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    Uprev tuned my friend. Stock ecu is tunable
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    So how do you tune a VQ37? Do you have piggy back devices, an aftermarket ECU or is there a replacement tune-able chip in your ECU?
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    If anyone is selling their precision let me know please after something from 6875 to 7675 in size T4 rear thanks
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    Just to clear this up GeeDog, I work for Ross Performance as a machinist and in tech support. That power steering relocation bracket is designed for use when a customer needs to use one of our 1000hp Race Series Harmonic Dampers and also retain AC (without flicking belts off as soon as you hit boost). It is used in conjunction with the rest of this kit to space the PS and AC units forward 25.4mm for their new belt path. https://rossperformanceparts.com/product/nissan-rb-air-conditioner-relocation-kit/ Perhaps this would help fix your problem? https://rossperformanceparts.com/product/nissan-rb-power-steering-idler-assembly-to-suit-serpentine-belt/ Troy
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    After checking connections I would have tested the battery before replacing anything. If you don't have a multi-meter take it to a battery shop and they will test it for nothing (and sell you a new one if you need it).
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    did you tell them it is pretty important to get it done quick cos plenty of people on the internet are waiting for turbo noises and skids? that should speed them up
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    LOL your work sounds fun! 8psi will make annoying noises if you don't run a BOV and metres of FMIC pipe work
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    Possible with a 25 row, but it does sit low. If I were to come off the track into the sand/gravel trap there's a chance it might hit the ground. Between the core and the bottom bumper, there's about 2cm of space.
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    That's pretty impressive, all things considered! The actual 7685 will make things rather interesting
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    Totally true mate, that's a place where everyone lives for sports cars, you see incredible rides at every corner, even in restaurants and so on you can feel the racing spirit that's why the Nürburgring is clearly one of my favorite places I've ever been to, and I consider myself lucky to live only 2 hours away from the track Did you take a rental car with RSR ? Thanks for your feedback mate ! To be honest, when I started going to the Ring, I was like most people - going with no gear at all. I've been doing several laps in slow cars, after that I stopped and started making pictures as an amateur to sell them afterwards on the internet and so on... Lots of hours spent on site, that allowed me to realize how dangerous it is. I mean, really. One day, I was shooting tourists at Brunchenn. Spectators were all behind the security rail + the big security grids, but I was just behind the rail and the grid (at that time, this was allowed, now you cannot access there 'cause marshalls won't let you pass). A guy showed up in an old Ford Fiesta, and lost control of his car. He hit the rail few meters from me, so I immediately dropped my camera and ran to see if he was ok. That was not a big crash like the ones you can see on YouTube, not at all. The dude was able to get out of his car, but still had his wrists completely f**ked and he was bleeding. The sound this all made when he lost control of the car then hit the rail was something I'll never forget. Same for his face afterwards, and his voice crying because of what happened. That day, I changed my mind a lot. Lots of risks every single day out there, crashes, collisions, even fire. This guy was crying because he crashed, and was probably never going to get his car repaired... But another corner could have destroyed his entire life if his body was damaged, or if he caught fire for some reason. Since that day, I decided never going back on the track without gear. I saved money to buy a suit, a fire hood and all that stuff. I also bought gear for my girlfriend. At some stage, I thought it might be overkill considering I'm far from being a pro driver (best time I did was 9 min 30 in my stock Toyota Supra). I also thought people would laugh at me and say "don't act like a pro, you're slow" or so. But when I think back about that dude, and about all those who get injured or die every year down here, then I just realize danger is everywhere, even if you're an experienced driver ! And once it happens for real... then it's too late to say "I'm gonna wear a suit that will protect myself from burning fuel vapors". If I was the only decision maker, I would force my girlfriend to wear the same gear as me, but to be honest I'm already happy I convinced her to wear a helmet lol. Maybe next season she'll accept to wear a suit hahaha (wow sorry for that long answer dude, I will not blame you if you haven't read everything !)
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    Stickers mate...LOT of stickers
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    Not much happening lately. Sold my turbo and bought a 7685. Found out that my old turbo was actually a 7175 not a 7675 like I thought. It did well considering it is only rated to 985hp O.O Bit worried about the the new turbo being a fair bit bigger now and also going from a 1.12 to a 1.28 rear housing. Hopefully the 3.4 with my converter still gets it onto boost ok. But it will definitely rid the motor of any restrictions now. Will chuck it on the dyno and see what she makes and most likely have to drive around on low boost to have any chance of hooking up 😂 Definitely need to sort out some suspension, diff gears and some 275s...
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    I'm on the verge of extinction myself but really miss my S1 C34. I spent a fortune over the years turning it into a fairly quick sleeper daily driver, fun track car, while still using it as a work horse carrying 8 x 4 panels on the roof, massive deep freeze inside and towing car transporters. Sadly had to sell during a financial crisis to a plumber who bought it for his sons, one of whom wrote it off by wrapping it round a tree within a week 😢 (they are a strong car, he survived...).
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    Its like the VW Golf rusty look!
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    She looks handy with a seven iron. You should definately get her phone number.
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    NSW crew are still firing away, it would be good to revive a QLD scene, I have organised a few meets and cruises around QLD outside of SAU but our crew is in good relations with the NSW SAU. maybe we can all organise something soon. be good to see whats hiding away in QLD
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    I dont think you're the only one with sellers remorse. I think I have regrets about selling all my skylines. Stuff the 'too old' thing, just drive what makes you happy. The good news is that you can get a clean, lightly modified R33 Gtst now for fairly low amounts.
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    When were you going to tell us about the aesthetic update Pulse are doing?
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    This is my guess... enjoy your trip this week haha 🤣
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