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    I agree, I didn't mean get an accumulator and youre sorted - but it is a wonderfully affordable way of giving things a chance, they do work. End of the day, I think its crazy people are willing to drop $1500+ on a billet surge tank and 5 fuel pumps to protect from fuel surge, but not see the value of $500-$1000 to protect from oil surge 🤷‍♂️
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    Being a whale in the Antarctic must also suck to some extent, so screw them.
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    If you weren't already aware today was the global launch of the forthcoming 370Z replacement (400Z??). I REALLY like it but I haven't quite come to terms with the front grill/air dam section of the car yet. I can't quite put my finger on it but it's either too big or too square or a combination of the two. I'm sure it will grow on me in time. Other than that the side profile is amazing. Such beautiful flowing lines. Amazingly it'll come standard with a 6 speed manual which is a surprise. I honestly reckon more people will love the idea of that than the reality of it and most sold will be autos. Time will tell on that! This is a sacrilegeous statement but I honestly don't know if I'd get manual or auto. Depends what I decided I was buying the car for. If it was for track days then definitely manual. If just for a Sunday cruiser I'd definitely consider the auto if it was a good one. All in all I think they're absolutely on to a winner, it's a stunning looking car and hopefully with matching performance from the twin turbo V6. I can't see anything official about engine yet. I think they'll keep that for a later announcement to keep some info up their sleeves. What does everyone else think?
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    Last night I took the badges off. I used a heat gun to soften up the double side tape then first tried to use dental floss to cut through. But that broke real quick so I started again with fishing line. Much better. After they came off I used goo off and sticky label remover (orange oil) to soften them up. Longer I left it on there the easier it was to remove. But what worked best was using the heat gun after it had been soaking to then dry it out. I then just rubbed my finger over the tape and it started to ball up and come right off. A little scratch and swirl remover after to clean it up 👍
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    What sort of pool do you recommend?
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    You should hurry up and buy one
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    Just run an oil accumulator for a bit of cheap insurance.
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    I absolutely love it. I love that it is clearly a Z. The profile is so good and that roof line is amazing. The rear 3/4 view is so unmistakably 240Z. I was desperately hoping that it'd be a 2+2 but it doesn't look like it. Power likely to be around 400HP which will make it fun. If this is done right, I can see it obtaining more MX5-esque "drivers car" status and ultimately be a real contender in the small sports category. More info on Car Advice. But yes, big thumbs up from me.
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    Thanks guys, really appreciate the info and experience! I think I may be swayed to the Link G4X due to the features, I will definitely have a chat to Trent first before jumping the gun. Yep, I was planning to install it and get it drive able before it goes to get a tune. I initially wanted to tune it myself, but with no experience, I thought it best be taken to a professional.
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    Link plugin g4x would be the go. They have plenty of features for future upgrades and the help/user manual is alot better than haltech in my experience. The thing I really like with haltech elite is the wiring assignment and table allocation but the connection time to ecu is horrendous. If you are going to get Trent to tune it have a chat with him first and are you going to do the install & initial setup?
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    Link in terms of capabilities has more, there's already native keypad canbus integration, where this is only available on the top tier Haltech Nexus R5. Apparently it's coming to the Elite series - however who knows when? Elite 2500 in terms of motorsport function is on par with the Link. Personally tuning wise, I prefer Haltech as the GUI is much sexier and well thought out. Link is much harder to navigate and feels like you're looking though encyclopaedia Britanica 97 edition first CD release lol. If you're not tuning the car yourself, best to ask your tuner what they prefer out of the two, both do the same thing well, both are as powerful and support DBW, strain gauge input, traction, rolling AL, nitrous control, flex, etc.. however Link wins for the additional canbus keypad support.
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    Kudos, JustJap, Amayama, Partsouq, Nissan Australia, Nissan USA
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    As much as I love Adaptronic and used to install/tune them for the price of a Haltech Platinum Pro (used) you'll be silly not to use that instead. I find Eugene (the software) is buggy and isn't as polished, I preferred the older WARI software on the Select series much more as it was stable and didn't insert random values during the read/write. Anyhow, if you're not going to mod your NEO much, just get a Nistune like said above. I personally hate Nistune on R34 Neos because they're a pain in the ass to tune. They're amazing on SR20DETs, amazing on R32/R33, just absolutely shit house and aids as fuark on R34 NEOs.
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    Neo ECUs have a weird VQ map tuning method that significantly differs from the earlier ECUs. Once you push them past "boosted stock" it starts becoming harder to defeat the various protections/annoyances, and rescale stuff. I put one into my ECU and I went through the effort of rescaling the load and rpm scales to expand them, all years before it stopped being necessary to rescale (because of changes that Matt made to how Nistune handles the K factor), and I think I have a handle on all the protections and stuff. But I'm only running 12 psi on stock turbo. If I ever get around to wasting money on a bigger turbo, injectors etc I'll suck it and see and it will probably be fine. But the experience of many is that it becomes harder and harder to get things right.
