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    Confetti for you Sinista…….🤪
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    Pics aren't showing for some in the mobile app at the moment. They can be seen in the web browser though.
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    Got a Nitto pump with spline drive gears. Should be a failsafe upgrade.
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    this is one of the dumbest f**king things I've ever read. the only thing that might make sense here is you are actually Japanese and are running all your answers through google translate into english. the reason you are being attacked is you have been unable to convey any coherent concept whatsoever but are still somehow attempting to claim the intellectual high ground here.
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    This is the most pointless exercise ever, and i love it. I couldn't have even dreamed of anyone trying to measure knock with a jaycar multimeter. Also love your 20/20 hindsight knowledge. Everything anyone posts you 'already knew'. Good luck figuring it out!
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    One is a square number, one is the same number as most people have fingers or toes. The other is prime.
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    Or do what the Japs did, run dual plenums, dual ICs. That should help reduce the turbos "fighting" each other. It's just like when you see two cocks in one box.. doesn't work too well, you need one in the pink and the other in the stink so noone is fighting for it. My stance has been 1x hole 1x goal, ie single turbo!
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    What worked MCA X-Series Coilovers in 10/7 although Josh advised they were too stiff but I like it how it is Dropping the stiffness of the ARBs - car is now less twitchy Adding more caster to the front, it's now at 9 degrees Installing harden rubber subframe bushes (next time, I'm taking it to a shop, fuuark the DIY) Installing a proper HICAS eliminator kit 350Z Brembo Calipers 1.8bar through the motor worked great, 372kW and no boom. Moving the gate from the rear housing onto the manifold, less back pressure, less shit glowing = 372kW Yes, it was with a new turbo, but it had exactly the same SS2 compressor Moving from a journal bearing to a ceramic ball bearing CHRA same "response" BUT... night/day difference with transient response.. on/off throttle felt nearly like a NA Installing a PWR Radiator... dayammm.. 35+ degree day.. water temp was in check ALL DAY! What didn't work Running stupid thick ARBs with soft as shit springs and Bilsteins, car pitched too much and threw the weight towards the front and turned a perfectly good turn into a drift I was into the whole soft springs, stiff ARBs.. yeah it's great for street use but completely useless on the track Snapped about 3x sets of ARB link brackets when I either went on a ripple strip OR off the track because of the ARBs trying to attenuate the shock movement HICAS Lock bar, completely useless when your hicas ball joints are cooked Running an external gate off the rear housing, thought it was a good idea - nope.. on the dyno the collector/gate was glowing bright red Massive restriction there Gate/housing turned blue Car didn't want to make more than 327kW no matter how much boost/timing I threw at it Journal Bearing turbo, yes it made the power, yes it came on by about 4.1k RPM.. but the transient response was aids. China Radiator, did the job on the street/dyno/cooler track days.. but on a 35 degree day no way. What went bang 1st NPC Carbotic Clutch, turns out previous owner installed the wrong bearing carrier so the clutch was essentially "riding" itself to death Massive thank you to Scott @ Western Clutch - because of my laziness to do the clutch myself the 2nd round I decided to take it to Scott He discovered someone used a VL bearing carrier, it's too tall Clutch Fork was cracked Clutch pivot was fractured Hypergear SS2 Turbo, turbine exploded Completely my fault, they were never meant to be running 1.8bar err day.. but I did A bunch of ARB link brackets Both rear hubs, they're cooked.. makes so much noise now - powahz life ABS Unit died, has been replaced Head Gasket, it's pushing heaps of coolant and exhaust gasses these days when I run 1.8 bar (did run) lol What's Happening? Turbo will be taken off and sent back to Hypergear Head is coming off for a tickle, new valve seals, springs/retainers (maybe) cams... maybe... just tiny ones. New metal headgasket Replacing rear hubs Installing rear traction rods aiming 400kW+ on the stock bottom end
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    stuff it... its looking like i should sleeved it from the get go.. 12yrs later and ive come full circle,, pistons all have cracked skirts, little ends of the pistons are flogged out from the piston being distorted and banged arround in the wobbly bore.. and the liners are out of round 6 thou up the top.. this is the solution...
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