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    The American way to modify cars has become "if it ain't available in a kit from an on-line vendor that is guaranteed to work with a selection of other kits available from on-line vendor then it ain't gunna get done". Only the ratrodders and the stancefags seem to be willing to do things themselves. The former because it is art, the latter because no-one is interested in helping them f**k up their cars. /rant
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    From a recent car show.
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    Is this the first instance of someone actually listening to forum advice and taking the correct path?
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    My 32GTR along side my Fiance's R34. It's great having a partner who shares the same passion.
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    Note to all. Finally moved my cam gears on the dyno. Spent 4 hours there yesterday (on a dynocomm inertial - which will soon be eddy brake). I now see what a V-cam would do for you. Moving my Poncam A's closer together (ie-more overlap) yielded undeniable tq gains with no appreciable drop in top end power (my 3" exhaust could be holding me back). I think it liked 8 total degrees of CRANK overlap (2 notches off from '0' on each cam) the best (Advanced intake 4, Retarded exhaust 4), but we did run add another 2 deg (crank) to the intake to bring it to 6 deg intake advance and 4 deg exhaust advance and this is where it stayed (for now). Super choppy idle now, but damn this car pulls like CRAZY now. makes 3 more psi boost at 4k rpms. When I compared 20 psi runs with cams set at 0 the tq goes to the stratosphere. Look at the differences from 4500 rpms to 7k! At 22 psi high number is now 653 whp and 515 wtq but boost control was shakey on these runs (oscillating from 22 down to 18). It is making 300 WHP at 4k rpms on 20 psi...on 93 octane pumpgas! This is my 8374 EFR .92 IWG on a stock-bore 79mm BC stroker FYI.
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    Edward Lee's is upset you killed one of his 'low km' engines[emoji22]
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    Hi guys, ah here are some of the photos I took at the start, the sun was making them a little grainy but yeah. Had to leave early due to the fact that I suddenly realized my wallet had gone MIA (still missing if anyone picked it up or something) fun regardless, wouldn't mind going to any future ones either.
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    18x9+7 all round on my 32. Bang on guards with 265s
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    last light this afternoon
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    LHD G35 Battery Cover Install [M35] 1. Remove the rubber that runs along brake cyl compartment 2. You'll need to trim off a strip of about 5mm from the top of the brake cyl compartment. I forgot to take a photo but we also sanded the edge after cutting, so there was no sharp bits. 3. Cut this little chode off from under the wiper too 4. You'll need to make at least one bracket to support the cover, as only one of the holes line up with the car to support it. Make more along the back if you're keen 5. Mock up the cover and mark out where the bracket will fit, then drill it out. 6. Test fit everything 7. Add a touch of paint to make sure the metal you've cut on the body doesn't rust. We just used touch up paint in a can that we sprayed into the lid and dabbed on with a paint brush. 8. Dun
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    Just watched this crazy
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    Small update.. ARC 100mm Titanium exhaust installed Video to come soon..
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    Swapped out my brakes this arvo Front and rear 370z Akebonos Endless rotors and pads Braided lines
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    Got some of the suspension part painted, need to finish stripping the subframes and other parts which will be painted black.
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    How mine currently looks...
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    Great to see a few cars out on Saturday night, I'll be working on a post-RW SAUWA event
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    Hey guys, I managed to sign up. I was the newbie at the meet last night in the black R34 GTT (first pic). Just wanted to say thanks for everyone being so approachable and easy to talk to. The car scene can be pretty 'clicky'. Look forward to the next run.
