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    Got the IC7 in today. But still waiting on my fuel level sensor to be installed
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    Made a couple of changes to the car in preparation for Red centre nats 2020 Motorkhana. Ditched the Advan V103 275/35R18 for some Advan AD08R 265/35R18. Front camber reset to -1.5 and rear to -1.0. Midori Seibi red digital G sensor installed to replace existing analogue unit. New radiator clutch fan installed. Removed Splitfire coilpacks and went back to genuine new Nissan RB26 coilpacks with fresh NGK BCPR7EIX plugs gapped to 0.8mm. Full rebleed of Active LSD and ATTESA system. Finally a slight retuning on the Power FC, settling on 1.35bar Must've worked out, car feels great. First competition for the 33 in nearly 3 years.
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    The worst thing about buying a 370z is that you have to tell your parents you're gay. I'd keep the R33, install an external waste gate and do a driveway burnout to celebrate.
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    Hey everyone! My name is Dimitri and I'm in Toyohashi, (Aichi pref.) Japan, but originally form Adelaide. I've been ducked in time to time to lurk around SAU, but hopefully will have a few projects of my own kicking off soon. A few months ago, I picked up an M35 Stagea VQ25DET, as a stock daily, with the aim of gradually building it up as a camera rig car. I shoot cars for a living, so I've always been keen on rigging up a decent tracking car that'll keep up with whatever I'm shooting on the occasional circuit day. If anyone has done a camera-car project, any advice/ideas would be awesome to hear. I'm also now on the hunt for an R34 GTt, which is proving interesting over here with the cheaper specimens getting snapped up quickly and prices are inching up. Anyway, if you want to talk photography, video or Japan in general, hit me up. Cheers!
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    Well it turns out I stop working away and somehow forget about this page... Unfortunately working FIFO interstate and COVID hitting basically meant I lost my job very early on in all this (March...) We were stood down indefinitely without pay whilst I guess everyone saw how bad this would eventually get and when it appeared as though W.A wasn't opening their borders any time soon they made quite a few of us redundant, i was in the first round, not too bad in the end consider i only did 1.5 swings with this mob... So I spent the first 2 months doing a heap around the house trying not to spend money, wasn't too bad at first but after 5 or 6 weeks things were getting done and the jobs left on the list required I spend money... I began also looking for work but that was extremely difficult obviously, I tried start my own little welding business out of my shed which brought in a little work but certainly not enough to survive on... I then got a call from a mate who runs a performance car workshop here in Adelaide offering me a bit of welding work (these guys built the Integrated Motorsport R34 GTR time attack car) as well as a few other well known cars, so even though I wasn't going to be working directly on those cars I thought how good an opportunity to be surrounded by all these awesome cars at work... This kept me quite busy for a while but has died off a little in the last month or so... In the meantime I was able to get my shed mostly finished but have held off on the hoist until i get some more regular work coming in and I know the cash-flow is back, I will then look to bitumen the driveway too. Enough dribble, here's a few pics...
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    Update time.. engine is built and mounted. GTR rods, ARP bolts, stock pistons, new rings, honed, all surfaces machined and new OEM gaskets. Turbo is a gt 3576r wonder if it'll be too big for this thing? Engine is now dry dumped and 1000cc injectors now fitted, powerfc ecu is in a box on the bench.
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    Dash is complete, very happy with the result
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    Very close now, just got to go over final touches with the dash and it’s done. I’ll post photos once it’s complete. This is the bay
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    For those interested here's my Evo 9 and 7670 1.05 result. Alternator was getting sad so we capped it at that for now. Turbo speed is 126K out of 140k so there's still a bit left in the tank. We also capped torque at 670nm to keep my gearbox happy. My tuner believes there's probably around 420kw & 700+nm of torque in it on full send mode.
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    Car will be going to SR autobodies in UK before the end of the year for complete refresh on the chassis, subframes, nuts and bolts etc...
