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    Obviously not photography but there was no other section to post this.. just thought I would share some drawings my wife has done
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    G'day guys, new member. Been surfing for years thought i should join up. Bought a vk commodore a few years with a rb25det engineered in it.. Sort of first turbo car i've driven drove for a couple years then had intentions of modifying then got sat up and starting travelling which most my funds went to (that and tattoos lol).. Slowly returning back with bolt mods atm with Arashi gtx3582r freddy and 80mm throttle body 3" intercooler waiting on the sideline, chipping away at a couple of other things before things get serious but yeah see where it goes Cheers
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    Finally finished off the exhaust today. There's a couple of bits I'd redo if I had the time but it can wait. I'll get it up and running and worry about bring pretty later on. Was definitely a learning process. Even after all that welding I still don't nail it every time! Such a hard thing to perfect. Got a start on the intake pipes. Throttle body side tacked up. Still need to add the blow off valve pipe and make up a bracket to bolt it to the body like the factory setup. Anyway, VERY happy to have ticked off the exhaust, it was probably the hardest bit of the whole conversion so great to get it out of the way first.
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    I'm still into it although having a little break. Have achieved a fair bit today. Anyway I'll let the photos do the talking. Ended up porting the lobster back section, as there was a bit too much penetration where the lobster back sections came really close together.
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    okay need some feedback... front guards atm i just kinda threw some corflute at it and made up a ztune style flare and i kinda dig it. whats your guys thoughts or the bolt on style flare
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    Need to shorten front half of drive shaft using z32 yoke, cause the box is longer, and change the bellhousing for your original and sort out the electrics. Mine was done by Joel at JB autos over Cleveland way
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    Afternoon all, been a skyline owner in the U.K. for 15 years and invariably for about half of those it’s been off the road at numerous times. Currently it’s having a big engine build done and whilst searching for info I decided it would be worthwhile signing up (I grew tired of the GTR forum long ago). Here’s a few pics of my money pit.
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    Hey guys, not a massive update. Although the last one for a week or so. The exhaust is completely welded out and hung under it's own weight. New rubbers installed and 304 grade stainless round bar used to make exhaust hangers. I have 2 or 3 more bends to go, another v band or 2 bolt flange, (haven't decided yet, I have both just in case) and hang the rear muffler I'd say I'm a bit past half way and a bottle and half of Argon through the job. A side note, definitely need to 'upgrade' the nuts supplied on these vband flanges, nyloc nuts aren't going to cut it with heat lol.
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    Man that is a good looking car. Love it. Welcome aboard. Keen to see how you find the car.
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    Cheers Dale, yeah 12,000rpm is quite a unique sound *drool* haha Yeah the ztune was always the dream car so the front guards being kinda z tune inspired kinda fulfills a dream of a ztune that i will never afford lol. Plan for the rear quarters is pretty similar. maybe a little more subtle but who knows till i run some corflute down them and see how it looks. As for the oil system ive had the dry sump pump for ages and have only just made up the bracket to hold the pump in the stock AC location and the new ATI balancer is on the way and then ill have to buy a mandrel for the pulley. Im kinda stuck with the sump at the moment as i have a couple of RB25 and RB30's laying around but the new motor is a 26 block so a different bolt pattern but im thinking about making it multi fit and then what ever block im running i can grub screw the other holes to seal it up but im undecided on that at the moment. If anyone has a RB26 template for the sump that would be killer as i cant find one anyway im about to board so will update you later woth me new thoughts lol
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    Welcome to SAU Nick ! That looks like a nice unit. As to a mid life crisis and approaching 50 ! I get told that a lot and laugh cause if its mid life I should make it to 112. Hope that's not a fiberglass front bar ! If it is you've gotta reverse park everywhere from now on if you want it to survive. And those 20s don't look bad at all.
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    So cars been wrapped up again for awhile. Fly out tomorrow so see when i get home anyway laid some glass on the quarters and love the shape so im stoked! anyway both brake brackets are done, not quite cnc but i cant workout computers anyway lol. all tucked in till next time. have a rough plan for building some of my own front hubs with some bigger bearings and more adjustability etc so might toy with that idea while im away. if anyones got any feedback im keen to hear it!
