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    Hello. I bought myt skyline 4yrs ago. First I drove it thru winter (surprisingly good winter ride). At the spring stock turbo waste got stuck. Car was 3 months in the carage. I put kinuqawa bolt on turbo and cheap low mount exhaust manigold. It was rest of the summer this way. Then I planned to do some little changes at the winter. But as many of you know things start to get bigger. I start building rollcage and strip whole car down. When car was tripped it would be stubid not to do some things like stich weldin and sandblasting the body etc. I also wanted to do some wisual mods and strip everything extra weight out from the body. Rollcage caused some changes also. Like stock heater system is not fitting anymore. Rear subfame and diff bushes changed to aluminium. Rear and front subframes and stock controll arms got some extra strenght also. Bash bars in front and back wore made from scratch. Now car is going back to gether slowly and I hope to get it done before 2030 🤣 Here is some picks of it. More you can see from my ig @nuut3ro
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    The water isn't critical to use. I would suggest driving it as is, then removing turbo for something more suitable once realising how laggy the car is.
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    Turn the boost up to use more of the gauge. Problem solved
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    It is American fueled, there's zero doubt. There are some good aspects. The heritage parts program and a massive revival of the RB26 GT-R aftermarket, a lot of "wobblers" that needed a lot of work to clean up again that would've normally been parted out are now getting restored. Nissan developed an entirely new technology to replicate body panels just for the heritage parts program. For people that got in before all of this happened it's been a great thing for the most part. There are bad aspects though. Yes, there are instagram kiddies claiming their lemonade stand paid for their R32 GT-R but frankly those are surface issues. Those people will get bored and move on to the next fad. The bigger issue is the rise of theft for these cars in Japan. Clean GT-Rs are being stolen from owners in Japan and exported before they have a chance to figure out what has happened. The export-focused companies are also shady as all hell, companies like JDM Expo, Japan Partner, etc are basically buying up rust buckets with blown engines and doing the absolute minimum to get them presentable to sell off to some person at 2-3x mark-up. Even the "reputable" exporters still export cars with crash damage, etc every so often. Companies like Trust Kikaku are also playing games with the parts market, they've had people do videos about how they're trying to "preserve" these cars for normal people but if you go through their yahoo auctions you can easily find parts marked up double the list price in nissan epc data/amayama. There is also the problem of these cars being exported en masse from Japan but I think many of the best examples are kept in private hands in Japan, it is exceptionally rare to see a truly clean R32 or R33 make it stateside and they often command a premium well above what it would cost in Japan. Just my thoughts though as a big dumb american.
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    Yeo, it's a lemon, tell you what i will take or off your hands. 😉
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    Longest gap between posts for a while.... Been very busy with work the last week and a bit. Had to get an accreditation from Audi so had a massive project to put together. Well it felt massive anyway (that's what she said???) seeing it's been so long since I last studied anything other than hot birds down the street... So, I had to pull all of the wiring out from under the dash (prick of a job when you have ABS) as I had to add some extra wires (turbo speed sensor, water meth wiring, new single channel wideband 02 controller, Haltech rotary dial plus some other stuff). I realized that when doing wiring I procrastinate a lot as it's such a fiddly prick of a job! I don't mind it, I just CBF doing it! I worked out all my wiring loom branch locations on the engine then stripped it all out and wrapped it with wiring loom tape (no, not electrical tape, loom tape is wider and a nicer matte finish). During the process I discovered what my engine miss was. On the Haltech loom the injector wires are blue with a trace. Cylinder 5 and 6 are a yellow and an orange trace. The yellow trace is a lot wider but in the average light of my shed they look the same colour. You can see where I'm going here..... Yep, back to front! It was running amazingly well considering 2 cylinders were running off fuel that was sitting in the manifold at the wrong time! It wasn't a miss, more of a stumble/hesistation. I started it up after reassembly and all seems good! Thank God as it was still worrying me. Still got to replaced my crappy Mishimoto fans with some Davies Craig fans, mount the water meth tank, then just do as much as i can to get it ready to go back on the road (bumpers, bonnet, headlights, etc). Tune is booked for Thursday so at this point I think we're looking pretty good with a few nights left to go. The good wife gave me some money for my birthday to put towards some personalised number plates so got GTR21. Bit wanky but I like them! They're a bit taller than I'd prefer but they'll do.
