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    As per title. Full set for sale. Globes, ballast, headlight. All for a wonderful price of $1700 In perfect condition
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    The start of my DIY LED tail light project. will post more pics as I get more done. Today I removed the lens's and painted the reflector matt black. also made up some black Perspex panels to mount the LEDs to.
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    Actually who cares? Another random guess. Front windscreen demister. Like what's on rear windscreens . Some had small elements at the bottom.
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    To stop bad traders, and it did - instantly. Too many were creating For Sale posts and editing after ripping off members. So we allow edits for an hour/two - after that it's locked up. Report a post, it'll get tidied up when a mod/admin gets to it - and they will remove phone numbers or certain details - don't expect them to remove the entire thread as that wont happen.
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    This looks awesome mate can't wait to see final results.
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    Looks good. Post up some pics when they are finished...and lit up.
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    dudes lost the plot tells me to not worry about sending it now that he has a new one, and flips out and posts on all my threads WOW just WOW kinda wish i didnt send it on wednesday now
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    I'd recommend Cquartz Dlux. Not cheap but it lasts. Here's a good review. http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/product-reviews/52351-carpro-cquartz-dlux-review.html
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    An update with my progress and some pics. I just have to re-attach the lens' then seal them up. Then get the top half painted to match the car.
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    I gained just as much Scott from the experience of chatting with you! Glad to show you around this Japanese theme site!
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    Thanks to terry for showing me the venue it's really impressive the pics will be truely amazing
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    "Too many things on my mind all at once.....plans are all jumbled up and confused.....need clear direction....must focus....work to a target......have to get organized !!! " Plans for the immediate future: - Book the car in for the wide front fender work. - Tint the indicators / get orange led globes (brighter) if required Plans for the short term: - Fit rear tyres (285s) on my new rims which fingers and toes crossed arrive by the end of next month - Move current rear rims and tyres to the fronts (might need to run a spacer but we shall see) - Actually commit to installing the new coilover suspension (which in honesty I have not done yet because I am waiting for the new rims to be fitted first) - Get around to repainting the wiper stalks and weather protector bits as they are starting to show wear in bits (seemingly I am the only one who can actually see this as nobody seems to notice unless I tell them where to look and they peer closely - yes I am a bit loony I guess) - Wrap the plastic dash surround in carbon look wrap to see how it looks OR have it plasti-dipped black carbon Plans for the long term: - Swap existing coilpack and valley covers with the new painted / graffiti ones - Research changing to either a Greddy or Plazman forward facing plenum (solely for looks really) - Research converting to running E85 - Get around to tidying up the engine bay a bit more and going braided lines etc. and thus begins the difficult task of actually trying to keep to this and saving accordingly...wish me luck
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    They're also strippers on the side, training up-and-coming stars like eye-eye-captain-birdseye
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    Tax time were everyone is suddenly your best mate Depreciate it, in accordance with your work use percentage Disclaimer: Not taking anymore tax questions
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    I used kyb shocks and king springs. All up cost me just over $750 including postage, which i think is pretty cheap to do shocks/springs with reputable brands. Sure it could be a little lower, but the ride is nice - stiff but not ridiculously hard like most cheap coils. Here's a link for cheap kyb's: https://www.niftyparts.com.au/index.php/searchfilter/index/result?_type=1&_category=451&_make=23&_year=1994&_model=2656&_engine=13341 They're also on ebay pretty cheaply too, though niftyparts was the best price I found.
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    Choy -midnight purple 34 GTR in the city 20 minutes ago
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    $600 for used... No way. Not ever. In a million years. And Wasn't that group buy in 2008? Kyb are one of the leading manufacturers in stock replacement struts shocks. I recomended these because the OP is obviously after original or as close to. Otherwise I would have recommended something else along with aftermarket arms etc etc...
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    I wouldn't allow anyone from Pedders to touch any part of my car with a piece of soft rag, let alone a spanner, or work on the suspension.
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    Terry may know a little mor about this than me, but I'm from the area and a mate of mine had an S13 (he's since sold it because of this blitz) and lived in bundeena and he was getting a low of harassment but he said the main thing they were interested in was wheels for some reason. They never even popped his bonnet! They kept measuring the width and size of them to make sure they're legal, so I'm very thankful for that tech arvo not long ago haha
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    No, your right, robertson to bowral is my local area and the roads arent bad at all. the recon is more for photo stops, rather than the actual condition of the roads. And for desmond to come for a social trip heh. I am unsure why the google map is diverting through tourist road, on my screen i clearly have it going through robertson, otherwise why mention robertson at all heh. Im sure the rest of the map is sufficent for people to have the gist of the route, i hope.
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    If you are running drugs across the border and the cops shoot out your tires you keep on driving. That's a pretty big advantage if you ask me.
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