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    With GT-R values soaring in Japan I made the decision close to two years ago to start seriously hunting for the cleanest BCNR33 I could find. I knew if I waited any longer there would be no possibility of ever being able to afford one. I enlisted the services of Iron Chef & the initial scope was a Grade 4 or 4.5 S3 97/98 GTR in Black; but this essentially was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. A few months into the search after seeing Piggaz 33R, I changed my mind and started searching for a QM1 White car. As each week went by it became more & more difficult to find cars worth inspecting, and when they were inspected, they almost always had issues with rust underneath and/or strut tower rust and/or structural seam weld rust. Around the half-yearly mark, a 97 QM1 S3 caught our eye though we missed out on that and then found it a dealership in Japan for around the $60k mark. I then spoke to ImportR from SAU about his S3 GT-R, but while initially entertaining selling it he didn't have the heart to part with it. Alongside Steve's 7000km S3, his 33R would have to be the next cleanest out there. Around the 14 month mark I'd started giving up hope and was toying with the idea of S8 RX-7's, but then I received an email from Iron Chef regarding a '96 QM1 Prostock R33 GT-R up for auction at USS Tokyo. The auction grade was 4.5 with 49,000kms & service history. The car just looked like a complete showstopper and upon inspecting it in the metal - Kristian, Troy & Myself realised 'this is the car'. After a bidding war the car was mine, & then slowly I started finding out about it's very interesting history. I have since been in contact with Prostock Motorsports who provided details about the build & the fact that the previous owner is very happy & suprised the car has ended up in Australia. The GT-R spent it's entire life in Tokyo & this thread will present the two year period where the car was completely overhauled.The car was maintained at Nissan Prince Tokyo from it's beginnings and then sent by the owner (an older gentleman) to the GT-R Specialist ProStock Motorsports in Saitama Japan for a full overhaul in 2016. The invoices of the work was jaw-dropping, for many people it would be considered a once-in-a-lifetime build & after driving it - I feel it's the perfectly setup street car. After a visit to Rigolis, they described it as one of the cleanest GT-R's they've ever seen. Nearly every single part has been replaced with brand new, while the undercarriage & seam seals remain original without rust (even the strut towers). Thankfully, the chassis rails haven't been jacked like nearly every other GT-R either. There is a little bit of minor surface rust in a couple of small spots, which is why I suspect the car may have been stored outside at some point in its life. But that was always expected, my S15 which has been in Australia since new has the exact same. After a 4 hour marathon at the RTA which took a supervisor to overrule their know-it-all yet clueless staff member on RAWS importing rules & regs; the car was registered and the first drive was so damn sweet. As for the exterior, I absolutely love it and photo's don't do it justice. The paintwork is original & this was confirmed with a micrometer yesterday. As for my future plans, I haven't even been thinking about it - I love the car as it is, it's been an amazing experience to drive & I'm sure I'll never be able to part with it. The Skyline GT-R is a very special car when you can find the right one, so good luck to whoever else is searching for one & thanks for reading
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    No, go f**k yourself. 38 posts in and you're already a total f**king wanker. The search function works. The forum is >20 years old. The answers are all there. Oh, and the uneducated people you are raging against are anything but.
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    I could go get a set of verniers and a thread pitch gauge and measure it, or I could ask on a forum where I may get the wrong information........ Seriously, any bolt shop even could have given you your answer in about 5mins. Why come on here and complain when you don't get an answer to a general question And as above, the balls in the stock heat exchanger are to bypass the filter when it creates too much back pressure (i.e. when the filter is clogged), this may also be the case when the oil is cold and thicker My stock heat exchanger is removed, yet I still have good oil pressure. Is it possible that the volume from the pump + the restriction created by the porting in the block + the bearing/rotating surfaces might possibly cause the restriction to increase the pressure? Not real sure. After all I am only a stupid SAU user. Not like I have a job that has taught me alot about flow, pressure and restriction
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    I transitioned to this way back just to be left alone, so far so good the public still doesn't really seem to care about anybody building and 'hooning' fourbys, although it's sort of starting. Anyway it's all the same thing, overengineer a vehicle to tackle the tracks half a dozen times a year and enjoy every increment of improvement.
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    Nice find mate👍 So when is the EFR going in 😂
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    that's it Another reason I'm respraying it back to an OEM colour (previous owner of the car was a true bogan and sprayed it Auto Salon homo purple)
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    Those are actually bypass valves for when oil filters fail OR clog up, they don't aid in creating any oil back pressure. I've too deleted my oil filter housing/heat exchanger completely and have replaced it with a JHH oil housing which has 2x 10AN IN/OUT. Thread 3/4-16-UNF-2B
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    Given your tone, I'll let you find it for yourself, rather than pulling the spare nipple out of my parts box & measuring it for you.
