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    1. Look at the fuses indicated capacity, please don't put in the wrong sized fuse 2. Regarding other electrical components, please meet with the sales team 3. Up 4. Injector ENG control 5. Mirror control 6. Cigarette lighter 7. Fuse (can't translate fully, photo too blurry) 8. Mirror heater 9. Starter signal 10. Blower motor 11. Blower motor 12. Electronic components/parts 13. Air bag 14. Meter/gauge 15. o2 sensor 16. Audio 17. Electronic components/parts 18. Brake lights 19. Interior lights 20. Boot opener If you want the translation for #7, post up a high res photo of it. The photo you uploaded is too blurry for me to read.
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    Hey mate, quick caveat - I'm not native Japanese, but my translation should be close enough for it to make sense. 1. This disk can't be recognised 2. Guide 3. Screen (or referring to the image on a screen) 4. Bird view. I'm guessing this is GPS or reversing camera? 5. Vehicle information (I'm not 100% sure on this one) 6. Map 7. Menu 8. Picture quality 9. Zoom in 10. Zoom out 11. Return
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    If you ask for coke, and some recommends Pepsi as a far better option for your life enjoyment, and can back it up with facts, and maths, and other personal experiences and can demonstrate it is clearly better Then no, being annoyed isn't a correct response actually, it'd be better to take this advice in good stead. You may find that the people giving this advise have done the research behind doing said idea, and have gone a different path. They didn't just "not try hard enough" or "not have the idea", it is entirely possible they have thought about this, considered it, done the maths, done the research, then discarded the idea as 'not good for reason XYZ' There's usually pretty good reasons whey people don't do what seems to be an obvious cool thing. This forum really revolves around: "What do you want to do with your car? Decide this, then work backwards" A Barra R32 doesn't fit 99.9% of the "What do you want to do with your car" questions EXCEPT "I want to look cool by saying I have a Barra r32, I don't care if it actually isn't as good as many other options, i want to spend more time, effort, money, have more headaches just for the dopamine kick of saying I have a 4L Turbo" If this is your justification, do it - It's rare around these parts to have a justification like that. If your justification is performance, or especially performance/dollar ratio/life happiness for most it's not the best plan, which is why you get the replies like this.
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    Well I can help with one of these at least. Post a photo of your fuse box and I'll translate it for you.
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    First world country that is smaller than most states in Australia. Just drive to a place that can build you a line. I can think of 15 places within a 1hr drive of where I live that will build a power steering line for me. All of them industrial hydraulic places. You should tell your weenie TUV koolaid drinking Euro regulators to shut up and just let people make a hydraulic hose.
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    The top picture means to decide, it might act as a select button when your in a menu as a guess. The bottom picture roughly translates to - If it's the case that you want to cancel turning off the screen, please push the "picture quality" button again.
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    Regarding the uprated 28.5mm GM 26t input shaft, it's amazing how much bigger it is than the standard 24t Nissan 25.4mm one. These are the pictures from the front of mine comparing them. The spline dimensions listed don't tell the whole story, look how small the Nissan shaft is before the spline !
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    What the actual FK ?!
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    And if you want some inspiration, heres a playlist of one being swapped into an Aston Martin
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    Only r32 has that problem
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    I have a R33 5 speed in my LJ Torana & was noisey from the start so after a while i decided to rebuild it. I have almost got my box back together. If you haven't at least got a hydraulic puller kit (plus bits to modify), a small press and handy at fabrication/modification then best bet is remove the box yourself & get it rebuilt by someone. I videoed when i pulled mine apart (cose i knew it wasn't going back together that week/month). At absolute least replace all the main ball & roller bearings (replace needle rollers under each gear ONLY if they are stuffed) & all syncro's. I can't beleive the amount of people that have boxes pulled out just to replace 1 bearing only to find it the same when its back together!!! :woot: The 5th gear bush on the cluster shaft is 1 of the tightest most difficult part to remove. As mentioned in a previous post the puller parts are not available from nissan so i made my own . Even then only just able to remove it with the hyd puller (have heard of a gearbox joints breaking the sandwich plate, i presume by trying to press the cluster shaft out of the bush & i have no doubt it would break the lip that retains the cluster sandwhich plate bearing) Nissan won't do much without a VIN No or month/year of manufacture , so i gave all bearing No's & syncro's to Steve at WA Drive Components (top bloke ) & he went through all their kits. He recond's the bearings are pretty much the same through the R33's. He also matched up genuine syncro's. Minor bearing kit was $270 GKN3028 Skyline 8/93- (front seal & gasket, rear seal, nylon knob on bottom of shift, ball & roller bearings, cluster thrust bearings & needle roller for input shaft/mainshaft) Syncro's was $450 GKN3028-SYN Skyline 8/93- . Don't press out the rear extension housing bush either unless you can source a non genuine replacement (which is my problem at the moment), Nissan only list this with the whole rear housing . Hope this help
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