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    I'm actually quite annoyed with Nissan for doing that... 100% greed considering the front lips were never out of production...
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    I've just had a quick look, and I learnt something new today. I didn't know that R32 ECUs could be used with Nistune. Also, you're absolutely right saying that I should ask which ECU my tuner will be most at ease with. That's the first time I'll be looking at remapping a car so I'm not that used to the correct way to proceed. But I believe the standalone option will be easier as you said - Luxembourg is a small country and I think professional mappers will be more at ease with a standalone than with a Nistune chipped R32 ECU ! Thanks a lot for your advice !
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    Um.......the lifter consists of two parts. The bucket and the shim. The shim sticks out of the top. They are not "assembled". They may be "stuck" together and need some encouragement, but that's all. What's most important is when you put it back together you find out what the clearances are and sort the shim thicknesses out.
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    Not much to update... A few weeks ago I picked up the engine covers from being re painted. No change from what I previously had, just freshening them up as the cam covers were damaged over the years and timing covers were the original paint. Engine build I'm told officially starts after this weekend. Probably going down there to lock in some of the remaining details around the cylinder head work & valve train. Hopefully get started in the next week or two on tidying up the body loom and get everything back in the engine bay that needs to go back in before the engine does.
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    Guess it depends on how much you are willing to spend and what feels normal. I get 360kw @ 22psi on e85 on -9s in my 2.6 and I love it. That feels excellent as "normal" is walking home from work on arthritic knees.
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    The first thing to always do, is work out what you want to achieve with the car. Is it going to be for drag racing? Circuit racing? Daily driving? Midnight runs through Natio? Having all out bullshit crazy power can make any car less fun to drive if for example you want to drive spiritedly through Natio, because it'll be a lag monster, and then you'll be fighting wheel spin on already low grip roads. It would also make it useless for circuit work if you want to do that, and it means in a 0-80kmh run without a big launch or rev up, the p plater in his mums commodore is likely to beat you. For a street all round package, a hugely responsive package, that has wicked suspension, big brakes and grumpy tyres is king. It's also going to be decent at the drags, and on the circuit and killer through the Natio. My "ideal" GTR that's a great all rounder would be something like Eric's R33. I have no idea what Piggaz car is currently like to be able to comment if it'd also be suitable. PS, I've made the mistake of chasing power, and power is useless if you can't use it all or it's not available when you want it. Though, fourth gear rolling skids on the freeway are both fun and f**king scary...
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    All done. Installed and running 20190518_121921.mp4
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    Found some glorious photos of old. Engine bay when I purchased the car....YUCK! (2004/2005?) First mods (front lip / cut and polished) 2004/2005 Sick rims: Factory looks, possibly my favorite version of this car (minus red hoses). 2005/2006 Lip broken and repaired / colour coded too! (07 i think) SAU Skids!!! (somewhere between 08-2010) Can actually see the flake in the paint here Credit to AC Split below! CSA display at Historic PI (2012)
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    got back from Japan this week. Was a great trip, drove some sweet cars & roads with Fun2Drive in Hakone. Drove a F355 & R35 the first time and then went back and drove EVO 6.5 to Fuji Speedway. Got to see two new supra's, Porsche 918, LFA, Ferrari 488 and Mclaren on the main circuit. Have been slowly sorting the 180sx with the rollcage arriving this week. All fitted up but had to move my battery and modify the bracket a bit. Fitted up the shroud to radiator properly by welding a few tabs on and its in with a mix of hoses. Fitted up the front half of the body kit and happy with the fitment. Just waiting to get fuel tank & cooler pipe back from welder as I kept blowing hole in them. Plan to dyno Wednesday night and race next sunday before painting it and getting ready for Mt Morgan in July.
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