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    Canadian gtr rain or snow ready to go they should have never ended production of these cars! I’m sure impressed with how the car handles snow, ice, rain, She goes to work everyday and is super easy to fix. Fairly fast for -5 setup but nothing compared to the mates in Australia. You guys have some amazing skylines down there and the knowledge is endless! Non the less here’s my old girl. I let my husband drive from time to time haha.
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    I am using my valuable thoughts and prayers on this situation, the high powered ones.
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    You're not supposed to test all of them to all of them. The original linked document clearly says check 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, 19-20. Expected resistance is between 800 - 2000 ohm. You do not do this with the multimeter set to continuity. You do it with it set to the appropriate resistance range. Which will either be 2k or 20 k. Try 20k first, as raw accuracy is not important here. If the circuit is open (infinite resistance) then you have a broken wire, dud sensor, something like that. If the resistance is drastically low, it's either a wiring short or a dud sensor. You can see the difference between harness faults and sensor faults by measuring at the sensors, as shown in the diagnosis tree.
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    Have to say boot latch nut doesn't sound like a good place for your main earth!
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    So my next door neighbour is an absolute legend!! Painted in Epoxy primer and now leave it for a couple of days to harden up so we can wet sand and polish it up ready for the gelcoat and laying glass for the mould.. wow this is a massive process
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    hi all, this is my sil80 Thought I would get a build thread going here as NS has died a slow death and i am lurking here alot. Bought this in August 2007 and what started as a neat 180sx with a rb25 has turned into a bottomless money pit it has gone through a lot of changes over the years from a neat daily to "pig" daily to hard parker to very tidy daily to a flaming BBQ and now to weekend racer and garage ornament due to my job i haven't had much time or motivation to enjoy it or fix it over the years but got stuck back into it around 2015 the aim was to get it all running properly take it to track days and the odd weekend cruise. Which I did for about 2 years until mid this year. I moved back to Townsville early 2016 and got back into local sprint days, hill climb and drift days once a month but have taken a break this year when i bought it, it had rb25, 3inch exhaust, rsr springs & jap shocks, 32 gtr front brakes, bov, 17's and completely stock interior-it still had a factory cassette & cd player. this is how i bought it Aug '07 in late '08 fitted up a gt3076r, link g4 ecu, fmic, greddy plenum and went 5 stud. made 230kw and was petty happy how it went. also went sil80 at the same time. how it was before respray dec '09 December 09 i decided to do a quisck respray and freshen up the suspension. well that got a bit out of hand and i ended up seam welding the engine bay & inside, full colour change, replaced most suspension componets & bushes and given the car in general a freshen up(new body rubbers, seals) august '10 2012 bought a built long motor from another forum member, went 6boost high mount and bigger rear housing. December 2015 local hill climb May 2017 engine: rb25 s2 mahle pistons, spool rods balanced & grub screwed crank grout filled nitto oil pump ross metal jacket balancer n1 water pump oil restricters head to sump oil drain greddy plenum with q45 TB- ceramic coated silver Plazmaman plenum w/ Bosch 72mm DBW gt3076r ex/w .82- ceramic coated silver and black 6boost highmount manifold- ceramic coated black Modified standard exhaust manifold Turbosmart 60mm wastegate Now 50mm gen 4 tomei poncams tomei valve springs heavily ported head rb26 engine covers- powder coated silica breath metallic mines cam cover baffles link G4 ecu G4+ Xtreme xspurt 1000cc top feeds gtr Aeroflow fuel rail nismo fuel reg Walbro 460L e85 pump splitfire coil packs 3inch stainless exhaust 40mm radiator air/water seperator setrab oil cooler with themostat blitz fmic lots of braided hose driveline: rb25 g/box r33 master cyclinder exedy ceramic button clutch 1 piece 3inch tailshaft r33 gtr diff r33 gtr axels HEL braided clutch line suspension & brakes: MCA X-R coilovers GKtech castor arms kazama rear camber & toe arms R33 GTR Brembo brakes with modified abs bm57 dba400 front rotors, project mu pads & rear rotors Whiteline adjustable front & rear sway bars nolathane cradle bush's all bushes replaced with urethane S15 front lca and knuckles Slip on lock washers PBM steering rack bushes wheels: 18x8 +18 work meister s1 18x9 +22 work meister s1 17x9 +30 R33 GTR 255/40 hankook rs3 exterior: silvia front type x tail lights aero front bar and skirts gtr grill bomex bonneville rear lip hand flared guards clear indicators electric veilside mirrors respray in custom grey interior: R33 gtr seats nismo gear knob defi gauges boost, water & oil temp, oil pres performance through out the years: 156kw@14psi (sep '07) 230kw@14psi (sept 08) 13.2@107mph (nov 08) 301kw@15psi (Nov '13) 320kw@20psi (jun '14) 310kw pump98 @20psi (dec '15) 365kw e85 flex @24psi (dec '15) So its currently off the road to refit aircon using a mix of skyline, silvia and triton bits, tidy up the wiring, remake exhaust and go back to a low mount setup using a hks cast manifold. Plan is to make it back into a decent daily that I can enjoy more often and still be semi competitive at the local events in North Queensland.
