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    That’s a list of some f**ker getting overcharged for shit
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    It was a very nismo christmas this year! Lu spoilt me rotten by buying me a Nismo speedo cluster I also treated myself to some Nismo goodies from Nengun and Yahoo Auctions Spent Boxing Day afternoon fitting it all Which brings me to my next mini update, engine cover stickers! Keeping with the Nismo theme, i purchased an R33 strut brace with brake stopper on eBay. The brace had certainly seen better days so i started to refurb it. And heres the finished item Another little change I made was to swap the bulb in the ignition barrel to an amber one, to help match the red/orange illumination in the cabin
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    Hope the price took into account the problem mate. If you want to replace the rings you need to at least hone the cylinder. To hone the cylinder you need the piston and rod out. To take the piston and rod out you need the head off, or may be the crank out To take the crank out you need to undo the rear main oil seal and oil pump bolts, and remove the sump To remove the rear main oil seal you need to remove the gearbox. And clutch. And flywheel. To remove the oil pump you need to remove the timing belt gear. And timing belt. And timing belt cover. And the radiator. To remove the sump....well....don't know. Probably front subframe out which means brakes off, steering shaft disconnected, ABS unplugged, top shock bolts and upper control arm bolt, power steering lines off, exhaust dump pipe off. We could do this list all day. Basically you have a repair that is going to cost a minimum 5 grand to do at a shop if they do minimal work. If at all possible you should spend about twice and rebuild the whole motor including new seals and gaskets, rings, bearings, machining, oil and water pump, head reco. You should consider boring out the block and putting in forged pistons at the same time. You have one of the best performance cars ever made, it would be a shame to have an engine that is not right.
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    Good advice from 'The Max' remember your vin number is your cars birth certificate. But I am sure what it is, this is the R34 version, it has a white centre so mine goes faster HaHa.
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    Yep, there are two, the most common ones used are Part No. 2206059S00 they are used on multiple Nissan engines RB's and VG's. New between $160 and $180 but grab a couple from the wreckers, take one of yours as a sample. I'm running RB30 ones in my 25/30 and ecu is happy. There's a pair for sale on ebay for $14 the guy is in Bundaberg gotta be worth two schooners.
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    Hi, I had the bose set up in mine and it was shit! Out of all the mods I've done ripping the factory bose HU/sat nav, amp and all speakers out and replacing with aftermarket was the best mod!
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    To start off the year our friends are putting on Round 1 @ Phillip Island with 95dB limit rather than 75db which is it most days. They have given us an affiliate code to use for discount entry. ENTRY PRICING STRUCTURE $235 via affiliate code IBT32QKH Standard - ends 12th January 2019 Late Entry - $15 fee applies after 12th January 2019 ENTRIES CLOSE 16TH JANUARY 2019 5PM - NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE - NO REFUNDS/RAIN-CHECKS AFTER 13TH JANUARY 2019 Full event details (Supp Regs etc) and entry can be found here > https://wrx.com.au/event-3150038. If this is your first track day and have any questions post here or email motorsport@sauvic.com.au
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    Rad.. You could do a whole lineup of these for Stageas and s chassis etc. I say do it! 3D printing would be the way to go though [emoji848]
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    got an extreme cushion button in my r33 gtst, it doesnt shudder at all, hell doesnt even feel like its biting properly. The workshop who installed it, said "better than exedy" also "this will never let you down, race it all you want" so i did, feels like a pussy now.. soft..
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