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    I would recommend: 1. Take photos of it with an inch of dust on everything. 2. Repair it back to as stock as you can make it. 3. Call it a survivor car. 4. Profit.
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    As soon as nistune gets a hand controller their sales will really take off.
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    The people behind gtr-registry are the real heroes. Their work is quite incredible.
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    I'd get a second opinion on that, doesn't sound right to me. If your switch works [test with a multimeter] and your motor works like ADMS15 suggests then its not been 'wired to suit a dodgey switch'.
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    Thank fk Timmy didn't get them. They would find themselves in VCAT for sure.
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    Hi all, Long time JDM fan first time Skyline owner. I recently picked up a R33 GTS-T. I was told is was M-Spec? It is stock as except Exhaust so I am happy with that. The goods: - 130, xxx KMS - Interior in good condition - Drives good The bads: - It has some mechanical issues at the moment - seems when under load acceleration just drops. ;/ I can see some threads regarding this so it looks common. Recently replaced spark plus and oxygen sensor, this helped it out but occasionally still occurs, I think the next step would be air flow meter? - Paint is trash, thinking of getting it resprayed soon. Do you think these rust spots are bad? Should it done sooner then later? (see pics) - Don't like the wheels (up for suggestions or a link to a thread that has plenty of ideas ) Thanks!
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    Old bent subframe out. New subframe in, with something a bit heavy ;)
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    Daily driving an R32 is definitely doable but not recommended. They are not a comfortable car and use a lot of fuel.
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