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    Shell was glass blasted and primed and undercoated this week, nothing held back, there was no repairs done on the shell previously, as with blasting, it's back to bare metal. Turrets are original and very clean. Overall for a 25 Yr old car, it's pretty solid.
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    Some how I missed that the box didn’t come with a speedo drive, jumped onto kudos website and a bit of money later have a brand new then put the transfer on the box and buttoned everything up and now the box is ready to go in the car
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    gearbox arrived 😁😁😁😎😎😎😍😍😍
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    Hello everyone, My name is Duke. I've been a lurker here for quite some time. SAU has been a very good source of information to assist me in all things Skyline related. I bought a non-running, R32 GTR (KH2) in November 2019 that had a lot of parts removed from it. Came with Nissan Maxima wheels and front seats 😂 And since then I've been trying to purchase all the missing parts, whether that be OEM replacements or aftermarket. I have purchased a majority of the parts needed. And am hoping to get her back on the road soon🤞 I look forward to meeting other Skyline enthusiasts around the NY Tri-state area. Would be great to go cruise and check out some meets with other Skyline owners🙏 Here's some pictures of her:
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    The foxtel coverage was great, did a slowmo yesterday that was cool. Yep overcooked it over taking a slow car and got on the power but had more grip than I thought. Weekend wrap........ That was EPIC Started off Saturday just working up to a comfortable pace and ended up with a 1:31.4. Lost a bit of brake pedal feel by the end of the 3rd session. Did a bolt check, bleed brakes and scuffed the brake pads at the end of the day. Todays first session car felt good and brakes were so much better did another 1:31.4 but car was breaking down under so pulled the spark plugs, gapped a new set down to. 6mm and drained the rad overflow back into the radiator. Was pretty confident as hadn't pushed hard yet. 5th and last session I knew I had a fair bit left in it so went hard and got a 1:28.936 which left me 2nd outright behind Paul Morris in the CAMARO. Car pulled like a freight train on the straights and brakes were really good. Car is in one piece but I think may have finally hurt the motor, blowing a bit of smoke and losing oil pressure. Learnt heaps and had so much fun. Will look at the car after Targa Great Barrier Reef next weekend. A few pics of the weekend
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    This is the inspiration for my build. Garage Bomber gtr. This thing made 760hp at the wheels in 1999 and ran 9.77@145mph. I still think its one of the best finished gtrs.
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    Not to shit on the OP, but it's a shame to see time, money and resources spent on a 33. <runs for cover>
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    Being a whale in the Antarctic must also suck to some extent, so screw them.
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    I agree, I didn't mean get an accumulator and youre sorted - but it is a wonderfully affordable way of giving things a chance, they do work. End of the day, I think its crazy people are willing to drop $1500+ on a billet surge tank and 5 fuel pumps to protect from fuel surge, but not see the value of $500-$1000 to protect from oil surge 🤷‍♂️
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    Yes turbos have come a long way since the old tech T3's and T4's. I was in disbelief at the dyno seeing the result. Super happy with it. Thanks very much.. here's a more recent pic The turbo manifold & dump pipe were made by Dan @ Go Pipes and the aluminium intercooler pipes, turbo inlet & BOV return pipes by Silke Fabrications.
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    I would go to a R32 ECU with a Nistune if you want to do a small upgrade, get proper boost control & flex. Moving to a GameboyFC is just going sideways.
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    Just need a z33 pedal, 74mm bosch throttle body, relay with fuse and half a dozen wires. Depending how insta spec you want the wiring it's a few hours.
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    With a second Bosch 044 installed the GTX2860R genII made 355whp at 26psi. Car ran 11.7@ 121MPH a month ago
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    Already straight into the next event Targa Great Barrier Reef, navigating in Classic GT. It's a bit wet which should make it fun
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    That was 7+ years ago, rocking the wannabe dad body now.. also I'm married and no more music festivals to walk around shirtless & flex to the bishes
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    Ultimate turbo performance car doesn't have one. (vl turbo)
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    @Dose Pipe Sutututu This guy wants to know about dose, your expert opinion is needed.
