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    Decided to see how I could go about making the TE37's from the GTR fit the standard guards of the S13... (Figured this was the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to go about getting traction) Seeing I've got fiberglass over-fenders to go on anyway and the rear quarters especially on the passenger side weren't looking too pretty anyway I decided to get some different sized poles out and do a ghetto guard flare, actually turned out better than I expected... This should aid in traction for the practice track day i'm doing in a couple of weeks and another hill-climb two days later all going well... Then it will be time to take her apart to look at the diff and fitting the wider front and rear guards...
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    So I took the Sil80 to it's first event last weekend having only driven this thing a couple squirts up the road i knew it'd be pretty quick in a straight line but the corners were going to be an unknown... The wet weather of the hill-climb combined with the horrible 2 way/locked diff and relatively old Hankook RS3's gave me a few 'oh crap' moments but by the second day was finally getting a handle on her, dropped my times by 4-5 seconds by the end... She's not looking pretty but she's a bit of fun nevertheless.
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    For some JDM Kei Kar Kool Not fast, but super cool. There will be alot of "cool" cars that you could get for the money you eventually flip the Skyline for.
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    soooo i could be biased but this things F**KING AWESOME its no topstage xtreme gtr but its also built in a verandah.. And my trusty helper by my side
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    I didnt put it up but randomly had massive overheating and oil p*ssing everywhere at an event a few weeks back. Was a blocked radiator Flushed block, new Koyo rad in, new thermostat, hoses etc in now, also moved oil and p/s coolers up and out and added ducting around the rad and intercooler that Ive wanted to be doing for a while - was DIY so not super awesome but not bad either Also brakes are on and bedded in.... only a few 80 /90 % er laps I got in after the bed in as it was 39 deg in Perth on Sat but they are definitely better. Now to find new braking markets and push the limits
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    Well guys, it has been a long time since I've posted anything on the car. I've been stock piling clean interior parts and some other aftermarket goodies I'll be adding here soon... but more importantly... I got rid of that crappy RB20E motor! I'll be posting up some pics and all that soon but if you wanna check out the swap, after 8 hours in my parking garage complex, here's the video:
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    looks awesome with the black lip.
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    unfortunately not. I contacted the seller.
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