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    correct, my car came from an import shop call B-pro in Vancouver. The selller sources out the car and its history with an inspection report, and importing fees included in price. stay away from sketchy importing, if you don't know much about the car and a proper inspection report is not provided id think twice... unless your ok with gambling on roughly 30-40k! I wanted a compression test done on my car as well. once that was provided I send the money. car still had a pile of issues lol....however rust free, healthy drive train like I asked. 4wd/abs bulb were burnt out car was in 2wd when it arrived(needed g sensor and attessa control unit) and needed coolant system completely redone. I think its safe to say all these cars come over from japan needing some work.
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    yes great way to set idle. I tried to go about this but could not achieve the idle speed with leaking intake gaskets and iacv. I could get it to 900ish with idle screw all the way in. nistune, iacv, intake gaskets good to go now. was very misleading almost made me think my timing belt was out. Found the leaks spraying brake cleaner around engine with it running mainly around intake listening for sputters didn't bother with turbo side
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    Nah man, not normally a problem. Placed order and had it in my hand within two weeks. It the bloody 5 speed gearsets that seems to be the hang up at the moment. RHD have stock now, around $1000 + credit card fee, and about $120 EMS freight from Japan, so around $1200 delivered with our current shitty dollar. Pfitzner one is $1500+, but it is here.
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    I got mine from RHD within 2-3 weeks last year when there was stock.
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    Mine idles as 60-650 all day every day. All it takes to get it there is to set the idle speed target in Nistune.
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    hey m8 mise well install a new set of pads while you got the caliper out. will last a very long time if so. might even be good time to have the calipers powder coated with a new Brembo decal keeping her clean! I wish I did this with mine before I got horny and just threw them on for 50 thousand km lol they have become faded and need a facelift. the backplate for caliper I had to cut a bit. here's a pic of mine installed with regas. took me 1.5 hour per side taking my time.
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    That looks like a tired example, don't buy it Bro be patient.
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    Drove QR Autumn Matsuri last weekend. Heaps of fun and driving with mates that made the trip from Townsville. Blew a welsh plug out of the block Saturday night Got a new one and got it in and drove until the last 1.5hrs when 3rd gear decided to finally explode. Got a video from in car that I need to edit. Did post event comp test and tested 150-155psi, tested cooling system too and all good. New s14 gearbox was sourced and inspected before install, all new filters and fluids all ready for Thursday night at Archerfield drift. Definitely need to go e85 as extra 20kw would help on the big tracks. Once I get home hopefully do a few more steering mods and fix a few chassis problems.
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    ASR sump turned up on Friday. Pulled motor out saturday and got it on. Really nice piece of kit. Changed head drain to turbo side. Waiting on catch can to be finished so we can make up lines to the sump. We ran into a little problem with clearance with the sway bar. We will have to space the sway bar down maybe 15-20mm so we can still retain it.
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    You want to make 600hp on a stock internal rb25 on 98? This is going to be interesting.
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    Tread pattern almost looks like Ad08r
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    Blair's Tyre Service Cabramatta, I have had 2x 255/40/18 fitted for under $500 (will need to dig up receipt) last year... hence, "have had".. not sure if Coronavirus has inflated the prices yet lol
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    Pic by: Adam Reaver (Reaver Studios) Event: SAU NSW Kebab Run cruise.
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    Final piece to the car. New shoes!
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    Damn, that's a nice R32 GTR. Love the new kicks too!
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    Got my new o2 today! YAY (original nissan from jp) Will go ahead and do the swap this weekend, saturday morning. Will do spark plugs at the same time. Ill take photos while i do it and do a little write up for everyone...its original so its litterally screw out - screw in. Anyway, ill post back saturday night, Alex
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