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    Update! Finally, after 7 hours of sandblasting, the subframe is ready to weld in the reinforcements. It was a hell of a job, with sometimes a failure of the machine So after this i welded in the reinforcements en took the subframe to the powercoating, normally i would have it back this evening, so then we could mount the bushings, assembly the rear suspension arms, en put the axle back under the car.
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    Add more boost.. ring lands won't blow if you limit torque. Also spray more fuel at peak torque to keep the cylinder temperatures down and pump in more timing as torque decays.. I think the excess cylinder temps cause the rings to expand then smash the ring lands not so much the pressure/force. Because you even hear of people smashing ring lands with cars making 250kW. To put things into perspective, I've been thrashing the shit out of my car with about 1.8bar through the motor on the track and it's yet to go boom LOL... but like I said, I run very low timing at peak torque and spray heaps of fuel to the point it is about to misfire... but, the car is happy and the only thing that has died is the stock 300 000km head gasket and the turbo's arse end exploding.
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    Yeah I enjoyed it too, good on Nulon for sticking with the series. it was damn hot though. Are there results posted up anywhere? I want to know if the wiggles are faster than a shopping trolley hatchback And great work Desmond in finishing in the top few cars, the competition has definitely heated up in the last few years
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    CTP Savings At Last in NSW Whilst With NRMA VVC We've known for a while now that Shannon's offers discounts on CTP Renewals on cars that are insured by Shannon's. We also know how horrendously expensive CTP Premiums are, for reasons we can discuss elsewhere. Now, NRMA Vintage Veteran and Classic are upping the ante. But there are hoops your need to jump through... So, pay attention! The original NRMA VVC Invoice has been destroyed (by an NRMA office worker), but as you can see, on the accompanying form, I've written down $758 as being the Premium Due for my CTP Renewal. On the original Invoice, it states that there is no accompanying NRMA Insurance that would ordinarily reduce the CTP Premium. That's because NRMA is slow in linking the VVC arm to its CTP Renewals. If I had paid online, I would have had to pay $758. If I had paid by phone, I probably would have paid $758. If I had paid at Australia Post, I definitely would have paid $758. Now for the kicker... By paying at an NRMA Branch - and here's the important bit... - asking to adjust the CTP Premium because the car is insured with NRMA VVC, I have saved $280!!!!!! Now I don't need to tell you that $280 can buy me a degustation meal for two at Tetsuya's. But hey, you have better things to do with $280 than by an empty-nester like me!
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    Newb Hi guys, I'm a new member and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Adz, live in Canberra. I'm the proud owner of a 1988 R31 GX Series II. I have some pretty big plans for this car, and already have a few parts to add to it, thanks to my best mate. I'm basically aiming for the car to look like the second pic below! My biggest issue at the moment is trying to determine what would be the best suspension conversion (other than s13) for the car being a dedicated track car (hillclimbs, sprints etc) Any advice is appreciated. Cheers
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    hi every fall in love with japs car hi guys im from korea and stay here about 5 yr. i was bought 2001 nissan stagea turbo v6. anyway i will use many times good on this community . thanks
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    you guys joke, but he owns a Mitsubishi Lancer ...
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    I must be doing it wrong then because my car with a wastegate off the manifold that goes to countless track days should be on fire by now.
