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    It’s been a month or two since I last updated this thread. Been slowly chipping away at the car and doing a few upgrades. First thing on the list was replacing the front brakes, the discs were below the limit and the pads weren’t too far behind. I thought I’d increase front rotor size whilst I was replacing them. Purchased some HFM 2 piece 324mm r33 GTR rotors, gktech braided lines and 280-324mm dog bones. Intima SR pads and some motul brake fluid. Gave the callipers a splash of colour whilst they were off too. Next up was tackling the alignment issue, it’s handled like a bag of crap since I first got it, also had a horrendous squeeking issue on the front passenger side. So I stripped the upper adjustable arms off the car and look what I found. Passenger side was the top arm, drivers side was the bottom arm. Notice how drivers side is offset and correct and the passenger side is parrallel? Always wondered why drivers side had more camber than the passenger side. Also found that the bearings where flogged out. So they have been thrown in the bin and I’ve replaced them with some Cusco fixed negative camber arms instead. No more squeeks! Took the car for an alignment and wow what a difference it’s made!! And last, but by no means least, I’ve put a carbon GTR rear wing on the car. Think it makes the car look heaps better!
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    Yeah the Shepp Lake is about as safe to swim in as the Yarra! You would jump in, bash your knee on a shopping trolley then end up with a severe dose of tetanus! A case of lockjaw would shut the kids up for a while though as a side bonus....
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    Stop harassing me! 🤣
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    Kids want a pool, tell them to get a job and buy one
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    You sound young. Here's a tip. Don't spend money on this car. As in, don't spend money you don't need to. Repairs to keep it going are fine. Don't get an idea that you need a new exhaust if the old one is working, then save up your pennies and throw it at the car the instant you have enough. Same with seats, wheels, etc. A new exhaust that is better than the old exhaust is only a good idea when the old exhaust is full of holes. New seats are a waste of money unless the old seats are buggered and/or will fail a roadworthy. Same with wheels, headlight globes, air filters, spark plug leads, etc etc etc. Own the car for a while. Decide if you like it. Save some money to NOT spend on the car. Do all these things, before getting carried away with throwing money at the car. In the meantime you will either fall in love with the car, or it will reveal itself to be a horrible money pit that you would be better off swapping for a Yaris (or it could do both). There is nothing worse than seeing every young lad follow the same path of throwing a ton of money into the first shitter that they get their hands on and every last dollar of that is effectively wasted. Now, I'm not ragging on you or your car. I'm sure that there are a few good R31s left out there and yours could be one of them. (But most of them have been used as mobile bong smoke storage devices for the last 25 years, so the odds are not real good!) I'm just giving you a free life lesson. And so, if you actually do have to replace the exhaust, then yes, a 2.5" system is a decent size for the power level. If you put a decent mid muffler in it and a Magnaflow or similar rear of a decent size it will give it a clean RB sound without it being too loud. Don't bother with stainless. Mild will likely outlast the car. If you want to spend time with the car doing things that make it look good and you feel good about it, there is nothing better than buying some cloths and some Meguiars (or similar) paint cleaning and polishing products and spending time bringing the paint and other surfaces back from whatever state they are currently in. Also, look to do thorough inspections on the brakes, the suspension bushes and arms etc, looking for wear, collapse, etc that will both cost you money and be a horrible safety problem if they fail while you're driving. Better to spend your time and effort learning about the things that really matter. Learn how to jack and support the car safely (so it won't fall on you and so the stands don't damage the underside of the car!) and start taking a close look at all the dirty bits.
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