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    So this is my first ever write up and unfortunately I didn’t take very many progress pictures but I will try my best to explain the process with some picture aids 👍🏻 Materials: * plastic floor trim 96in x 6in x 5/16 (x2) you can get these at Lowe’s or Home Depot * 3 inch L brackets (x8) Found at Lowe’s * Self tapping screws ( to mount brackets to car) * Hardware to mount bracket to skirt extensions ( I used black license plate hardware with plastic backings x16) Tools: Grinder, drill, something to cut the plastic trim with. Process: So for a sedan with stock type M skirts the overall length is 73 inches (coupes might be different I suggest measuring before cutting). After this you want to get the skirt extension as level as you can between the front and rear low points to do this I used various objects like toolboxes and children’s books I started with measuring out the two brackets that would be in the center of the skirt, I measured from the top of the pinch weld to the bottom of the skirt extension. If i remember correctly it was roughly 1.25-1.5 inches, always cut bigger than you think as you can grind down the bracket until you have a perfect fit. The end result would be for the top of the bracket to be flush with the top of the pinch weld, Once you have the bracket cut to the right spot and the bottom arm of the bracket gently rests against the skirt with the various objects keeping the skirt level then you mark the hole with a sharpie and install the bracket. Once you have the two center brackets installed to the car you can drive some temp screws through the bottom of the skirt extension to hold it in place as well as Mark the holes for the permanent hardware. Now it’s time to work on the ends, these are a little more complex to line up and install as you have to more aware of the jacking locations. Front Rear For the front I had to turn my steering wheel to gain access to inside of the wheel well and feel for a flush surface to mount the bracket to, as i held the bracket against the surface and lined it up with the bottom of the skirt extension i used a sharpie to mark the hole and kinda outline the bracket so i had a general idea of where to drill once I jacked the car up and got under it. If you’re pretty coordinated you could probably just blindly full send a screw through the hole. Same concept applied to the rear. Just make sure you have plenty of space between the bracket and the jack pad as you will have to trim the inside of the skirt to have room to use the the jack pads. Once the skirt extension is mounted you can mark where you need to cut to allow a floor jack access to the pads. Once the ends are installed drive some temp screws through the bottom of the skirt extension. Or just mark the holes on the bottom with a sharpie to drill later. Now all that’s left is marking the area to cut for the jack pads, uninstall the skirt extension and make the cuts. Unfortunately my car is too low to use the jack pads without the floor jack arm making contact with the skirt extension, to get around this I either jack up the car from the differential, use the emergency jack, or you could potential use something on the floor jack pad to help it gain elevation before the arm makes contact with the extension. After i made the cuts i reinstalled everything with the temp screws through the bottom of the skirt extension and made sure everything was still level. Once I was happy with it I uninstalled everything including the brackets and prepped for paint. At this point I drilled out the holes to accommodate the permanent hardware ( I would try and find something that has a really flush bolt head for a cleaner look) Once the extensions and brackets are painted it’s time to install everything, make sure you remember which bracket goes where or you will be making extra adjustments and possibly drilling new holes. To install the hardware through the top you will need to install the brackets to extensions first then install the entire assembly on the car. After the brackets are installed on the extension I would suggest to install the center two brackets first and then work the ends. I hope this write up helps anyone trying to do this, and if you have any questions send me a pm and I’ll do my best to answer them 👍🏻
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    You know it's tune week when... Viscous clutch decided it didn't want to live anymore. Ordered a new one from Nissan. Cost of that hurt the bot bot a little. Then went to bleed the brakes and found $80 of rbf650 on my floor. Fuuuuuuuuuu. Got the brake line junction out. Messed that up badly... My own fault. To distract myself I did a final tidy up on the GTR loom I replaced my 20 loom with. Less crusty now. Will go get some essentials for my pets tomorrow and grab a new fitting from Hopper stoppers received_284292362872015.mp4
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    I drilled them all out to 9.5mm and everything mounted up just fine. I used a little bit of RTV sealer to make sure it seals well. I filled the coolant with water to check for leaks and we are all good (yes I have added rad hose clamps ) Just need to get some cold side piping fitted and I should be able to start it all tonight. Fingers crossed.
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    Factory clutch and R32 fan, so it doesn't sound like a XE/XF Falcon.
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    Under warranty, so going to send it. Went onto unsealed roads, and got all four wheels going.
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    The other thing to keep in mind is, how something sounds on youtube is not necessarily how something sounds in real life. Also, what you are listening to said youtube on will have an effect on it as well... If you can't listen to it in person, I wouldn't put much value on a youtube clip.
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    That looks really good!
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    Thanks Charles, yes my time in dealerships is paying off as well as spending many hours at BMW Australia's training facility, oh and not to mention all the private workshops I would visit on a regular basis. Wouldn't big extractor fans be great so you could run engines with the doors closed, that one is rolling around in my head at the moment. My organizational skills come from being in parts depts for 40 odd years and of many many training courses with both BMW and Nissan. Those storage bins were quite amusing, Bunnings Villawood bought about 60 of them and couldn't sell them so they put them on special and I bought 20 at 1/2 price, Ha Ha 10 for free. You might notice that the boxes whilst numbered are out of order, it didn't matter at the old place but light to heavy stuff is now top to bottom and just need the numbers changed. Also everything is on my racecar laptop which will live in the shed and is all on an excel spreadsheet. It probably helps that I am very anal about all my race care stuff. Yep it sure does get bloody cold mate (-4 the other day) and hot up here, not leaving out I'm very nocturnal, so air cond will be going back in and when the cold weather pisses off I might start looking at a wood fire for next year. Here's a pic of one of my girl bosses making sure everything is going smoothly.
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    Yeah I replied many times, that the mold was for a different skirt! How could they make Bomex skirts then the last one is too small!? Not possible! He kept on saying he prefitted it on r34! anyway of course I searched for similar skirts online, I could only find a “cw” style skirt for 180sx. But then there’s the length! anyway I’m waiting to get his reply as to whether I get refund! thanks for the suggestion that it may be a rx7. Will have a search online, try to sell them! cheers just has a look at rx7, UWISSH you’re a legend! found them they are C West skirts, $700. thanks
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    Exhaust looks great!
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    Spent the afternoon painting the bonnet, got the under coat sanded nicely and gave it a few coats of colour in case I need to give it a buff. Box of goodies arrived from gktech to fix the front end, the dash came back from PowerTune digital with an upgrade to the latest board and software need to fab a new bracket too and also have picked up a sponsor for the supertaxi event and the whole sides of the car will be getting wrapped/stickered up so will be a proper race car 😁 I'm off to Brisbane Tuesday and hopefully back home very late Thursday night (3200km round trip 😅) so can get it all sorted end of next weekend.
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    Lololol.. wallah running trim tabs, dw cuz, Moey Don't Worry said these will fix.
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    Thinking about this color for the respray. BMW Azurite black.
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    That doesn't look dangerous at all.
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