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    hey sau, not to bad yourself? been a member here for about a year though I have not done intro or been an active member in anyway. I decided I should become more involved or at least say hi lol. I have a r33 gtst headache with the stock rb25det. been working on the car for about 3 years though it sat for 18 months at one point. my mechanical background is only 1 year as a light auto apprentice 10 years ago. I have no end plan for the 33 just fixing and learning about the platform as go. I'm from the Hawkesbury in Sydney I'm not really involved to much with jdm or any car scenes atm. anyway cheers sau you guys have definitely got me out of trouble a few times with the huge amount of info here.
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    Just buy a second hand JASMA cat back, $200 well spent.
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    I've PM'd OP about this. I've spent a ridiculous amount of time ensuring everything is accurate so I want to check this out.
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    Hi @El chapo and welcome to ! Any pics of the old girl? Lots of members have put lots of time into posting info on this site, you're def in the right place.
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    But dat weight saving brah, wallet will also be significantly lighter[emoji6]
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    Heaps of updates mate! I've been spending more time at the track than I have updating my build threads 😁 I'll do another big update soon, thanks for asking
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    Decided it was time to replace the plugs on this nugget and thought it would be a good idea to do a comp test while i was there. Results where pretty good, ranged from 156 - 161 psi. Number 4 was the lowest with 156, the rest where 160 ish. Not bad considering this engine has done around 20-25 track days, 200k+ km and is 23 years old. When i first bought the car 3 years ago, the engine tested around 165-170 ish on the same gauge from memory. So im pretty happy with todays result. RB25 toughness. Results below, from 1 to 6 And gotta love e85, look how clean the plugs where after around 15k
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