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    Will get rego after Japan holiday in May then a mexico trip will happen Before I took it off the road around March/April 2017. This pad is in a local guys backyard Sil80 Alligator creek skids.mp4
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    No, Doug DeMuro is an American PranK.
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    Got the car idling well after rechecking a few things in the PCLink software and sorting out the wideband input First time out of the shed in 18 months Video of idle so much smoother with the DBW setup
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    It's no secret Nardi make some of the most iconic and high quality steering wheels in the world. What you might not have realised is we've been selling them for over 10 years. We've been able to negotiate some lower purchase pricing for these which means better deals for you! Some up to 20% less than what they were before. For anything Nardi, contact us today! Or simply buy online at http://www.moonlightracing.com.au
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    if were talking a piece of the porcine insulator from the spark plug - get it out and don't start the car before you clear it. if were talking a small piece of soft plastic then meh. if your worried about your turbo blades, remove the actuator from the exhaust flap and leave the flap wide open. the exhaust gas will take the path of least resistance and there is a verry good chance it will go out the wastegate hole not the turbine blades.
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    Surprised to hear that - you should be able to retain ABS Atessa and AC ok. Post in the Stagea (Wagoneers) section for more info.
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    Yes. The dots should align with cam gears when the crank position at TDC. I was making the point the cams are in alignment with themselves maybe 1-2 teeth out.. But still most importantly the crank is out of alignment in relation to the cams. I will stick a camera probe into the sparkplug holes and inspect today.. Hope to have head off by weekend.. slow goings...
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    My stocker turbo found this out the hard way. A good excuse to get an OP6 turbo. Man I miss my Type M.
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    I just find the title of the tax misleading. Is it for luxury cars or just any car retailing for over $66k? People want to tow their big boats/caravans/horse floats/hay bails/water tanks. You would think a luxury car is defined as a car which is substantially better equipped and substantially more expensive than cars that do a particular role. So... Merc A class hatch vs Hyundai i30. Toyota Camry vs Lexus ES etc. And why should secondhand cars be stung with LCT? Gosford car museum closed its doors thinking they could dodge GST and LCT because it was a museum selling old cars. (Lol)
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    I wouldn't stick anything onto the firewall etc. The adhesive won't be that great and will not last a long time. You'll eventually have shit hanging off. The products themselves will certainly do what they say, except for that one aspect.
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    Vaseline was to do with the question about injector o-rings. Which I would have thought would be quite clear when I mentioned f**king o-ring lube. As to the piece of plastic......close the engine, start it up, go on with your life.
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    I don't have a problem with the LCT. The exemptions that the Euros are getting are because they have low fuel consumption figures. the big Toyos that everyone is bleating about use HU-f**kING-MUNGOUS amounts of fuel. If people want to buy their bro-dozers, then they can pay for their bro-dozers.
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    Remove C clip and loosen the lock nut at the other end of the arm. Take actuator arm off the pin, adjust by winding the arm on the thread in or out. Put the arm back on pin, tighten locknut, replace C clip. Adjustments done to the actuator should be small. Winding the arm in a few turns will shorten it and make it hold the wastegate shut with a little more force ( too short and you might have troubles with the wastegate opening). When you say your going to run a hose directly from your MBC to wastegate, shouldn't it already be like that? If you simply unplug the vacuum line going to the wastegate actuator it will give you unlimited boost (so go easy!). If it then gets over 9psi I'd say MBC is faulty, if it still doesn't go over 9psi I'm pretty sure you have a boost leak sonewhere
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    Went to put coolant in last night to start it up and then there was a big puddle on the floor so gave up. First thing this morning removed radiator and it had a crack where I had ground abit too much off to fit it better. A quick weld and refit it all and no more leaks πŸ˜ƒ Put in a battery, plugged in the laptop and loaded a base file. Started testing injectors, igntion, set up e throttle & calibrated cas. Hit the key and it spluttered to life but won't stay idling BUT it does start. Have organised to get some help sorting the tune. Pretty happy that it at least starts and done everything myself this time around. Will get a video once its running nicely
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    Block back from bore + honing and now onto the engine stand, hopefully should be done in a couple of weeks.
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    Using moly lube on standard headbolts is not a good idea. You will overstretch them if you torque them to factory specs. Just use oil.
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    Sucker won’t come off i tried vacumme so next step is get a tourch and blow it through spark hole to melt it, would that damage anything? i also saw lots of small stone and dirt on the pistone , argggggg
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