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    Panel & paint all done !
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    To add to this, I've never seen anyone downgrade an EFR - either to a smaller sized EFR, or to a smaller housing... if anything, they go UP.
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    Love it Damian - any more pics - any engine bay? Still has the Holinger?
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    Got a little more done over the past month or so panels hanging on clutch hydraulics run and fit up. copped a bit of a slap with work and have had to settle for a pfc for now halaltech, maffless and leather retrim to come. is it going to be lebo diamond stitch spec? You bet your sweet vanilla ass it’s going to be! getting very close, the list is small now!
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    Hey Damian Feel free to PM me if you want some feedback. I went to C-Red, Galvsport, Garage 101 and a couple of other places in search of a workshop. So excited at the thought of having my car back on the road after so long........
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    This could help: https://gcg.com.au/petrol-performance/performance-3/turbocharger-flanges/manifold-adaptor-t3-v-band-gt30-gt35-g25-efr-detail
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    Well seems I don't pay too much attention to SAU as of late. Racewars 18 was run with a big improvement over last year thanks to a retune from WA Racing Developments. and the HKS was removed in favour of some fresh panel and paint, with new rims to follow. Thanks to Panelhaus in Canningvale for the so far top job, should be off to Madinc in the near future to protect the paint and I might get to drive it this year.
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    factory 25 is 3x1.5mm feeds afaik. so if your blocking the vct then leave the other 2 and it should be about right. altho if your using the 25 block you dont have to block the vct feed, just unplugging the solenoid would work.
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