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    Not sure why all the guesses about Poncams vs Procams. Tomei's own website says it's the same.
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    Oh yeah, on the way home, about 5 minutes from home actually i had a squirt with an A45 AMG, first rolling, A45 got left behind by a fair margin. Then he wanted to go at the lights (on a private road obviously), antilag engaged with the Ar-1 still on, the boat launched perfectly and left the A45 in it's wake. Skyline with antilag and r specs > A45 with launch control. Was a good way to cap off an already excellent day.
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    Go the easy slightly bodgy option, tee into fuel pressure regulator signal. Make sure it doesn't come off.
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    I was considering buying about 7 years ago when they weren't old as shit, thrashed out and seemed like decent sports cars for the money Considering an Abarth Spider is nearly on par for performance, 15 years newer, more features and nearly the same price...f**k the S2000 At least the GTR has history and a marquee to it, along with outperforming that car in every way...the S2000 was the pinnacle of 2L N/A performance in 1999 and that's all it was. Honda boys are still tossing over the 9000 jerks per minute and vtec.
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    Where your fuel rail is, you can see the injectors. Where they enter the inlet manifold runners is the spot where the vacuum signal comes from. But the vacuum manifold I described is UNDER the inlet. If the hose is not still present and just blocked off, it is going to be difficult.
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    That would definitely help and is on the cards as well as the other stuff. Just got to work out if i do it with the current bar or use a stock spare one i got. The only thing that bothers me about all this is the list of things that are getting removed and refitted for track days is growing. First it was just wheels and tyres, then boot lid and wing, roll cage cross brace, rear seats etc. Now we're talking about splitter and possibly front bar. Things we do to go fast... Lol
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    This week I get into stripping the many many layers and years of paint and bog off of the Z. It is a very slow messy job, but it has to be done.
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    This is a tricky one and I too highlighted my concerns to an executive a couple of weeks ago. This is my take on the whole thing and I’ve been around these types of events for many many years. Scenario 1, the way most people look at an event like this –. This event has the makings of a fantastic day that could not happen without the motivation of the organisers. People pay their money, have fun, meet new friends, learn a heap of stuff and go home happy......... So what’s wrong with that? Nothing unless you want to look a bit deeper. The Reality. The organisers and coordinators have identified an opportunity to put on an event which should secure them a healthy return on their investment. This is not a charity event or a Club run event although club involvement has either been asked for or offered. It is a commercial proposition to make money. Sponsors pay to display their goods and services to a target market and expect to also get a decent return on their investment. The public pay at the gate and are confronted with a conga line of GT-R’s never seen before. For $20 or their about they can stay there for hours looking and learning all things GT-R. Pretty good deal, I’m sure we all agree. The entrants, we pay to provide our cars as the entertainment for the organisers to make money? Am I missing something here? Our cars drag in the sponsors and public to pay and then for that privilege, we pay too! INSANE, doesn't happen in any other business environment where the drawcard has to pay to be there. In my opinion the entrant fee should be FREE but the public should pay more to offset the cost.That will then further encourage owners to bring their cars to attend. I met heaps of people last year that didn't bring their cars but were happy to look at ours and they paid LESS to do that than we did as entrants! Quick question, When Adele recently played in front of 500,000 people around Australia, did she have to pay for that privilege or did she get paid? I think we all know the answer to that. I have two cars confirmed for the Heritage display. The first is my 60,000km 2 owner R32 GT-R ADM, 100% bog stock standard including radio, suspension and exhaust. The second is an identical 1994 white R32 GT-R. I think to have two factory fresh cars, 1 ADM and 1 JDM side by side in perfectly stock condition is something many people would like to see and has never been seen before in public. There are still a lot of people that don’t know Australia was the only country in the world outside of Japan that officially sold the R32 GT-R throughout Nissan Dealerships. A drawcard in my opinion. I’m happy to show people the differences between the cars and provide my knowledge free of charge. That’s what car enthusiast do, no issues. So......I have to pay an entry fee for two cars. The ADM is not registered so I need to pay for an unregistered vehicle permit for the day. That requires a trip to my local RMS and we all know how much fun that is. I then need to change my insurance arrangements for one day as it's only on laid up cover at home, not on the roads and then take the risk that some moron does hit me going or coming from the event and deal with Police pulling me over because it doesn’t have number plates. So, to sum up, my commitment to attend this show is in excess of $100 plus the risks and inconveniences involved in bringing the two cars. Once again I have no issues with this, I know from the start what I’m up for and it’s my call if I want to do it or not. At this point in time I’m doing it. The part that really gets me is the call for volunteers......... Come in spinner. I know that they have been promised some form of remuneration and that’s fine, it’s each individuals call whether they want to do it or not. I just hope that those who don’t want to do it like me are not ostracised by others. The first person that asks me to mark out grid positions or run errands or co-ordinate anything will be politely reminded that I'm a customer, not a member of staff. The organisers will always say that the fees that have to be paid to Sydney Motorsport Park and ALL the other costs such as Insurance and legislative requirements need to be recouped and at best the event breaks even blah blah blah . Trust me, as someone who has been in business for over 35 years if an event like this doesn't attain a decent return on the investment then nobody in their right mind would contemplate hosting it. Weather is the only uncontrollable factor that can affect the profitability of the day. Many business, (mine included) suffers from this problem, you just need to work on worse case scenarios. Please don’t get me wrong, I certainly don't have a problem with people making a profit, I encourage it and have been spruiking about this event for ages but I do find it annoying that volunteers are requested in a business environment. If I go to a restaurant as a patron, I expect good service from professional people. This show is no different. It is the organiser’s responsibility to provide a professional coordinated environment. Is that going to be the case when volunteers are involved? Hopefully, but like many things in life, you normally get what you pay for! Sorry for the rant! Bob.
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