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    Will also start my own world record like motive dvd Fastest purple gtr with white rims, high mount and stock bottom end to never go to the drag strip
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    put it on 98, and turned the boost up to 25psi. just shy of [email protected] (pretty much right on 600rwkw) e85 had retarded fuel economy.. time will tell with 98 and stock primaries. made 636 on 15psi stock primary injectors/1000cc secondaries (4 bar base pressure) it got raped on the dyno today. burned though 60L of 98.... ned to gap the plugs or turn up the dwell on the coils. (abit fluffy though the middle on 25 psi) should be fun at roll drags
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    Man I'm getting tired of putting this croc of shit together. Constantly sleeping late, skipping gym and smelling like a degreaser meth lab lol. Tonight's effort: cam baffle plates, half moons, cam covers, cas bracket and sealed up the sump. I ended up with 2x 10mm dark bolts that have rounded ends after the thread finishes. Not too sure where they go lol.
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    Hi All, This is going to be my restoration thread. It might turn into a build thread in the future if I get the car to a good place where I can start upgrading and not fixing. Last week I picked up my E90 330i with only 50,000k's on it. I'm totally in love with it but there are a number of things that need my attention. I haven't got many pics yet. The body and mechanical are immaculate. It has a solid service history from BMW and its only bits and pieces causing me grief. Here is my current list of things to fix; The seal/trim around the rear window has disintegrated The same around the windscreen also Both front door seals are falling apart The rear passenger window won't go up when put the whole way down - looks to be catching on something and triggering the anti-pinch Bluetooth not working (MULF) - i have bought a BT interface to use in the interim Headlight washers don't go the whole way in and the passenger fell out when I was looking at them the other day. I'm scared to use them in case it falls out on the road. Drivers side cup holder does not come out without some persuasion. Boot struts are gone (have already ordered new ones after almost being killed by my boot) The electric rear sunshade has broken in one of the arms. It looks like a big inflatable person when I put it up, limbs everywhere When I'm happy with those being fixed I'm going to consider; Wheels. Some M-Sport ones maybe. Mine are ok but a bit too tucked for my liking and I don't want to use spacers New sport front seats. The current seats are in great nic and do a good job but lacking a little in support. Something with iDrive. The screen is pretty nice but it does bugger all. Maybe an after market reverse cam or even a new interface or something. I believe the car was not used by passengers, or at least not regularly. The only floor mat missing from the car is the drivers one and the others look mint. The passenger seat was super hard like it hadn't been used and theres no evidence of the rear seats having much use either. This meant that the passenger seat belt was putrid with mould. It took lots of hot water, car wash and vinegar to get it looking presentable. The pics don't do it justice. It was thick enough to stop the belt bending properly.
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    Never been to missus work do before, only a school reunion and it didn’t turn out too well. Bet the other guy was sore in the morning haha
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    Why would you put 0.64 rear housings on them? Lets take a big step back and go through this. First things first, standard intake piping. It's tight, small with horrible bends... how much air do you think those pipes can flow? Put a MAP sensor on them somewhere and I bet you will be seeing a vacuum that Dyson would be proud of! That's issue 1. Issue 2. Jamming wheels into housings that they don't belong in. The GTX 67 mm wheels in the proper housings flow 46 lb/min flat stick. What will they flow in A) GTR compact housings and B) dealing with the nugget OEM pipework? I bet it won't be 46 lb/min! Issue 3. Turbine wheel. It's the same turbine wheel as what is used on the 2860 -5 which flows 36/min. Somehow it seems to be a thing to just keep throwing larger compressors at a turbo charger with no thought given to the other side. It's just retarded. Air in AND out. How can you get more new air in when the hot side is choked up like a mofo? If it worked then we would all be running pro mod 88 compressor wheels with stock rear wheels and housings. Somehow I don't think that would work. 👀 Issue 4. Turbine housing. THEN you take off the 0.85 housings which would have allowed it to relieve itself a little (seeing that the turbine wheel hasn't grown) and tighten it back up. 2540's - big front, small rear... nuggets GT RS's - big front, small rear... nuggets. This really is not a hard concept to grasp. Why is it that any of these GTX low mounts don't seem to go much further north than 500 kw (on an RB) irrespective or what size compressor wheel is it it? The cars that use the genuine GTX housings always seem to give a better result. Why? Because it FORCES you to redo the intake piping and go to a 3 inch pipe. However, that doesn't fix the poor little hot side. If you get blinded by the compressor map (which seems ALL too common around here) the 67 mm should make some bloody big numbers... never quite get there though. I wonder why? 🙄 Would love to see the EMAP of a GTX 2867 0.64 AR. It would be absolutely horrendous. Its no different to say a GTX 3582 and jamming a 0.63 rear housing on it. You're A) not going to make the power the compressor can give B) Everything is choked up. More heat, more pressure. It's all bad. Dont want the power that a 3582 can give? Go back a turbo size and keep the larger ass end. It will be a much healthier way of doing it.
