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    She's alive again, feels much better low down and spools up early... Love this idle..
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    Hi im from Japan I like Australia alot and also Automobile. I hope to share things in Japan here. Thank you よろしくお願いいたします
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    That should cover all of them mate, Good Luck
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    Thank you. Since I am living in Tokyo. CurrentlyI dont have a car. But near fututre i wil buy one because Im going to shift to country side.
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    I wouldn't get a retune to "fix" it running rich. Blow $1200 for no reason to be honest. Also it may be tuned rich for a reason, generally with thise high flow turbos, the rear housings are small (because they're OEM) and you often have heaps of exhaust back pressure as you can Only get so much air out versus in due to the upgraded compressor wheels. Now if you were to have a ruler flat instagrammable AFR reading you might find your car will knock or have sky high EGTs due to the low timing. So to combat this, tuners or mechanics turned tuners dump in heaps of fuel to combat knock. Anyhow if you feel like getting it "re-tuned" I suggest you reset the PowerFC so they at least have to copy and paste another tune on and touch it up.
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    Thanks David! Can you please help me understand how you determined this?
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    The importer who put that sticker on the car is a fu(king moron.
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    Yeah man that's it. If the turbo fails within 12 months you get a free replacement and If it lives for over a year that's money well spent. Also when I received the turbo, it had some sort of clear coat sprayed all over it (including the rear turbine). The car slightly smoked for a few mins from the engine bay and and exhaust until it all burnt off after a quick drive. Before I went for the drive, I messaged the ebay seller about the startup smoke just to see what they would say and here's the response, they'd rather send you a new one for 50 instead of having to return and rebuild it lol.
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    The EVTC activates at 2.5volt output from the MAF sensor. You can control the activation point by manipulating the MAF signal. Don’t forget to fix the fueling if you do. Also the trans shift timing will be affected with any modification of MAF output. Matt
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    So an interesting idea that we saw on the TEPS M35 site before it went down was to install a spacer to slightly increase the length of the runners. The thought being that it may improve low-mid range torque without sacrificing top end power. Whilst they installed a 20mm spacer, I went for a 17mm spacer for two reasons: 1. I was concerned to read that the owner had to close his bonnet very carefully due to the increased height and 2. My mate made his V35 plenum spacer from 17mm aluminium, so it was convenient to try with the remains of that sheet (if poor results, little was lost) First things first was to get a gasket. Unfortunately, the only engines that use this gasket are the vq25det and the vq23de. Once received, it was then given to have the shape cut, drilled and cleaned up to make the spacer. Next up, I ripped the intake off from the BOV pipe to the base of the plenum (no pics of dismantling) until this is all I was left with Next up, install the two extension plates to the existing brackets: Transmission filler tube (the bright aluminium plate at the back of the engine) and the fuels pressure regulator bracket (shown with plenum in place) Next, I needed to get the appropriate length high tensile bolts and studs (settled in grub screws - makes it much easier). Needed to re-drill the holes/slit so they could slide neatly in which was no prob Screwed the grub screws in where the studs were previously and placed the spacer on the existing gasket which was in excellent condition (pic from passenger side) Then on goes the gasket and (carefully) the plenum with the three long bolts in the top, the smaller bolt in the lower hole of the plenum and the nuts that were on the original studs screwed onto the two grub screws. All bolts and nuts were tightened to 19nm. Now just to put it back together again. Plug the Throttle Body plug in if you have not already done so and screw in the extension brackets (had to push the transmission filler tube ~5mm to the side to line up with the hole. No problem during or since) Reconnect these 5 hoses to the plenum and the bov pipe to the intercooler pipe and the throttle body. Then the BOV return pipe Support bracket and plug in the 2 hoses and 2 plugs Then put this bracket with the 3 plugs back on. Damn fiddly bolts. Lastly, I flipped the plastic tube that goes across the front of the engine so that there was less stress on it due to the increase in height. End result, a noticeably higher sitting plenum, but with plenty of space for the bonnet to close. Issues! #1 The 1st issue in the design was that the holes were too small for the bolts with was easily remedied. #3 Slightly slower to power through the rev range #2 Fuel economy and idle issues. Once the spacer was installed, both were stuffed. Warm idle was 1000-1100rpm (cold was ~1800rpm!), thus the economy died due to excessive revs when idling and an overly rich mixture when accelerating. ***This was put down to my throttle body. I have since installed another one and my idle is a steady 600rpm when warm and 1000rpm when cold*** Benefits #1 Increase in torque. Whilst it isn't a massive increase, it is noticeable... especially off boost . #2 Noticeably cooler engine bay.... I guess due to more space for the air to get in a circulate around the plenum #3 Hold gear much better now. No more gear change with a slight wiggle on the accelerator when cruising. I light press will have the car increasing speed in 5th... even if you are in "D"... or course it will still erupt if you stomp on the accelerator #4 Relevant to anyone else, I dunno... but my car is now like a cop in shit between 3400-4600rpm. Absolute joy in this rev range (quite the surprise initially) #5 Boost comes on a little earlier.... roughly 200rpm, not much but it is earlier. #6 Better economy whilst cruising due to no kick-down with little movements of the foot or slight inclines So all up, pretty happy with it. No real complaints. The car is a bit more predictable in the way the power comes on and it is a bit nicer on the fuel through the hills and cruising due to holding the higher gears for longer... although still controlled by the right foot. Also nice to have steady (if a bit slow) acceleration off boost. It IS actually usefull in some circumstances Anyway, just thought I would share.
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