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    Coming from -9's with all the fruit... Single FTW - It rips! More power everywhere. Transient response is insane, zero lag between gear shifts, and that's with Kelford 272 long duration cams too! Even on 98 pump fuel which is about 365kw @20psi it still shits all over the twin -9's. And the GTX noise is just magic, it's like a HKS T51 🙂
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    Here's some info for you guys wondering about the GTX3576R gen 2 on a stock bottom end RB26 (Head refreshed). Mine is single scroll, T3 with .82 housing. Running 272 cams. Made 440kw on E85 - roughly 25 psi or so. Full boost according to tuner is at around 3800-3900 rpm and pulls all the way to redline of 8100rpm.
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    Perhaps, but everyone who bought one is still trying to get home from the dealer because they are so slow.
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    Didn't we just do a version of this thread over there? xJZ is not a great swap for a nissan chassis, everything is on the wrong side. Of course it can be done (anything can be with enough time and money), but unless you are doing it for your youtube subscriber numbers, don't do unnatural things with a nissan!
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    Spent most of the weekend stripping down parts to get ready for powder coating. I’m getting k-frame, trans cross member, main body brace (goes under trans), p/s oil cooler pipe, exhaust heat shields plus a whole heap of other little bits and pieces coated. Pretty much everything from the front end that is looking a little bit like it’s 25 years old.... I’ll do the arse end suspension parts whenever I decide to change over to the mechanical (non active) LSD diff I sourced for it about 6 years ago. I’ve also decided to ditch the wrinkle red on the inlet manifold at the same time. I’ll see how that comes out before saying/showing anything about colour. On other matters I’ve finally got my front diff/sump back today. Hopefully all perfectly setup now. I can’t wait to do my first dual LSD launch! Hopefully not at the expense of my gearbox..... Speaking of the gearbox, it has arrived at Neat Gearboxes in Adelaide but they’re mid workshop move (not great timing for me!) so probably won’t see the gearbox back till mid to late October. In that time I’ll get the sump refit to the engine and have all the parts back from powder coating so will be able reassemble all of the k-frame (steering rack, cooling pipes etc) and get the engine remounted up waiting for the gearbox internals so as soon as they arrive I can reassemble that and bolt it back on the engine. A few other bits and pieces I have to do are fitting the weld on fitting to the exhaust manifold for the EMAP pipe to connect to. I also have to wire in the EMAP sensor to the ECU, hopefully I have a spare input readily available.... I’ve also decided to replace my head drain/breather with the new PRP dual water/oil drain fitting. I’m not sure if I’ll do it straight away but I’ll enventually fit a header tank linked to that fitting.In the meantime I’ll fit a terminated hose to it poking from around the back of the engine as I don’t think I’d be able to get one fitted once the engine is back in. Still a huge amount of little bits and pieces to do but we currently have a couple of things that have been severely lacking over the past 10 months (motivation and progress) so I’ll capitalise on those while it lasts! I’m pretty confident that this time is finally the time it gets to the point of hitting the road. Maybe, just maybe....... I’ll post some piccies once I actually have some decent to show!
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    I've found your new car. If it lasts as long as the the previous one he supplied for you, you're laughing.
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    Had to add this one in, gave me lols!!!
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    You should hurry up and buy one
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    Needed to spend some coin, so..... I ordered a billet high stall to suit the car. Told them 90% street 10% drags. After sending them my estimated hp/torque(360-337),cam (223 228), tyre (25.7") and gear ratio (3.91) they came up with some 2800+-ish locking stall converter thing with a clutch made from unicorn poop, all for $1130 fun tickets delivered to the workshop. Apparently it drives "pretty much" like a normal converter, until you hit the loud pedal. It is also alot more efficient at multiplying the torque, so, if all the unicorns line up, it should equal more power to the rear.......apparently The converter manufacturer was recommend by my local auto transmission guy in Liverpool, his shop is full of angry looking drag cars and muscle cars. Only down side is the 6 to 8 week delivery time, but, as it will be getting a trans cooler, but, transmission guy is still doing some homework on what is really required, rushing in isn't really to my advantage. Total budget???? About $2.5ish, drive in drive out, done and dusted. Shhhh, don't tell the Mrs.
