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    don't bother, i would rather dirty intake valves than shit from the valves in my combustion chamber. If you like wasting money and love the feeling of the placebo effect then this is the product for you
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    Ok i will definitely try that out when i take the head off to put in some valves, springs and retainers. Im a little confused on the usefulness of the head drain after reading through the oil control thread as people seem to lean more towards the inportance of the catch can working well and draining/breathing properly?
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    No, E85 makes condensation. Because of the much higher hydrogen:carbon ratio of ethanol compared to 7-9 chain length hydrocarbons, it simply make a higher % of water vapour in the exhaust gases and therefore you get more of that condensing in the oil. Oil/sump temperature will be about the same regardless of 98/E85 fuel in use. It's the upper end of the engine that runs cooler. The bearings still make a lot of the heat that turns up in the oil, probably more on E85 if it's got more timing/boost/power. But the water is continuously being made. It should be safe to return it all to the sump, because the water should boil off again, but by the same token, if there's enough in there it will sink to the bottom of the sump, get priority pickup by the oil pump and f**k the bearings in short order. So, a large catch can and a very decent breather system that can pull off water vapour before it condenses and send it to be burnt are probably the wisest idea.
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    Doing it wrong, 2kg of MB5+ Waygu Oyster Blade is already $120. By the time you add in truffle butter, artisan bread, and all the sides + the foie gras you're at $200+ already. I could easily spend $1k on feeding the kids.
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    Hey guys, I put a PowerFC in and the miss is gone. I think it may have been an ECU issue. @Count Grantleyish, the car doesn't pull up as well as I think it should. If that makes sense?
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    http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/192015-diy-changing-coilpacks-on-r34-gtt/ its for R34 but exactly the same but we done have a NEO cover, and it looks like that user took it off before hand anyways
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