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    overnight parts from Japan! Maybe I should have bought SARD side feeds.
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    Working until 12 today.
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    Way moar dangerous than a bombed 351 Windsor manualised shift kit c10 with high stall and 3:95 9" lsd I think not. Goes hard might stop down the road eventually. but skylines can jump opening bridges and drive under semi trailers. plus they all have 2 of the big ones in the back seat along with all the other overnight parts from japan
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    We didn't do one last year but it's that time again for the SAUWA End of Year Dinner (Breakfast/Lunch was vetoed by @ElleAli76 :P) WHERE: THE SAINT 2 Morris Road, Innaloo WA 6018 WHEN: Saturday Decemeber 16 Approx. 6:30pm Nothing too crazy this time around, we will just go to the Saint as it's reasonably central and can cater for a large group of people. This is NOT a cruise, you can bring your Skyline but you don't have to, if you want to drink, grab an uber or if you want to drive your shitter daily you totally can. I'd like to confirm numbers some time next week so that we can make a booking, please respond in the thread if you can definitely come. Thank you all, hope to see many of you soon! ATTENDEE LIST: Hank Scorpio (Lachlan) ElleAli76 (Elsie) + Dave shoey85 (Martin) + Ash Trev!
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    Hey guise, so lil william had his operation on Wednesday (on his kidney) he is doing well.
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    Went and looked at some R33 seats today, turns out they used to be yours!
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    AUSTRALIA now has the distinction of having one of the dirtiest fuel standards in the developed world. Amongst signatories to the OECD – an international economic forum of 35 countries – Australia has the worst record on fuel quality. Mexico, once ridiculed as the only developed OECD member with fuel quality that fell lower than Australia’s, has recently introduced a 50 parts per million level of sulphur – used as a measure of how polluting petrol can be – in unleaded fuel. More on WheelsMag.com.au
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    HOLY SMOKES! Need to bring plug gap down because It's breaking up at 24-25 psig but DAMN!!! I'm SO close to 700! It was 41 deg F tonight and I think the cold air was making it break up where it didn't the other day (was 67 deg F). But wow when the weather clears up I can not wait to drive it!
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    You know it moite! Talking to multiple people trying to source a car, this is the latest offering, but it's about $3k USD over budget. It does have the later 6.5L engine though. Car is in Arizona, only one state over from Cali.
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    I’m in, Sanae is unlikely to come but might be a late addition
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    Are you just naming people from the Matrix?
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    Well, most screamer pipes are as you describe your intention, but most here in Oz do not have screamers on road cars because the police like to inflict unrequested anal intercourse on the drivers of vehicles detected using the public motorway with such obviously socially reprehensible exhaust plumbing installed on their car. In real terms, a screamer will make the least disturbance to your post turbine exhaust flow and maximise the capacity of whatever size exhaust pipe you have. But also in real terms, a 3076 is not a large turbo, and it is easy enough to find a route for the wastegate pipe to rejoin a 3.5" or 4" dump before the cat without significantly increasing the back pressure on the turbine and thus maintain sufficient veneer of respectability to reduce the chance of unlubricated rectal examination by Plod.
