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    I think 1000cc injectors fed by a walbro 460 should be able to do 400rwkw on e85 easily. Im getting 310rwkw on e85 with 740cc inj and dw340 fp at around 85-90% duty cycle. The duty cycle should be a bit lower but my alternator is shitty and can't provide full voltage at high rpm. If you're getting the full voltage to your pump you should have plenty of fun fuel available for your power level.
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    I want more sidewall. I going "full bogan spec" 17 x 9 chasers with black caps. I'll get some Hankook RS-4 255/40 17, should give me 20mm more sidewall. Slight diameter change, 24.8 diameter, as opposed to the OEM 235/45 17 which are 25.1. Should be 100kph on speedo and 99 on, ummm, the radar gun. Will sell the 19" Simmons once the car is "full bogan spec".
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    Winner winner chicken dinner. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aei-13129 It's 1:1. Same as the factory FPR. This is not a 'rising rate' FPR.
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    Finally got my catch can all finished today and made up all the lines I needed. Come up pretty good. Also 98% finished my fuse box relocation as well. Just need to join a couple wires and run power to the fuse box, tidy it up a bit and test it all. Going to make a cover for it as well if i can fit it just to keep rocks and stuff from flicking up and damaging anything. Thinking I might make up a custom coolant overflow tank and also a washer bottle for max street cred šŸ˜‚ I'll get some measurements on monday and get it all cut up and folded šŸ˜Ž
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    1000cc easy 400kW+ on E85, FWIW on my old shitbox setup I was at 90% DC (there abouts) with 875cc Siemens DEKA V with AFRs about 11.5 (gasoline scaling) and put out 372kW.
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    Finally got the car back out. So good to drive again. Wheel alignment has been sorted. Goes in tomorrow for a second muffler as the car is a bit loud (not an issue for me, but it does drone a bit). overall super happy so far!
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    Hi. 2.6 with 3576 0.83a/r will make full boost around 4000rpm with some cam gear adjustment. Iā€™m with efr8474 now:)
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    Hi guys, been on the forum for quite some time but never really posted as i tend to be a bit more active on and English one... however i found this forum has loads of great technical info. I finally had a weekend free to put a GTR M.F.D. into my R34 GTT Overall went fairly well.... wondering if anyone else has done this before as I have 2 issues. 1. the cover that goes over the unit sticks up at the back (near the windscreen) and won't sit flush with the dash. Does it need to be modified to fit or am I missing something. 2. It doesn't seem to be picking up a reading from oil temp or water temp sensors. Anyone have any advice on why or how to fix. The oil temp reading is currently wired into what used to be the triple gauge meter for it and the water temp is wired off the back if the Speedo gauge (as per attached wiring diagram) but no readings from either. I know a few people on here have done this mod so.... Any suggestions?? Thanks!!!
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    Go the link. Easy to use and setup, help file is a lot better than haltech, use any sensor with its own calibration, closed loop boost and Wideband, upto 5d mapping, ethrottle if you want to enable other features like traction & cruise control and don't have to eat kebabs every time you drive the car.
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    They respond pretty good to some positive manifold pressure.
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    18x8 +26 (+41 with a 15mm spacer) rears are 18x9 +47 rims are Lowenhart wheels (SSR's)
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    I forget the exact specs but they are 17s, nice car btw
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