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    Looks great, well done If you could stop pissing on about the SAU builds standards Haltech Garret shit...
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    Nice find, subscribed for updates Are you replacing sound deadener with another like dynamat?
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    Congrats mate! Always brings a big smile to my face to see another BNR32 getting brought back to life Remember, they are essentially a race car put into production, made to go around corners, FAST! Try to always keep that in mind. Best of luck, will be 👀
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    I also started stripping the sound deadening out of the gtr with dry ice and isopropyl alchohol. Tried the freeze cans but wasn't as effective as I thought it would be. Once the car is stripped entirely of sound deadening material, the inside will be cleaned out and made as clean as possible. Still unsure whether I will be painting the interior yet. If anyone has done this before and has thoughts please be sure to let me know.. The body paint will be stripped, any necessary body work done and put in primer as I accumulate parts to put it back together.
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    Within the first week, I bought a crashed gtst shell to steal as much as I could in the way of generic interior, rubbers, seals, rear bar and reo, rear window, quarter glass etc. It also came with a genuine 32 GTR steering wheel for only $400...what a steal.
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    There's a critical issue though. Nobody here wants to tune it. Getting the Silvia done was a bit of a pain last time, and I can't say I was impressed with the result (which may say more for who tuned it). If I can't get good results with one locally, there's no point. Would rather go with what my tuner likes and recommends.
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    Yea it should get me to the speed limit very fast. 😎. Still waiting they had a few things come up like responding to JUN2 beating their 1/4 mile time I don’t want to rush them as it’s not easy to get work done on a Stagea by a GTR specialist plus the wife has a M135i BMW (278KW) & I have a Harley & a BMW sports tourer as well
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    For anyone not going away over the Easter weekend we are going to do a breakfast meet. Where: Pinewood Shopping Centre 57, Centreway, Mount Waverley VIC 3149 https://goo.gl/maps/BTDpRu9Ui9n When: Saturday 20th April 8:30am Everyone is welcome, if you are attending reply here or email club@sauvic.com.au so we can make a booking. If people want to head somewhere after we will hit the roads.
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    Not long after I purchased the car I used the Turtle Wax headlight restoration kit. Unfortunately it didnt last long before the lights became cloudy again. I got recommended by a friend of a mobile company who do them for a very reasonable price. So I got the car booked in and well....the photos speak for themselves! Since the Nismo addiction started I've been on the hunt for an S-Tune boot spoiler. As you can imagine these are rare as rocking horse shit and near on impossible to find. I found a company in Australia who makes a copy but its no longer available. I did find one on Yahoo Auctions, but it came complete with the spoiler blade and the price landed was £800+ I happened to see a post on the Skyline Owners Forum facebook page about someone's own design for some spoiler legs. Messages were sent back and forth for a lil while and I made a purchase. His friend was developing some covers but there would be a delay due to finishing the mould, getting orders etc. I went with the Carbon Fibre option, who doesn't like carbon?! These took approx 4 months and they landed on my door today (12th April). The delay was due to the raw and painted versions being made and delivered first before the carbon versions got put into production. Fitting was quite straight forward as its all been moulded to the underneath of the OEM spoiler,so it fits like a glove. The spoiler bases have adjustment so you can put it where you like (within reason)
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    Hi guys. On the 12th of April my 1998 R34 GT25 Skyline was stolen. rego 330VLV Car was stolen in south east Queensland region, but is possibly heading south to NSW. If you have any information can you please contact 0428529240. Cheers
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