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    i lost interest in modding a long time ago, luckily before i had the chance to pump mass cash into any of my cars. over the years, and following many many builds, it becomes pretty obvious that heavy modding is a waste of time and money. many fully built cars spend their time off the road with breakages, never ending upgrades or being moved between different shops and the end result, while fun, is pretty much pointless for road use. it all usually ends with the car being parted out or sold for a lot less than it cost to build and the owner wondering where all their money went these days im more keen on well set up factory cars, keeping them stock and in mint condition
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    Well seems I don't pay too much attention to SAU as of late. Racewars 18 was run with a big improvement over last year thanks to a retune from WA Racing Developments. and the HKS was removed in favour of some fresh panel and paint, with new rims to follow. Thanks to Panelhaus in Canningvale for the so far top job, should be off to Madinc in the near future to protect the paint and I might get to drive it this year.
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    Let them "win" the thread. It was started in 2003 FFS!
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    I wouldn't say busted, I owned a 33, and now I don't like the look at all. Spooky
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    I think after all the discussions, it's probably safe to say that most people do not "hate" the R33 GTR and many actually adore it most like myself included. So this thread has been proven to be false. It all comes down to preference but this thread has been busted.
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    I feel this, I am still keeping an eye on E60 M5s. Depending on the laws, I might be able to import an E61 (the wagon version).
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    Technology and social media has played a huge role too. All the millennials are watching the likes of Adam LZ/ TJ Hunt etc on YouTube or Instagram. Gone are the days of traditional car clubs and web pages. Downshift/ Tuned etc all now advertise on Facebook pages rather than on here. Also, manufacturers are just bringing out boring cars (In a cheaper price bracket) that makes it less appealing to a car modder/enthusiast. I mean, an 86 with a rocket bunny kit on bags is still and 86... Just sayin.
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    Yes, I think it is. Lots of good points made above already so I'll just throw in another perspective – younger people just aren't driving as much anymore: This is from a Sep 2017 report from the RACV. There's some speculation in it as to what's behind this but sounds like further research is needed to better understand why this is happening. Source: https://www.racv.com.au/content/dam/racv/images/public-policy/reports/RACV Young Adult Licensing Trends 2017.pdf
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    Not many stock skylines in NZ and I'm not sure there is a great premium for unmodified examples anyway. The problem with unmodified Skylines is that they are generally quite slow compared to most modern cars.
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    Thanks Troy. Did I see right that you took yours to Bathurst the other week? Must have been fun, and plenty of space to let it stretch it's legs there.... Anyway, here's some exterior pics....keeping in mind it's had 15 years of racing and rallying so like most race cars it is only expected to look good from a distance..... I think it is bright enough, should be easy to spot in a carpark, and come up well in pics/tv Didn't get a lot done this weekend as I was out fighting blackberries again. Just sorted the engine bay wiring but needed to get it up on stands to deal with the wiring in the inner guard and under the rear. The quick jacks are a good thing but not really that quick (a bit fiddly to get right) and mega heavy to move
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