been done over the years. Maybe someone will find some of the stuff cool, interesting or just downright retarded sometimes ! Ok I've just turned 40 so time is becoming increasingly scarce these days to do things car wise, but I am determined to try and make the time now for all things GTR related. I've always loved cars to some degree and have had a bit of a mixed bag over the years. My first car in the 90's was a shitty Holden panel van with a 186, can't even remember what it was HR, HT, HK, anyway it was cool for about 5 seconds. Sold that for $500 and got this super awesome yellow RA40 Ceilica. Now I thought this was the shit, but found out that it too sucked. I actually started racing things like Karts, MX ect. from around 5 years old so always had the speed bug up into the teens when I could buy a car, so I thought lets go looking for "fast cars". Around 97 I think I thought turbo S13 SR20s were cool. Went to Adelaide to buy one, test drove one and somehow ended up coming back with a 92 turbo Supra. This was my revelation on turbo cars for sure. Owning a 70 series Supra was awesome, until you realised unless you had a 2JZ it too was average. Down at trade school in Melbourne around 2000 I drove some 2JZ Supra's and again was hooked. This was the cars to have I thought and I must have one. Looking high and low for something (a Toyota 2JZ in the early 2000s) that met the right price for a couple of years was difficult. Just couldn't find the car I absolutely wanted. Now being a Zoom / HPI reader at the time Martin Donnon, Mark Tilbrook and Denso ? at Tilbrook Auto and Dyno in Adelaide was always frequently featured, always pushing the early Nissan Skyline GTR development as the pinnacle of turbo performance cars. Now I was in Adelaide quite frequently for music gigs like the Big day out around that time in my life, so I thought I would pay them a visit during one of my many visits to Adelaide. Met Mark T. at the workshop in early 2000's and got properly introduced to these things that we had only seen at Bathurst on channel 7 years ago that he was working on. Well all I can say is the rest is history, as I can definitely say from that 2000ish real life exposure to these cars that had this unfamiliar 4WD layout and RB26DETT Nissan thingy in it, I was definitely a changed person. It was now my mission to obtain one of these gee tee argh things. After searching carpoint (remember that ?) and the trading post for a couple of years and dreaming I happened to have to go to Melbourne for training in around 2002. I had lost my license at the time (don't ask - short story is got DUI'ed for six months in Maccas drive thru in a Bright red Supra. Yes I know - being a total fkwit in their early 20s) and thought I'd take the opportunity to check some cool cars out. Now I was looking at all R32 GTRs at the time generally starting at about high $30k - $40k upwards back then. Went for some test drives in them (shhh!) and was pretty much sold on a black 92 R. All cars I was looking at then were pretty much R32 as R33s were still fairly recent cars and 34s were still being sold new, so they were out of the question. Seems like deal had been done, then I happened to pick up the paper in while I was in Vic. and saw this "1995 BCNR33 V-spec - 60XXXkm) for sale. Smallest little ad with bugger all detail, but with a mobile number. I thought F it I'll call this guy and see what he says. Says he's at Craigieburn and will take me for a drive in the car to see if I was interested. Sooo, I caught a train out that way and waited for a random dude to pick me up hopefully out in the middle of nowhere. Waited for like an hour, thinking great, that was a waste of time. Then to my complete amazement at this train station, a car type that I had never seen in the flesh before pulled up in front of me. Italian sort of looking dude rolls down the window in front of me and says "you Ben looking at a GTR ?", I reply "yep" and get in. The guy must have been in his 50's, and picking up this 190cm tall, skinny adolescent looking guy must have thought seriously WTF, what a waste of time. I remember the guys name was "Steve", and said he'd take me for a spin anyway. He was the importer and first owner of this car in Oz. I 100% I guess he thought he was taking some young karnt just for a joy ride, but to his credit he still followed through after what must have seemed like a complete waste of his time. He took me somewhere windy up around Whittlesea ? (I think) and then got to some straighter quiet roads. Anyway he come out of a corner onto a freeway onramp of some sorts and gave it full stick. Holy. Shit. My immediate reaction was this car wants to rips the tar straight off the road - in my mind it had that much grip and had never experienced anything like it. He must of wanted a drive because I'm sure we covered quite a few kays that