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    Car is finally booked into Insight on the 19th of April for the ECU, fuel system and sensor wire in plus the tune. Thats the good news. The bad news is that V-cam aint gonna fit with my pistons and how my engine has been setup. I had a chat with the bloke who screwed it together and with my positive deck height (+22 thou higher than factory), decked head, larger valves and god knows what, the only way to do it is to have a set of pistons made up with a thicker crown.... I'm not doing that! So, bring on the 19th! Hopefully it runs before end of financial year! Update of engine bay. All thats left to do it swap the harmonic balancer over annndd thats it.
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    OMFG just had the funniest moment. Sanae asks me if ive been washing my filthy greasy hands in the kids bathroom sink as there is black spots that wont come off no matter how much she tries to clean it. i walk there and have a look and spot what has happened. Called her up to the bathroom and said "do you think i can remove the spots in 2 seconds?" i then proceeded to wipe the water stain off the mirror which was causing a reflection.....Fark did i laugh out loud
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    Do you know what positive confirmation bias is? Anyway the Track edition is $250k on road, Nismo is $330k That's $80k for some (limited) extra power, carbon body bits, insane seats and different (IMHO awesome) interior. Might sound a lot but then again resale on the nismo will likely be better when i sell. I think it's more like $50k premium considering resale. i'm going to run this car in STOCKER classes this year... I wanted the nismo as the ultimate factory GTR road car.. It would be great to reclaim some "stocker" CAMS track records again... Btw my older (2009) GTR with bolt-ons, tune and slicks was much much much faster but that's besides the point, and modified classes. FWIW the Nismo seems to have noticable turbo lag <4000rpm which you may have seen hinted at in some reviews. Well i can confirm it's true -- will have to alter driving style accordingly. The bigger turbos whilst yielding additional peak power for that 600hp headline number simply stifle lower RPM slingshot effect out of corners.. i was left waiting 1-2 seconds for power to come online.. a bit frustrating. Maybe the bigger turbos will yeild more when we tune it eventually. Anyway today in in the Nismo I ran 1:06.2 in traffic (with showroom tyres/brakes). However with AP racing j-hook rotors + agressive pads and robust fluid + R888R or Trofeo rubber on a clear track i think we can achive 1:03's- add a tune and slicks maybe i can beat my 1:00.8 GTR time from 2010. The Nismo is an awesome car. Is it 2x better than the original, no. But there are diminishing returns when something is this good out ofthe box.. You pay an order of magnitude for a fraction improvement. Anyway have you got one yet Dan? Btw here is some video from today, shakedown on the factory tyres and brakes. On saturday i will put some decent rotors/pads/fluid and r-spec tyres on, then Sunday will be running at Eastern Creek if anyone wants to come for a chat.
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    seems that's exactly it. Their "lack of staff in the office" to deal with the matter, is not my problem.. All i'll say is, I have a refund from them now, and also have an ATKKD kit from Justjap on my car which fits EXACTLY as it should. Works great, and as always I got very good service and communication from them.
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    Well I'm all set to take off in the morning for 3 days fishing off the beach near Augusta. No reception so chat to y'all Wednesday arvo/night
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    Sorry dont have any red arrows
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    Mechanic was nice enough to give it a detail after some check ups. What a champ.
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    Cheryl has now been semi retired, most of my focus is on the Radical. I have two planned events for the old girl though so she's not getting off being thrashed again. Saturday night at Bathurst is the official NSW Hillclimb awards night from the past year and Cheryl got this,
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    Sounds like it needs a single turbo, twin gates and twin scroll.
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    Fast forward to this week and suddenly between customers cars i got some inspiration to work on my car. Motor out and bay stripped Bay all hotwashed and ready to go off to paint Time to sand Primer and paint with new seam sealer Going for a factory look but wanted it cleaner. Due to the factory not clearing the bays they get very dirty and hard to clean. I opted to clear the bay in my case as we do with alot of the other cars we build More soon.
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    SAU 2017: CSGO Lan $20 raffle, - winner gets a Megane RS for a weekend?
