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    Yeah did a bit of research on it the other night. Gonna pull filter off and try and get some oil down to the pump and turn the motor backwards to get some suction then give it a crank.
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    I run 230 odd kw on a street R33 and it’s loads of fun - my old HKS 2530 is a bit laggy, so there’s not much happening below 3000rpm. Give it some stick, and when the power comes in you’re not looking at the tacho! In reality a newer turbo with less lag would be better for me, and I’d likely get more hp...but I have no funds for car upgrades, and it’s so much fun to drive as it is...especially for passengers not used to boost I’ve not driven a +300kw car so I have no reference to the “normal” modified Skyline - my “puny” 230kW is loads of fun for a street car. Mike
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    I put a good bit of assembly lube in the pump during assembly, to get pressure up on the gauge it took 5 or 6 5 second cranks of the key
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    I trailered the car 5 hours to go to Trent at Chequered tuning. Was amazing customer service and quality.
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    So after about 2 years at 297ATW KW I need more. dropped my 260RS of at Maatouks Racing last Thursday, motor should be out by Wednesday this week to get a full build done. Not sure what will be done yet until the block & crank are inspected but either way 650KW ATW should be happening in about 6-8 weeks. Going back down this week to pick up the car without the motor so I can tidy up a few things while it easy to get in & under the front end. The boys were impressed with how clean & straight the old Stagea is so I'm sure they'll look after it, as soon as I get more info & they start the work I'll post update & picks. Wish me luck...
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    Yes, this is one place where the stupid are in charge. Everybody in the automotive world uses inches of mercury or inches (or mm) of water to measure vacuum, regardless of how stupid it is to use the column height of a liquid to describe a pressure term. Ask the Martians what pressure (in Pascals) corresponds to -300 mmH2O and they will give you a completely different answer to the people who live on Jupiter.
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    Got my fancy new adjustable IWG all sorted out 😂 According to my calibrated test rig, it doesn't open until 18-19psi now. 👍
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    Yeah lol sorry, GT3076. @GTSBoy I guess that changes things? Lol
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    T51R x 2 coz everyone knows twins are king
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