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    This looks amazing. Genuinely looks cleaner underneath than the new 33 i have picked up. [emoji50] One minor note... technically the R33 i just bought it my wifes. [emoji16] I'd love to read more about the history as you find it out. I find some of these cars have truely fascinating stories prior to their arrival in our hands. Looking forward to more updates! [emoji16]
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    Looks real clean underneath, nice. Does it have a shopping list. Oh, and get that puppy shiny.
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    Sort of, you cannot put a old 80's rb30 from a VL in a 90's R33, but, you can if it has the 25/26 head and associated fueling and emissions stuff. Plus I believe if you register it as a ground up built kit car, you have some leeway, engineering out the wazzo though, I'm thinking back a few years now so things may have changed. I belive the main concern is meeting current emmisions standards, which with some cane juice and tuning shouldn't really be a concern. Happy trails
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    Depends. Pretty sure there is an overriding rule you can't put an older engine into a newer car, so in this case it would be a problem as GTSBoy has already mentioned.
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    I'm not saying we're at the peak. But these days that car would be some kind of crazy all wheel drive evo/gsr swapped awesomeness. Sure it wouldn't look like that, it would probs just have a nice white pearl or some other basic colour, but the actual hardware underneath "show" and modified cars is an awful lot better in terms of quality and longevity. Take a look at the following article and look at the numbers... 300hp, 400hp wow 700hp... http://fullboost.com.au/story.php?secId=301&storyId=188&page=1&start=1&end=30&year=2003&go=1 My opinion is people spend their money on whats under the bonnet, not so much on the bs paintwork and veilside/cyborg spec bodykits and earth shattering stereos. There's an awful lot of high horsepower cars rolling around our cities in Aus. It's just that we've learnt not to advertise them so blatantly on the road.
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    Well, I suppose even the cosmetic modding scene goes through stages. There was chrome, then neons, then the black bonnet fad, then shadowchrome/matt black, then stance and now I guess big F-Off wings are back in vogue?
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    Search for "skyline spares"
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    Ouch.... So far we've covered asthetics. Which no one can agree on... ever. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We've also covered performance, which, depending on the driver, conditions, modifications and ease of accessability will always be different. And then there's the argument for fun factor. Again completely subjective. Some people like straight lines, some corners other hard parking events. Fun is different to everyone. Soooo I'm starting to think it might be that people like to argue and presenting half baked ideas as fact might be reinforcing that R33 owners are jerks. Maybe if people weren't so black and white we could all agree that they're all cool cars, and are far more interesting than my Nans Corolla. Also the only thing I'll add about VNs is I've never desired a VN before. I don't want it added to Forza or Gran Turismo... for some reason. [emoji848]
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    They're hardly animals stock.. i think a lot of people have driven both. Given that their both set up properly and similar power i doubt the differance is massive on the fun scale. Ewang scale is different. Can you elaborate on the massive differances from your personal experience? Ce lancers dont make choo choo sounds. You could easily be able to have as much fun in a gtst as a gtr... maybe more being rwd. You cant do that in a fwd ce lancer.
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    There is a difference between bolt on type mods vs a completely different engine though, especially when it comes time that it cops a defect you have to reverse an engine swap, which likely will not happen and the car will be retired.
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    Something something something can't put in an older engine than the chassis.
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    We have the 25 year law and as of August of this year we have been getting the 33 gtst here. No gtr for the 33 yet. I got my 32 a year ago and I’ve just now started to notice the us dot com shops have started to add the Skyline to their inventory parts search which is making it a lot more convenient.
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    Bro, they are there to bypass the filter should it become blocked. Good luck on your journey of knowledge. You realise there is an oil pressure regulator as part of the pump which sets theax pressure?it isn't done in the filter housing area. Pressure is caused by restriction to flow, the restriction being caused by the bearing clearances....
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    @ BakemonoRicer that 1n4 car is mine. I've owner it for 8 years. I just put it up on the GTR registry to try and find some history and some answers before i owned it. but instead i've found more questions that need answering.... ahhhh thats life... I still love the car....
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    Only one place that car could go........... Middle east Will use a stolen R34 gtt for donor car probably lol.
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    3rd time lucky? Loom actually fits now. I'll take photos of more lulz soon lololol
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    Been a while since I posted, but car is currently getting a Turbo Upgrade and retune as the current turbo was on its last legs. Will post results soon but Turbo has been upgraded to a BorgWarner EFR 7670.
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    Ok here are some pics of my skyline and a video of me using quater throttle, almost missed 3rd, not game enough to go wide open lol oh and does anyone know what kind of intercooler it has? Its big and thick, also i dont know what those red adjusters do on the shock tower if anyone knows https://vimeo.com/300409242
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    Good afternoon Benjamin, I have reason to believe you may have taken ownership of an R33 GT-R recently and, perhaps more importantly, this car may be of a higher specification than many others. Would you be so kind as to share some images and details of the car in question such that we may all enjoy its beauty and outstanding quality? Cordially yours, Dan.
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