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    Finally did the 2.7ohm resistor airbag light thing. Took about half hour, was pretty easy. Had a small oil leak, turns out oil was coming out the dip stick. Apparently wasn't breathing enough, so got the catch can plumbed in. Haven''t had the chance to get proper shots done, but just a couple from a few weekends ago.
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    Yeah I would say 10% solid short shifter as the stick is black, not the 25% quick shift as yes the stick is chrome on the quick shift. FYI there is absolutely no difference of noise or vibration when using the quick shift that I can detect. Just buy one. Sounds like you want one and the solid short shifter is only a little bit more expensive than a stock shifter.
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    Thanks too all for the advice. Seller has decided to hold on to the car so back to searching
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    Thank you so much for your reply! It definitely does help because now i know what to do. New head unit it is ☺️
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    Thats a really nice colour! Car looks great!
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    Check the connections to the fuel pump...listen and see if you can hear it trying to work next time it happens.
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    Guys!! Good news! Got the car started and running. Had to hook in a new relay for the bosh external fuel pump and change spark plugs. Man am I happy. Car runs great. 20190518_121921.mp4
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    Budget is not a consideration. Anyone who owns an R32 GTR has already committed to spending the purchase price again every 2 years.
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    If you're considering security, think about physical items for you home/shed too. Think bollards, gates, cameras. Also chaining your car down as well as making it difficult to get out of the driveway. As a minimum, your car needs a good immobiliser/alarm and a kill switch. GPS tracking is also a good idea.
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    Hi guys. Heads up. Give Bundoora VicRoads a wide birth as today I was knocked back. After supplying all the correct and complete paper work was told that because the car was complied in 2002 in Australia club reg was available to me in 2027. I said the car is 25 years old but no. She had spoken with her manager and confirmed this. In my head I'm like FTS. Trust me I know what you thinking. I'm old enough now to know when to shut my mouth. So of to Broadmeadows I go. Guess what. Bingo all good paid and done. If you encounter Andrea from Bundoora just turn around and walk out. Hope this helps some People. By the way she/he had testicles.👍
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