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    Hi all! Today after 6 GTST/GTTs it's time I enter the big boy club. I'm starting off with this S1 vspec. Are there many GTR owners around Wollongong? Has anyone seen this car around before me?
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    Loving my R32 GTST. I've had it for about a year now and am about to really get into the build, which brings me here! I'm here because the Aussies seem to be the best wealth of knowledge for skyline ownership, getting good info in the states is hit or miss!
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    How would the rings not get bedded? It's easy to glaze the bores if you don't know what you're doing. You have to get an engine up and running very quickly, then have at least a rough enough tune in it to be able to run it at varying revs and load for the first XX minutes. If you let it sit and idle, like a lot of people have done, then you will glaze the bores and never get the rings to bed in. From there it is low comp and oil consumption to eternity. The fix back in the days of rebuilding red motors was a spoonful of Bon-Ami sprinkled down the carby. Ahh. The good old days.
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    Removing the restrictors would add to the problem with the motor appearing to breathe heavily. I would take off the head and pop in 2x 1.2mm restrictors into the rear feeds and whilst you're at it, install a head drain since the head is off. You'll need to clean it up a bit to remove all the swarf when you drill into it to fit the drain.
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    I have had a fair few people look over the tune at high load and cruise and they were all happy with it so i dont think its too far off. We had removed all restrictors to the head as the old owner went about over the top with them and the head was ruined which was suspected due to not enough oil and so as it still uses vct and hydraulic lifters still so we decided to try it without any restrictors with the oil returns already drilled larger. It currently has no head drain/vent but definitely want to be adding some vents/drains and some rb26 baffled cam covers to try and help get the oil back to the sump.
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