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    Don't know if any one noticed but it looks as if the Maatouks R32 Skyline went 6.578 seconds in the quarter mile at 209.59 mph in late November ! Is this now the record ? Cause if it is that's bloody fast and credits where credits due !
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    Proof of this statement. Or are you psychic. Or just angry. Car looks clean, proof will be in inspection. GLWS
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    He hehhehheehe
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    A small update on mine. I have changed from a borg warner s360sx to a s362sxe using the same exhaust housing and everything else the same. Due to fuel pressure issues we only did one run over 20psi which is below. This is on very soft timing and once fuel issues are sorted it will do over 500kws
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    For some JDM Kei Kar Kool Not fast, but super cool. There will be alot of "cool" cars that you could get for the money you eventually flip the Skyline for.
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    Are you going to show us how to fit a different headlight into an r34? Whole assembly or just internals? I want to make sure my expectations are set correctly
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    from the mix i posted earlier... omg amazeballs
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    Really enjoyed reading this build, very nice work.
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    Some latest data about twin scroll exhaust manifold vs single scroll exhaust manifold. Still running the same turbo, now making 440rwkws @ 27psi while close to 500RPM more responsive. :
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    Ignore results continue to drive
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    Thought I replied yesterday but... If your device just alters the fuelling you just need to find a workshop with an AFR gauge and they can tune it (on the road) for you.
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    Welcome Brian, eh. White 17" Enkei RPF1s. You'll have to paint them white though. I like original R32 GTR wheels, but they do look a little small these days, and they are too dark for a gunmetal car. I have black RPF1s on a white 32. The colour of your car makes it possible to throw CF pieces on without it looking odd. Nismo front and rear top lips. Front chin lip. Whole rear wing if you're felling baller. Sideskirts if you're going crazy. MCA coilovers if you're willing to buy from Oz. Otherwise whatever the equivalent top end stuff from your side of the pond. 324mm Brembos, or 330mm Stoptech or similar. Helical diffs front and rear. Oh, and I forgot ATESSA controller. Street weapon.
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    Lol well I did a Christmas too. On the wrong car 😂
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    There's your answer then! 150-160, NA, at 8k, will be glorious
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    Hello everyone. I'm buildin r33 gtst track car. Slowly but surely. Looking for some ideas and watching others projects from here. In home I have wife and 1yr old son. Working as a truck driver in Finland. And I'm 28yrs old my self. I'm also sorry for my english bit hope everyone can understand what I try to say 😅 Here is some shots from my car.
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    If anyone has a clean R32 GTS-T they are wanting to part ways with please shoot me a PM.
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    Test fitting some things
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    Normally closed, boost activated. It opens at around 3psi instead of the stated 14psi so I need to put a boost tee in the line to open it later. It's stupidly loud hahahahaha
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    If you know what you're doing then of course not, just don't aggressively ramp timing until you've past max torque. Even keep the timing values static till you see torque decay heavily. And yes, have knock strategies in place with the factory knock sensors would be an advantage with your tune. In terms of the copper spray, I can't see any negatives with using it.
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    Newbie here, just picked up a 1990 R32 GTS-T. Looking to get new 17s for it, just not sure on the proper width and offset.
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    I'll hit you up in after xmas for a full set of pads & rotors for race car.
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    GTR's did infact drop under 40k (for R34's) before the crazy price hike. Anyone who has ever looked under one or in the engine bay of one or knows skylines in general, knows that when you mod one, for performance's sake, you're effectively paying $100k (lol) for a heavy AWD system.
