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    This is where the cost of a Tax accountant that knows what they are doing outweighs the costs FYI $300/h
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    Might as well start using 'Canadian' standards
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    Small update.... ITS RUNNING. Fired first go! Smells like burnt dust apparently .
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    Nismo Omori S1 Complete Motor & ECU *RARE* Up for sale is the RARE NISMO OMORI S1 RB26DETT COMPLETE ENGINE for R34 GTR. It doesn't get any rarer then this. The S1 engines were built by Nismo Omori Factory with 400bhp 450nm for increased power and torque across the rev range, giving a useable boost in those areas with less stress on the engine. It's a true 'street performance upgrade' for GT-Rs. A rare collector’s item for any Nismo fan. You know who you are Comes complete with Nismo Omori S1 Motor and ECU. Straight drop in package. Location: Sydney Price: $22,000 PM me for further details.
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    Updates! Car has completed its run-in tune but had more hiccups. Was hoping the Walbro 460Lph pump could operate with the standard FPCM wiring but unfortunately was unable to provide enough fuel pressure at high-revs. Unfortunately the power tune had to be stopped & will be retuned once my 1000km run-in is complete. Managed to half-attempt a 270kw @ 10psi with failing fuel pressure on e85. However signs are pointing to much more once fuel pump re-wired. So far, a lot more torque and power downlow in comparison to my old rb20 setup which was running 20psi So the next few weeks will be racking up 1000km and visiting Unitied for some sweet e85 juice. No boost & no revs beyond 4000rpm until the run-in is complete
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    Hi guys haven't been on for ages. N just realized what i really got my self into so almost 3 weeks down a lifetime ahead. Its a boy [emoji128]
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    Some fantastic work done by Havoc Fabrication, their attention to detail, care and professionalism is above all else. Thanks to their workshop for tackling this mammoth of a job. Custom stainless steel intercooler piping with zero holes cut Custom stainless steel intake pipe from z32 airbox Custom stainless steel dump & front pipe with another cheeky o2 bung for wideband sensor/tuning A couple of wiring gremlins to sort out last minute but the car is ready for run-in tuning this Monday
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    I suppose, at the very least, something can be taken away from these frankenfails. So having GTX 63 mm wheels jammed into a place that they don't belong netted a result that was lazier by far then the original 2510's and made no more power than a 2859 (-9) with its smaller front fan and much larger rear end. The 2510's in original form never seem to match the -9's. Bigger front, smaller rear. A 2510 has a 2530 compressor with a much smaller ass end yet doesn't make the power of a GT SS/-9. What's the bloody point? 2540's which are a 76.2 major/51.7 minor compressor side being driven by a typical "GT25" hotside has always been a nugget. Big front, small rear. GT RS's were a 71.1 major/51.2 minor driven by a GT 25 hotside. We all know they suck. Big front, small rear. Jamming these higher flowing "billet" compressors in with no fooks given to the turbine side seems rather strange. These GTX wheels are designed around a compressor cover which looks nothing like the compact "GTR style" that they get machined into. What do they flow in those housings? Who the hell would know, but there is a common trend that the GTX wheels in stock style housings NEVER perform as well as when they're left in they're original home! Take the 2530 which for a long time was considered the "holy grail" of low mounts. Maybe because the compressor is matched to the turbine. Air IN AND OUT! How can you expect an engine to perform with a cork up its ass and the mentality of "but the compressor map said so". Voodoo's results (sorry mate) are a perfect example of this. If this was the case then we would all be running around with promod 88 mm front wheels being driven by stock sized turbine wheels "for responds" A GTX 60 mm wheel in its natural habitat flows 42 ish lb/min flat stick (who knows what it does in the compact housings but it won't be 42). That's 6 more than a -5's but still has to get out the same hole. 63's and 67's make the issue worse. It's like trying to empty a bathtub with just the plug pulled but being filled up with a fire fighters hose. Until Garrett do something with the hotside, it's the same stupid shit HKS tried years ago. Too much looking at what the compressor can do without any consideration to how it gets out!!!!! I attatched this before but I'll attatch it again. Look at the front to rear combinations and think what combo's work. It ISNT big front/peanut rear's.
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    Don't feel bad. You tried something and you reported back honest results. Much respect from me. I try to do the same but this place can be hostile sometimes lol Hopefully you recover as much of the outlay as possible and onto something better (if this result can't be improved to your satisfaction).
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    I know which is more likely to gush oil out of it....
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    Hello thanks for letting me in to the group Im Matt. Been building car for a while. Most recently I have been doing the Rally thing with a 1984 Nissan Bluebird. Full CA18DET (160KW at the wheels) anda full Group A body kit. (Photo Attached) The car now lives in SA. Im now setting out on the most ambitious build Ive ever dreamt up. A Nissan Bluebird withe a RB26DETT and 4wd. I will start a build thread - I know of a couple of RWD RB powered Bluebirds but I don't think anyone has gone full GTR on the light weight chassis. My goal is Track days, hill climb and WTAC if they will have me. Thanks for reading. Matt
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    Replaced the igniter,and everything is cherry! Thank you so much fellas. Life savers ✌🏽 /Thread
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    At the wheel? Or at the hoof?
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    I spoke to Paul today, he said his ECU is going in today and he sent me this pic.. not long to go!
