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    Brilliant moves by Ricciardo, this is a good race so far...
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    Us tonight ! Thank you all for coming x [emoji39]
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    Who let the prado club in? Haha
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    In that race I was against an r32 Gtr with a big single and more power then me and he finished with his front bar lined up with my rear cause mine gets out of the hole so much better
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    Next track day is coming up this Sunday. Its round 2 of the vic supersprint championship at Sandown. The weather at this stage isn't looking great but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Everyone's in the same boat anyway, especially if they're driving an R33. Hopefully we get a dry run, im keen to see how the new diff and 4.3 ratio goes. Hoping to not have to use 2nd gear anywhere.
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    Heavy C&P ended up knocking my wrists around, I found replacing barbell with dumbbells was alot easier on them, plus switching from elastic wrist wraps to boxing wraps, the cloth type, eliviated to issue altogether. I have structured in 10 x 3 alternating 1 arm DB C&P into my program now with good results, no more wrist or shoulder pain either. Flat bench still aggravates my shoulders though, a slight incline on the bench helps alot though. Disclaimer: I'm 52 now and my joints are screwed up due to arthritis.
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    Thanks! Resto is a serious word, more like highlighting what it used to be. I have a funny feeling as these get older and the market opens up in usa a tidy example would be worth a fair bit!
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    righto, some new bits. small things amuse small minds i guess.... sold my double din tv for a new single din bluetooth/usb head unit. the double din i had was a much better deck but it didnt suit what i was doing. i hope the new owner is enjoying it. while i was at it i bought another console (where the deck,gauges and a/c sit) as mine was cut up to fit the double din. Also bought a new stereo surround from RHDJapan. and finally my favourite, freshly retrimmed steering wheel in black leather with matching handbrake boot. got these done at X-Trim in Smeaton Grange. Couldnt be happier with their work and i didnt pay $1000 for a new wheel. im just about done on the inside..im finally "happy" with the condition. yes i know it needs a vacuum! 20151122_134410 by Oliver K, on Flickr 20151122_134550 by Oliver K, on Flickr
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