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    Done right Plus T engines can be awesome
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    DO NOT remove these, they are plugs that go into the water gallery, all head bolts are under the valve covers. there are three ten mm bolts on the corners of the head, two at the rear and one at front intake side.
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    Engine number is cast on the back left hand corner (roughly underneath the turbo) it will tell you what block it is. Head casting is front left near exhaust runner 1. Also RB20 head won't go on to RB25 block as the chamber/bore size is different.
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    Happy New Year! So some updates (no photos though, broke my "waterproof" phone when I jumped into a pool). Removed sump, oil pump, oil pump housing to find that the innards were all scored and pitted as though something was ingested, however the sump and pick up appeared to be spotless. Billet gears inside all damaged and just for a sanity check, decided to measure the tolerance between the crank snout (made by Spool Imports) and the Billet Oil pump gears and discovered a whooping 0.22mm tolerance each direction (not sure intentional). Have contacted Spool but they're off till the 14th of Jan. Also got a call from Sparesbox yesterday and they're now (after 4 weeks) unable to supply me with the GTX3576R Gen 2, instead they've offered a GTX3582R Gen 2 instead, beggars can't be choosers so I said yes.
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    Sounds like yours is stuck open or someone has removed it. Stock opens at 76.5 deg and even the Nismo one opens at 62 deg. There is little or no "slope". I have tested a number and at critical temperature they open pretty quickly. Suspend yours (if there is one) in a pot on the stove and observe.
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    He does that in his gtst bro
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    Thanks bud, I'll drop you a PM if I can't find another matching barrel.
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    @ActionDan because relevant Also good to see some life coming back into this build, any pics of the shroud for your radiator? Have an RB20 in my S15 and i assume it will struggle to keep cool. I was running twin push fans but even with good fans the push is only about 50% as good as a pull setup.
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    Was going to suggest a twin scroll housing, proper twin scroll manifold, twin gates. May as well yolo and go EFR [emoji43] Sound familiar. LOL.
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