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    The start of my DIY LED tail light project. will post more pics as I get more done. Today I removed the lens's and painted the reflector matt black. also made up some black Perspex panels to mount the LEDs to.
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    There's a reason strokers are so popular, cause they're so good
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    ants your a legend,and the slart is going the be f@#ked sideways tomorrow for sure.
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    I'm no expert on this, but! Could the boot is so repulsed by todays shit 'rap' that it is trying to de hinge itself? lol only joking No I'm not.
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    Thanks down_shift things are clearly out of my control yet people can just defimate ones character so easily
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    To stop bad traders, and it did - instantly. Too many were creating For Sale posts and editing after ripping off members. So we allow edits for an hour/two - after that it's locked up. Report a post, it'll get tidied up when a mod/admin gets to it - and they will remove phone numbers or certain details - don't expect them to remove the entire thread as that wont happen.
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    I'd recommend Cquartz Dlux. Not cheap but it lasts. Here's a good review. http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/product-reviews/52351-carpro-cquartz-dlux-review.html
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    I used kyb shocks and king springs. All up cost me just over $750 including postage, which i think is pretty cheap to do shocks/springs with reputable brands. Sure it could be a little lower, but the ride is nice - stiff but not ridiculously hard like most cheap coils. Here's a link for cheap kyb's: https://www.niftyparts.com.au/index.php/searchfilter/index/result?_type=1&_category=451&_make=23&_year=1994&_model=2656&_engine=13341 They're also on ebay pretty cheaply too, though niftyparts was the best price I found.
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    Terry may know a little mor about this than me, but I'm from the area and a mate of mine had an S13 (he's since sold it because of this blitz) and lived in bundeena and he was getting a low of harassment but he said the main thing they were interested in was wheels for some reason. They never even popped his bonnet! They kept measuring the width and size of them to make sure they're legal, so I'm very thankful for that tech arvo not long ago haha
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    If you are running drugs across the border and the cops shoot out your tires you keep on driving. That's a pretty big advantage if you ask me.
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