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    Sorry for the extremely late reply but here are some updated pics! New color, wheels, some decals, 500hp build starting before end of the month!
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    Another 400rwkws Rb25det powered by one of our ATR45SAT turbochargers, externally gated E85 fuel. Tuned by JEM.
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    Oddly enough, although possibly because I dislike both the profile of R33s and nearly everything that Veilside have ever done........that looks bloody good.
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    Hey Everyone, Here is my 1993 Nissan Skyline GTS25T with a full authentic Veilside bodykit! To my knowledge the car was imported into Canada with the bodykit already installed which is why I have decided to keep it on for now as a tribute in sorts to the cars history. Not many people are a fan of the kit but I personally love it and all of its uniqueness. I have found many answers to my trouble shooting problems on SAU so figured I'll sign up! Feel free to ask anything and everything about the build! Cheers!
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    Same as every other such question. Get it inspected thoroughly. If it comes through that without any red flags, just buy it. None of them are going to be perfect. They're nearly 30 years old now. And whatever red flags come up, just pay accordingly.
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    Dump pipe tacked together in the engine bay dumo pipe on the bench all welded up and as far as the exhaust has got so far
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    I like that he appears in the reflection to be enjoying a relaxing cigarette after sex.
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    Pick up some random activity you wouldn't normally do such as yoga, learning an instrument, cooking classes (not BBQ classes, too blokey). For me personally, breaking habits, stop trying to help others all the time and being somewhat selfish has improved my mental state. Being in the service side of IT, you're always trying to help, serve, deliver and meet people's bullshit expectations. That then often transmits into day to day life as well. Also, go to a skid pan. Somehow that always cheers me up sliding around lololol (cheaper than track days).
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    Hey mate, I have a GTS-R in Perth that I'm contemplating selling. It has a genuine 68K from new and is in great condition. You can PM me if you want to know more, or I can post up some photos here if you like.
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    Sorry guys thought I attached it, really embracing the newbie part of the title haha
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    This. Can't talk about your car without pics, its not allowed. And welcome!
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