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    im gunna go ahead and say this is a load of malarkey mate....rotella t6 absolutely tried and tested I have this oil in over 15 units on my fleet as well as my integra type r, gtr, and gts. not to mention 2 1000hp supras in the area running t6. All cars that hit and see over 7500rpm daily. never once have I ever seen "oily air" or had any oil failures in anyway. ive had good luck with motul but for what its worth the t6 is better bang for buck. redline oil caused my rb26 to burn oil and smell like fuel in oil, instantly changed back to t6 and my motor was happier than a pig in shit(never see oil in my turbo pipes either). come on don't add comments that aren't true at all its quite misleading. forget rpm its an oil that withstands higher compressions rates than any of our rb's. I change my oil every 2000km in the R and have never seen foamy or bubbly oil once and ive dropped it cold, mild, warm, hot, and screaming hot. Also, I check my oil often the dipstick is always thickly coated with t6 never seeing any bubbles or "airy foam"....cheers
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    You'd get people queuing for signatures in no time.
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    Commonwhore SS 6.0 are cheap, throw in a big cam-springs-pushrods, a zorst and some tuning. Mad aircon lounge chair shopping trolley taxi NA skids. Just don't go around any corners, and plan your fuel stops. Or is this just floating around in my mind at the moment???? There's some deals to be had at the moment, prices are dropping everywhere. Disclaimer: Thongs and Flanno's are required at these power levels.
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    Took it for a drive today, couldn’t boot it cause there was a cop with a radar gun on my Mexican private road. Still drove fairly nicely
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    Million threads on it but Rotella t6 40 weight, is a great option for engine oil and is not super expensive. And get the motul comp gear 75w140 fricken amazing shit your diffs will never be so happy.
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    R34 GTT Rb25det NEO Stock Cams Nitto Pistons and Rods. 9:1 CPR HyperGear ATR43SS-3 Turbocharger ID 1500cc injectors Walbro 525L fuel pump Power FC + Z32 AFM Greedy Profect B EBC 600x300x81mm PWR Cooler kit 3inches turbo back exhaust 4inches intake pipe with Pod Split fire coil packs Twin pulse manifold and twin 40mm gate. Car made 474rwkws @ 28psi, E85 fuel. With 265rwkws @ 4000RPM, Fuel system currently maxed.
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    Starting to get ready to move the battery to the boot. Bought an R33 rear battery tray, the holes in the boot are covered by two round black stickers, peel them off and there are the mounting holes for the battery tray. Battery tray needs a small notch cut out to clear a bracket. Otherwise fits perfect!
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    New world record 6.97 @202mph Street registered https://m.facebook.com/CroydonRacingDevelopmentsOfficial/
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    Hey guys, Just though i'd put some info in a post for anyone down the track looking, as when i searched, there was no info on exactly how much advance the VCT adds. I was degree'ing my std cams, looking for a bad lag problem, and i pulled the VCT cover and put a socket onto the cam nut and advanced the cam manually and then re- degree'd it all The Advance the VCT adds is 20 Degrees. The readings i got for the std rb25det S1 cams are. (NOTE :- Don't take these as gospel please, was just a quick check over. There was some weird stuff, as both intake and exhaust seems to close 30 degrees later than the factory specs indicated..... but it was only a tiny amount over quite a few degrees, so i just put the factory number working it out of 240 degree cams as per the manual) All TDC references on the intake cam reference the compression stroke TDC Intake Opens at TDC (vct off) Intake Opens at 20deg ATDC (vct on) Max lift at 120 ATDC (vct off) Max lift at 140 ATDC (vct on) Intake closes 240 ATDC (vct off) see note (270 actual to totally closed) Intake closes 260 ATDC (vct on) see note (290 actual to totally closed) All exhaust TDC references to the Exhaust stroke TDC Exhaust opens at 240 BTDC 50 thou lift opening at 215 BTDC Max lift at 117 BTDC 50 thou lift closing at 25 BTDC Exhaust closes at TDC see note (30 ATDC actual to fully closed) Let me know if anyone disagrees. Gary
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