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    okay - a small update - parts have finally arrived - my box of goodies NPC clutch - lookin fresh Performance Springs all lined up & ready for assembly! Neo head machined & assembled - ready for the Block! A winning combination - CP forged pistons & Manley rods... Spool oil pump spline gear fitted & crank sent off to be balanced.... The GCG turbo arrived & looking shmick! Quite large in comparison to my old hks2530 & as i wait for my engine to come together, the turbo has found itself on the coffee table for the time-being
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    Matt Haines - he Beat the twin turbo lambo [emoji41] Happy Happy !
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    Just a quick update, 1320video have finally released their footage of the race and feature
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    Finished the interior, needs a good clean.
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    Nissan Stagea C34 RS [4K] - RB25DET NEO Manual RWD Thought id share this feature video i put together of an awesome Stagea! feedback welcomed as this was my first car feature video. Feel free to like subscribe etc if i have earnt
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    R33 GTR - Daily for 7 years and counting I recently started to read through a lot of the project threads on here, and I wanted to add my own as it's a great way to keep track of everything, and a lot of the information I've found in the project threads had been invaluable for my own build. I've been lurking around these forums since I got my first car, a 1994 R33 GTS4. Back then I had zero mechanical knowledge, but I planned to just dive in and learn as much as I could, which has led me to where I'm at now with a 1995 R33 GTR, doing all mechanical work myself (aside from one clutch change), and not planning on ever parting ways with it I picked the car up back in 2010 with a few mods, such as the Enkei wheels, and a HKS catback with an unknown high flow cat, but it was otherwise completely stock. Looking back, it was a good find as I didn't really know exactly what to look out for at the time I've collected a whole bunch of pictures I've taken over the years, and my plan is to go through and post them in order until I get to where it's at now, so there's a lot more to come if anyone is interested in reading along. For now, I'll start off with a picture of how it was the day I got it home, back when phone cameras were a lot worse than they are now
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    I've really gotta stop watching car shows all night... Keeps putting ideas in my head
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    SS2 still going strong after years of hard abuse lol.
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    Lexus RC F The Lexus IS nameplate dates back to 1998 and the entry-level luxury segment. Originally a popular choice in Japan and the United States, the four-door sedan and five-door wagon variants were your only choice if you wanted the IS. There was no two-door coupe as demand was simply not that high for it back then. Fast forward to 2006 and the new generation, and things have drastically changed. Performance luxury coupes were fast outselling sedans and nowhere was this more apparent than with BMW’s M3 and Mercedes’ C63. To avoid competing with the much more capable Germans, Lexus offered a convertible version only. It wasn’t until 2015 and the third-generation IS that the highly-anticipated coupe version finally made its debut. Weirdly enough, it sported the RC F moniker rather than the IS. Though the design is borrowed from its IS sibling heavily, the RC F is a bespoke product in terms of marketing placement. The aggressive design with lots of creases, sharp edges and bold lines makes it immediately apparent that something sinister lies beneath the alien-looking exterior. Lexus claims it pays tribute to the legendary LFA super car, but we’re not seeing that. Make no mistake, this is not a GT-R rival although it looks like it could be. It’s not a super car-killer the GT-R is, but rather a high-performance version of the standard RC destined to compete with the M4 and the C63 AMG, as well as the RS5. Exterior From the outside, it’s not difficult to distinguish it from the normal RC Coupe. The aggressive styling with massively flared arches and a signature Lexus Spindle Grille make it immediately apparent that it’s something much more special than just a plain RC. The hood boasts a large dimple, but it’s a case of form follows function. The large V8 had to rest somewhere, and the hood needed to accommodate it. But more on the beastly engine later. Both front and rear fascias get L-shaped air outlets to channel hot air from the hood and extract it into the atmosphere. The lower halves of both connect via the bottom part of the door, creating one continuous line. The front end is littered with strategically placed fins which stabilize the large coupe at extremely high speeds. Not the stuff one would expect from Lexus, but we said the same when the LFA debut, so nothing can surprise us anymore. Out back the RC F boasts a new sports exhaust system carrying over the same stacked trapezoidal quad tailpipes like the ones found in the IS F. The best part? It’s elegant and sleek when stationary, with no nonsense spoilers to ruin the flowing design, but take it above 50 mph and you’ll notice a speed-sensitive active rear spoiler pop out from the top of the trunk. It retracts when