day for a test drive - I dunno 100km ? Anyway he said it has been fun and went to drop me off back at the train station. As we got closer to the station I said if he knew where the closest Commonwealth bank was. He said sure and took me there probably thinking I needed cash to get home. When we arrived I went to the ATM, got $2000 cash and gave it to a total stranger for a deposit on this car. " I will be back with a bank cheque for the remaining balance in an hour" I said, "the car is sold !". Completely taken aback was this guy. A dude wearing heavy metal t shirts swinging him $2k for a deposit on a car he didn't expect to sell. I came good and gave the outstanding balance in a CBA bank cheque. I had actually been prepared for this day and already had been paying off a loan for a while for a car I yet did not have, hence so powerful was the motivation to obtain one of these cars. Next day got the car shipped with CEVA from Melbourne to Alice Springs immediately, took about 11 days. Now at that time I still don't have a license, have to stay in Melbourne to complete more training and have the car shipped to my old mans workshop. Car arrives before I get back. Said to one of his workmates we should take it for a "test drive" when it arrives without telling me. When I call up about the car arriving safely the old man replied - "yeah she's at my house safe and sound. Gee mate, she gets up to 240 pretty quick !". "Huh ? What are you talking about ? Have you driven it ?" was my confused response. (Disclamer - NT had and still has on and off open highway speed limits depending on who is in Government. It was open most of 1990 - 2014). Pretty much sums up the story of my first GTR purchase and the beginning of a life long love / hate relationship with them. I wish I had some older photos but this is how this January 1995 BCNR33 with currently 82000km sits after owning her for around 16 - 17 years. As far as cars go I'm not sure I could put a price on her, or ever in my lifetime contemplate separation. Maybe when I'm very, very old she'll go. The sentimental value, length of time of ownership, condition of it ect. means the car is with me for a while yet.... I will also be starting build threads on my two 32 GTRs soon, although they command nowhere near the same attachment as this car. Well that's about it for tonight, more info soon. To be continued.....
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    that video was 1:25 too long... god drag racing is f**king boring... at least the guy had Bollywood movie playing in the console for some real entertainment.
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    RB30 + 9180 + Sequential 955bhp ... must be engine hp as he has 1000cc injectors and one pump so that implies 98 fuel... surely not atw right? Goes hard but doesn't seem to be that much faster than mine These guys do some silly stuff on public roads
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    And you could bolt all three of them together and you’d still make less power then the rb26
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    Yeah, so, facepalm moment, it was the dashboard camera which had filled up its SD card. Now I know it makes noises.
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    Howdy from over the pond in England. Currently have a 200sx s14a with a z33 box, running a rather lowly 266whp, currently upgrading the front r33 brakes to the evo 350mm bad boys.
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    Almost done! Was going to be ready yesterday but a few delays means next week some time. Very happy with how it’s all come together. The boys at Powertune have done an awesome job of putting this together.
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    well a common problem these days is the nitrogen cannister loosing pressuring requiring the attessa pump to run continuously which may mean the actuator is not fully engaging. anyway, I don't actually know how fixed the standard system was designed to be. SInce you were on a 4wd dyno, did they mention the concern because other cars they have run on it were noticably more consistent? Other than actuation issues (you would expect the computer to want max front torque on a dyno because it is 100% wheel slip), they are basically an auto trans inside with wet clutches so it is possible there is a mechanical issue in the transfer case too like worn clutches. I'd have to say that if my street car had 4wd varying by 10% in extreme conditions personally I wouldnt lose a moment's sleep. Different in a race car or if you genuinely need a perfect 4wd system for regular snow driving or something,
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    The advice is to not put it on the spreadsheet. To recap, don't put the non existant item that won't help anyway into the spreadsheet.