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    Pff, the ones out of their minds are the ones parking their S15 up in a Carcoon in a shed somewhere and pretending it is a Sandman. I kind of loath the direction our cars are going in, because it is the opposite of what made them popular in the first place. In 10 years time, track days are going to consist of a field of VW Polos and Hyundai I30's, because 95% of people with a 90's performance car will be too scared to use it. Those 5% that will still be out there - you're the real MVP's.
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    They spelt Samsonas wrong lol Congrats mate, when are the t shirts being mad for roll racing? 😂 Can't be outdone by @BakemonoRicer
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    Most honest comment would be you need to consider what you want to achieve in motorsport. Big difference between just having a run, and getting in there wanting P1. By your report, there was a big time difference between you and Paul Morris around Reid Park. Do you really want to beat him and others? Talent, current seat time, car spec all part of the mix - as we'd all appreciate. High spec car is going to cost proper $$ and effort if you want one built with cage, suspension, brakes, wiring, gearbox and diff. (Deliberately not talking about engines). And if you want aero, that's part of the initial build/spec planning. Chassis - there's a reason Toyota 86 is popular. Look at a bare shell and they are a substantial improvement over an S13. As you would hope/expect. Cage - you'd expect between $4-6k as a start, depending on how extensively you want things done (talking at good clubman spec here). Perhaps best to look at regs of classes and events you'd like to compete in, and build to that (regardless of whether you stay with S chassis or move on). Turn key options are attractive, even if it entails making running improvements along the way. My suggestions would be to at least consider an 86 Cup car, a Clubman, a MARC, and a TA2. Repairs/re-engineering the S13 is also still a reasonably sound approach. SEQ is a good 14+ hours run south for you, but there are a number of competent fabricators and engineers with experience to make one work well. I've got a couple of ideas who may be useful, will send PM on details.
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    Never been raced, never red lined, never driven hard but has done: Winton 1:37.75 Phillip Island 1:50.63 Sandown 1:22.77
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    don't short change yourself, make sure it's R35 Nismo Edition
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    Got my 3D racing solutions cluster today for the IC7. Overall happy with the quality. Hopefully the fitment is good. The dash was delayed by 3 weeks, it it seems business for them has significantly increased during covid. I think this is cheaper than the mako dash at 275 posted, which is also recessed. I think mako charge 350 for a recessed dash. Also 3D Racing Solutions is located in Sydney
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    Save that money on a deposit for a house.
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    Its time to start pulling the second gearbox to bits so I'm having one last crack at making my bearing race puller work. If it fails this time then I give up! 😂 Taking a slightly different approach this time make it into a puller itself rather than something a puller attaches to. I already feel like I should have used a bigger main bolt than an M12 but we'll see how we go. I'm going to give @Ben C34's idea of using drill bit shanks as the puller pins. Hopefully they're stronger than my shoddy home lathed bolts! Apart from the M12 bolt I just bought ($3...) its all just been scraps laying around (as you can see from the latest additions....) so minimal cost involved but I do enjoy tinkering with this sort of thing. Anything to whip the welder out and lay down some snot! Fingers crossed it all works or the angle grinder is coming out again! 😁
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    Flutters gets the s l u t t e r s. Farken woosh.
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    Here's hoping one day our cars are like the R30s or even 240Z, just sexual. Thus I'm planning to clean up the R33 this year. Cut out all the rust, weld on very subtle flares to fix up my baseball bat rolled guards then open door respray the piece of shit. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook has really driven up the price of the once VN priced R33.
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    In before anyone else, Samsonas.
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    Smash the rest of it and get Samsonas I thought we decided
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