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    Yeah, but I find their interiors and exterior styling doesn't provide boners - reminds me of my asian neighbour's clapped out camry
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    It is a pricy thing to do, but the truth is a good clutch is important as you use it, I dunno... about 200 times an hour when you think about it.. I paid a little less, but I supplied all of the parts to begin with. To drive in, drive out, with new bits and that it is well worth it. Sadly these days you never know with R33 GTST Gearboxes, a lot of people have started to use Z33/Z34 CD009 gearboxes or others, as these boxes often get used for drifting and the price has gone up. However the car is going to be so much better for having a manual in it.
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    Stunning! I'd never own one in black but it does look great.
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    Cheers for clarifying How did the S369 and the 6870 compare aside from the Borg not smoking? The G42 should be quite interesting, definitely a bit of a step up!
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    A bit of an update for you guys. Exhaust tip has been decided. Went with the 3" straight and happy about it 😃
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    Excellent write up Dan, and yeah captures the day. Attached is the video of the last run we did 260kpa e85 run.mp4
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    Spent some time on the sil80 with new tie rod ends, castor arms & 17psi gate springs now installed. Moved it for the first time since I pulled out all the good suspension. Fuel is stale & hose at the fuel tank is leaking. Did some more setup on the ecu with correct injector data and ethrottle tuning too. Idle is a lot better. BUT the main reason its moved is to start work on this old thing Been promising the wife for a while that I would get it running properly and sort out a lot of small issues. She also wants to do some drag racing so plan is to pull motor & box, fix leaks, rewire the front end as its a mess and butchered, install electric windows, fix heater/blower fan. Finally install all this........ Never been in a nitrous car its mainly for the shits and giggles but still cheaper than a LS conversion. Just going to run a 75-100hp shot and hopefully not lift the heads.
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    Down stream of intercooler piping is done. Damn that was a mission..... I think I just made something simple really bloody complicated! A lot of pissing around but came up ok in the end. Apart from water/meth nozzle all piping is done. I'm really enjoying all this welding, going to need a future welding project to keep my eye in. Next is plumbing the coolant, oil and oil drain to the turbo. Should be pretty easy compared to what I've already done. Ive got an Aeroflow kit for the coolant and water so should be nice and neat. Turbo drain looks tricky with minimal clear paths from turbo to block fitting. Might have to make up some metal tubing to get past the turbo then just hose from there.
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    Sorry I wasn't clear, change the projectors. One, they're RHD; two, they're garbage. https://www.lightwerkz.net/index.php/components/retrofit-brackets/nissan/nissan-r32-d2s-brackets.html G5-R LHD projectors, Denso slim ballasts (or your choice of aftermarket), Philips or Osram D2S bulbs
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    I cannot quite believe the things we are asked to do from bloody photos! How are we supposed to know what some retard did on your car years ago?
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    My back is still pretty sore though, running stiff suspension, a fixed bucket seat with zero give, semi slicks still is hard to offset the adrenaline rush and GATE I think having GATE makes the drive more enjoyable. Disclaimer: We all did the speed limit because we are responsible adults.
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    mlr - you've got a couple of options here: 1. Don't take take the missus ! 2. If she must go, cruse to were there are the are shops that include - cafes/markets/crystals/goat milk soap/hippy tie die clothing etc etc Dose Pipe Sutututu - You need some serious help if you get more enjoyment driving a Tiguan. ( No offence to the Tiguan ) GET DRIVING MAN ! ! IN YOUR SPECIFICALLY BUILT CAR THAT IS DESIGNED FOR DRIVING. NOT A PEOPLE MOVING CAR WITH SUSPENSION UP GRADES ( again no offence to people mover cars ) Thanks for the offer on your built motor but I already got a 25/30 sitting on an engine stand with a 3582R on a cast iron HKS low mount manifold with all the fruit, waiting to go into the R33. I've been waiting for the RB25 that's in my car to run out and its now got 414000km on it and still going ! But that's the point isn't it ? The car is for driving and drive you must. Any thing else is an automotive tragedy !
