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    Thanks, all, for the advice. I hear you loud and clear, but the millenial is set on doing this and I'm just along for the ride. The S20 has new coils and plugs swapped out and the injectors cleaned and tested. I'll talk to East Coast and see what they can do.
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    I'll hit you up in after xmas for a full set of pads & rotors for race car.
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    Mate, you are not searching hard enough or not reading the entire threads. Try this on this forum R34 Non-turbo Rotor Size And Pads and it will lead you to this http://wiki.r31skylineclub.com/index.php?title=Brake_Upgrades_Miscellaneous Read the threads in their entirety otherwise you miss stuff.
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    Don't need to be a specialist. These things are as common as muck and as sophisticated as a toilet plunger. If you can diagnose the complicated crap the Euros pump out, you should be able to diagnose a dirty old Nissan in seconds.
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    Why bring up a 10 year old topic? Also I’m pretty confident no one here gives a shit about paul walker
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    I really should blog about my tuning aye? one of my mates gave me that idea - since I kind of already do it here on SAU but it just gets lost in the boat talk - have a read! https://www.nhbautomotive.com.au/blogs/news/tuning-a-nissan-200sx-s15-on-e85-flex-tune Also use the code NEARLYSUMMER for 15% off ALL BRAKE PADS
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    This week only, $240 for full set of Intima SR brake pads OR $250 for Elig Sports brake pads shipped with Invoice for Sumitomo caipers, i.e. Benshit DB1170 and DB1220. Happily knock off $30 if you bank transfer (still get invoice, ShitPal takes a massive percentage for payment - so try and avoid)
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    RB25 RB26 intake/ITB setup Ported head Supertech springs Stock cams Custom exhaust manifold Borg S300 with billet wheel, t4 divided housing Link G4+ 20psi, Canadian pump gas
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