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    Tripple webbers will sound better than pretty much anything. And you won't get a speeding ticket doing it.
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    Thanks for the interesting comparison mate. Call me nuts, but I actually find the older CF pillar more tougher with the lighter less glossy finish and looks more tougher in my opinion. The logo itself is exactly the same except for the letter O. Cheers
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    Never did I think I'd say this about livery on a skyline, but that looks fantastic!
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    Nothing happens for weeks and all of a sudden everything happens at once lol The new tyres for the Work wheels arrived and i didn't waste any time getting them mounted and fitted to the car. The front ride height is left untouched from the 17s, the rears were raised 20mm (its still veeeery close to the arch lip) I think playing it safe with the offset of 30 was a wise decision, it may not be the 'fitment' that kids nowadays wanna see, but i think its perfect Not long after purchasing the car, i already had a vision of what i'd like the car to look lilke. My very first car/project was a red Nissan Micra K11, one of the things i loved about that was the Nismo livery. That car taught me alot of cars in general especially thinking outside the box when it came to modifying. I knew the livery would work well on the R34 so it had to be done. A big thank you to Unique Signs & Graphics in Norwich for designing it all from scratch and for fitting it. These were also the guys who designed and fitted the HKS livery on my MX5 I also tried out some coloured smoke grenades, I'll be having another go at night at some point
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    Don’t forget the earmuffs!!
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    Wanna carpool to the hospital
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    BW EFR hands down are quite the performer - however their resilence to abuse isn't that high as many have experienced. So for me the Garrett brand (as much hate as it gets by certain people in SAU - not you, others) tends to be the best option not to mention I get better pricing for them too In other news, still need to get my car running properly first and give Tao some data I promised him about 2 years ago LOL
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    Enough! Off topic posts removed, this is a build thread not a whitegoods discussion. Further off topic posts will lead to warnings or holidays.
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    You’ve been breaking engines since the first RB in the DR30 Dave
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    Looking good! Just got to do the rest of the bay now [emoji6]
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