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    Bye bye boys ! Have a good nite - off to rendezvous [emoji39][emoji39][emoji39]
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    Hi I'm Martin I'm with ash. Can we go now!
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    I never imagined spending over 16k on the bargain 4K skyline I picked up [emoji23][emoji23]
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    Been quoted on a half hard door kit (so only the bottom part, no window etc.), hard roof kit and a hard rear curtain kit with windows ~$3,000 USD delivered to LA. Shit getting expensive, but f**k it, I'm getting excited!
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    Dale I found this photo of you!
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    ^^49mm bored out throttles with new 49mm oversize butterfly's, cnc port matched nismo plenum & cnc cut plate to match the new centres of the throttle bores that will be welded to the rb25 runners ^^finished cnc machine work inside the nismo plenum. The origional ID's inside the nismo plenum runners are 43mm from the bell mouths all the way to the last 10mm before the throttle, then it tapers to 45mm. I've had the runners cut to 46mm from the bell mouths, but then started the taper from halfway along the runner which tapers out to 49mm to match the throttles.
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    i didnt know pizza places made engines
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    I heard he's just going to do burnouts out the front of the event and then launch it into a fence
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    I see your greyhound farts, and raise you a mastiff/dane fart, ejected from approximately 70 gadzillion feet of fermenting digestive tract, usually from this position... And for those of you wondering, she is sound asleep in this picture.
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    200,000 kms now Going strong! Full service done, new belts, idler bearings etc Chucked a lower seat in it, I fit with a helmet now! Track days next year Nismo twin plate clutch waiting to go in, can’t fault the NPC in it though. Over 100,000kms, most at 250+kw and it’s hanging in there Must have been through 15 sets of rear tyres now too in that time! Snapped this pic the other day, still scrubs up good
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    Great catch up last night! Did you all get out without any issues? We went straight through not even bretho, saw these pics on the book Stupid BM with blue park lights screaming out IWANTASTICKER! Here you go son!
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    Good advice! ^^^ Also upgrade your alternator so it has enough beans to power them also!
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    Well, not right away. Getting a shiny new zipper installed along the spine next thursday, but that is the plan eventually Nope it's my office. No one smarter or better than me allowed in ever. I guard that office and computer like a ravenous pit bull terrier. Any chance to get off the floor and I'm in there. :-) air conditioner soaking up even a very mild sweat. I do a pretty mean shop detail, just saying I was going to be a boily but Dad said I had to do a trade
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    So we threw her back on the dyno yesterday to touch thr tune up with the trigger kit. Tuner said cam trigger is about 95% as good as a crank trigger. Did a power run and made 490whp, added 1* up top and made 499.3whp, then added another 1* and went the 500.9whp 8) He didn't want to up the boost as the turbos falling over up top.
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    Fark that... If your not there we might actually have to pay [emoji32]
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    My neighbour told me today that a white skyline pulled up in my driveway and was trying to get into my garage. This will be the third time someone's tried to steal my car in a year. Geeeeeze. He wrote down the rego though.
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    Drink rum and have a wank
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    I weed my place with the bobcat. I’ll bring bobcat to your place?
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    lol no, the NBN is being rolled out equivalent to you just saying f**k it and using the cracked o-rings This is EVERY Government funded project
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    Nope, headed to bitches and bbq though.
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    no, but more cocaine and hookers
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    House, life, car, hospital, businesses, superannuation, mortgage, they are f**king assurances not insurances. I often wonder if I'd saved that money over the last 25yrs how much I'd have saved up to pay for any emergency. Would have to be at least $100,000. Kent's. i dont insure my skyline as it barely gets driven. has saved me a fortune in the past 8 years
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    Collected the Manual box for the R34 today!
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    Edward would cum his pants lol Can't wait to dose again, with an older GT style compressor wheel it will dose great 😂😂
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    Mind if I tag along? Im a SAU vic member, just moved upto Sydney a few months ago
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