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    My current project car is a '92 Supercharged MX5, I've been building it over the past 5 years but sadly its time to move on. Like most, my dream car is an R34, a GTR will always be out of my price range but I would certainly be happy with a GTT. I'd decided the MX5 would be stripped and sold in September when the insurance expires and then start the search for a clean R34. I wouldnt be a true car enthusiast if i wasn't already looking for cars on the interweb with this decision in mind. My fingers were starting to hurt after refreshing various selling and auction sites here and Japan too often. One car I kept being drawn back to was a white Series 2. It ticked all the boxes for what i was looking for, except it was the facelift front bumper that was preventing me from looking deeper into the details. So i messaged the seller and asked for a few more details and photos, very quick responses and the amount of photos asked on request was overwhelming. Was it worth the 7hr round trip to go look at it, to potentially not like it? If it was as clean as it was in the photos, something major must have had been up with it if i was to walk away. Luckily this wasn't the case, infact the car was even better in person. After a test drive and a good poke around i really couldnt fault the car except for a knock on the driver side rear. So with an offer made he accepted and I drove away extremely happy! The 170ish mile drive home was faultless and i look forward to digging in and putting my own stamp on it. It would have been rude to not get some photos, especially with the MX5 Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Series 2 RB25DET NEO 6 Manual Transmission Imported in 2016 by IBE Cars in Huddersfield,UK Resprayed in original Pearl White in 2017 Its stock except for a custom turbo back exhaust, HKS mushroom filter and aftermarket stereo
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    I haven't bought a car from there, but generally no negotiation at the house, they are generous, but the price is the price. I'll shout out if any more pop up. Just be warned not a lot is available for 31s any more - all the rubber seals, lights, badges, external door trims are NLA from Nissan, drive shafts and stub axles are pretty thin on the ground now as well (not an issue if you're not making big power). The bumper vents and lips are NLA (31House has some expensive reproduction ones now, and FRP lips are available). If you do end up looking at one missing a few pieces keep the following in the back of your mind; Manifold and Heat Shield is anywhere from 2-5k, turbo is 1-2k depending on condition (crazy for a T04E), Steering wheel is 1-2k now depending on condition, Vents can be up to $1k from 31House, even little things like the factory gear knob can reach $500 now. Our shit dollar doesn't help at the moment either. I am sure you have seen similar issues with the DR30 however. Hoping the HR31 gets picked up under the Nismo Heritage program in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
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    Overseas may be your best bet, one popped up for 1.5 million yen a few months ago and was snapped up pretty quickly. Average prices seems to be around the 3 - 4 million yen mark now. You probably don't need a lecture, but try to buy one as complete as possible as parts are becoming fairly thin on the ground now for the HR31. Biggest things to look for are; mainfold, wing, steering wheel, lip, & bumper vents. Finding these things in good condition is nearly impossible now. 31House do sell some amazing restored ones, but they would be well over 70 landed and registered.
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    Bought mine in Florida second usa owner traded my evo 9 for it (I know I know) car was in about 6 out of 10 condition I'd like to say its mechanically about an 8 out of ten now the frames got some dents the quarters both have rot and its definatley been painted and hit in the front and rear turbos blew after I got it home spent last summer swapping in newer stock units diff was leaking sealed it and refill bleed, driver axle CV boot was gone rebooted that replaced inner tie rods then it broke after that and couldn't figure out why for a while turns out rat chewed thru the hot wire on the CAS to ecu somewhere now it's a kill switch lol no stereo when I got it now its 2 amps around 1500 watts with old school jlw3 15 built into the trunk hits hard, decided to rewire the fuel pump with new relay and 255 Wally, replaced fuel filter and sock new ignitor harness and splitfires, headlights were hacked and the hazards didnt work now it's all sorted didnt have license plate lights wired those up painted alot under the hood to more stockish colors, just bought a gates timing belt kit and OEM water pump, oil seals and all new hardware, should be ready to do it in the next few weeks. All in all I knew what I was getting into if I was to do it again I would have waited for a better one but honestly I enjoy it because it's not perfect so I'm not scared to use it. The evo was alot faster but we will get there after all the wear and tear is sorted. Next stop power fc 1000cc injectors and r34 spec turbskis.
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    Here's one for my haltech homies. It was a bit of an expensive exercise but I had to try it. I ground out the inside of the gauge holder to fit them in then made a plate to house them. Turned out allright I guess.
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    I would never recommend a big laggy turbo on a street car.
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    The car is booked in next week for a full service inc cambelt,waterpump and all fluids changed,along with a set of Meister R coilovers and alignment
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    QM1 Respray mint ;) Just wanted to share my spray, Full QM1 Respray provided by DNS Autobody in packenham. Skirt extensions and rear pods to be fitted before i pick her up next week ^-^ 👌👍
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    http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/270049-spline-drive-oil-pump-gears.html Hi Chaps, Supertec in the UK can supply different spline drives for RB26 pumps. Also a US company, Spool I think can too. Cheers, Mark
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    You need to find the workshop manual for your engine. There's a whole lot of extra stuff other than removing bolts, inserting new camshaft, doing bolts back up again. My manual was $500ish from importdriver.com.au but you _may_ be able to find a .pdf floating around the Internet somewhere. If it's an RB26, the manual on pp EN-71 - EN-76 describes the camshaft removal/install procedure. You of course need to _get_ to the cams first, via removing a whole bunch of other things ACCORDING TO NISSAN: REMOVAL (for RB26) EN-71 has a diagram showing the cam bracket removal order. Mark the cam brackets to indicate position and direction. Then remove the cam bracket bolts by loosening them gradually in several stages (the do-up recommendation is 1.5 turns at a time, so I'd use this for removal) in REVERSE OF THE SEQUENCE shown below. FRONT 1 5 9 13 11 7 3 2 6 10 14 12 8 4 (whole bunch of other stuff snipped, read it in the manual). So according to the manual, to undo, you start in the centre and work your way out a little at a time, to do up you start at the ends and work your way inwards 1.5turns at a time. Regards, Saliya
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