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    Did you know that Adaptronic was bought by Haltech recently, and despite promises to the contrary, it seems like there is less support than there used to be. The guy who started and was Adaptronic works for Haltech now as one of their main ECU designers/product dev guys. His focus must have been moved onto Haltech stuff. Or at least it appears that way. I would use Nistune (on a Neo) unless you're looking to run quite a bit of boost or power. AFM remains easy with Nistune - just put an R356 card AFM into the intercooler cold side pipe. But there are other tuning unpleasantnesses on Neo ECUs that can make life a bit hard when you push things a bit harder. Otherwise in Oz, yes, Link or Haltech. Haltech if you're into the cool-aid. Link otherwise.
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    No LOL ... When we wanted to buy a place, ANZ couldn't get our loan sorted - in fact they took 129 days from application through to settlement to re-finance our investment & current place. Ended up cracking the shits and told them to forget about the pre-approval for the next property and went with FirstMac and they approved us in 3 days! Now we are fully funded, ready to go - there's nothing to buy Spoke to a few people in Real Estate and they said I should list/sell our current property before the supply picks up, means there's a bit less choice for buyers and we'll get the money we want. I did however put in the contract we are able to rent it back for up to 3 months if required. Here's hoping the right property comes up this week, we go put a deposit on it and there's a big garage/hoist outback for the shit box lol.
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    Agree, same reason I lusted after one for a while. Sometimes I think I should just buy the thing, enjoy it for 1 year or 2 then move it on and realistically my chances of seeing the failure I am fretting about would be slim. Dry sump isn't the be all and end all, I've seen dry sumped cars spin bearings too due to poor setup of the dry sump system. Nissan's suffer excess crankcase pressure so equalizing that is paramount. In the CA, which is still an original bottom end, I just did it with a mess of pipes and 2 separate breathing systems (top and bottom) problem solved. It could be done neater but it was a proof of concept at the time. I also tested crankcase evac kits (Morosso) and did not have good results. Accumulators don't address the root cause, they just throw oil back in when the issue is most prevalent. They also fail, have seen spun bearings on cars fitted with them. Nothing is fool proof. This is why we have engine protection.... See above. Would've helped no doubt. I dont think there's any prizes for guessing this will be an oil starvation issue 😢 Good luck with the house sellz, get dat paper then see where you're at. Have you got a new place sorted already?
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    True. Their r34 to R33 iac adaptor also relies on needing a huge amount of sealant to work due to where one of the bolt lands.
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    I got the date wrong, its OCT 4 not sept for the skyline meet. in NJ
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    Nice! If my aspirations of pool ownership subside I’d definitely go the PPG route too. 😂 Cant wait to hear what you think of it.
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    didn't put a hole through the block and through the body work.. no IG likes or won't be all over Snapchat The reason I like of like the E90/2 M3 more is because it's rare(?) being a V8, it could potentially be a classic in say 10~15 years time.. who knows right?
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    tis a shame, if it wasn't for the haltech you might have had the engine failure on the track offering much more street cred and gram likes
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    The second gearbox is fully stripped and the counter and main shafts have been robbed out of it. The second box is a lot older but the shafts look to be basically identical so hopefully no dramas there. Everything is cleaned up, wrapped in packing paper and sent off to Neat Gearboxes in Adelaide for surface treatment and then reassembly. I'm actually going to get them to reassemble the gears and shafts back into the centre plate just to make sure its done right. Can't believe I'll be paying someone to do something.... God dam there is some weight in just the gearbox parts BTW! All up the inner workings of the gearbox (so just the centre plate, no housings and no transfer case) weighed in at 36kgs if anyone ever needed to know! I ended up buying a tough storage box from Bunnings as the arse would have fallen out of a cardboard box. That wouldn't be great half way between here and Adelaide... Hopefully they'll only be a few weeks with it so I can get it back, slap the housings back on and transfer case back on and in she goes! My diff guy is still laying low so I'll find out what he's up to so I can have the sump back on and engine all back together ready to bolt the tranny back on straight away. Nothing worse than a loose tranny.... Still need to weld a fitting into the manifold for the pressure sensor to be able to measure Emaps. At this rate it might be nearly back to driveable by Christmas. Only 12 months later than the last time it was nearly ready. Surely not.....
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    Hello everyone, My name is Duke. I've been a lurker here for quite some time. SAU has been a very good source of information to assist me in all things Skyline related. I bought a non-running, R32 GTR (KH2) in November 2019 that had a lot of parts removed from it. Came with Nissan Maxima wheels and front seats 😂 And since then I've been trying to purchase all the missing parts, whether that be OEM replacements or aftermarket. I have purchased a majority of the parts needed. And am hoping to get her back on the road soon🤞 I look forward to meeting other Skyline enthusiasts around the NY Tri-state area. Would be great to go cruise and check out some meets with other Skyline owners🙏 Here's some pictures of her:
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    Using step zero in Bangkok ,Thailland , high Boost 2.1 bar with 734 whp /830nm. On e85 with Garrett gtx 3582 ( low boost @1.5 bar ,not sure for whp) trackday (low boost) once a year for 3 yrs . Street use 3 days a week.(mostly low boost ) with no issues ,but my engineer told me last time (2 day ago )that may be this year I should consider to check everything because the engine sound is “different “ from the beginning . for me , this step zero is totally worth for money .
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    permanent uploads that i didnt know i could do 🙄 .DS_Store CO.pdf EC.pdf EM.pdf EX.pdf LU.pdf STR.pdf
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    ended up buying one.. being shipped now. Got a bellhousing lined up and we're going to attempt to make our own sequential shifter for it.
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