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    Is the car tuned or stock? I’d be checking the timing or having a look at the knock sensors. Recently filled up with fuel? Could be a bad batch. Also check the coolant temp sensor.
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    I would also point out that there is a full day's work involved in correctly setting up a fully adjustable rear end on a Nissan. On and off the alignment machine several times. Changing the length of the traction arm then checking the effect on bump steer then back onto the alignment machine to fix the upper arm length. Rinse and repeat. If you're paying someone to do this for you, you're paying a lot. I too have done a lot of this stuff myself. Not so much because I don't trust my aligner, but more so because of the time and cost associated with getting it done there. A starting measurement on the aligner, followed by going home and measuring the lengths of various arms and some simple trigonometry can tell you how long to set adjustable arms that will be correct to within a couple of points of a degree. Homemade bump steer gauge to minimise bump problems. Further twiddling of adjustables and possibly measuring camber with a spirit level or digital level and some more trig, all followed by return trip to the aligners to make sure that toe and camber are right.
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    My CR is 8.1:1 , not sure what happened there , talking about going to 10.5:1 tops but maybe 10 ish and a P&P while the motors down . The 8374 will probably run out of puff a little earlier but be interesting to see how it runs up to 6000 ish Anyone gone from low 8s CR to 10.5 ish "If" I ever want to change it up, I have everything there to go to the 9180 , with my setup it would still be a responsive street car with a lot more up top , maybe a 1.45ar , take a little off the response, but ? Not too sure how the Getrag would like the 9180 ? Not sure if the Getrag will like the extra twist with the higher CR and a P&P as is, LOL
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    Egts done Well not really still have to play the halatech box game
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    Thanks to rat32r for Alt Kit. Fitted up a breeze and looks sexy! Bringing the car down to the shop on Monday and we'll start making some decent progress on it all!
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    So update time..... The above pictures of the molds, didnt work. since the way i wrapped the edges around the car and how it was flat against the car in other parts the parts were smaller and didnt fit. So after a good old tantrum, figured how to solve it and started from scratch again for the, ive lost count of how many times. But i now have a fender flare that can be stuck to the car :D. it still needs alot of sanding and cleaning up. have to add a bit more to the edges in some spots but it is starting to take shape :D. the 3 other flares should come out alot better and more shaped as i have learnt alot of mistakes and tricks from the first one. but here it is so far.
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    There is no way an rb26 has more low end torque then a Barra
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    I say if your going to the effort of building again just do the brace for piece of mind will keep everything ridgid and stop block twist, even though it will be grout filled I would still do it and be done ✅
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    Hi im from Japan I like Australia alot and also Automobile. I hope to share things in Japan here. Thank you よろしくお願いいたします
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    I thought my last break between updates was long. Here we are at almost a year. Jesus... A lot has actually gone on with the car, too much for me to write at 2am. So hopefully I'll update this shortly. What I will update for now to get me started is - I bought new wheels! I actually bought these a while ago but I went through quite a lengthy battle with the seller of these wheels, which leads me to this statement: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM OZZY TYRES! There's such a long, convoluted story that resulted in 3 months of pain. So rather than writing that whole thing out, let me just say that when I went to jump in my car after getting the new wheels installed (XXR 527 equivalents in Chromium Black, 18 x 8.75 +20) they ended up being the WRONG COLOUR with the WRONG OFFSET on the WRONG RUBBER. Ozzy Tyres only offered me a refund of the price difference of the tyres. They refused to replace the wheels to the correct ones. I went to the extent of contacting the owner, pleading with them to fix it, I then got Fair Trading involved who tried to essentially mediate between us, but those guys are all bark and no bite. When I showed Ozzy Tyres that the wrong offset wheels had actually rubbed on my front calipers they finally caved in replacing those, but then refused to fix the rears!? Again I was speaking to Fair Trading but the only action they offered was referring me to Legal Aid to pursue legal action. It was at this stage I gave up as two rims just wasn't worth the effort. To then fix my situation, I ordered 2 x XXR 527s online in the right offset to match the replaced fronts, however, the colour was slightly off. Therefore I got myself some satin black paint and did a garage job. They didn't end up too bad. So yeah, that's the wheel update. I'm actually really happy with the final result, however, it cost about 50% more than it should have and put me through months of misery. Again, let me repeat, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH OZZY TYRES! I'll be back soon with more (fun) updates Attached before and after photos.
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