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    Great looking car, wheels actually look pretty good.
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    Hi Steve, how you been mate? my car is a long way from what it was when I bought it, lol car is making 518kw, the factory box was howling before I took it out, I actually had a 6 speed getrag to go in but the sequential popped up and I grabbed it (impulse buy) lol. Its been a roller coaster ride again, but it’s getting there. I’m looking forward to getting it back and going for a decent drive in it. the motec package Powertune offer is really cool, and most importantly, stealth.
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    Well haven’t been on here for a while, still got the car and still throwing money at it. Currently it’s now fitted with a PPG sequential gearbox and I had a custom 4’ exhaust made for it, 4’dump pipe, ceramic coated, new turbosmart 50mm pro gate which is now plumbed in, 4’ cat which continues right through to a 4’ varex muffler. It’s at Powertune at the moment getting a Motec fitted and flex tuned. Haven’t had the car for about 10 weeks so I’m looking forward to getting it back and spending some time in the drivers seat.
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    well flare is sorted and decided lol. going the ztune style and it looks amazing i love it! once its all smoothed off it should look awesome! soooo happy after all the years also brakes are done and fit. millimeter perfect! haha
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    This is where I got up to tonight. Pretty well buggered, so that'll do until tomorrow.
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    Welcome. I'm known for saying nasty things about the way that R33s look. But I like that one a lot.
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    What an awesome day!! fiberglass laid over all the bits that need some work so tomorrow will be laying bog on and getting ready to start smoothing it all off and getting it ready to make the mould. Also the brakes are proving to be abit of a headache as they dont clear inside the wheel so will have abit more of a play with that and possibly have to sit the caliper down abit lower on the disk, so see how that goes.
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    So I took the car back in to get to the bottom of it all. And so it begins..... Text message from builder: ”I’m afraid the engine is gonna have to come back out man. I checked and double checked everything, then I ran the video scope down the cylinders.... Based off of what I can see in the pictures, there’s at least 4 pistons that are pretty beat up around the edges, pitting, small chunks missing, etc. I’m pretty certain there are some cracked ring lands on the pistons based off of the amount and location of marks/scratches on the cylinder walls. It’s odd that the compression test doesn’t show it, but it’s not uncommon. More than likely once it’s running and under load the compression is dropping off. The only way to know for certain at this point is going to be to tear the engine down and assess the damage to see what’s happening and what is salvageable. I’m sorry, I know this isn’t what you were wanting to hear. I was really hoping to find something else, but that’s it.“ So I am right on schedule with this RB26 GTR build. Start with a simple plan and make 500WHP, that turns into a complete rebuild with FORGIES.....
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    got the old girl down to a solid 4.04 lap in the end took a long time to get the lines correct and you need to get the correct to do a decent lap doesn’t help having shit rubber and chicanes down the main straigh
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    Done and dusted day one no dramas day two broke a diff and had crank angle sensor issues day three fun was had epic track epic mates epic amount of beer drunk good time I can still smell the farts
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    My apologies guys. I should've paid further attention to the thread about the part number of that sensor. It's for sniffing out exhaust gas from vehicles in front of you and if it does detect it, then it will revert your intake from fresh air to recirculate so that you don't get stunk out by a bogan's disgusting belching diesel ute. I'll report my last post in order to remove the misinformation.
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    I’ve just made a steel one for my eBay manifold lol haven’t even tested it yet and going to put it on tomorrow just so I can get my car up into the drive. Then I’ll strip it all apart again In preparation for my sinco. but there’s no chance my drain that I just made will fit around the sinco wastegate pipes. Re fabbing shouldnt be too hard just a pain I have to do it again. Shouldn’t have put an eBay manifold on in the first place ! Looking at your pics, you might get away with a 30degree fitting if not a 45 straight off the turbo and around the gate pipe. Ps that flexible pipe, what’s it called?
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    Here are some images of the scope. Kick back, get some popcorn and enjoy the show...
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