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    Good turn out i think i still didn't get a chance to talk to everyone!! Was heaps of fun. Tip to self add a pitstop for some to catch up. [emoji6] Next meet RACEWARS [emoji2]
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    updates on recent happenings I wont post a pic of the new diff and tailshaft because well it looks like a diff and tailshaft but preload taken out of diff, breather tapped and line run through the floor into a mounted canister / breather. Tailshaft is a 1 piece - saved 4kg there also With that done and the car back at home came the time to sack up and get working on the splitter - can only give these things a go and its cheap enough and just some hours in the garage to get it done Basics for those DIYers at home Specs = 1900 wide, total length is 1200, rake from front to back is circa 2 - 3 deg (roughly) The splitter itself weighs 6kg ... total weight with frame nuts bolts paint everything is 10.1kg without cutting any bolts to length yet We actually took just over 1kg of tags etc etc of metal out while we where under there and saving on tailshaft so far above happens net a 5kg+ gain in weight - albeit at the front We extended some tube ally out the back of the splitter to some sleeves welded tot he chassis rail behind it for stability and ease of install, once slid in there is 6 x 12mm oem bolts to bolt up which is made from tags with oem nuts welded to the back the ally frame is welded and then bolted to the splitter using m8's and also sikaflexed down Tested it with 50kg in middle 3rd and 30kg on each other third adding weigh bit by bit. Strong no flex at total weight of 110kg with front end coming down 25mm with that weight on spring compression. Didn't go any heavier just wanted to see if it was going rip of easily or not haha all back yard read > making > hoping > trying - but that's half the fun sometimes the front lip of the carbon airdam is / will be held down using 7 x M6 bolts with nylocs painted for looks The current height is 850 front the ground , will be lower the car by 5 mm to get it down to 800 which will be enough, not optimal but don't want to compromise suspension geometry And pic just because Out in two odd weeks to try and go round and round a track fast Just basics to do now like wheel alignment and fluids change / check Sway bars are on order but wont be here in time try this..... add sways try that... see if successful in either pursuit and see if I can get some consistent track time over the next 3 months
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    Bringing a GTT back to glory Hey guys, this is a current work in progress let me flood you with the details Pictured, how i bought this car 2 years ago, paints f**ked, gt wing, crystal tailights. my reason for even looking at this car was of how early it was imported. having a compliance date in 2002 and being a 1998 model i knew rust would be minimal, after inspection i was right, not a spec anywhere! chassis rails unmarked aswell, factory manual turbo, Those f**king tailights, (shudders) Since the motor was healthy besides a stuffed IACV, i fixed that and got straight to the cosmetics. new oem lights sorted, Some Miesters 18x9 +30 and 18x10 +30 i had ready for the car and an east bear front lip i scored from a wrecker who was unaware what it was! At least now it was starting to look less like it was ready to go the tip. From what i could tell, the car was never polished or cleaned, after days on days of Clay bar, buffing and waxing majority of the car came up great - Mirrors had to be painted - drivers rear skirt has to be painted - front and rear bumper needed resprays - boot lid had been warped from the gt wing - driver door has a big bend from being opened against a pole All pic's after paint repairs and detailing from here i moved onto some interior bits led light conversion to white, also have done air con controls to match, and im assuming the original cabin filter. has been replaced straight away old butchered wiring, then my fitted pioneer double din, From here i moved onto my custom flush gauge install factory gauges, with then without factory cover, then seperated then the aftermarket Shadow gauges, Split the lense and bezels the aftermarket gauges basically pressure fit in to the factory housing, i really dig the look without the bezel After the gauges were mounted, i tapped into power, acc and earth from the original harness, ordered a brand new clear face from nissan and here you have the finished result! Also, had the gauge surround, air con and vent painted satin black. very easy to keep clean! Back to the outside, trying to find a body kit that doesn't look cheap or ruin the car was quite hard, eventually i decided on the east bear rear bumper all i can say is east bear is worth the money, 100% perfect fit, no modding needed and very strong fibreglass, so happy with the purchase This is factory East bear fitted without pods, also note late model nissan badge! with rear pods thats all for my first post, more updates very soon
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    Hey look at that someone posted something in sauwa events. Hehe [emoji16]
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    My wife doesn't even like sitting in mine, she thinks it's an ancient death trap.
