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    Lolwot Please disable your SAU account
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    So..... After parking my 86 into a fence, and then a guard rail..😖..I bought a old Bogan 2002 VX SS II auto cruise ship for a daily driver/project. Enter 1 x 2002 VX SS II Auto I searched around for ages looking at everything from new MX5's to 370Z's, and everything in between, I came across this old boat early in my searches, the boy pointed it out actually, he said "it looks old, slow and noisy, just like you, and mum would hate it", so with that kind of endorsement, and, with nothing else that really touched my special spot (something different, something I can play with, something that should annoy the neighbors and old peole, something with minimal electronics that a old idiot with monkey fists can work on, and parts that are easy to find and cheap, and parts that are cheap, and parts that are cheap), I grabbed it. Don't ask what I payed for it, I'm pushing that bit of information back down deep into my brain where my empathy lives to never surface again. Needless to say it is super clean and straight. Engine: LS1 5.7 Headers, twin 2.5" exhaust, OTR, Tune??? (It goes surprisingly well, LOL, shut up, it does go well, and it sounds f**king awesomeballs) it will visit Pulse Racing for some love in a while. I'm not sure about the Simmons rims though, 18 x 8.5 with 245/30 front, 18 x 9.5 with 265/30 rear, I think I'm going to try and find some OEM VX SS rima for it (swaps????). Suspension: Yellow lowering springs (Kings?). Some shocks??, I'll have a better idea when I lift the car and pull the wheels. I'm thinking its had some bushings done, the thing is as tight as a tiger. I've only just got it, so, so far I have only cleaned the airfilter, it's a over the radiator CAI jobbie that makes cool induction noises. So far things to do: Engine oil and filter Spark plugs Trans flush and filter Diff oil Brake fluid flush Power steering flush Coolant flush Wheel alignment Good wash, polish and wax Wrap headers.....maybe, or find some other form of heat sheilding for them... Then, look for other stuff like old hoses or broken stuff. You know there will always be broken shit in a 20 year old car. What are my plans for it? drive it around really, hit the drags once or twice for some LOLs, not back it into a fence....and guard rail....
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    Now that is much more you than the previous hairdresser car. Add turbos please. Apparently a pair of GT3582 are the go.
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    So the search for a gearbox began where all searches begin, gumtree.com.au or FB Marketplace. I also figured i'd need a clutch, and one of the things all Commodore people constantly raved about was a remote clutch bleeder. I had already managed to find myself a starter motor re locator kit from mal wood automotive. I don't know if this existed on the Berzerk R32 that got LS swapped here years ago, because they went about it by changing the steering rack to a VL non powered one instead. It turns out before you make decisions on things... there's a lot... LOT of options to choose from, but I decided a) I want the car to be legal b) I want the car engineered by VASS c) I want the car to be dailyable, so that meant retaining power steering, and retaining aircon, as well as the heater. d) I wanted all the gauges to operate as factory This sounds like a bit of a tall order, but this is where my bad luck actually turned around. LS's often have standalone looms, so you can run the thing on an engine stand quite easily. R34's quite easily run standalone engine ECU's and don't suddenly have problems with the dash doing weird shit, speedos not working.. so my line of thinking was "this should work", joys of a basic car. I found a gearbox for sale eventually that didn't look like it'd been outside for 200 years, and found someone who was "90%" of the way through their LS conversion into Skyline build themselves, but wanted to sell up to conslidate cars/put money into business etc. Again i thought : .. maybe I should walk away, like this guy is currently trying to. But no, am stupid. In the end, I bought: 1x T56 Gearbox 1x Heavy Duty clutch for above gearbox Both Cross members, because the seller also sent me photos of a stock GM sump clearing the skyline crossmember, whereas the motor I had... definitely, de finitely hit (to the point we had pulled it off already to start notching it). 1x Standalone loom 1x "Later' ls1 ECU (needed to run Flex fuel) 1x Set of radiator hoses modified by seller to fit stock locations on a skyline (yay) 1x Clutch bleeder relocation kit. Pretty much everything I needed except manifolds and a tailshaft. The manifolds had made custom, I got a photo of them, but they had already been sold. 1x Rip Shifter 1x Shifter extension to mount up with the standard hole in a R33/R34. I also had to buy another engine, to get everything in the above package. I had originally planned on just sticking with a stock 220 or whatever rwkw a LS1 makes, and iron out all of the infinite bugs i was expecting to begin with and go and rebuild/try and make some power later, but this "forced" my hand. The engine that came with the above had a fresh rebuild with all receipts, a VCM714 cam (232/234 .600 lift), LS7 Lifters, double manley cam springs, double timing chain, 25% underdriven balancer, ARP fastners throughout, and the heads had been skimmed for more compression. New bearings, freshly machined, suitable oil pump, aftermarket baffling for the new sump, etc, and of course, all of the gaskets, seals and such were brand new and just fitted, which eliminated my shopping cart to replace all of those old things on the previous, now-spare motor. And the new one was drive by cable too, which was nice. He had initially built the thing to go and drift, so had done all the needed things for this to sustain some pretty sustained "high" RPM. Just so happens for me, the parts he selected were basically identical to what I was planning to do.. "one day".. It was at this point that family and friends switched from "This car is a curse" to "This is a good idea, see, the car wants to live, the universe agrees!"
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    Oh, and ride height, center of hub to guard, is 335mm front and 330mm rear. Appear to be King spring "low". It also passed the speed hump test heading into work, thats a bonus.
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    People usually start with Commos and end up with mature sports cars. But you, lolwtfbbq
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    Love that retro seat pattern!
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    I was going that way, buy this "looked" cooler to me. Plus it was 1/3 the price of a VE - VF with simular milage and mods. And at only 100k km, with full log books, and a country car, the condition was hard to pass on.
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    Oh yeah! Now you are talking. Get a new plastic power steering resorvoir, they are cheap as and then you get rid of that yellowy plastic crap. skid vids please
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    Dr Karl says 75% infected. Dirty math at 0.5% fatality rate is 125,000 deaths. Keep fit, keep heathy, keep the hell away from me....😷
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    It also depends on how you drive it.....drive it like you stole it or race it on the track and its as reliable as the weather. Look after it and drive it sensibly on the road and they are so reliable that you forget about asking. An old car in the future...……...why do I keep thinking MJ and the DeLorean?
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    Reliable ? I have a daily R33 and it now has over 420000 km on the clock with the original engine(I got it in from Japan with 49000 km) It was stock standard when I got it which was the stipulation when I was searching for one. And I can tell you it was hard to find an unmolested one back around 12 years ago I really didn't want to stuff around with someone elses problems. I have since personalized the car to what I like for driving Service it every 5000km and I mean EVERY 5000km and keep up the other regular wear and tear maintenance you'll get ages of driving pleasure. The only issue will be now finding a absolute standard one will be difficult.
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    How would a meet occur when there are extremely clear limitations on gatherings my dude?
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    Nice work saving the old girl! Welcome to
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    Manual setups to suit RBs are getting hard to and expensive to find :( good luck. Throw a TD05-16g on the 20de and it will be a blast.
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    Another quick update! Working from home has allowed me to get more work done after work. Not needing to travel home saves a lot of time! anyway got the superpro Steering bushings installed. The old ones were not too bad, but these defo fit better. The drivers side bushing is a bit of a pain, but not too bad overall!
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    I think I know the answer to this.
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    BCPR6ES runs fine on my RB26... with Yellowjacket coilpacks bwahahaha
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    Yeah dude... unless you've upgraded to a P2/N95 rated air filter your car could run seriously rough or spin a bearing
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