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    the boys. after this bullshit dies down, how about we all organise a wasteland dinner? blokes are on the menu. blokes on blokes
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    Hi SAU Community! I'm just about to join the wider GTR/RB26 ownership and so one of the first things I do, naturally, is join the forums/bbs as a way to find information and inform myself. Brief car background: 2000-2005: Mk IV GTI (2001) 2003-2005: S13 240sx hatch (1993) 2013-2019: S13 180sx (1998) 2019-current: FD3S (1999) 2020: WGNC34 (2000) With the exception of the GTI, I have worked on all of these cars myself. The thumbnail pic is my 180sx which has since been retired. Looking forward to engaging with you all!! Cheers
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    Hi Im from HK too! Welcome!
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    Probably the kinugawa actuator, those things are pretty hit and miss. I have a 21u hf on my r33. Using a standard actuator with a few mm extra preload controlled by ecu via 3 port mac valve. Easily holds 19psi throughout the rev range, maybe drops .5 - 1 psi at 7k rpm. Also running a shitty return flow cooler. You definitely have a problem somewhere, that is not typical behaviour for a Hypergear hf turbo.
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    yes great way to set idle. I tried to go about this but could not achieve the idle speed with leaking intake gaskets and iacv. I could get it to 900ish with idle screw all the way in. nistune, iacv, intake gaskets good to go now. was very misleading almost made me think my timing belt was out. Found the leaks spraying brake cleaner around engine with it running mainly around intake listening for sputters didn't bother with turbo side
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    get a screwdriver on each side and give it a pop, i tried one screwdriver for about 3 hours then tried two and it came straight out
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    I'm telling you all now it is the mafia murders in melbourne...... I always suspected Matt of being the Kingpin of organised crime in Australia
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