the speed drops below 25 mph. Available with lots of carbon fiber elements and a choice of three different ten-spoke 19-inch forged aluminum wheels, buyers can customize the exterior far more than what the M4 allows. Interior Perhaps even more breathtaking than the exterior, the interior follows the same aggressive and sporty design, but because this is Lexus, everything you see and touch feels completely bespoke. Lexus tried to match the LFA’s unique character and vibe, and for the most part we’d agree that they’ve achieved just that. Whether you’re looking to just cruise or do track days in, the RC F’s cabin is an extremely nice place to be in. The steering wheel, the seats, all of the gauges and even the pedals are one-offs fabricated for the RC F models. The seats can be wrapped in smooth leather and come in three color choices, with a special foaming construction designed to keep the occupants in place under extreme G-forces. You can technically fit adults in the back row, but ideally only for short journeys and if you really, really have to. Alcantara is scattered everywhere throughout the cabin, as is premium leather, with aluminum and carbon fiber trim piece accessories finishing off the entire look. The TFT display encased in a machined-aluminum ring showcases all vital driving information, turning the rev counter red as you pop the F-Sport button on. The 10-speaker sound system with 256 watts is amazing, but true audiophiles will no doubt want the 835 watt, 360-degree three-dimensional sonic Mark Levinson sound system. To say it’s anything short of staggering would be an understatement. Engine and Performance Unlike its German rivals, which focus mostly on the sporty side and less on the luxury, the RC F offers a much better balance of both. It also uses a naturally-aspirated, screaming V8, as opposed to the turbocharged units used over in Germany. The engine in question is a 5.0 liter, 32-valve V8 pushing out 348 kilowatts and 527 Nm of torque. It’s also the first sports car to use the Atkinson cycle in an effort to lower fuel consumption and emissions when cruising. The big V8 is mated to a close-ratio eight-speed automatic with a Torque Vectoring Differential. The RC F can sprint to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds and run the quarter-mile in 12.5 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 275 km/h, 25 km/h more than the equivalent Beemers and Mercs. Front and rear suspension systems are completely independent using monotube, gas-filled shock absorbers and ball-jointed stabilizer bars. The Torque Vectoring Differential (TVD) offers three different driving modes: standard, slalom and track. For a large coupe, the RC F is amazingly competent in the bends. It will understeer at the very limit as a precaution programmed in from Lexus, but turn all systems off and it has no issues lighting up the rears in induced oversteer. Conclusion Will it beat an M4 or a C63 AMG Coupe on a track? Definitely not. But that’s missing the point. As a real-world performer, we’d argue that the RC F is more competent than both. It’s just as fast on A and B roads, with the added benefit that you get to enjoy sumptuous luxury and Lexus refinement. It also helps that the 5 liter V8 screams like a race cars’ unit at anything beyond 5 grand. A real joy to drive.
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    Few build updates to come but for now This was from the other night
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    April 2016 - Gave the wheels some new paint. From what I can tell, they were originally silver wheels that have been spray painted a very dark metallic grey. I picked up some 'cast iron' colour high temp paint, and also used a fine tip paint brush to paint the Enkei logos red, then finished off with a few coats of clear
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    It’s been a while, but it’s time for an update. I entered the Sports GT support race for the V8 Supercars at Phillip Island for Nov 2015 I installed new sealing rings instead of a head gasket. They require the block to machined similar to o ringing, they are able to grow and follow the head and have a copper gasket with 3bond for the water galleries. I also started building a new winged sump 2 weeks before I was due to leave for Phillip Island Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and went in to hospital. So I parked the new sump and continued to put the car together. The car was ready a couple of days before I was due to leave, or so I thought. I got the car tuned and found my Chinese 1zzfe coils were good for 1 dyno pull before dying, so I ran down the road and got some VDO ones (which are still fine) finished the tune and took the car home to find oil under the car. I cracked the oil filter mount that bolts to the block as the gasket was damaged and not giving an even surface. The crack was almost invisible to the eye, but it was opening up under pressure. The day I was due to leave, the doctor called us in and said Dad only had days left to live and advised me not to go, but Dad insisted that I go. My mate got hold of a filter mount at 1pm and dropped it to me, I fitted it and found it didn't leak after 30 secs of running so I drove back to the hospital to have a beer with dad and drove to the boat. The first session at Phillip Island my rear tierod came loose, giving me 4mm toe in on the drivers side. As the weekend went on I found the car wash pushing coolant out for the first couple of laps of each race, and the coolant pressure was spiking. But I continued