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    Your ECU is not proper Get a Haltech or a Link or an Adaptronic even a Nistune can go bang/wank/pop on launch and controlled too. You're able to set the exact RPM, timing and fuel compensation on launch with the Nistune. The Bee*R junk you cannot. An ECU is cheaper than a new motor.
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    I take of care of sau members just email me clockworkcustoms@yahoo.com.au Or message 0417677905
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    I have some evidence to support its worth spending the money on plazmaman. My GTR, 3.2 stroker, awd turbo 400, PTE 8285 all the goodies bla bla Chinese 120mm intercooler on 33psi was seeing IAT's of 100 plus degrees on single dyno pull, with the previous turbo being a PTE 7675 was seeing IAT's of 80 degrees. Fitted the Plazmaman Pro Series 100mm GTR intercooler, with no other changes it instantly saw 43psi obviously just from better flow. After some tuning at 38psi we are not seeing anymore than IAT's of 50 degrees after back to back dyno pulls.
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    Hey, I'm located in Yokosuka. I've been to a couple Diakoku Futo meets, but haven't really met anyone yet.
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    You guys are all funny , you need to follow me on FB i dont get on here as much anymore!!!! Been busy with large projects and i have managed to get the car sorted for its final tune, Chris from motec will be doing the final config as he has been away in USA. So once the config is correct and the car responds, it will hit the dyno straight after that. BTW the car drives perfect and the VENTURI works !!!!!
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    looking at 300 kw in my 34 neo and just wanted to hear your guys thoughts on injectors? side feed? top feed? jecs? dueshworks?. oh and size seems to be 1000's. cheers.
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    Part # G9850-22U00 for anyone interested. $670 for a brand new one :S
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    are theese rubbish china turbos with a badge thats made in japan?
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    i wouldnt be dissing the new gen WRXs for a street oriented car they're a lot quicker than what people think. motor mag recently did an article on the MY09 the car reeled off 0-100 in 5.6, 13.6 quarter and a 1 min 11 around wakefield ALL IN THE WET. for a stock standard car the thing is fast. i had a Gtech in my R33 and these straight line times are definitely not a myth the car launches extremely hard when you get it right. its not a hardcore track car definitely wasn't intended to be so quick around a track as its design purpose is more for day to day pracitcality and street use (hence why i bought one). but you can't argue with the facts. i was going to buy an evo 9 however the WRX was better in stock form in every single aspect bar the suspension. the interior in the EVO 9 is still so shiit and wasn't a huge "upgrade" from my R33 interior which was a big turn off. suspension in the 9 was still hard, there is no sunroof option too, plus buying an older car thats been thrashed for the same money didnt gel well in my books. but for me the cars only pitfall being the suspension is actually a plus in my case. i like the softer suspension for day to day use. i got over the hard suspension in my skyline (also a daily driver). i had no intension for any track work at all with this new car. for the street the rex has rediculous performance both handling/engine. only notice its suspension/braking faults when you hit the track which will most likely never happen for me. dont buy one if you do intend on doing a lot of track work but its good to know it can hold its own. an evo X VS MY08 Sti comparison last year the 08 Sti with the same driver managed 1:09 in the DRY at Wakefield. so the soft wrx sedan can definitely hold its own if need be. not trying to defend my purchase just relaying the facts. but back on topic X 2 the yellow GTR seems very cheap. in the couple years i was looking for them there were some cheaper GTRs (and by cheaper i mean there was a 10 grand difference between stock standard examples with the same k's, year etc) but i would'nt be holding my breath for the inspection. my advice find one thats as stock standard as possible then have it inspected. a lot of imports are also dressed down (parts removed) during the importation process so the car's former life is very hard to read even with an inspection. i fell into this problem with my R33.
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