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    it's a bit of a sidetrack, but this webpage was absolutely awesome and I used a lot of the advice from it for my wiring job https://www.rbracing-rsr.com/wiring_ecu.html Obviously I'm no sparkie but I've done a fair bit of wiring over the years including a bunch of annoying failures when I hadn't done stuff properly and everything those guys said made sense. Doing so much wiring from scratch, particularly when you have "plug and pin" sets mean you can run single new wires from point to point without any dodgy joins. I used: <5a/signal wires: #22 raychem wire and deutsch DTM connectors 5-10a power or earth (almost every power circuit): #20 wire and deutsch DT connectors >10a: #16 wire and deutsch DTP connectors Some bigger wires like main battery and earth I had to run 00 or similar and have a big battery lug crimper for it. For joining any wires (eg factory loom power sources to the smartwire) I used these awesome heatshrink splices. You crimp them down (the usual red/blue/yellow sizes) and then melt the heatshrink to allow glue to support the joint instead of the crimp, they are great. http://www.solidkit.com.au/product/krimpaseal-heat-shrink-crimp-waterproof-butt-splice-joiners-bulk/. I also used a few super helpful reducers in the same stuff eg red to blue or blue to yellow, really helpful for joining 2 wires into 1 where needed. They are semi-transparent so you can see if the wire is seated properly too, Crimping the deutsch terminals is super easy because the tool for each size holds the pin and crimps it in 4 places which is almost impossible to get wrong, I think I literally only stuffed 1 in the entire job. For things like earths I used regular crimp terminals in red/blue/yellow with a ratchet crimper which is much easier than the cheapy plier style ones. I also have a generic crimper for non-insulated terminals which was OK but got very painful by the time I finished all of the smartwire and haltech pins. And the smallest size on this was still to large for the AMP/haltech pins so I needed to tighten each further with pliers which sucked. If I had to do more of them I would have bought the proper tool for these too. All of the gear including the proper crimpers cost a bit but I expect it to be super reliable now. I also used a lot of dual wall / glue lined heatshrink where cables come together and between cables and connectors. Also spiral tubing and electrical tape on longer runs The key idea is to avoid soldering (because it makes wires brittle due to heat and solder's lack of flexibility) and to support the wire other than by the actual join/crimp on the wires (ie by it's insulation/heatshrink/tape/spiral cover etc) to limit the strain on the wires and minimise the chance of the actual wire being damaged. And the other key thing is to test every single connection by giving it a reasonable tug after crimping; if it falls apart now it won't last long on the track.
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    So while I find the wastegate temperature discussion interesting is it relevant to anyone north of the border? All you seem to do is drag race your GTR so heats not a major concern for 9 seconds on WOT at a time.
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    Speedtek in Victoria is doing upgrade gear sets with chunky input shaft. Group buy special on ATM
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    Good luck folks. Remember to keep it tight and precise. Feels slow but is way faster on these technical courses. Wish I could run with ya folks. Anyone have a remote control app? lol.
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    I vote for ECU control. My car with Link, Mac valve and Synapse 50mm wastegate (and tuned by Soichi):
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    Sedan is good! Good car, good value =) could do with a tad more torque but you know, can't have everything haha. Done much to yours? With sway bars, I recommend Hotchkis front and rear, strong and light. Very good stuff.
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    Review: Mothers NuLens™ Headlight Renewal Kit European cars seem to struggle with maintaining high levels of headlight condition. While Japanese cars seem to suffer from fading/clouding, Euro's get pitting and a rough coating over them. We have 2 European cars and they've both fallen victim to this pitting and coating. I bought the Mothers NuLens™ Headlight Renewal Kit to try to clean up the headlights on my wife's 2007 Volkswagen Passat. Here's some pics of the headlight before I started. You can see just how bad the pitting and scratches are. So, the process is very simple; tape up your paintwork I put a hose on very low just dribbling over the headlight to keep it wet. Sand with the supplied 800 grit pad (you'll see in the below pics I needed to do this longer) When you have a uniform haze and it feels smooth, sand with the 1500 grit pad When the haze is uniform again, dry the light and Sand with the 3000 grit foam pad. Lastly, use the Powerball and polish to polish the headlight. So, after about 20 mins, the result is amazing. You can see that some scratches still exist, I can't feel these so I missed them on the 800 grit stage. I'm planning on redoing the sanding next week to see if I can improve it. But, even without doing that again, it looks (and feels) incredible. I would recommend this kit to anybody who has external defects on their headlights. (A lot of R33's get hazing/clouding on the inside of the headlight.) This is a 5 star product for sure. $40 very well spent.
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    did buy an m5 and love it . it was too much hassle with current life commitments to mess around with it m5 is absolute animal so skyline is going back to garage for a while and start work in a year or so . thanks for your help all , really appreciate it
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    How are the overfenders mounted ? Do you have some pictures of it, and how was te fittment ?
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    Hi all...recently tuned my; Vl turbo with RB30/25 neo head - Built bottom end - forged pistons, rods, N1 oil pump, studs - Ported head- type B tomei poncams, - Front mount intercooler - Forward facing plenum - 2 x 044 fuel pumps - 6 boost manifold - GTX 3582 - Bosch injectors 2000's I have been building this car for years which has been an ongoing project/hobby... it's a 5 speed manual, running 24 psi on e 85.
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    Heres 32 topics from 2005 with 'nachos' in the copy. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/search/?&q=nachos&updated_after=1104537600&updated_before=1135987200
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    Awwww. Best return post ever.
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    Holy shit, this is epic. I just spent way too much of my work day ogling at the pics!
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    Cash grab for the owners, publicity for the law firm. Doubt they will get very far, maybe some Bunnings gift cards
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