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    IT FINALLY HAPPENED! A SUCCESSFUL DYNO! Big shout out to Johnny (Dosepipe) for the tune and extra time after hours helping me with the car. Although not a perfect run (the wastegate wouldn't hold boost and would taper down to a mere 14psi) we made 230rwkw. Slightly below my goal of 250rwkw, but considering it was done on such low boost without very aggressive timing at all, I'm very happy. To be honest at this stage I'm just stoked to have a car that actually runs nice! I'm going to enjoy the car for a couple months now and just tinker with aesthetics and touch ups. Big ticket will be new wheels, but then it's just headlight polishing, new trims, etc etc. After a couple of months I'll attack the actuator and at the same time likely switch to an E85 flex tune as it wouldn't be much work to do it and get some easy power. I also fixed my LED issue (thanks Duncan, it was indeed just polarity) and dummy installed my wideband (no sensor bunged in yet) while I had the dash apart. Extremely happy with where I'm at I'll keep the updates coming as I progress.
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    Sau 24 hour lemons road trip So us fat bloke have entered the 24 hour race in queensland 23 September I think this is a proper 24 hour day night event if anyone knows someone from a fuel company hook us up the beast Rb25na power the drivers brian team leader The fatz The Mexican (halaltech hater) piss bin (possibly the only f**ker who can drive) and rhys Anyway come along for the ride through this thread
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    Your nudes got out? Link? [emoji12]
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    New from New Zealand Hey team new guy from acros the ditch (but planning to head over to VIC for a while to start business which will definitely help SAU members) and thought I'd do an intro. This is my first Skyline.. There are 4 in NZ and this is the only one in North Island (all as far as I'm aware). It's a 2000GT with L20 and 5 speed. I have an L28 with a blown bottom end that I need to fix up and install but for now it's just as it is. Been in hibernation over winter but I'll be looking to get it out and get wrenching on it again soon. It's pretty good for business advertising too I know there are a fair few in Aus now, any in this group?
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    Also it's an RB20 so having the engine move due to torque shouldn't be an issue haha
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    Can confirm, that is a rust front pipe.
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    I'll have answers, and if I don't know I'll just make stuff up
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    Did somebody say Canadian air?
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    Perfectly fine mate, almost ready to go again (didn't know the engine had a problem) 🙄. The Nismo donks still run cast pistons (atleast to my knowledge). What is so good about them? What exactly are you paying these horrendous prices for? If not stroking, jam a good condition stocker in it and go again. Nismo stuff, (bar a few items... diffs and clutches) generally is merely warmed up stock/basic stuff with a crazy price tag. No if, buts or maybe's about it.
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    Get the car back, sell it and buy a GTT. What you are about to do is going to be a big big mistake.
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    Japfest 2017 in Poland!
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    Wait.... What?! Only 1 box? 😮
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    Not worth it, the piping you think is causing a problem isn't what's causing the problem. The crossover setup can and does work fine up to truly stupid power levels (think 30,000 dollar engine build levels) The only reason you'd change it is for looks, and if you're the kind that is into engine builds that sit around with the bonnet open instead of driving it with the bonnet closed then I'm out of ideas
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    @Nismo 3.2ish After sending 40 HD pictures to RACV, They have agreed to insure my car at 100k.
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    crazy weather has started, keep safe everyone, especially the cars. trev & corey, hope it won't get too crazy down there.
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    Finally, some movement. A large chunk of the wiring side is done. With any luck, it should fire up Friday or early next week. Once fired it's just the tune to go!
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    And NOS? Two of the big ones?
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    Snapped this one a few weeks back
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    Dad is a electrical engineer and ended up doing computer programing converting all the gas turbine and power generation from analouge to digital to harness the information. Watched him build a boat out on the patio doing all the solid geometry 3rd angle projection [/img]and patterns bending and shaping the wood when I was a boy. He got me into the Nissan's when they were racing the hr31 gtsr and the gt-r took over in 1990.for Jim Richards to win the championship.Was all ford's up till then. Cams put 200kg on the 32 and limited them to 1.3bar when the coswoth Sierra was running 2.8bar. Nissan ran a huge motor sport program in the 80's early 90's in Australia. Exa series bluebirds George fury etc. Fred Gibson motor sport wanted to run in Japan at Fuji and Suzuka but Nissan said no.we do not want to be embarrassed. Rwd switch off the line so wouldn't snap half shafts. 1 4wd setting for dry and 1 setting for wet. The fastest gt-r s in the world from Australia. Skaife and Richards recond up to 700'hp on full boost.
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    lol. cmon though, brand new v8 TD LC79 isnt exactly a shitter though, im kinda proud of my new daily it had 400km on it when i dunked it up to the bonnet in salt water hahaha
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    Even has a flashy mounting bracket made for it! Where are you going to put all the extra boxes then?
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    R34 Owner from UK saying Hi! Hello! How do? This forum has been an absolute gem in terms of information and knowledge, I thought about time I signed up! I've got an R34 GT-T, It's auto converted to manual and runs the following mods: Nismo Factory Body Kit, HKS Air Intake, HKS Hi-Power Exhaust, Mishimoto Alloy Rad, Greddy Intercooler, Nistune ECU, gizzmo boost controller, Stock turbo at 0.84bar (12-13psi) YellowSpeed 6 pot Brakes with 356mm two piece rotors, Rota 18'' Wheels, BC Racing coilovers, Bridgestone RE003 Tyres, Dyno results were (perhaps optimistic) 357bhp (266kW) I've had it over a year and still loving it.
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    No pictures for today but a bit of an update. Following that weird stalling issue from last week, it sort of started again today but I noticed it after I gave it a few blips and put the clutch back in because there was some horrendous traffic in the Blue Mountains earlier today so I came home, ripped out the fuel pump and cleaned it all up, redid some of the pump wiring and cleaned the filter on the pump which was quite black. While I had everything out of the boot, I thought I would get rid of the HICAS dash light using @Dose Pipe Sutututu's guide (Thank you Johnny!) then put everything back together and cleaned it up. I'll be pulling the turbo off within the next few weeks and sending it to Tao to get CBB installed then book it for a retune at JEM
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