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    That makes no sense. Why would you care about cold start emissions specifically but not the fact that your emissions compliance is completely out the window (both legally and in material effect of what's flowing out the exhaust) as soon as you modify? Authorities and OEMs make a big deal of cold start emissions, but in the context of how much it contributes to the total emissions emitted by your car, it's only a really short fraction of the operating time. Worrying about it and not worrying about the rest of the operation is fuzzy logic. Also makes no sense. It's like saying "I was born with 3 legs and no dick so I'll just stay that way".
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    Not sure if anyone still looks in here but I've another 31, after one and a half year build.
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    its a done deal I ordered one from kuda. thanks for the help
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    Big change. A radiator air guide thingamagig does wonders for cleaning up the front and hiding the thermos and stuff, I'm dubious if it actually helps with cooling though. Plus it's a good work station for tools and stuff.
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    Looks way better do you have surge tank setup?
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    I could be wrong but i'd believe so. 99% sure thats wound back. Unless you have the original import papers that tell you the kms at auction then its hard to know. You can pay for the ODO check though. its about $90usd for the full one and they supply import papers. Also reset your ECU (disconnect battery for 30 mins) then plug it back in and drive like a grandma for like 20-30km. Worked wonders for my v36 economy.
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    Overr the christmas holidays I decided to get stuck in and work on the car. Started off with reinstalling the bonnet & mocking up the front bar. Installed a big spec Cusco Swaybar setup. I was really pedantic on making sure its completely equal each side, so measured off the chassis rails until it was exact (a step most people miss for the front which can be done wrong very easily). Swaybar was installed with the wheels loaded on the ground, and all new OEM endlinks & endlink bushes. Next step was to sort out the interior, so I worked on running all the sensors for the DEFI gauge & the positive battery cable to the boot. Aligned everything real nice & it was back to looking like it'd never been taken out. The engine bay is really starting to come together, the next step is to get the car towed to TRP for another don mega fuel system, then get it wired & Emtron'ed...I'd like to think I'm only a few months away from having the badger up & running.....
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    Not sure why you would say that. To pressure test the inlet tract you should probably google up a guide - it has been discussed here bazzillions of times. You basically just need to access the inlet of the turbo (and some bits and pieces). The diagram you were shown, shows all the pipe and shit that could participate in a vacuum/boost leak. I've circled the BOV for you cheers
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    Somewhere between "I won't bother cleaning it, I'll do it another time" and "I may as well give it a quick clean" I took a wrong turn... 4 hours hunched over the parts washer with bloodied, cut up, and bruised hands I ended up with some pretty bloody clean front suspension! It was all done with a scouring pad and elbow grease. Not really progress and bloody hard work but had to be done! Doing little things like this will hopefully keep me ticking things over so when the bug bites again there are no major obstacles. Spent more time on shed modifications this week than working on the car. Too much junk in my shed so adding a new section to make more room. Maybe room for another project.... Maybe.
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    I concur with the call for a larger turbo. If wanting cheap(ish, er), then the smaller one off a Barra would be fine - whatever that one is. Otherwise, certainly larger than 3076, as it will be quite limiting, even with E85. Nistune will do the job fine - but as you will really need to upgrade to an R35 AFM to make use of it.....you might as well spend just a little more for a Haltech or similar.
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    Get a GTX3576R, you've got a 3.0L Walbro 460 or 525 Haltech Elite 750 https://www.haltech.com/overview-elite-750/
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    R34 Gtr Fibreglass Rear Bumper Diffuser Add On SOLD
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    Backwards I can live with, upside down not so good!
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    Not sure who else can do it, but Nissan most certainly can do it - they are lying. And they hate imports.
