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    Looks more like an orangutan got at it with wire cutters and a soldering iron
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    🤣 Spcialy prank your reply was very interesding and funny 😂😂😂😂😂
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    I'll happily send a container full of parts, if you send me a container full of money, haha. Parts here are EXPENSIVE! I was told that Skylines were pricey but, wow, I didn't expect to be paying $430 for a window motor and $150 for a single trunk support shock. I had to get at least one stereotypical cherry blossom photo shoot in. The train zooming past in the background was a bonus. :-).
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    I want to keep both my cars but having them, plus work vehicle plus partners car makes finding a house for it all difficult and/or expensive. I'm not wanting to think about selling either of them but paying rego for the pulsar is depressing every year. I would let it lapse but it would never get roadworthy to be registered again. If it ever becomes eligible for club reg, doubt it would pass that either. I don't want to have to trailer it everywhere so means I gotta pay the price. With V12 centuries being eligible to be imported soon... It's super tempting to upgrade from the Gloria (as the century was always the dream but not possible). But it would be another project, even more $$$ plus V12 maintenance. I'm sure once they come down in price as they get older in Japan, there will be many floating around in Aus and lose their appeal a bit. But yeah, f**k cars. Should have just collected stamps.
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    This is a consult port This is a consult cable Buy a cable and you don't need hope, you don't need to remove the piston through the sump, just plug it in and start diagnosis like a real human.
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    Stock catback exhaust for C34 Nissan Stagea series 2 with upturned pipes. $100
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    Crank that boost man. Report back findings.
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    So this took a lot of stuffing around, but I reckon it was worth the effort
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    How many blokes do you know with EFR's?Paul? His car runs 👀
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