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    so yeah, a bit pissed on straya day but the motor came out.. barely... I forgot to remove the shifter LOLOLOL... We were like wtf.. the motor and box was jammed, looked underneath and "f&%k c&_t, piece of shit c¥×t"... so motor back in ish, then shifter out then round 2 and now we're here!
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    A lot of the ones on car sales have been there for a fair while so either they r shit and over priced or people are not prepared to pay the prices
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    I have finally found some time to swap the wheels over. im still using the shitty old tyres, their the right size at 265/35x18 but shit quality and half shot. im loving the fitment!! the rears fit really well for a 10.5" wheel on an r32, guards are not rolled fronr or back and luckely they can stay that way, nothing fouls anything, even on full lock so im very happy. cleaned the car up and took her out for some photos....... everyone knows how much i like photos new suede wheel
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    ATR45SAT BB Walbro 460 1000cc E85 ~22 psi peak m2000 adaptronic Unopened neo engine
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    Custom gauge fit R34 GTT only! Hey guys, I've been requested to do a DIY on the gauge install in my GTT. ill try to include as much info as possible!! BTW i don't take any responsibility for anyone's attempts and if you damage anything you have no one but yourself to blame. Now, We've all seen setups when the aftermarket gauges are just jammed in, honestly that would drive me up the wall. To remove the factory gauge cover holder - pop out center vents located under factory gauges, use a plastic popping tool not a screwdriver. unplug hazard light - two screws hold the gauge pod in, after undoing these you can lift the unit and you'll find one connector for all three gauges - on the inside, two screws hold the gauges inside the pod Once separated this is what you're left with - Remove the 6 screws on the front to take off the plastic cover - I cant remember how many screws hold the actual gauges, remove them all - Now that its separated, this is whats left. - Next step is to pull the aftermarket gauges apart. These are shadow (defi copy) 60mm - Using a tiny flat blade, had to bend out the bezel edge so the face could be removed Bezel, Glass and gauge pulled apart 60mm gauges are a snug fit, all i did was align, pressure fit all three and hot glue holds it all together Power, Earth, ACC and Illumination all can be tapped from original harness from memory To finish it off, i ordered a new plastic face from Nissan. think it was about $40 AUD Final Assembly! Enjoy!
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    everyone i know with a mullet is in mandurah actually. they are stuck in the 70's
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    Confirmed 2+2. Accomodation is booked for fri,sat and Sunday finally
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    My ute held 10psi all the way home from work... But never broke traction
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    Anyone else enjoying the wet weather and boost? Lack of abs and (no offense) crap perth drivers makes for interesting driving.......
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    In other news however! This beautiful box has arrived for me! Containing > Woo! I've got myself a spare subframe on the cheap, so while I wait for other things to arrive I will be welding in some reinforcement plates, putting some new cradle and diff bushes in and eventually installing the new diff!
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    My workshop area is at work, lol
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    It's not what I'm organising but what's everyone's thoughts on a cruise to Hillarys and then hiring a few pool tables at Pot Black?
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    We should try for a monthly meet, first weekend each month or something like that
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    A lot has happened over the past 12mths... STILL the same stock NEO from factory, STILL the factory headgasket... The engine is getting a bit tired but it is not stopping us from setting PB's and having fun! For more info check out our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/Woottenracing/ Here is our last track day at Wakefield Park, we are finally in the 63's and heading in the right direction for a 62 hopefully later in the year.
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    Stopped at safety bay servo, when I was reversing out to leave, this guy comes running through the garden straight at me forcing me to stop. Wasn't sure if I was about to get robbed or told to do a skid, he stops next to my window and says he likes the car, he really really likes the car, then I saw there was a car meet in the back carpark. I thought he deserved to hear limiter up the On ramp
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    I'm down for this one, was tossing up between this and a closer meet but I don't think there's going to be many at that one.
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    We should all do it whoever heads down [emoji106]🏻
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    Save your money for your new GTST
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    Happy Sunday boys ! At the Nissan dealer now and , flicking the magazine and saw this[emoji1313] SAU stickies [emoji7]
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    Hi guys just as u wished for [emoji7]
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