on and finished the weekend and got some good wheel to wheel racing in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL3z9rH06g0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UeeVfNx6w3c In hindsight I realised that I hadn't retentioned the head studs, so the head was lifting, but the sealing rings filled the gap once the cylinder temp raised. I returned home and Dad died 1 week later. Shortly after the funeral I decided to run Dad's Subie in Targa instead of the Skyline, as the GT4 class is far more prominent. I also pulled the head of the Skyline to fix it in case I had to fall back on it. Once I got the head off, I could see that the cylinders were leaking everywhere and retentioning headstuds is done for a reason. As it turned out that's all I did on the Skyline for 12 months, it just sat in the corner of the shed feeling sad. The Subie took far more work than I thought to convert to the GT4 regs from the Modern regs so it was all very last minute. I got to the even with high expectations wanting to do well for Dad and it was the first big rally for me and my girlfriend together. She had done another event 2 months before Targa with another competitor as a warm up, as I didn't have a car ready, but she was different when she came back. We started the event well, and lead for 2 days, but I blew 3 tyres because I'd put too much camber on the car (only worked out after the event), had a couple of offs, and as the event went on I was continually having to fetch the mrs out of the other competitors room. After the after party she stayed the night 'on the couch'. After some witness statements of her actions/drunken confessions I kicked her out of home for cheating (turns out it was a few over the years...all racers). After that I didn't look at the cars for a long time and considered selling them and not going racing again. Late in 2016 I got back into the Skyline. I found I had valve float on the inlet valves, so I replaced all the inlet valves and put extra spacers under the springs for more preload. I put all the engine back together again and hit the starter..... 0 compression on any cylinder. A few days later I pulled the head back off, everything looked fine, so I put it all back together again. This time it had compression on 3 then 4 then 5 cylinders, but not 6. I pulled the engine out and the head off again and found a bent valve. After talking to some people I worked out that the lifters got gunked up, as they were sitting in a box for 12 months. I replaced the valve and pulled all the lifters apart and cleaned them. I also completed my new sump and installed that while the engine was out. So this time when I put it all back together the car started and ran on 6 cylinders. I've done some road testing and haven't pushed and coolant plus the coolant pressures seem fine. I've event retentioned the head studs. So the car is now ready for it's first event in a long time, the Ross Auto Corsa. After that I will be using it for Circuit and AASA tarmac rallies
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    Feb 2016 - Headlight restoration again, as the first time I did them, I didn't use a headlight sealant to protect the finish. Wet sanded Rubbing compound After buffing After cutting compound and sealant. Sealant hasn't dried yet Before. In this shot you can also see the new grill mesh After
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    And, I forgot to post this one a year ago.
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    There's no such thing as a steel wheeled turbo. They're at least some sort of high grade stainless, up to inconel. Not steel. The best test is to hit the turbine with something like a small ball pein hammer, screwdriver, chisel, etc. If it breaks, then it was ceramic and needed to be upgraded anyway.
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    My first attempt at liquid limestone. Still have a few pads to do probably next week
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    He would still be in bed cuddling his blow up doll
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    There are a few words on the forum that auto change due to language or just for the lulz. Such as tur-key becomes the sphincter of the universe
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    Let's all buy a Megane RS instead.
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    Good luck! I didn't know Langtrees was hiring [emoji6]
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    Yippee colin barnett is out !!!! [emoji4] [emoji12] Sooo dam happy of the result Cheers colin for f**king our state that's now in debt of $27BILLON and predict to rise for 2016-2017 EOFY Now with the mining boom over we got a great future to recover in yer right ! [emoji15]
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    If only we could see the pics on the mobile app....
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    Thursday, so close to Friday... so close.
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    Should be easier to book a table with one less
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    looks great. Have fun be safe, a small but much needed mod for my car arrived in the mail today.
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    Kebabs and Cars Albany edition was good, Pics:
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    gonna be a great build. Also might be coming back into the line game fingers crosses it all goes well
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