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    Ok its taken a while but the fab work is done and the 5862 is on, unfortunately its on the old motor with old intake and fuel system so it will still be a little while before everything is finished off, but hopefully not too long lol
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    Oops my bad ! Hahahahah sorry Mark , I’ll Make sure to organise it properly next time and Thank you for the birthday Birthday wish 24 ok Tuesday 🤣 Was good to see you all and can’t wait for the next cruise ! Later boyzzz and be good xx
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    I guess it gets pretty hot in Western Australia but do you know you need an oil cooler? Maybe a bigger radiator would be better? If you do need an oil cooler I would expect a 350Z or Infiniti one would fit. BTW I am currently driving a 350 powered Maxima which has not been overheating ...although max temps here are about 28 - 30 deg C on what we call a hot day.
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    I can’t read Japanese but I’m guessing it’s the equivalent of cntsfcked
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    Skids keep Australia moving, provides jobs for Australians. Vegans and bicycles don't.
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    Are your pedals standard? Do you wear proper shoes when on the track rather than your normal Doc Martins or whatever people wear nowadays. They make a huge difference. Try practicing with no shoes on. If you are consistently locking rears the chances are your bias is out. If you brake hard without the car in gear does it lock up the back end? If the answer is yes it may well be the case. Quickest fix is then to get some rear pads with a lower coefficient of friction.
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    Or youve removed ABS and your brakes aren't balanced properly and lock up exceptionally easy
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    Is rather see a big skid right past your house. More street kred imo
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    If you only need a light touch on the brakes to stop you are not going fast enough or braking too early!
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    so reading that, you holding on to the stock is stopping a cure for cancer.... #MartinShkreliv2.0
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    Bagh, Was at Sir James Mitchell Park at like 4 pm waiting for you guys then I got hit from left field with email at 5:30 saying its at City west. Anyway got uber there and caught up with you guys which was great. Nice group of people very welcoming, thanks guys =D I did Remove my coil pack engine cover and tie up the igniter yesterday just before the cruise. Heard that they get hot and can cause issues. Will leave it off for the time being. Anyway took the car out last night from 10 to 11pm. Just through the tunnel and up down freeway, down west coast. Ran fine didn't have any of that loose of power fluttering rpm's. (think issue is still there. . or will come back). But was fun drive. Puts such a big smile on my face. Love that car. . . Will see you all next drive. or ill put up a post when my new wheels come. PS Thanks again ELLE for the drink I owe you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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    Bull bar. Dave had some fun in the Rex with a amg in the poly pipe. Two very different soundtracks.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, As part of each member's entry to SAU NSW's GP Track Day, Heasman Steering will be hosting a tech night on corner-weighing, shock rate design, and suspension set up for the track. There are limited spots available, with 10 dedicated spots for members, in particular those who've entered GP. We'll be posting up a separate thread on the tech night to open it up to all members, but for now, for those who've entered GP, please let us know if you're keen on the tech night also. Final details will be shared in the members thread in the coming days, but it will be held on one of the thursdays leading up to the track day. First in, first served!
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    Nismo R32/S13 Rear Arms - https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/o228750633?iref=rss
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    Ok whilst the "newbie" section is under the "wasteland" - Enough is enough. You lot need to have a good hard look at yourselves, behaviour and comments towards new people coming into the community - especially females. New members come here to introduce themsevles and half of you cannot contain yourselves when a female posts and then proceed to degrade the threads and clearly offend and/or take them highly off topic within the first page. If you do not stop this behaviour - you will recieve the punishment swiftly as per below: 1st offence - 7 day ban & warning 2nd offence - 1 month ban & warning 3rd offence - Perma ban, no questioned asked. No-one "gets away" with anything, state club member or not. Show some maturity and respect to new comers, simple as that. -Admin
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    lol same thing i was thinking But yeah, SSAA/Police are the way to go IMO. I've been down to the range out west a few times over the years
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    actually ignore the information above if youre going to be a f**kwit with it
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    hahahahha yea right
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