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    G'day Mate, I installed the Z1 Urethane Transmission Mount about 2 years ago, in my opinion it was a worthwhile mod. The trans does move around a bit on those hard launches & 1-2, 2-3 changes. It totally solved that. I also did the rear cradle bushes (whiteline Urethane) & also the Diff Bush (again Whiteline Urethane). They were done around 3 years ago & again imo a worthwhile upgrade. The NVH has gone up quite a bit, though for me that's not a problem. I would describe it as a bit of road rumble & you can feel the drive line when accelerating etc. Its really not that bad though. Some folks are really funny about that sort of thing, so it appears to be a bit of a personal preference. Basically, every suspension component you change will add a degree of NVH. The Factory package is pretty good to be honest, apart from just general mushiness, considering how well it handles stock & how well it isolates. Cheers Mate.
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    Might have a split in the diaphragm. Actuators/gates only really want positive pressure. You have picked up actuator feed after throttle, giving it boost and vacuum. Picking up before throttle generally eliminates vacuum. Feeding an actuator vacuum will try and pull the diaphragm in it the wrong way when throttle is closed, sometimes damaging or jamming them. Boost gauge, Fuel reg and bov want boost and vacuum (after throttle), Wastegates and boost solenoids use boost only (before throttle). This is the way the factory does it for a reason. As above need to check that your actuator works with a regulated air compressor to confirm it actually operates at all first.
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    Am having same issue and is effecting my ocd. Thanks for fixing in advance @PranK
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    Pretty much. are you going to use a power fc and nismo injectors?
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    Thanks guys. turns out I don't need to worry about most of the connectors and the main one is a standard Clarion type
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    No, we're resolutely old school. Apps suck. Mobile version of the website works. Otherwise, G'day back at ya.
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    I presume this is a r34 gtt so sounds like a faulty instrument cluster. The mileage is stored in an eprom which is non volatile memory, so a dead battery would not cause this.
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    Definitely do not remove needles and dial faces. You must remove all the screws on the circuit board including the ones holding the gauges and it should lift off the back of the cluster. You can disassemble it like in the picture but I found it was not necessary to remove the front covers on both the GTT and GTR clusters.
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    screen on that is GVIF if you want to fiddle with digital only formats. sony CXB1458 is the driver for it. (I'm still playing with interfacing just not this anymore.)
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    Looks to be a tiny, tiny air leak. Seems to be small enough that it wasn't picked up initially but after eliminating everything (several times) it was narrowed down to the reservoir as we replaced it with a dummy one which fixed the issue.
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    Well I have been massively held up by suppliers - mine should have been ready 6 months ago - but its gone around in circles and frankly hasn't been a good experience. No point dwelling on that though. That said - things are FINALLY coming together and so I hope to have mine going sometime in early/mid Feb. There is still a bit to do. It will be 3.2L Nitto, 8474 / 1.05, Kelford 272 10.8mm/Beehives/Ti Retainers , Light head work with 1mm oversize valves, Dry Sump. (the old motor was 3.0L, 8374 / 1.05 (previously 0.92 IWG), HKS 264 10mm, 9L Wet sump with various breathing mods etc.) Don't expect more than 530-550kW at hubs at 25psi - but hoping for strong delivery from 3500 through to 7500rpm. May need a cam change to help - we will see. And I guess we are going to see what eMAP we get. I'm hopeful it will remain under 1.5:1 and I'll be happy with that. Please, could you all take moment to close your eyes and think happy thoughts for my Syncro PPG gearset.
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    I almost made that mistake at Sandown once. The only thing that stopped me from flinging open the bonnet, which would have sent in a massive burst of fresh oxygen and flared up the flames, was a secondary bonnet strap I forgot I had on there. So I poked the fire extinguisher through the gap towards the exhaust manifold and let her rip.. luckily the fire extinguisher did its job. It does make you wonder if the minimum required 1kg extinguisher is enough for bigger fires, but very thankful I had one ready to go! Secondary bonnet strap is a good thing.
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    Yes, I have a "Bokka" 100 cell cat. The Bokka and Kenobi look exactly the same so go with either. Ran a de-cat front pipe prior to that but I (and the wife) hated the smell from the exhaust. No stinky exhaust, no restriction, no whingy wife = win
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    I cut the small wastegate pipe off and put a 2inch screamer pipe on. Boost never creeped after that
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